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Sukhchan Bronchure


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Sukhchan Bronchure

  1. 1. Sukhchan Alliance LLC Sukhchan Alliance LLC Sukhchan Alliance LLC Your alliance for research, analysis and process improvement solutions Your alliance for research, analysis and process improvement solutions Your alliance for research, analysis and process improvement solutions Why improve processes The quality of a system is highly influenced by the quality of the process used to acquire, develop, and maintain it Process improvement increases product and service quality as organizations apply it to achieve their business objectives Process improvement objectives are aligned with business objectives Business benefits The word “Sukhchan” is borrowed from Punjabi language. Sukhchan, means More explicitly link management and eternally peaceful & beneficiary. The founder engineering activities to their business Sukhchan Alliance LLC’s mission to enables has the same vision for Sukhchan Alliance objectives organizations to grasp, apply, optimize, and that its clients should be able forge improve processes used in today’s everlasting peaceful and beneficial Expand the scope of and visibility into the competitive business environments that relationships with Sukhchan Alliance LLC for product lifecycle and engineering activities to challenge innovation and resources. everlasting beneficial process improvements ensure that the product or service meets customer expectations Incorporate lessons learned from additional areas of best practice (e.g. measurement, risk management, and supplier management) 10411 Motor City Drive, Suite# 725 Bethesda MD 20817 Implement more robust high-maturity practices Office: (240) 395-1395 Fax: +1(240) 363-0209 Address additional organizational functions E-mail: that are critical to their products and services More fully comply with relevant ISO standards
  2. 2. Sukhchan Alliance LLC Sukhchan Alliance Services Advantages with Sukhchan Alliance Your alliance for research, analysis and process improvement solutions 1.An official Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of SM 1.Conduct SCAMPI appraisals of Process Carnegie-Mellon University, USA partner Mr. Arvinder P. Singh is CEO and founder of ® Sukhchan Alliance LLC, an official partner of Improvement Initiatives (CMMI Dev 1.2 & 2.Our team has a proven track record of helping Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie- CMMI® Acquisition 1.2) Fortune 500 companies, mid to small size Mellon University with worldwide delivery rights of CMMI® Products and Services. businesses and Government organizations 2.Gap Analysis to establish baselines and Mr. Singh is a Certified Lead SCAMPISM goals for your organization's Process 3.Our past engagements include ARNIC, SAIC, Appraiser for CMMI® Development Version Improvements UNISYS, US Department of Justice and US 1.2, Authorized Lead SCAMPISM Appraiser for Department of Defense (all four components) and CMMI® Acquisition Model 1.2 and ISO 3.Preparing and implementing gap remediation other businesses 20000:2005 Auditor. Mr. Singh has more than plans for process improvements 20 years of experience in directing & managing 4.We provide contextual assistance/mentoring that Process Improvement initiatives, conducting 4.Development & delivery of Process meets or exceeds organizational needs, a little and facilitating SCAMPI SM appraisals, Improvement related training implementing organizational changes, different approach than a standard approach where mentoring & preparing organizations for formal 5.Mentoring in development of Practice one size fits every organization benchmarking, evaluations, audits or Implementations Indicator Descriptions (PIID) appraisals. 5.We analyze your organization’s hierarchy, culture, 6.Program & Project Managements related to workforce mix, complexity of programs and projects Mr. Singh’s experience includes establishing Process Improvements Initiatives to provide optimum results and managing Quality Management Controls for systems/software engineering, establishing 7.IEEE, RUP-based procedural framework 6.We provide mentoring by examples and use and maintaining Process frameworks. implementations different techniques to overcome any cultural or 8.Process Improvement team building & language barriers Dr. Bruce Colletti, Principal Scientist directing them for large scale Process 7.Using our proprietary methodologies, we lay Dr. Colletti provides reachback and advisory Improvement initiatives foundations for organizational technical process support in operations research, statistics, frameworks that are targeted for achieving higher 9.Mentoring & preparing organizations for mathematical modeling, and simulation. maturity levels in future. This enables organizations Appraisals, Assessments & Audits Dr. Colletti’s military and civilian backgrounds to capitalize on earlier investments. include personnel management, logistics, 10.Directing & managing changes in global defense programs analysis, cliometrics, organizations 8.We transfer knowledge with the objective of information systems, decision analyses, empowering organizations to become self-reliant in 11.Performance based quality management their continuous process improvements homeland security risk assessment, and automated reasoning. His main area of 12.Process Improvement Proposals 9.We tailor approach to minimize impact on research applies group theory to metaheuristic ® organization’s day to day operations 13.Provide SEI authorized “Intro to CMMI methods of combinatorial optimization. Training” 10.We make Process Improvement engagements inspiring for workforce’s higher morale and their buy-ins CMMI® and SCAMPI SM are the 9+registered trademarks of Carnegie- Mellon university. CMMI® and SCAMPI SM are the registered trademarks of Carnegie-Mellon university.