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Food technology


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brief and zest of food technology

Published in: Food
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Food technology

  1. 1. Arun Kumar Gupta M.Sc. Food Science & Technology
  2. 2. Application of the basic sciences and engineering to study the fundamental physical, chemical, and biochemical nature of the foods and the principles of food processing. Use of the information generated by food science in the selection, preservation, processing, packaging, and distribution, as its affects the consumption of safe, nutritious and wholesome food.
  3. 3. Purpose of discipline • Food Security • Nutritious and wholesome foods • Food packaging • Ensure food quality and food safety • Creating new products for all age groups • Consumer satisfaction by developing such products of their own interest • Improvement in health and curing disorders • Minimizing food borne diseases by adopting good practices • Use of traditional approach with a zest of modern process
  4. 4. Technologies enacted with food science • Drying & Dehydration • Refrigeration & Freezing • Novel techniques ( HPP, Hurdle technology, PEF, Ohmic Heating, Irradiation) • Thermal processing (Canning, sterilization, Pasteurization) • Curing methods • Nanotechnology • Encapsulation technology
  5. 5. Advancement in food science • Since then the range of technologies used to process and preserve foods has expanded and uses a range of physical and chemical techniques. • New technologies have given us a greater range of methods to package and store foods. This enables the preservation of nutrients and the extension of food product shelf-life. • New packaging technologies (MAP, CAP, Active packaging, Intelligent packaging).
  6. 6. Sensory analyst
  7. 7. • Food Safety • Food MicrobiologyBiology • Food Chemistry • Food AnalysisChemistry • Food Processing • Food Packaging Physics
  8. 8. Conclusion • Rapidly growing field, 10-40% growth • different fields (food processing, food storage, quality assurance, quality control, research and development, agricultural techniques, fermentation technology, microbiology) • Food safety and quality control • Knowledge -reaction - development - new volatile compounds which in turn increases the aesthetic appeal and quality of food.