Introducing Livescribe<br />1<br />
2<br />Byron Connell<br />CMO <br />20 yrs Marketing & Product Mgt with Apple, HP, Palm & Tapwave (own startup)<br />Lives...
Livescribe’s 2010 Business Highlights<br />Over 850,000 smartpens sold <br /> Available in 51 countries <br />Launched our...
Livescribe’s Paper-based Computing Platform<br />Smartpen<br />Livescribe Desktop<br />Applications and SDK<br />Pencasts ...
Echo Smartpen Features<br />5<br />
Smartpen Lineup<br />Echo 2GB Starter Pack<br />Avail: April, 2011<br />SRP:  Rs.6,999<br />Echo 4GB<br />Avail: Now<br />...
800 Hours
Starter notebook
Extra cap & ink
Transcription SW
Smartpen Portfolio
3-D Recording Headset
400 Hours
Starter notebook
Extra cap & ink
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Introducing Livescribe Tata


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  • In April 2011, Livescribe will introduce a 2GB Echo smartpen for $99. In addition, Livescribe Connect will roll out. The Basic offering will be made available to all of our customers for free. With the Premium option made available to 4 and 8GB customers for free.
  • Livescribe made note taking more efficient and more compelling. Combining words with audio in a format that is accessible and shareable. Livecribe became THE smartpen companyBut, we’re not a smartpen company. We’re an information service company. Whether you want to take notes on paper, on a tablet, on a laptop or on your phone – Livescribe is the company making your valuable information searchable, accessible and shareable in a seamless experience. Livescribe is the note taking service that works within every consumers’ existing workflow – including both applications and devices. Livescribe is and will continue to change the way people think about taking notes, accessing notes, sharing notes and acting upon notes.
  • Introducing Livescribe Tata

    1. 1. Introducing Livescribe<br />1<br />
    2. 2. 2<br />Byron Connell<br />CMO <br />20 yrs Marketing & Product Mgt with Apple, HP, Palm & Tapwave (own startup)<br />Livescribe Leadership TeamLeapFrog, Palm, Apple, HP, Lexar, Pure Digital, Motorola, Documentum, Borland <br />Jim Marggraff<br />CEO, Founder, & Chairman<br />Engineering Co-Founder StrataCom,<br />Founder & President Explore Technologies,<br />Executive Vice President LeapFrog<br />CEO Anoto US<br />Sasha Pesic<br />EVP Corp Dev <br />Chief Legal Officer<br />Wilson Sonsini <br />Latham & Watkins<br />LeapFrog, CNET, Lexar<br />Helen Thomas<br />VP International <br />GM LeapfrogChina and APAC, VP of Pivotal Resources<br />Jim Allison<br />EVP Engineering<br />U3, Palm, Autodesk, Pensoft<br />Gopalakrishnan Kary<br />VP Supply Chain & Logistics<br />22 yrs at MotorolaManufacturing, Operations,<br />Quality Programs<br />Alan Henricks<br />Acting CFO<br />Pure Digital,Documentum, Informix, Borland, Maxim, Atari<br />David Wenning<br />VP Sales North America<br />Parrot, TomTom, Palm, Tapwave, Apple<br />Holly DeLeon<br />VP Sales K-12<br />LeapFrog,Retention Education, Teaching Innovations, American Airlines, NY Life Insurance<br />
    3. 3. Livescribe’s 2010 Business Highlights<br />Over 850,000 smartpens sold <br /> Available in 51 countries <br />Launched our next generation smartpen – Echo – in 2010<br />Broadened customer reach with $99 2GB Pulse smartpen<br /> Over 70 applications now available in Beta Application Store including Paper Tablet and Pencast Player (iPad, iPhone)<br /> Over 600,000 pencasts have been produced<br /> Completed C Round of Funding<br /> Completed first acquisition of third party developer<br />3<br />
    4. 4. Livescribe’s Paper-based Computing Platform<br />Smartpen<br />Livescribe Desktop<br />Applications and SDK<br />Pencasts and Community <br />4<br />
    5. 5. Echo Smartpen Features<br />5<br />
    6. 6. Smartpen Lineup<br />Echo 2GB Starter Pack<br />Avail: April, 2011<br />SRP: Rs.6,999<br />Echo 4GB<br />Avail: Now<br />SRP: Rs. 9200<br />Echo 8GB<br />Avail: Now<br />SRP: Rs.12,500<br />Echo 8GB Pro Pack<br />Avail: Now<br />SRP: Rs.15,950<br /><ul><li>Premium
    7. 7. 800 Hours
    8. 8. Starter notebook
    9. 9. Extra cap & ink
    10. 10. Transcription SW
    11. 11. Smartpen Portfolio
    12. 12. 3-D Recording Headset
    13. 13. Premium
    14. 14. 400 Hours
    15. 15. Starter notebook
    16. 16. Extra cap & ink
    17. 17. Premium
    18. 18. 800 Hours
    19. 19. Starter notebook
    20. 20. Extra cap & ink</li></ul>Basic<br /><ul><li> 200 Hours </li></ul>*Price does not include any taxes<br />
    21. 21. Major Software Enhancements for July 2010<br />Smartpen<br /><ul><li> Paper Replay Password
    22. 22. Launch Line
    23. 23. Custom Pen Name
    24. 24. Localized EFIGS CK</li></ul>Livescribe Desktop<br /><ul><li> Custom notebooks(1)
    25. 25. Import/export pencasts
    26. 26. Localized EFIGS CK (2)</li></ul>Applications<br /><ul><li>Retail app cards
    27. 27. Many new apps
    28. 28. Beta Desktop SDK</li></ul>Sharing<br /><ul><li> Import/export pencasts
    29. 29. iPhone, iPadpencast app</li></ul>(1) Mac support for custom notebooks in September update.<br />(2) Mac LD localized for EFIGS, and Windows LD localized for EFIGSCK<br />7<br />
    30. 30. Set Your Notes Free… Notes are not just useful, they are actionable<br />
    31. 31. New Livescribe Desktop FeaturesExporting Strokes and Audio<br />Share Notes<br />Share Audio<br />9<br />
    32. 32. New Livescribe Desktop FeaturesOrganize Your Notes With Custom Notebooks<br />10<br />
    33. 33. My Livescribe on the Apple iPad, iPhone, iTouch<br />Do More With the Information You Capture<br /><ul><li>View and download your pencasts from your Livescribe Online account
    34. 34. Play pencasts on an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch
    35. 35. Share pencasts with others
    36. 36. Native, high-resolution iPad support</li></ul>11<br />
    37. 37. 70 More New Ways to Use a Smartpen<br />
    38. 38. Pencast PDFThe Power of Ink and Audio Now Available in a Ubiquitous Format<br /> Integrated ink and audio playback in a PDF<br /> Full screen, zoom, rotate, bookmarks, print<br /> Save audio as MP3 file <br /> Create directly from paper with a few taps and save and send to your destination of choice<br /> Save, organize and share in a convenient portable format<br /> Accessible to anyone with Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.3 or above<br /> Well suited for secure sharing behind the firewall in a enterprise environment<br />Pencast PDF<br />
    39. 39. Livescribe Strategic Direction<br />Livescribe brings writing and speech to your connected world via the cloud…<br />Seamless flow of notes and speech to any application<br />Livescribe Connect<br />Seamless access to notes and speech from any device<br />Livescribe Connect for iPad<br />Enable intelligent note-taking<br />Paper replay ++<br />Complete solution for notetaking workflow<br />Provide ongoing, high-value services<br />Long-term archive<br />Ink & audio search<br />Notetaking eco-system services<br />
    40. 40. Has a smartpen Changed Your Life?<br />If yes, how has your Livescribe smartpen changed your life?<br />Has your Livescribe smartpen changed your life in any way?<br />Professionals<br /><ul><li> “It’s much easier to retrieve and share important info”
    41. 41. “Helps me to be more organized”
    42. 42. “I call it the disambiguator as I use it to reinforce </li></ul> my team’s memory”<br /><ul><li> “It has made my job transcribing interview notes </li></ul> much easier”<br /> “It’s a life changer for people like me with ADHD”.<br />Students<br /><ul><li>“My smartpen has made me a better student”
    43. 43. “It’s improved my comprehension in Anatomy”
    44. 44. “Studying for tests is easier than ever”
    45. 45. “It’s changed the way I learn”
    46. 46. “Helps me to memorize”
    47. 47. “I’m more confident in my notes and have more </li></ul> bandwidth to listen & participate in class.”<br />YES<br />NO<br />* Livescribe Buyer Survey.<br />
    48. 48. LivescribeRetail Display<br />
    49. 49. Awards and Recognition<br />Awards<br />Press<br /><ul><li>Almost 1 billion media impressions
    50. 50. Over 20 awards since 2008</li></ul>“Even the simple act of writing just got a lot more high-tech”<br />“Taking notes during class - even with the most rapid-fire professor - just got a whole lot easier”<br />“How will it change the world? For journalists like me it already has”<br />“This is amazing. Think of it as DVR for audio”<br />“Livescribe Pulse pen is the most talked about product. It writes, it records, it translates!”<br />17<br />
    51. 51. Adults Interested in Buying Pulse<br />Given 28 Word Written Description of Pulse<br />Description of Echo: …Digital or electronic pens that record audio and handwriting, and link the audio <br /> to what you write. They also connect to your computer to upload notes and recordings”<br />18<br />