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  1. 1. FOOTBALL CLUB PLEDGES SUPPORT FOR INITIATIVE PAGE 4 US OPERATORS READY FOR COMPATIBLE DEVICES PAGE 11 LOCATION-BASED CHECK-IN SERVICE PLANS TO TAKE PASSIVE AWARENESS BEYOND MOBILES PAGE 14MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 29/02/2012 20:27 Page 1 BROUGHT TO YOU BY: OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2012 IN THIS ISSUE FC BARCELONA SIGNS FOR MOBILE WORLD CAPITAL ISIS CONFIDENT ON NFC HANDSETS By Steve Costello FOURSQUARE REVEALS FUTURE VISION DAILY D AY F O U R • T H U R S D AY 1 S T M A R C H By Paul Rasmussen Ericsson outlines vision Cont. on P4 f for connected future By Tim Ferguson two things. One, that’s quick growth of 10 percent. Two, you can also Elop outlines ans Vestberg, CEO of say, that’s 90 percent to go.” future with H number one infrastructure vendor Ericsson, used his Mobile World Live keynote last Vestberg reiterated company’s forecast that by 2020 the there will be 50 billion connected differentiate and can deliver the When identifying areas for future three-tiered focus night to outline the importance of devices, noting that this will services that customers expect.” growth, Vestberg said: “I think the technology in enabling the transform the world. “As we all The network head noted three next big thing will be enterprises “networked society.” know, when one person gets areas of focus needed to deliver transforming their businesses by In a presentation which was rich connected, their life changes. When high-quality connectivity: using these types of tools. And we with visual concepts of a connected everything connects, the world optimising the macro network, to are going to be there to support that.” okia CEO Stephen Elop future, Vestberg described progress in the industry in recent years as “mind boggling.” changes. And we are in the midst of this as an industry,” he said. Vestberg was joined on stage by get the best capacity and coverage from resources; adding to and improving the density of the “When one person gets connected, their N provided insight into where the company is focusing its efforts based around The executive noted that there Johan Wibergh, EVP and head of network to get “cheap and local awareness, location are still many areas of growth. business unit networks, who noted: effective” coverage where life changes. When services and monetising the Citing the fact that smartphone “Our job is really to support the possible; and adding small cells, to everything connects, ecosystem. penetration globally is around 10 operators, to create the best improve coverage in areas of high the world changes” percent, he argued: “You can say networks so that operators can traffic density. Nokia, HTC, Foursquare debate he CEOs of Nokia, HTC and Windows Phone future T Foursquare debated what the future holds for Windows Phone at Congress yesterday, with all expressing support for the platform – to differing degrees. “What we’re seeing is a very, very steady growth and adoption,” said Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO, who shocked the mobile industry a year ago by announcing a tie-up with Microsoft to migrate Nokia’s smartphone portfolio to Windows Phone. Nokia launched its latest operators, we’re saying here’s the “Of course over the last couple Windows Phone device, the Lumia next generation of products and the of years we got a little slower 610, at Congress this week. generation after that and the ideas for demand but with the new Windows Elop said consumers have been the future. As people see the whole we are seeing a lot of positive responding well to the Windows context of what’s happening, they signs. It will not be like [Microsoft Phone platform allied to the Nokia get very enthusiastic.” in] the PC market share, but I hardware. “They will look at it and Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, which believe it will be a strong third say ‘wow, this is a different point of produces phones running Windows operating system,” he continued. view.’ So our focus is getting those Phone as well as Android, said he Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley devices in people’s hands,” he said. believes Windows Phone has what said there has been good feedback The Nokia chief added that it takes to catch up with Android about Windows Phone from users, operators are also keen on the Nokia- and iOS, as it provides a “very adding that another strong Windows Phone approach. “With the good experience.” ecosystem would be welcomed. MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Thursday 1st March PAGE 1
  2. 2. MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:10 Page 2
  3. 3. MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:10 Page 3 With Travel & Surf take all your friends on holiday! e Worry-frecross surfing a Europe. Enjoy worry-free internet across Europe for the price of a café con leche. Remember to enable your smartphone and buy your Travel & Surf pass so you can share all your best holiday moments straightaway. Send e-mails. Connect with Facebook. Send photos.
  4. 4. NEWS @ShowDaily By Anne Morris Justin Springham By Paul Rasmussen Matt Ablott MANAGING EDITOR: Steve Costello DEPUTY EDITOR: Tim Ferguson Richard HandfordMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 29/02/2012 19:30 Page 4 CONTENT EDITORS: Ian Channing Anne Morris Paul Rasmussen Tweet REPORTERS: Ian Volans Ken Wieland Rick Costello Telenor sets NGMN ALL ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES TO: Pakistan, around 85 percent of the adult population do not have access Samantha Burke PUBLISHER: ambitious targets to basic financial services such as details LTE Russell Smith, IntuitiveDesign UK Ltd., micro loans. Now, Telenor has around PRODUCTION MANAGER: 13 North St, Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Maldon, 17,000-18,000 Easypaisa outlets in rollout Essex CM9 8TF, UK, for mobile money the country, compared to just 9,000 ART DIRECTION & PRODUCTION: email: banking outlets. Skogen Lund added challenges Servicios Gráficas Giesa, Barcelona that the simple structure of the the operator’s flagship mobile service also means “we can operate financial service and is seeing our service at about five percent of PRINTED BY: elenor has set a target of double-digit growth month on what a bank can do.” T achieving 10 percent of its revenue in Asia from mobile month. Last year, more than 30 million Easypaisa transactions took Additional advantages are that transactions take place instantly, he technological financial services in the near term, “and I’m convinced we’ll get there,” said Telenor EVP Kristin Skogen place, involving a transaction volume of US$700 million. However, although Telenor has and the Easypaisa resellers are open at all hours of the day, unlike banks. Recognising the social- T requirements to successfully deploy and operate LTE networks have been outlined in a Lund during her keynote speech at been able to buy Tameer, the economic benefits of such a briefing from the Next Generation Mobile World Congress yesterday. regulatory aspect will vary service, the Melinda and Bill Gates Mobile Network (NGMN) group. In Pakistan, for example, the considerably country by country: “In Foundation also provided a grant of The industry body said that the By Ian Volans operator believes it has found a Pakistan we have a majority stake in US$6.5 million last year to extend it top issues facing operators were to formula that is not only helping the Tameer bank, but we know we will to rural communities. resolve global roaming by the use of unbanked but is driving revenue have to sort this out in different The Norwegian operator is also multiband/multimode devices, and and reducing churn at Telenor. ways,” she said. “In some countries working on other types of mobile the convergence of network Skogen Lund said Easypaisa, the we are not allowed to own a bank.” financial services, including the management systems. mobile payments service launched Skogen Lund said operators have a Tap2Pay NFC trial in Norway and Commenting on the global in Pakistan together with Tameer “phenomenal opportunity” to provide the mobile wallet joint ventures in roaming concern, Yuhong Huang, Micro Finance Bank in 2009, is now banking services to the unbanked: in Sweden and Denmark. deputy general manager China Mobile research institute, said that the scarcity of spectrum had led to FC Whilst care has been taken to ensure that the data in this publication is accurate, the publisher cannot LTE being given a large variety of accept and hereby disclaims any liability to any party bands in different regions. Barcelona to loss or damage caused by errors or omissions resulting from negligence, accident or any other “Development of devices that are Nokia’s 808 PureView device – cause. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system or able to support these frequency signs for unveiled on the opening day of the transmitted in any form electronic, mechanical, bands and in addition multiple show – has been crowned the Best photocopying or otherwise without the prior permission of the publisher. technologies is a prerequisite for Mobile ‘In-Show’ Device at this year’s global roaming, but it is a challenge Congress. A panel of judges to implement more than 10 LTE World declared the Symbian-powered j NOKIA Cont. from P1 A GSM Media Publication All content © GSM Media LLC 2007-2012. bands in current products,” said handset – featuring an astonishing All rights reserved. Yuhong Huang. Capital 41 megapixel camera sensor – the In an effort to minimise the In an effort to crack this issue, the winner in what was a close run environmental impact of our events, the GSMA created the NGMN has launched its contest focusing on handsets, MWC Green Initiatives multiband/multimode project that programme to promote devices and tablets launched this reduced material usage and waste at Mobile World Successful developers will also be members and fans better services involves the major chipset and week (HTC’s new One range was Congress. This item is printed on recycled paper. supported in commercialising their through mobile applications,” he said. device vendors so as to enable also highly commended). Other C Barcelona has launched a apps and given access to the two Dídac Lee, director responsible for effective knowledge transfer. “It is F devices that made the shortlist global search for mobile million supporters who interact with new technologies at FC Barcelona, the goal of this project to reduce included Huawei’s Ascend D quad- applications that enhance the the club through social networks. highlighted the potential of mobile complexity through an effective core smartphone, Asus’ PadFone experience of watching or following The club is also supporting the apps when he said, “There are no user equipment (UE) platform. This and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1. football matches. The news broke at Mobile World Capital’s “Mobile borders in the virtual world. It’s will be a prerequisite for improved Judges included analysts and a press conference yesterday where Entrepreneurship Competition” easier to sell an app to a supporter in end-user experience and mandatory journalists from IDC, CCS Insight, the city’s football club, one of the programme which is charged with China than it is to sell a physical to allow for global LTE roaming,” Nomura, Ovum, Mobile Choice world’s leading sporting brands, promoting mobile start-up creation product.” added the China Telecom GM. Magazine, Canalys, PCMag, Rethink announced its support for the and relocation in Barcelona. "When He also revealed that the club has Devising a plan to reduce the Wireless and CBS Interactive. Nokia Mobile World Capital initiative. two important brands meet, it’s a entered into an agreement with the complexity and integration costs has promised that similar Mobile app developers worldwide win-win situation," said Sandro R&D division of Telefonica to associated with network technology powering the PureView have been invited to submit Rosell, president of FC Barcelona. identify solutions to enhance 3G management was presented by camera will make its way to proposals through a special website “Barça’s commitment to new mobile coverage and capacity on Klaus-Jürgen Krath, senior vice Windows Phone devices in future. at Ideas will be technologies in recent times has been match days within the Camp Nou president radio networks, Deutsche reviewed by a panel of experts and clear, but we believe there is still a Stadium. “We want to have the first Telekom. “Operators face challenges winning applications will be granted long way to go,” said Rosell. “Today’s stadium in the world to solve this today of having to manage a variety an official licence by the club. initiative will allow us to offer our problem,” said Lee. of network and service production infrastructures, from mobile and fixed network environments up to apps will be achieved by P2P sharing. investments so that those closely converged networks and services Speaking during Wednesday’s But we need to help with the creation involved with the ecosystem could across many regions. This has an keynote session, Elop said today’s of a sustainable app ecosystem.” monetise their work. enormous impact on network attention on apps with global appeal Moving on to location services, the “We have provided billing systems operations, and is being targeted by would be driven by emerging Nokia CEO said that it would look to to 150 operators in 40 countries, and the NGMN with its Next Generation markets to become more locally contribute its technology to existing app developers using operator Converged Operations focused. Location services based horizontal platforms. “We are daily billing see a 5x increase in consumer Requirements (NGCOR) project.” upon horizontal platforms would faced with three questions: what, purchasing as against using credit Krath said that the NGMN had also come to the forefront, together who and where? The search engines cards. We have a clear approach to provided detailed operations with enabling app developers to take answer the first, social networks boosting this ecosystem by enabling requirements to all the leading telco advantage from the monetisation of provide the second, and our goal is to revenue sharing for operators and and IT vendors and involved the mobile ecosystem. respond to the ‘where’ question.” app developers.” organisations, and had asked “The apps we see now, we believe, “We can take our location Elop added that he wanted Nokia operators and industry will shift to being more focused on platform much further with, for to be a disruptive force with the stakeholders to support the person-to-person (P2P) at a local example, augmented reality.” creation of a third ecosystem, NGCOR effort. “The deployment awareness level,” said Elop. Recognising the importance of adding that shipments of the new will be driven by operators putting “Emerging markets will be the driver the app developer community, Elop Lumia handset were already the requirements in upcoming in this change, and the distribution of said the company aimed to make exceeding expectations in the US. tenders.” PAGE 4 Thursday 1st March MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  5. 5. QTEL GROUP | MOBILE MONEY Dr. Nasser Marafih, Chief Executive Officer, Qtel GroupMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:10 Page 5 Building the Customer Experience into the new wave of Mobile Money Services One of the most exciting digital safe and secure way, as well as over distance. futures for the telecommunications This convenient way of transferring money sector is the developing field of enriches lives and helps people to start their mobile money. own businesses and support their families “With more than 4.3 billion people currently using a overseas. mobile phone and fewer than 2 billion people operating a rowth of the Mobile Money market However, it is important that – in the rush G since 2008 has been driven by both the rapid availability of mobile services, and the continuing growth in mobile to fill this obvious need in the market – the appropriate steps are taken to ensure a customer-rich experience from the outset. bank account, there is a clear and urgent market for mobile money services. In emerging markets, the majority of people are ‘under-banked’ or ‘unbanked,’ with little or penetration, particularly in developing There is a significant need to educate countries. As the technology and services customers about the new and accessible no access to bank services.” evolve, we are beginning to realise the true ways to manage money via mobile potential for the service in not only technology. There are a diverse range of generating new revenue opportunities, but mobile money services that can be potentially fundamentally changing the way introduced – person-to-person transfers, people save, shop and send money around mBanking, mPayments – and we need to Partnerships play a key role. To provide creation of a regulatory framework that the world. introduce these to our customers in a clear, solutions for Mobile Money, we need to work enables us to propose a simple customer However, it is essential that we recognise comprehensible format. It is important to with major players in the financial and journey. our responsibility in delivering a seamless, remember that, for many people within the remittance businesses - device When we developed our Mobile Money secure customer experience with the “under-banked” sector, the range of options manufacturers, communications companies, solution, our aim was to provide a highly introduction of these services. For many can be as intimidating as they are financial institutes and merchants - to create secured service in full compliance with our customers – particularly in these unsettled encouraging. We need to ensure that the favourable conditions for our mMoney local regulatory agency, while optimising economic times – how their money is customer experience reduces the “fear services in developing markets. synergies between different operating managed is the most important customer factor” of managing money via a mobile. There needs to be an open and companies. To achieve this, we built a service question. Our ability to build trust in our customer interoperable ecosystem, where different centralised solution that incorporates a wallet With more than 4.3 billion people currently base will determine how successful we are as companies can contribute their core solution with the necessary tools to ensure using a mobile phone and fewer than 2 billion an industry in the long run. Convincing competencies to successfully introducing full compliance of the service with people operating a bank account, there is a people to trust you with their money, mobile financial services and bringing about regulations. clear and urgent market for mobile money especially when you are not a bank, is a the culture change necessary to make them a For international remittances, we have services. In emerging markets, the majority of challenging proposition. sustainable success. connected our platform to a hub solution that people are “under-banked” or “unbanked,” One of the biggest barriers is entering The work the GSMA is doing in this area is provides access to several remittances with little or no access to bank services. markets with established traditional essential, and as an industry we need to find corridors in South East Asia and the Indian In Indonesia, for example, there are remittance methods, where there is a need to new ways to collaborate and connect with the subcontinent that are relevant to our approximately 160 million mobile phone change customer usage and habits that have relevant institutions. It is worth remembering customers. customers, compared to 40 million banking evolved over decades of reliance upon what that the flow of finance around the world is We are taking the lessons learned from this customers. Relative income levels, regulatory are now out-dated practices. In this case, the not a closed loop system – we need to ensure implementation seriously, and forging ahead history and even geography have all played a marketing approach will be not only about that our own systems reflect this. with Mobile Money developments in our role in preventing or discouraging people creating awareness and developing pricing Regulators and monetary authorities, such operating areas, mindfully aware of the need from opening an account – in many rural plans, but will also include education and as central banks, telecom regulators and to balance the lure of the frontier with building communities the sheer distance to the nearest training materials and activities. governments, also have a role to play in this. capacity for this innovative service across our bank is a disincentive. Quality of service is obviously essential, as In many developing markets, there is little or footprint. We are optimistic about the evolving Mobile wallet services offer a convenient is the strength of the brand in the countries no specific regulation regarding mobile or ecosystem, and believe this sector will play a and secure way to help bridge this divide, where mobile money services are being electronic money in place. Extensive work is huge role in enriching people’s lives enabling people to make transactions in a introduced. required to engage with regulators for the throughout the developing world. MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Thursday 1st March PAGE 5
  6. 6. NEWS @ShowDaily The search for the UK’s Most Innovative Mobile Company, reported earlier this week in Mobile World Daily came to an end last night. The winner By Ian Volans was DataWind who have developed and are manufacturing the UbiSlate - a 7-inch Android powered tablet that retails for just $35. The company is aiming to ‘break the price barrier for computing and internetMWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 29/02/2012 19:32 Page 6 access’ and make digital connectivity affordable, especially in emerging markets around the world. Its Tweet onboard proprietary UbiSurfer web browser also increases data speeds by up to 30 times. The other three Panasonic unveils second finalists were blippar, P2i and NEWS IN BRIEF... smartphones as a route to QRpedia. diversifying out of their slow- Smart UK Project smartphone for assault growing home market. Toshiya Matsumura said that even though winner on global market smartphone penetration had RealVNC’s remote access reached 33 percent in Europe, the technology has been continent still represented a growth integrated in Sony Mobile practical advantage over the 5.3- opportunity while adopting a global Communication’s Android- inch Samsung Galaxy Note, which product strategy offered the based Xperia smartphones, aving unveiled the Eluga measures 83 mm wide. potential of scale that cannot be H enabling them to connect to (pictured) as its first Based on a Qualcomm achieved through a focus on Japan. vehicle infotainment systems smartphone targeted at Snapdragon dual-core processor Other features common to Eluga By Ian Volans so that drivers can access international markets on the eve of running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream devices include NFC, superfast their smartphone Congress, Panasonic unveiled a Sandwich), the Eluga Power offers charging and water- and dust- applications safely from the second smartphone here in 1080p full HD video capability. proofing to the international IP57 dashboard display. VNC Barcelona. Panasonic’s Swipe and Share standard. Automotive can automatically Toshiya Matsumura, general functionality allows users to The company has also detect, access and control manager, Panasonic Mobile wirelessly ‘throw’ pictures from announced an updated range of virtually any mobile device or Business in Europe, described the their phone to DLNA-compatible Easy Use Mobile Phones designed desktop computer from a new Eluga Power as the “smallest 5- TVs, or stream movies from their for seniors and children. Three vehicle’s touch-screen or inch smartphone.” Incorporating phone to a TV. The company sees from the phrase ‘elegant user- new devices will be available from fixed input devices such as thin-frame technology, the device the Eluga range as smart Internet oriented gateway’. July featuring 1.8 inch screens steering wheel switches and measures just 69 mm wide, making devices designed to act as hubs to Panasonic joins Fujitsu among with large fonts, large contoured head unit buttons and it compact enough to use single- interconnect a variety of other Japanese mobile phone keys and hearing aid menus. handed. The company sees this as a devices: the Eluga name is derived manufacturers who see compatibility. By Ken Wieland Boosting workforce personal devices, which become an Easy-to-use phone vendor integral part of the user’s 24x7 life Remote access for Doro has revealed further experience. Information architecture Android phones productivity details of its mobile interface design needs special application partners and consideration in the mobile world.” with BYOD senior content strategy. The On the security threat, Alvarez Swedish company revealed its commented, “S ecurity is a very first smart devices and important consideration for end mobile application strategy and concerns around security, users, enterprise employees and yesterday along with its new confidentiality, privacy, trust and management. A well-managed mobile interface - the Doro nderstanding the business so on.” secure ecosystem will facilitate a U Experience. Part of this new goals and objectives, and The starting point for enterprise much faster adoption of mobility.” development is the Doro building a step-by-step mobility is an excellent He counsels enterprises to be Selection – which provides a mobility roadmap that can fulfil the understanding of the information proactively vigilant and adopt a recommended choice of business objectives, are key steps to flows within the organisation. By strategic mindset towards security. StarHub CEO: applications and content for exploiting Bring Your Own Device – listening to and understanding the This approach needs to embrace the senior mobile user. BYOD – to promote workforce needs of the workforce, applications prudent policies, governance keep OTT euronews is one of Doro’s productivity. can be developed to ease pain points structure, a good understanding of By Tim Ferguson first applications and offers a In advance of speaking in within the enterprise processes. threats involved, and oversight of options open live feed covering the latest Congress, Fernando Alvarez Tabio, “The great promise of enterprise infrastructural and application-level breaking news and headlines VP Mobility Solutions Practice mobility can be lost if the end user activities. “Enterprises will need to in eleven languages leader at Capgemini, told Mobile needs are ignored,” said Alvarez. adopt a suitable device including, Itailan, Spanish, World Daily, “The challenge is to “Following appropriate user interface management program to tackle the French, German, Russian, leverage the advantages to boost principles is necessary for user ‘Bring Your Own Device’ Portugese, Arabic and productivity while addressing risks adoption. Mobile devices are challenge,” said Alvarez. etwork operators need not First application N Persian. become a ‘dumb pipe’ for so- partners called over-the-top (OTT) players. So says Neil Montefiore, Operator ‘Consumer Devices: Riding the Next Wave of Smart Devices’ session at marginalised by other technology players with over-the-top services (pictured) StarHub CEO, who points out other routes for operators to take. agility Congress on Wednesday, said operators will increasingly be able to become involved in new value such as Viber and WhatsApp, which target core elements of operators’ businesses. With barriers to entry so “One option is for operators to become an OTT player itself, to augment its various services,” he says. key to chains, such as financial services, eHealth or cloud computing. low for other players, operators need to be “much more nimble and agile “Another way is to form partnerships with the OTT players. The close remaining “As operators we have a key asset in terms of the relationship with the to stay relevant,” according to Alder. Telefonica Digital was set up with relationship that operators have with customers would allow them to relevant customer (both from a billing the aim of achieving rapid provide more value as well as a wider perspective and in terms of brand innovation and has an open offering of content.” trust) and we need to make the approach to partnerships with And with the latest generation of most of this relationship to unlock everything from start-ups to global policy controllers surrounding PCRF the revenue opportunities handset makers. “We recognise that (policy and charging rules function), presented by new digital services,” innovation can come from operators can also become ‘smart’ perators will be able to Alder said. anywhere and we need to embrace pipes and not dumb ones. PCRF, says O expand into new areas as connected devices become increasingly central to people’s The main challenge associated with these new revenue opportunities is keeping up with it and work with it when we see it,” Alder said. He added that operators need to Montefiore, can enable operators to ensure the best experience for speed and latency sensitive applications. lives - but they need to be agile in technological developments. “If we embrace opportunities presented “As the access channels become order to exploit these don’t keep up with the pace of by Internet technologies if they are faster [with LTE], and media opportunities, warns Telefonica innovation we will quickly lose to “out-innovate” online and app consumption becomes very easy Digital director of global partners relevance to the customer and then developers. “Telcos need to realise over the Internet, we expect to see and devices, Steve Alder. ultimately our place in the value that there are no longer any sacred more OTT players in the market In an interview with Mobile chain,” Alder said. cows in this space and everything is looking to cooperate with World Daily, Alder, who spoke in the Operators are already becoming potentially up for grabs,” he said. operators,” adds the StarHub CEO. PAGE 6 Thursday 1st March MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  7. 7. MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 23/02/2012 17:11 Page 7
  8. 8. NEWS @ShowDaily Ascom Network Testing has signed an agreement with Aircom International under which Aircom will use Ascom Network Testing’s drive test analysis solution to validate and report key performance indicators to meet service deliverables for Aircom’s mobile operator customers. By Ian Channing Aircom will use TEMS By Tim Ferguson Discovery for indoor test post processing, drive test analysis,MWC12 Daily DAY4_DAY4 29/02/2012 19:33 Page 8 and LTE network diagnostic s. Tweet Atchik-Realtime together with MTS, one of Indias fastest growing mobile operators, has announced the launch of “Rock Network Qualcomm On”, a mobile community and NEWS IN BRIEF... dynamically depending on demand. entertainment service, “Means for being able to flexibility targeted at MTS India’s rapidly Aircom and Ascom dynamically move available launches growing youth subscriber base. capacity within the network is ink agreement Backed by Atchik-Realtimes key for becoming essential so the network Mobile community management team can be adapted in real time to the and technologies, MTS chose demands placed on it,” he said, changing Digerati the solution for its proven track adding that 3GPP standards already record of boosting ARPU and support this. mobile increasing end-user Operators also need to become initiative interactions. more efficient in terms of how demands network resources are used, energy By Tim Ferguson efficiency and automating common network processes. Convergys has announced the way in which network capacity is And as the world’s economy ualcomm yesterday Q worldwide availability of its etworks need to become allocated at individual base stations, begins to depend more on digital launched a major new N latest release of Convergys more flexible in the way in parts of the core network or in transactions, operators will need to initiative aimed at the CRM, powered by Microsoft they allocate capacity as the optical or IP transport networks, improve their understanding of European mobile development Dynamics CRM 2011. constant arrival of new devices, needs to change to cope with traffic flow to tap into new revenue community. According to Dr Convergys CRM 2.0, part of services and applications cause changing demands. streams, according to Bertenyi. Anatassia Lauterbach, SVP, Global Mobile community the Convergys Smart Suite, abrupt changes to traffic patterns Bertenyi, who is due to speak in “Applications generating the Operations, Qualcomm Europe, the service will allow communication and on mobile networks. the ‘Technology Evolution: traffic are largely unaware of the initiative, dubbed Mobile Digerati, utilities providers to That’s according to 3GPP chair Network Operations Evolution’ underlying network technology. is designed “to bring together transform their business with and CTO for Industry Environment session at Congress today, said Hence the burden of optimising the developers and companies from a comprehensive Business for Nokia Siemens Networks, Balazs networks need to become more traffic to the varying network Europe and European outlets of big Support System (BSS) that Bertenyi, (pictured) who told self-aware so they can provide the conditions will inevitably fall to the companies from around the world improves the billing Mobile World Daily that the static best user experience and change network operators,” he said. to work together on the European processes, customer service, experience”. and time-to-market for new Lauterbach makes the very valid revenue-generating services. Mobile capabilities to point that although the mobile industry is global, the user experience is local and it is only by boost mobile music understanding the cultural and working differences that the needs of the consumer can be met. QR codes and SMS marketing Qualcomm already partners with providing additional means to European companies, but Mobile he music industry needs to tap interact with music consumers. Digerati will go further by promoting Customer service release T into the unique capabilities of mobile technology to drive the uptake of mobile music services, Another area that could be better exploited, according to Dauchez, is payment. With a significant competitions for mobile developers across the whole of Europe. The first of these will launch in April in according to Axel Dauchez, proportion of the world’s Russia, running through to (pictured) CEO of online and mobile population not having a bank September, and the next will run music service Deezer. account, developing a global from June to November in Turkey. By Paul Rasmussen In an interview with Mobile payment model for mobile music There will also be Mobile Digerati World Daily, Dauchez, who spoke in would allow music services to events in three European cities. the “Media & Entertainment: The expand in developing countries. Talking to European operators, Future of Mobile Music” session at Mobile technology could also Qualcomm has identified the key Congress yesterday, said use of play a role in making digital music areas which are of most importance NFC and geolocation could be used more profitable due to its potential to European mobile subscribers. to differentiate mobile music to increase reach. “Mobile role by improving access and There are communications: IM, services and add an extra dimension technology enables artists and visibility of mobile music services. email, video, social networking, that would attract users. labels to target not only the local Deezer is already distributed on music, gaming and local content- Dauchez added that more scene, but a truly international base Orange, Belgacom and Everything location based services for example. mobile-focused marketing would of fans,” Dauchez said. Everywhere networks and is in Qualcomm is looking to work with also boost uptake, with band apps, Mobile operators can also play a negotiations with 10 other operators. European companies using its silicon and software expertise to enable them to develop solutions which will enhance the customer ‘Bring Your Own awareness so companies really start to monitor mobile devices family pictures from devices, due to the possibility of a device being experience in these key areas. “We design our silicon from Device’ heightens connected to corporate resources.” compromised.” scratch and we optimise our silicon However, Krishnamurti believes To resolve this conflict, architecture with hardware and BYOD is happening, regardless of Krishnamurti suggests companies software and the more we know security worries what companies might think, and presents challenges many IT departments have yet to fully should encourage employees to use their own handsets, but create a secure environment on these about local hardware and the more we know about what is required in services then the better we are in handsets to connect to corporate understand. devices so that corporate the whole value chain,” comments resources, such as email. “The blurred lines brought about information can be secured and Lauterbach. “Europe is a huge mployees using their own “This move towards ‘Bring Your by BYOD include the liability for managed appropriately. market, 900 million users, and the E handsets for work purposes are a growing security worry for corporate IT staff, claims, Own Device’ (BYOD) means that employees can accidentally download confidential information lost information, accidental sharing of corporate information with personal accounts and accidental “Enterprises should embrace mobile technologies and learn from their employees to ensure there is customer experience is European, it is local. We are getting more and more involved with operators to try Srinivas Krishnamurti, VMware onto their personal device and then deletion of personal information by complete separation of personal and understand what are the director for mobile solutions CTO sync it to the cloud,” says the an enterprise,” said the VMware and corporate data. Each party can requirements, what are the office. VMware exec. “There are some director. “These challenges bring up then customise the experience as demands from the user As the mobile world increasingly enterprises which have been a number of security issues, but they see fit,” concludes perspective? We are a B2B mimics the PC in terms of security tracking this area for a while, but they also make for frustrated Krishnamurti, who presented company but we are going towards threats, Krishnamurti believes that a others who are just starting to ramp employees. Weve heard stories of Mobile Enterprise: Maximising the B2B2C space but ultimately it is larger concern is the increasing up initiatives internally. I think there enterprises having to delete Workforce Productivity in the Age about the human being. That is trend by workers to use their own is a growing need for more personal information, such as of Consumerisation on Tuesday. what is real.” PAGE 8 Thursday 1st March MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
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