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Thapar Alumni Network Connections (TANC)


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An appeal to Thaparians to join the effort in taking Thapar University to the world.

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Thapar Alumni Network Connections (TANC)

  1. 1. More than 11,000 Thaparians…
  2. 2. Where are these 11,000 Thaparians?
  3. 3. Did the seeds sown by the institute ever grew into trees?
  4. 4. How far have they risen up the Corporate ladders?
  5. 5. How prepared they were, to be YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS?
  6. 6. Did we appreciate our family members for their achievements?
  7. 7. Did We ???
  8. 8. But you taught us that it’s never too late…
  9. 9. Monthly bulletin for Thapar Alumni (Thaparians). Establishment of Overseas Chapters of Thapar Alumni Students Club (TASC). Regular meets organized by the members of TASC in India and abroad. Expert Lectures in TU by the alumni.
  10. 10.  Fundraising from alumni for further development of TU.  Enhance Industry Interface for TU students through alumni.  Increase the frequency of Alumni recognition (Besides the Best Alumnus Award, once a year to one alumnus).  Alumni Conferences on specific issues of engineering, technology, management or business.
  11. 11.  Central coordination committee for the listed activities.  TASC members’ (2nd and 3rd year students’) 2 to 3 hours a week for website development, updation and maintenance.  Funding for the initialization of the initiative.  Database of the Thapar Alumni base.