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Requirements Arun


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The above Document tells the requirements to develop the microsite

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Requirements Arun

  1. 1. Requirements:  Hardware:  ­­­­> RAM 512MB ­­­­> Monitor,Keyboard,mouse. ­­­­> Net Connection. Software:   ­­­­> Linux Operating System. ­­­­> XAMPP 1.7.2 ­­­­> Wordpress 2.8.6 ­­­­> PHP ­­­­> AJAX ­­­­> MySql Knowledge: The developer should know about internet browsing there is no need to know all technical Languages to develop the site since we will use Open Source Technologies. Developer Should Know The Following before start developing: ­­­­> Knowledge about Web 2.0 ­­­­> Blog ­­­­> Website ­­­­> Basics of LAMP Technolpgy. ­­­­> CMS (Content Management Systems). ­­­­> Knowledge of Internet Surfing. ­­­­> Understand the project and start discover or survey about the problem. ­­­­> 4 D methodology is to be used for Developing. ­­­­> Discovery,Design,Develop,Deployment. ­­­­> SitProSol­Situation,Problem,Solution. NOTE: Interaction with Colleagues and the ability to learn by own is the Preliminary Requirement.