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Zero downtime release through DevOps Continuous Delivery


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Zero downtime releases and Deployment Strategies and Low-risk release types

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Zero downtime release through DevOps Continuous Delivery

  1. 1. Zero Downtime releases through DevOps Continuous Delivery Murughan Palaniachari
  2. 2. Who am I? Murughan Palaniachari Heading DevOps @ Euromonitor Website/Blog LinkedIn Twitter @Murughan_P
  3. 3. Must-read DevOps books
  4. 4. Painful and Stressful Time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone Long weekend releases Overnight releases Costly process Sometimes Boring Rollback is difficult Too many people involved Manual process Too many hand-offs Releases are
  5. 5. John Willis:
  6. 6. How high performing organizations Release code
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Zero Downtime release Jez Humble :
  9. 9. Expand / Contract • Don’t change exiting object or the schema of existing objects in production. • Instead of overwriting static content, we put new static content side by side. • Basically version it. • You don’t need to rollback, you point to old version. Jez Humble :
  10. 10. Blue-green deployments • Deploying complete application. • Install all the components app, service, database twice • Old version in blue slice • New version in green slice • Change router to point to Green port Jez Humble :
  11. 11. Canary Releasing • Facebook and Netflix uses this technique. • Release to Internal employee. • Then deploy to next level of users. • Then push to everyone.
  12. 12. Cluster Immune System • Monitor certain critical system metrics like user usage of system. • While canary release, Immune system checks key metrics if they out of band. • If any high statistics then rollback to old version.
  13. 13. Feature Toggle • All the major features is already in live 6 months before. • Helps in A/B testing. • Configuration will toggle the features.
  14. 14. Dark Launch • Facebook messenger release • Features available in Live but not visible to user. Jez Humble :
  15. 15. Thank you Murughan Palaniachari Heading DevOps @ Euromonitor @Murughan_P