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Apds --ata03001 aen

  1. 1. Welcome to ATA03001AEN: Unified Communications - APDS Level Assessment. There are 50 questions in thisassessment1. When competing against the Cisco IP telephony system, which statement is true about Cisco availability? An S8800 is required to provide capacity and availability similar to Cisco. The Cisco SRST survivability option compares to Avaya Critical Reliability. Cisco CUCM clustering is similar to the Avaya SLS option. Cisco considers downtime to be the loss of all lines, trunks, or all attendant consoles.Correct!2. System Manager can adapt to different telephony systems by modifying the syntax of which two? (Selecttwo.) SIP Protocol SIP Message Dialed Number H.323 Messages Voice over IPCorrect!3. You have a customer with a legacy DEFINITY G3csi system supporting 300 active analog and digitalstations. They want to upgrade to an IP telephony system. Which server/gateway combination would yourecommend? S8400 / G650 S8510 / G450 S8300 / G450 S8730 / G600Correct!4. Which gateway model has a maximum capacity of 210 active trunks? G450 G350 G430 G250
  2. 2. Correct!5. The AudioCodes Gateway does NOT support which type of connectivity? SIP Digital Set Emulation (DSE) Q.SIG T1Correct!6. What would be the appropriate upgrade path for a customer using a DEFINITY G3csi and 400 endpoints? S8510 and G250 S8300 and G450 S8100 and G430 S8700 and G650Correct!7. Which mode of operation within Avaya one-X Communicator allows a user on a PSTN phone line toaccess IP telephony features? Analog Access mode VoIP mode Dual Connect mode Shared Control modeCorrect!8. When bidding on a small to medium size IP telephony system, which three features would you most likelyup-sell? (Select three.) Music on Hold Voice Mail Aura Session Manager VPN 96xx IP phones Meet Me ConferencingCorrect!
  3. 3. 9. How many IP addresses are required on System Platform single server? 1 2 3 4Correct!10. Which of the following is NOT a valid configurations for one-X Speech? 3 server set nodes, 1 server set controller 2 server set nodes, 1 server set controller 4 server set controllers, 1 server set node 4 server set nodes, 1 server set controllerCorrect!11. Which of the following is NOT a valid Business Continuity solution? Survivable Modular Messaging for MSS Survivable Modular Messaging for Exchange Survivable Modular Messaging for Domino MAS N+1 server configurationCorrect!12. One-X Portal provides the following functionality to One-X Communicator (choose two) Continuous call history Directory Listing access Propagation of Presence to MOC LDAP IntegrationCorrect!13. AE Services is compatible with which Microsoft Server? Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2007 Microsoft Office Communications Server 2005
  4. 4. Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 Microsoft Office CommunicatorCorrect!14. Which three are conditions that can trigger Inter-Gateway Alternate Routing (IGAR)? (Select three.) WAN failure VoIP resource exhaustion WAN bandwidth limit is reached. packet loss between two parties within the same network region no codec defined for the networkCorrect!15. Which three components would be included in a typical DEFINITY configuration for a medium-sizedinstallation? (Select three.) G3csi processor direct fiber connected up to three port networks up to three G600 carriers critical reliabilityCorrect!16. What defines policy in Session Manager, but does not implement it? Security Agent Personal Routing Assistant SIP Registrar Global Policy MakerCorrect!17. Which IBM DUC component provides an embedded voice recorder that allows playback through localmultimedia and telephone? DUC Admin DUC C++ DUC Client
  5. 5. DUC ServerCorrect!18. Enterprise Wide Allocation license files expire how many days after generation? 60 10 90 30Correct!19. What are the two main functions of the Aura Session Manager? (Select two.) SIP routing call session management call management analog-digital translation user relationIncorrect. Please review course ATA01750VEN.SIP routing+ call session management= Incorrectcall session management +call management = INCORRECTSIP routing+ call management= Incorrect20. What can be a source of user presence for Avaya one-X Communicator? Microsoft Office Communicator Lotus Notes one-X Mobile Google TalkCorrect!21. Which number of users is generally considered to be the threshold between mid-market businesses andlarge enterprises? 5000
  6. 6. 1500 2400 450Correct!22. How is System Manager deployed in the enterprise network? server appliance desktop client Session Manager pluginCorrect!23. Which statement is true about Extension to Cellular? Missed calls on mobile phones go to enterprise voice mail. It supports only inbound calls. It supports any mobile phones that are capable of text messaging. Missed calls at the desk are automatically transferred to the mobile phone.Correct!24. In a Modular Messaging Single Server design, which feature is supported? SIP standard availability high availability multiple message storesCorrect!25. Which does NOT require Modular Messaging multi-site capability? When integrating to multiple PBX types Overlapping dial plans are present
  7. 7. When supporting a single Communication Manager that is SIP capable When supported mixed length mailboxesCorrect!26. Avaya one-X Communicator features application integration with which three products? (Select three.) Microsoft Active Directory Server Application Enablement Services Meeting Exchange Enterprise Interaction Center Call Management SystemCorrect!27. What is an example of a gateway that provides a port network for a DEFINITY Server? G250 G600 G350 G700Correct!28. The S8300D server may be installed in which Gateway model? IG550 G700 G860 G650Correct!29. A customer with an existing Avaya installation is using Communication Manager Standard Edition(CMSE) 4.0 and 2000 licenses. The Customer is planning to upgrade to CMSE 5 and add UnifiedCommunications All Inclusive (UCAI) for all of its users. Which minimum server model will be required? S8720 S8510 S8400
  8. 8. S8300Correct!30. What are the three components of a Session Manager instance? (Select three.) System Manager Session Manager PSTN applications active users SIP entries license filesIncorrect. Please review course ATA01062VEN.active users+ SIP entries+ license files= Incorrect31. When configuring a network region, which codec is recommended for a LAN region? G.729 G.711 G.722 G.726Correct!32. Avaya one-X Communicator integrates with which two applications for instant messaging? (Select two.) Microsoft Office Communicator MSN Messenger Novell GroupWise Messenger IBM Lotus Sametime Avaya Modular MessagingCorrect!33. What is the primary purpose of Call Admission Control? to prevent WAN links from being overloaded with too many calls to find the most efficient route for outbound calls to control which media gateways calls go through to prevent unauthorized devices from using the IP telephony system
  9. 9. Correct!34. Which Avaya Aura Communication Manager option will support up to a maximum of 2400 stations? S8810 S8300 S8730 S8510Correct!35. What is the name of the third-party tool bundled with Avaya CM and used to monitor Avaya IPtelephony networks? Prognosis VQManager ReliaTel VoIP MonitorCorrect!36. Which three are characteristics that can be assigned to a network region? (Select three.) hairpinning DCP station media encryption digital trunk FoIP requirementsCorrect!37. In which two ways does Session Manager apply adaptations when working with network routingpolicies? (Select two.) dialed number conversion SIP message format network address translation time range parametersCorrect!38. Up to how many Session Manager instances can be supported in an enterprise network?
  10. 10. 3 one per server 2 12 10Correct!39. The Avaya Presence Server utilizes which two open standards for presence? (Select two.) IRC SIP/Simple OTP XMPP WIFICorrect!40. Which Communication Manager station feature is supported by Avaya one-X Mobile? Call Barring Call Tagging Call Intrusion Call ParkCorrect!41. You have a customer with a legacy DEFINITY G3r system supporting 3500 active analog and digitalstations and 350 active trunks. They want to upgrade to an IP telephony system. Which server/gatewaycombination would you recommend? S8730PE / G650 S8300D / G250 S8400 / G650 S8730 / G600Correct!42. Which license is required for Telephony Web Services?
  11. 11. DMCC Service License DLG Service License TSAPI Basic License CVLAN LicenseCorrect!43. Which statement is true about front-ending third-party telephony systems? Front-ending provides a gradual phase approach to the migration. A gigabit Ethernet trunk is connected between the Avaya CM and the legacy system. Once connected to the legacy system, the Avaya CM immediately adds survivability to the old system. IP telephones are usually the last components to migrate in a front-ending approach.Correct!44. Which DEFINITY model supports the smallest number of stations? DEFINITY One G3SI IP600 G3RCorrect!45. Which three LDAP directories are supported by Avaya one-X Portal? (Select three.) Novell eDirectory SunOne Lotus Domino OpenLDAP Avaya DirectoryIncorrect. Please review course ATA01750VEN.Novell eDirectory+ OpenLDAP+ Avaya Directory= IncorrectSunOne+ Lotus Domino+ Avaya Directory= IncorrectNovell eDirectory+ Avaya Directory+ SunOne=Incorrect
  12. 12. 46. Which IP Deskphone is recommended for a customer that prefers hard-feature buttons, LEDs, and fastEthernet on the second Ethernet port? 9620L 1603SW 4690 1531ECorrect!47. Which Avaya tool can be used with the GEDI to program IP phones? Endpoint Device Manager Device Management System Avaya Site Administration Communication DesignerCorrect!48. Which two features are enabled by Secure Access Link (SAL)? (Select two.) User Management Remote Access Enhanced Alarming Define Security Common InterfaceCorrect!49. Which Avaya product provides a unified, web-based interface to Avayas server products? Avaya Call Center one-X Agent one-X Portal Proactive ManagerCorrect!50. What is a new feature of Application Enablement Services 5.2?
  13. 13. Presence Status TSAPI SDK Click-to-Call Automatic Failover (HA)Correct!51. Which Session Manager feature can produce a great cost savings each year by staying on the IP networkas long as possible? SIP tracing geo-redundancy border control trail end hop offCorrect!52. What are three key applications that are virtualized with the Avaya Aura solution for MidsizeEnterprises? (Select three.) Interaction Center Communication Manager CM Messaging Avaya Call Center SIP Enablement ServicesCorrect!53. What are two optional applications that can be virtualized with Avaya Aura solution for MidsizeEnterprises? (Select two.) Voice Portal Avaya one-X UCAI Contact Center Express Presence Services Modular MessagingIncorrect. Please review course ATA01750VEN.Avaya one-X UCAI+ Presence Services= IncorrectPresence Services + Contact Center Express = Incorrect
  14. 14. 54. What is the maximum number of simultaneous two-party calls possible using one DEFINITY portnetwork? 512 484 242 128Correct!55. Which three servers need to be configured in a messaging application server environment with MicrosoftExchange to build a Front End Database (FEDB)? (Select three.) Secondary Peer Exchange Server Modular Messaging Server Primary Peer Exchange Server SIP Gateway Global Catalog ServerIncorrect. Please review course ASA00240VEN.Modular Messaging Server+ Primary Peer Exchange Server+ SIP Gateway= IncorrectModular Messaging Server+ SIP Gateway+ Global Catalog Server= IncorrectPrimary Peer Exchange Server+ Secondary Peer Exchange Server+ Modular Messaging Server=Incorrect56. Which two DMCC client-side services are provided by AE Services for IBM Lotus Sametime? (Selecttwo.) Telephony Presence Load Balancing High Availability Click-to-Dial TSCPI Plug-inCorrect!57. Which of the following is NOT a difference between the Message Networking Basic Offer and EnhancedOffer? Support for Full Hub and Spoke Capability Support for Enterprise List Capability System capacities
  15. 15. Hardware platformCorrect!58. A customer wants to upgrade their legacy phone system at their main site to IP telephony. They will have900 midrange IP phones and voice mail. Which three Avaya applications will you include in yourcompetitive bid? (Select three.) CM Messaging Interaction Center SIP Enablement Contact Center Express Application EnablementCorrect!59. AE Services 5.1 on Communication Manager 5.2.1 supports how many messages per second (mps)? 10000 1000 100 500Correct!60. What are three benefits of the Aura Session Manager? (Select three.) provides SIP trunking to the edge devices centralizes into a single dial plan de-centralizes management of endpoints and users enterprise-wide provides SIP routing across multi-vendor equipment roll-out centrally managed branchesCorrect!61. Which of the following is NOT true about CM Messaging? It is a software only offer It is IALX rebranded Mailbox capacity varies by offer and by hosting server It is a standalone offer only
  16. 16. Correct!62. A Session Manager instance consists of one server that scales to support up to how many SIP entries? 3 5000 500 25000 100000Correct!63. You have a customer with a legacy DEFINITY G3csi system supporting 800 active analog and digitalstations. They want to upgrade to an IP telephony system. Which server/gateway combination would yourecommend? S8400 / G700 S8510 / G450 S8300D / G250 S8800 / G450Correct!64. Which statement is true about Avaya Aura System Platform? It is an optional product that can be bundled with UCAI. It is a model to utilize Avaya CM as a common communication platform across an enterprise. It provides a common management platform for all Avaya systems in the enterprise. It is a framework to utilize virtualization technology with Avaya applications.Correct!65. How many more ports than Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) resources should be provided on thehost PBX when designing a one-X Speech system? 0.3 0.6 0.4
  17. 17. 0.5Correct!66. Which Modular Messaging Application may require more than one server to accommodate a very largedeployment of subscriber interfaces? FindMe Web Messaging Web Subscriber Options MM Outlook clientCorrect!67. Messaging at the desktop in a Modular Messaging for Domino environment is provided by which client? Avaya Web Messaging Outlook Lotus Notes Client Lotus Thick Client for MSSCorrect!68. Which statement is true about the Avaya S8800 server? It supports a maximum of 32 GB or RAM. It features redundant BIOS. It supports RAID 0, 1 & 5 disk configurations. It employs the Intel I7 "Nehalem" processor.Incorrect. Please review course ATA01750VEN
  18. 18. 69. What functions as an SMTP relay service, and resides between Message Networking and MicrosoftExchange? Communication Manager Messaging (CMM) PSTN PBX Gateway AssistCorrect!70. Which statement is true about competing with Cisco licensing? Cisco uses a multi-tier pricing model for licensing. An Avaya bid should never include spare licenses. All Cisco IP phones use a single Device License Unit. All Cisco IP telephony devices are based on the Workspace Licensing model.Correct!71. What are three advantages of using the Virtual System Platform? (Select three.) It simplifies and coordinates software upgrades. Customers can use the operating system of their choice. Customers with skilled technicians can customize the system to fit their needs. It allows for coordinated backup and restore. It simplifies and speeds up installation of Avaya applications.Correct!72. What are three examples of data that are supported by Personal Profile Manager (PPM)? (Select three.) application configuration settings ring tones user license type speed dial hot keys server capacity settingsCorrect!73. Which three offers are included as standard in the Unified Communications All Inclusive (UCAI) offerwith CM? (Select three.)
  19. 19. Extension to Cellular one-X Communicator Meeting Exchange one-X Portal Modular MessagingCorrect!74. A new customer wants to upgrade their existing third-party phone system to a new IP telephony system.They have 120 endpoints including 10 analog lines for fax machines. They want 100 medium-grade and 10low-end IP deskphones. They have asked for a competitive bid from Cisco. Which server/gatewaycombination would you bid? S8800 / G650 S8300 / G450 S8500 / G430 S8300 / G430Correct!75. The Avaya one-X Mobile UC architecture provides which three capabilities to a mobile phone? (Selectthree.) corporate directory instant messaging web browsing voice mail VIP screeningCorrect!76.