How to build a minecraft mod


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How to build a minecraft mod

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  • Once you have written the code, you compile it and get classes. The classes get combined to form a Jar file which is basically the plugin itself.
  • How to build a minecraft mod

    1. 1. How to make a Minecraft Mod! Aditya Gupta A Minecrafter
    2. 2. How many people play Minecraft?
    3. 3. What is Minecraft? Minecraft is a game where you can place and break blocks. You can mine to find raw materials and craft those into usable items. – Tools, weapons, armor – Mobs and monsters – Redstone
    4. 4. What is a Mod? ● Mods add/remove/change different parts of the game ● Mods range from making mobs slower to adding a whole new dimension with 50 new items, blocks, and mobs ● Two types of mods: – Client-side – Server-side
    5. 5. Examples of Mods ● Singleplayer Commands (SPC) – Adds new commands such as /explode and /spawn ● MCEdit – Makes editing terrain MUCH easier ● Mo Creatures – Adds a whole lot of new mobs
    6. 6. What do you need to make a Mod? - To create the mod template To run the server and the mods - - To test the mods To edit your code - - To run Minecraft
    7. 7. Steps to make a Mod Step 1: Download and Install Programs Step 2: Create a Sample Plugin Step 3: Download and Start the CraftBukkit Server Step 4: Mod the Server using Bukkit API
    8. 8. Plugin Structure
    9. 9. Jar Class Java Compiler Class Class Class Java Java Java .yml file
    10. 10. Mods that I have made ● MoneyPlugin – Adds money to the game. Also has shops in which you can buy/sell items. An example of a shop would be: Template: Buy/Sell Quantity Item ID # Price
    11. 11. Mods that I have made (cont.) ● RandomPlugin – Gives you double the exp when you kill a mob – Bows shoot ghast fireballs
    12. 12. A Code Sample @EventHandler public void doubleExp(EntityDeathEvent event) { exp = event.getDroppedExp(); exp = exp*2; event.setDroppedExp(exp); } Variable“exp” is set to itself multiplied by 2 Dropped exp is set to variable “exp” Defines method “doubleExp” Method activates on the death of a mob Variable “exp” is set to the amount of exp dropped
    13. 13. A Code Sample (cont.) @EventHandler public void evilBows(EntityShootBowEvent event) throws InterruptedException { Player player; player = (Player) event.getEntity(); player.sendMessage(ChatColor.GREEN + "**RIBBIT**"); event.getEntity().getWorld().spawn(event.getEntity().getEyeLocation(), LargeFireball.class); } Defines method “evilBows” that activates when you shoot an arrow Sets variable “player” to the player who shot the arrow and sends a message to them saying, “**RIBBIT**” Spawns a ghast fireball at the location of the player's head
    14. 14. References for Further Information ● workshop/index.html ●
    15. 15. Any Questions?