Zeroth review presentation - eBay Turmeric / SMC


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Zeroth review presentation - eBay Turmeric / SMC

  1. 1. Design and Implementation of a Service Monitoring Console within a Service Oriented Architecture Framework Zeroth Review 19-Jan-2012 Arvind Krishnaa J Final Year, CSE ‘A’, 31508104017 Guided by Dr. Chitra Babu, HOD/CSE
  2. 2. Service Oriented Architecture • Exposes an operation or a Service resource of some use Provider • Service contract specified through WSDL Provider • A repository of service listings Directory • Dynamically searchableClient-Server Interaction • Finds a service contract from the directory Consumer • Requests the service provider for an utility.
  3. 3. eBay’s SOA Framework Develop a Service or Client using eBay’s Eclipse IDE If it’s a service register it with the Asset Repository If it’s a client, search in AR for the service it calls, by looking up WSDL MetricsQueryService monitors service metrics
  4. 4. Service Provider and Service Invoker Frameworks Pluggable data formats through Serialization factoryService Provider Framework Service Invoker Framework
  5. 5. SOA Metrics Console (SMC) Application Servers log events through TIBCO messages GUI built using in-house V4 CAL : Centralized Application framework. Logging framework All CAL logs aggregated, and OLAP cubes are constructed OLAP2db Interface Cube data pushed onto relational database using OLAP2db scripts
  6. 6. Turmeric Monitoring Console 1. Deployed as a .war file in local server. 2. Monitors services/consumers created using Turmeric SOA plugin. 3. eBay’s CAL APIs log the metrics of services in the bundled MySQL database. 4. GUI built using Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
  7. 7. SMC vs. TMCSMC Dashboard Turmeric Monitoring Console 1. Several 1. Data loss 1. Built on the 1. Only raw operations which (~60%) highly scalable metrics are derive useful happening at and browser reported. inferences from OLAP2db layer. independent 2. As of now, no metrics. GWT facility to scale 2. V4 framework. 2. Highly technology it up to customizable getting outdated 2. Faster enterprise level. reports. rapidly. response time 3. Monitors only 3. Metrics stored from the UI services running 3. Unacceptable layer. in enterprise slow page load on local server. OLAP cubes. 3. OPEN time. SOURCE!
  8. 8. Objectives1. Investigate the exact reasons for the data loss at the OLAP2db interface, and fine-tune or rewrite the scripts entirely.2. Quantitative analysis between the merits of TMC and SMC.3. If TMC is chosen, then the feature set of SMC needs to be mapped, and then implemented completely in TMC.4. If SMC is preferred, then in addition to minimizing data loss, the response time of the dashboard needs to be improved.5. Other persistence storage mechanisms, such as the distributed Cassandra NoSQL database to be explored.
  9. 9. Features and Functionality Core Functionality Performance Scalability Reliability• Monitoring the • Average response • Performance does • Continuous metrics of time of the front- not degrade availability of the services, such as end should be irrespective of the service (expect to call count, error within 2-3 number of metric maintain the count, response seconds. logged. current time and • UI designed using • Capacity to availability, which consumer traffic. a stable and handle any type is around 99.94%)• Store the metrics scalable of load, across • Metrics displayed efficiently on a framework. several pools are real-time and distributed (groups of accurate, with persistent machines). minimum or no storage. data loss.
  10. 10. Scope and Goal Tune OLAP2db Create a service and a Quantitatively assert scripts to consumer using the which alternative is minimize data SOA plugin, and better? – To continue with analyze its metrics SMC or integrate TMC loss Add missing features ofTune SMC’s V4 Presentation SMC to TMC, includingLayer to decrease load time an alternate storage mechanism Come up with the design of an optimized monitoring console for any SOA framework
  11. 11. Project Timeline Project Timeline Final Report PreparationOne-to-one feature mapping of TMC to SMC, with improvements if needed Enhance SMC to improve performance (or) Expand TMC code to log more metrics Feasibiltiy study of TMC vs SMC Tuning of OLAP2db scripts Duration (in weeks) Study of OLAP2db scripts Practical comparison of TMC anc SMC Create a service and consumer using Turmeric SOA plugin Analysis of Turmeric Code 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16
  12. 12. References and Bibliography[1] Leonard Richardson, Sam Ruby, “RESTful Web Services”, Second Edition, O’Reilly Media,2009.[2] eBay Open Source Project, “Turmeric SOA platform”[3] eBay Open Source Project, Documentation of Turmeric SOA platform[4] eBay Open Source Project, Turmeric Source Code[5] Internal eBay documentation (a) Internal wiki pages (b) CAL Architecture document (c) SOA platform Architecture document