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  1. 1. FINNISH VENDOR LAUNCHES MORE LUMIA SMARTPHONES PAGE 4 VITTORIO COLAO URGES SPECTRUM RETHINK PAGE 4 HRH FELIPE DE BORBÓN OFFICIALLY INAUGURATES BARCELONA’S REIGN AS MOBILE WORLD CAPITAL PAGE 6MWC12 Daily DAY2_DAY2 27/02/2012 20:14 Page 1 BROUGHT TO YOU BY: OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2012 By Steve Costello IN THIS ISSUE NOKIA STRENGTHENS WINDOWS PHONE ASSAULT VODAFONE CEO WARNS REGULATORS OF INVESTMENT SLOWDOWN ROYAL WELCOME TO THE MOBILE WORLD CAPITAL DAILY DAY TWO • TUESDAY 28TH FEBRUARY By Tim Ferguson Ford: Cars the “great untapped Facebook backs mobile Internet Cont. on P14 f opportunity” In order to eliminate this, the billing support, today’s company is working with “over 30” implementations require SMS for mobile rett Taylor, CTO of device makers, operators and device verification, which takes B Facebook, yesterday announced the company is participating in “a number of developers through a W3C community group called Core Mobile Web Platform, with the users outside of the normal flow of an app, while developers have to integrate with “hundreds of APIs” industry wide initiatives” intended intention to “author and evangelise to support operators globally. to support the development of the and prioritise” the development of To this end, the company mobile web, focusing on technology HTML5 mobile web standards. announced a partnership with standards and payment enabling. Companies supporting this “operators around the world to “Despite the incredible amount of initiative include Samsung, HTC, improve both the user and the work we have to do to make the Sony, Nokia, AT&T, Verizon, developer experience of operator mobile web great, I am extremely Vodafone, Orange, Telefonica, billing.” This work will remove the optimistic. In all of my years in the KDDI and SoftBank. need for the SMS verification step for industry, I haven’t seen such a Accompanying this, Facebook also the “vast majority” of customers, while coordinated effort across so many highlighted Ringmark, a testing suite providing developers with a single SDK segments of our industry. These are intended to monitor how devices to get global reach with “very, very hard problems, but they are comply with the new HTML5 simple” technical verification. solvable problems, and we are standards. “We are pragmatic. We “That way, payments on the ord Motor Company’s going to solve them together,” the know that standards are only as good mobile web can be what it should F By Paul Rasmussen executive chairman Bill executive told Congress yesterday. as their implementations in the field,” be – a single step to confirm the Ford has called on the While HTML5 has been widely he said. purchase,” he concluded. mobile industry to help develop proposed as a way of addressing With regard to payments, the Operators working with smarter transport systems for fragmentation in the industry, Facebook executive said that “right Facebook on streamlined billing are the future. Taylor noted that “if you look at now, the payments experience of AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, 100 different devices, you’ll find 100 the mobile web is just broken.” He Telefónica, T-Mobile USA, Verizon, different versions.” noted that even with operator Vodafone, KDDI and SoftBank. China Mobile reveals TD-LTE DISCOVER US plans hina Mobile has unveiled C plans that will see TD-LTE widely deployed across the country. The company said that over service becoming available in 2013,” said Yu. “The first TD-LTE installations will start during the Speaking at the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) Summit yesterday, the China Mobile president stressed 20,000 TD-LTE base stations will be second half of this year, and this his support for handset vendors in operation by the end of this year, will include some of the existing developing converged devices to growing to 200,000 by 2013. TD-SCDMA sites being upgraded promote the wide scale uptake of China Mobile president, Li Yu, to TD-LTE.” TDD/FDD LTE. said TD-LTE had now moved into Li Yu added that its operations in To help with this effort, the CEOs a new phase after trials in six Hong Kong, which has access to of Qualcomm and Hi Silicon took Chinese cities had proved positive. TDD and FDD bands, will launch the stage to announce multimode “We’re ready for large scale this year as an early example of a device chipsets supporting 2G, 3G ZONE 3 (Z3.1) deployment with commercial converged LTE service in the region. and TDD/FDD LTE. MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Tuesday 28th February PAGE 1
  2. 2. MWC12 Daily DAY2_DAY2 23/02/2012 14:22 Page 2
  3. 3. MWC12 Daily DAY2_DAY2 23/02/2012 14:22 Page 3 With Travel & Surf take all your friends on holiday! e Worry-frecross surfing a Europe. Enjoy worry-free internet across Europe for the price of a café con leche. Remember to enable your smartphone and buy your Travel & Surf pass so you can share all your best holiday moments straightaway. Send e-mails. Connect with Facebook. Send photos.
  4. 4. NEWS @ShowDaily By Tim Ferguson Justin Springham Matt Ablott MANAGING EDITOR: Steve Costello DEPUTY EDITOR: Tim Ferguson Richard HandfordMWC12 Daily DAY2_DAY2 27/02/2012 20:14 Page 4 CONTENT EDITORS: Ian Channing Anne Morris Paul Rasmussen Tweet REPORTERS: Ian Volans Ken Wieland Rick Costello Asus announces PadFone details; ALL ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES TO: Samantha Burke PUBLISHER: launches Transformer Pads Russell Smith, IntuitiveDesign UK Ltd., PRODUCTION MANAGER: 13 North St, Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Maldon, Essex CM9 8TF, UK, ART DIRECTION & PRODUCTION: email: Servicios Gráficas Giesa, Barcelona Android, has a 4.3 inch Super Infinity supports LTE, 3G and Wi-Fi AMOLEDqHD screen and runs a and runs on a 1.5Ghz Qualcomm sus provided more details 1.5Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor, A PRINTED BY: By Steve Costello about its PadFone hybrid dual-core processor. It can be plugged while the Transformer Pad 300 device and unveiled its into the PadFone station to become a Series will support LTE using a forthcoming Transformer Pad range tablet, while a keyboard dock can be Tegra 3 processor. The 300 is at Congress yesterday. added to create a netbook device. targeted towards younger Asus chairman Jonney Shih took Asus also announced its new line consumers, coming in a range of By Ken Wieland to the stage in Barcelona to of Transformer Pads, which can be different colours. announce that the PadFone - which used as tablet or netbook devices. The Asus chairman also demoed integrates a smartphone, tablet and The Transformer Pad Prime, aimed a tablet stylus that doubles as a netbook and was first revealed at at early adopters, runs the Bluetooth headset and discussed Computex in Taiwan last year - will Honeycomb 3.2 version of Android what he called the ubiquitous cloud be available in April, with an LTE but can be upgraded to Ice Cream computing era. “The time has version following in the third Sandwich. It runs an NVIDIA Tegra finally arrived when every screen in quarter of 2012. 3 quad-core processor and is just your lives could transcend into a The smartphone is powered by the 8.3mm thick, weighing 586g. portal with real time access into latest Ice Cream Sandwich version of The HD-capable Transformer Pad your digital world,” he said. Vodafone Nokia strengthens CEO warns Whilst care has been taken to ensure that the data in this publication is accurate, the publisher cannot accept and hereby disclaims any liability to any party Windows Phone assault Aricent has completed its to loss or damage caused by errors or omissions regulators of implementation of a resulting from negligence, accident or any other cause. All rights reserved. No part of this publication investment mediation and revenue may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system or assurance system for MVNO transmitted in any form electronic, mechanical, slowdown photocopying or otherwise without the prior Lebara Mobile which was okia yesterday announced a N permission of the publisher. designed to improve revenue broad refresh to its device management, streamline portfolio, with Stephen Elop, rating and mediation in order its CEO, stating that one year on to create a reliable, scalable A GSM Media Publication from its strategy refresh, it is “very All content © GSM Media LLC 2007-2012. BSS environment. obile network investment, clear that we have changed the M All rights reserved. along with job creation and clock speed of Nokia.” service innovation, are In its smartphone portfolio, the under threat if regulators do not ditch company confirmed wider ‘legacy’ thinking. So says Vittorio availability of its Lumia 900 device, In an effort to minimise the environmental impact of Colao, Vodafone’s chief executive, which was announced earlier for this our events, the GSMA created the MWC Green Initiatives programme to promote reduced material speaking at yesterday’s opening year in an LTE version for the US usage and waste at Mobile World Congress. keynote session at Congress. “We market. The vendor will offer a DC- WCDMA technologies” – marking a This item is printed on recycled paper. need vast quantities of spectrum, HSPA version for markets where LTE debut for Nokia in the CDMA which creates efficiencies and lower growing,” points out Colao. “People is not supported, with availability smartphone space. prices,” argued Colao. “The [current] think that every time there is an from the second quarter of 2012. Nokia also announced three more NEWS IN BRIEF... thinking of allocating spectrum a bit MTR reduction it puts more money Also announced was an entry- handsets in its mid-tier Asha at a time should change. Investment in the pocket of customers, but this level Windows Phone device called portfolio, the 202, 203 and 302. is under threat.” is not totally true. The European Lumia 610, which is “designed as the Among the features supported are a Revenue Colao’s call for more wireless Commission calculates that for perfect introduction to Windows “fast, cloud-based browser” which assurance frequencies was echoed by Ralph every ten cents in cuts, only two Phone for a younger audience.” This reduces internet access costs, with deal inked de la Vega, President and CEO of cents end up in customers’ pockets.” terminal is the result of a new the company claiming that this Mobility at AT&T. “More spectrum Colao added, however, that software release from Microsoft, compresses data traffic by up to 90 needs to be made available, which Vodafone has made offers to co- which enables Windows Phone to be percent. leads to new networks, innovation invest in open, fibre-optic supported with lower memory and Meanwhile, Symbian OS refuses to and job creation.” infrastructure. Without giving details processor requirements – and go quietly, with Nokia announcing its The Vodafone chief repeated his about which companies those offers therefore enabling lower price points. 808 PureView, the headline feature of accusation made at last year’s were made to, Coloa said the firm’s Due to the Windows Phone which is a 41 megapixel camera Congress that European regulators overtures have so far been rebuffed. upgrade, Nokia also said that the sensor. While this can be used to were running on ‘auto-pilot’, Earlier this year, the Vodafone Group platform will now support devices produce an image with a 38 routinely cutting mobile termination was reported as assessing the targeting the Chinese market. The megapixel resolution, pixels can also rates (MTRs) without thinking possibility of buying the extensive company is now planning to offer a be condensed to produce “the through the consequences. “The UK and global fibre-optic assets of range of devices for this country, sharpest images imaginable” at five European [mobile] industry is not Cable & Wireless Worldwide. “covering both CDMA and or eight megapixels. Architect the Mobile Next-Generation Internet Visit us at Hall 8, Stand A111 PAGE 4 Tuesday 28th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  5. 5. ADVERTORIALMWC12 Daily DAY2_DAY2 23/02/2012 14:22 Page 5 Marcelo Claure, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Brightstar Redefining Your Place The race for new customers remains active in emerging markets where mobile penetration still has room to grow. Manufacturers, operators, and now retailers are in the Wireless Industry scrambling to invest in the people, infrastructure, and resources needed to seize these opportunities while the window for new customers is open. In mature markets where saturation rates have surpassed 100 percent, the approach has shifted. These countries will count more mobile devices than people within their borders in A CALL FOR CONSISTENCY 2012. Without new customers to drive a growth strategy, customer retention is the name of the game. Manufacturers, operators, and retailers battle fiercely to keep their customers and retain market share. Consumers are again reshaping the landscape of the wireless industry. They’re Technology has enabled consumers to shop for wireless devices online, in stores, and comfortable integrating wireless technology into areas of their lives where it was difficult to even from wireless devices themselves. With so many paths to purchase, providing a imagine it before, bringing meaningful benefits and new opportunities. People are using consistent experience is more difficult than ever before. Brick-and-mortar retailers often their devices to store, share and enable access to information and tools that simplify their struggle to provide the same extensive portfolio as online stores due to shrinking real estate daily lives and empower businesses to provide new solutions. However, this new geography and increasing inventory costs. At the same time, manufacturers and operators must comes with a price. Consumers accustomed to cutting-edge technology also have high compete to differentiate their products from thousands of other devices and plans. The expectations for the service that accompanies it. need for strategic sourcing and planning, and a knowledgeable, effective sales force will They’re demanding protection against damage or loss, the ability to upgrade or trade-in continue to grow alongside the explosion of products available to consumers. their old device and a wide selection of new ones when they do. With many different paths To thrive under these portfolio pressures, retailers and operators must look for solutions that to purchase, they expect a seamless experience both online and in-store. Wireless reconcile expanded choices with detailed expertise. Technology such as Brightstar’s Virtual When the wireless industry was in its infancy in the early 1980s, the focus was companies successful at wooing today’s consumers must learn to deliver all of this and Inventory Program simplifies inventory management for retailers by providing back-end on introducing the newest product to a very core target market. Innovations more to keep them; and doing so comes with new challenges and complexities. Is your management of their online experience, and solves space issues by supplementing their in- LOYALTY IS THE NAME OF THE GAME over the next decade were driven by consumer demand for smaller handsets company ready to face the expectations of today’s consumer? store portfolio, letting customers order, activate and have a device shipped right away. and more affordable pricing. At this stage in the wireless industry’s Investment in sales force training is also important to ensure in-store customers receive evolution, operators and manufacturers looked to grow by adding as many the attention they require to make a purchase, and do so with peace of mind and new subscribers as possible in established markets across the world. By the The speed of innovation in the wireless industry has drastically shortened product lifecycles. satisfaction. Retailers and operators can also employ store-within-a-store services and ENABLING THE EVOLUTION end of 2007, nearly half the population had a mobile device. Where a device is typically considered functional for an average of two years, consumers outsourcing of the entire wireless category to drive sales. demanding faster, better, smarter technology are switching to the next best thing in under 18- months. In some areas of the world, consumers are losing patience even quicker: in 3- to 6- months. While every market is different, retailers, operators and manufacturers are being The introduction of near field communication technology, the cloud and more advanced challenged to compete for their customer’s loyalty on a more frequent basis, and against a new mobile applications allows consumers to use their wireless devices to access funds, set of competitors. personal health information and much more. But consumers won’t use these features Getting the latest products from concept to consumer in the shortest amount of time is unless they know their personal information is safe on their mobile device. What’s more, integral to success in this environment. It’s never been more important to get the right these sophisticated tools can drive the cost of devices higher. Economic uncertainty in both product, to the right place, at the right time. emerging and developing markets forces consumers to consider the price of the latest Harmful eWaste is also an increasing issue presented by this accelerated lifecycle. As smartphones and tablets with renewed sensitivity. To justify and protect their investment, consumers dispose of their old devices, eWaste is growing at an unprecedented rate. consumers expect retailers, manufacturers and operators to provide services around the Brightstar has aligned itself with companies such as Flipswap® and eRecycling® to device – including warranties and insurance programs. provide trade-in and buy back programs that not only reduce churn and eWaste, but also Players need to find new ways to build relationships with consumers that begin before the generate customer loyalty and revenue from pre-owned devices. point of purchase and last beyond the life of their device. Handset insurance programs Retailers, operators and manufacturers have multiple risks to consider regarding the instill loyalty and satisfaction by ensuring a customer that a lost, stolen, or damaged shortening lifecycle trend. From our unique vantage point, Brightstar is able to anticipate handset or tablet can be easily resolved. Brightstar provides this service, allowing retailers, changing trends in technology around the globe. We have partnered with the leading brands manufacturers and operators to offer it to the consumer. in wireless to create flexible solutions that enable us to reduce costs associated with There’s no end in sight for the wireless evolution; how consumers apply new technologies and returns and getting devices back into the marketplace, including: buying the device, the challenges this creates will continue to redefine our roles within it. To compete, your handling warehouse management, shipping it to the store, activating service, managing, company will need to take an active role in this cycle. If you need help finding your place, or for testing, repair and reverse logistics. more information about Brightstar’s services portfolio, visit MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Tuesday 28th February PAGE 5
  6. 6. NEWS @ShowDaily New from Mesaplexx is the xCube which utilises radical radio filter technology to significantly improve the performance of active antenna systems and enable By Ian Volans increases of up to 65 percent in LTE network capacity. The xCube is a cool running, low loss, high isolation filter that improves sensitivity and handles much more power. These benefits, combined with its compact size, enablesMWC12 Daily DAY2_DAY2 27/02/2012 19:45 Page 6 AAS vendors to deliver 50 per cent more power output for the same input, delivering significant increases in range Tweet and capacity. With more power output and less heat being generated multi-band and multi-technology Royal welcome to the solutions can come within NEWS IN BRIEF... reach. LTE capacity gains Mobile World Capital Connection Manager from Emotum makes mobile and wireless connection world. It’s definitely a sign of the Attending the launch event management easier for good things to come.” alongside Prince Felipe and John service providers, giving a RH Felipe de Borbón, Barcelona was selected as the Hoffman were the President of the H completely customisable Prince of Asturias, officially first Mobile World Capital in July Generalitat, Artur Más; Minister of solution to complement all inaugurated Barcelona’s 2011 when the city was confirmed Industry, Energy and Tourism, José deployment strategies. The reign as Mobile World Capital at a as the venue for Mobile World Manuel Soria; Mayor of Barcelona, Connection Manager is packed press conference at Congress until 2018. Xavier Trias and President of the feature rich, yet simple to Congress yesterday. The city’s vision is to “use mobile Fira de Barcelona, Josep Luís Bonet. use for both users and The heir to the Spanish throne said, technology as a transformational In addition to the annual operators and has been “It is indeed a wonderful opportunity engine for companies’ and people’s Congress, the Mobile World Capital specifically designed to to contribute to the constant everyday lives.” will encompass three new elements. provide a consistent user development of the industry and the As Mobile World Capital, A Mobile World Festival will engage The Mobile World Hub, in the experience across Windows market in the mobile communications Barcelona aims to create an urban citizens with mobile technologies city’s technological district will and Mac operating systems. sector,” said Prince Felipe “ laboratory for new applications that through links with the city’s facilitate the design, testing and It is device, connection and Reflecting on the economic will transform the daily lives of the musical, cultural and sporting marketing of solutions, encourage network agnostic, working difficulties being experienced by city’s people and businesses. John events. the creation of cross-industry seamlessly on 2G, 3G, 4G, many of the mobile world’s more Hoffman, CEO of Congress- Located in the heart of the city, the alliances and contribute towards Wi-Fi and Ethernet mature markets, he continued, “It is organiser GSMA Ltd, congratulated Mobile World Centre will be a hands- the development of global By Paul Rasmussen networks. also a perfect means to send a Barcelona on its “outstanding vision on exhibition and experimentation standards in fields such as mWallet, positive and powerful message and for the Mobile World Capital, one of space where citizens can experience mHealth, smart-city, mContent and image of our country out to the great creativity and innovation.” the latest mobile technologies. mTravel applications. Simplifying mobile Smart VoIP from Kineto broadband Wireless is the first VoIP Ericsson’s application specifically developed to enable mobile operators to leverage their new existing network By Ian Channing infrastructure to offer a competitive over-the-top pico to (OTT) voice service. The application supports a range include of standard mobile telephony capabilities and is designed to run on major mobile Wi-Fi operating systems, including iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. The application can be support branded by mobile operators and downloaded to subscribers through standard application stores. The application works over any The company also claimed that network, ties to main voice ricsson has announced a finding new site locations remains E service and leverages the ZTE unveils bevy range of small cell products, one of the major issues for existing core network. including a multi-standard operators today and these small cell OTT VoIP pico with integrated support for products, given their size and application of new devices Wi-Fi. backhaul options, are the preferred The company said these devices choice in this situation. could be deployed together with The inclusion of Wi-Fi in a pico macro cells in heterogeneous product will call for the industry core mobile processor and equipped networks (hetnets) for increased to investigate and develop how with a NVIDIA Icera 450 HSPA+ network capacity. Operators Wi-Fi technology can be urrently number four in the modem, the ZTE Era offers high adopting this hetnet approach, said integrated into cellular standards. C global terminal suppliers rankings, Chinese vendor ZTE is targeting the number three definition multimedia capabilities. Also launched were the :PF112, which has a large HD screen for Ericsson, would benefit by being able to deliver the same services with half the spectrum, while seeing According to Ewaldsson, Ericsson is leading this effort to ensure this work will be focused on the spot by 2015. In a bold statement of optimal video viewing, plus updates throughput gains of 2-10 times network requirements and not its intent the company unveiled on the successful Blade and Skate compared to using separate vendors centred on products. more than ten new terminals and phones with the Skate Acqua, Kis, for the macro and the small cell layer. “It’ll be around two years before devices yesterday, including two Blade II and Mimosa X. The Ericsson’s CTO, Ulf Ewaldsson, we see Wi-Fi becoming part of the LTE handsets, the PF200 presentation included the first (pictured) told Mobile World Daily hetnet, and will call for the Wi-Fi (LTE/GSM/UMTS) and the N910 appearance of ZTE’s internally that this co-ordinated hetnet firmware in the handset to be (LTE FDD/CDMA). These phones developed user interface Myfavor approach would lower the total cost upgraded,” said Ewaldsson. “The run Android 4.0 with 1.2GHz and which they claim simplifies and of ownership (TCO) for operators drive to make this happen is 1.5GHz chipsets. ZTE also improves the Android user by 50 percent. “This TCO is directly coming from North America where maintained its commitment to the experience. The company also related to using pico’s to provide there is huge demand to carry Windows Phone platform with the announced the ZTE Touch and Share much improved coverage as against smartphone data traffic. We’re introduction of the Orbit NFC application which enables users the cost of deploying traditional working closely with the US smartphone. At just 7.8mm thick to exchange data or make payment macro cells. The boost in operator community to find a the ZTE Era smartphone can justly by simply touching their device to throughput would come from the solution, but the key to adopting a claim to be one of the thinnest another. The new launches were user’s device being much closer to a hetnet approach is focusing on the quad-core devices on the market. completed with a range of tablets pico access point than at some network, which is the tricky part in Based on the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad- including two LTE devices. distance from a macro cell.” all this.” PAGE 6 Tuesday 28th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  7. 7. MWC12 Daily DAY2_DAY2 23/02/2012 16:11 Page 7 Making a Difference We know that making a small difference in someone’s life, can change their life forever. Imagine being unable to call your loved ones to let them know you’re alright? During the revolution in Tunisia, Tunisiana, a Qtel Group Company, gave every prepaid customer one dinar credit a day for five days so people could still be in touch with their family and friends. Qtel - Qatar | Nawras - Oman | Navlink - UAE | Wataniya - Kuwait | Nedjma - Algeria | Tunisiana - Tunisia | Wantaniya - Maldives Wataniya - Palestine | Bravo - Saudia Arabia | Asiacell - Iraq | Starhub - Singapore | Lao Telecom - Laos | Mfone - Cambodia Indosat - Indonesia | wi-tribe - Jordan | wi-tribe - Pakistan | wi-tribe - Philippines 4:29 PM
  8. 8. HEALTH NEWS Tim Wood, Director, Mobile Health Innovation, Grameen Foundation By Anne MorrisMWC12 Daily DAY2_DAY2 27/02/2012 20:28 Page 8 Mobile Health Partnerships from the NGO Perspective. Time: 14.00, Hall 5, Room 5 Which mobile health services will be most popular in emerging markets? Mobile health services that succeed will need to do three things: 1) provide relevant and actionable health information that ultimately leads to a change in behaviour 2) be usable by people with low literacy skills 3) be affordable. There is currently a lot of energy around maternal and child health initiatives, such as Grameen Foundation’s Motech project in Ghana. Additionally, Etisalat: Integrating sophisticated services that are able to provide people with information about Q&A r when they need to seek medical attention or how to address common ailments could also prove to be very popular and powerful. mobile money with What are the barriers to establishing successful mobile health partnerships? mHealth a win-win It can be tough to align objectives between partners. The private sector is By Richard Handford typically driven by gaining market share and increasing revenue, while NGOs Mobile Health: and governments are looking to achieve changes in health outcomes. approach Accomplishing both of these, while also functioning with a sustainable Emerging Markets business model, can be extremely challenging. It’s also quite difficult today – partnerships for to establish connections to telecommunications firms for interactive voice response services in many markets. SMS aggregation is easier, but we’ve “For developed growth found that the illiterate need IVR for our efforts to be effective. rue commitment from an markets the T How can these barriers be overcome? MNO to a mobile health proposition is built There needs to be compromise between the public and private sectors to find programme means turning it around secure SKT common ground where both can achieve the common goal of widespread into a mainstream business and not remote access, adoption of mobile health services. NGOs need to define and build services just viewing as “just a hobby or PR that can have a broad reach and consider revenue generating partnerships. consultations, looks to exercise”, said George Held, Vice Telecommunication providers need to look beyond short-term revenue goals Presudent group products and storage and fast and use their market reach and customer network to help catalyse adoption services at Etisalat. overseas distribution.” of services at a large scale. Held, who was speaking with Mobile World Daily ahead of a How important is the role of mobile operators to such partnerships? healthcare presentation he made at Congress The Mobile Baby programme is Mobile phone operators hold the primary relationship with the customer, so on Monday, said the Etisalat Mobile designed to support birth attendants the operators play a vital role in these partnerships. The frequency with Baby programme is a prime and midwives and ensure safer markets which someone tops up airtime vastly exceeds the number of times someone example of how mobile health can pregnancies and deliveries by seeks health information on their phone. Operators can be a powerful become a sustainable and scalable enabling carers to quickly and channel to market health information services, enabling people to receive proposition by integrating it with a accurately identify, communicate health information rapidly. Creative thinking with operators around mobile payment service. and act on obstetric emergencies. sustainable business models is vital for the long-term success of any mobile Etisalat’s Mobile Baby programme “Though the service is critical in health service. K Telecom (SKT) is looking at creates revenue for all members of the emerging markets, it is not fully S mobile health opportunities the ecosystem, said Held, from the relevant in the developed markets What will be the most successful reimbursement model for mhealth outside Korea, said Yook Tae- midwives through to local transport where the above challenges are services in low and middle income countries? Sun, Senior Vice President and providers and Etisalat, which already adequately addressed,” said That really depends on the market. Countries with large populations can Head of the operator’s Healthcare generates revenue through service- Held. “For developed markets the achieve a high enough volume of service use to make a low-priced Business Division, in an interview related data consumption. proposition is built around secure By Richard Handford subscription model possible. In other locations – which will likely be the with Mobile World Daily. The Mobile Baby programme remote access, consultations, majority of countries – a sponsorship- or advertiser-driven model will likely The operator is currently ensures that all participants get paid, storage and fast distribution.” be more successful. At Grameen Foundation, we also hope to be able to offering two of its mobile health commented Held, and therefore Held concluded that Etisalat demonstrate the value of mobile health services and the potential cost platforms to hospitals in China and provides a sustainable level of strongly believes mHealth services savings of delivering the services through the mobile phone so that is having discussions with support for women in rural areas. will be equally popular in sponsorship by the government health ministry makes sense, given the total Indonesian and Taiwanese mobile “Most women especially in low- developing and developed markets, savings that would occur in the overall health system. operators about jointly offering the income countries continue to if properly introduced and same solutions in their home deliver at home for a variety of commercialised. “The only markets, according to Yook. reasons including cost, preference, difference will be in the scope of the SK Telecom’s mHealth services culture and lack of information,” offering and how they are are offered via the Health Connect said Held. positioned in the market,” he added. joint venture with Seoul National University Hospital that was announced last autumn and then launched in January 2012. The joint venture has already announced plans to rollout healthcare services mHealth domestically in Korea later this year. In addition Yook said the joint venture is now “in its initial stage of payments and entering the global markets” with its digital hospital services. The plan is to pioneer the service in rules are crucial South East Asia by developing In the developing world, services for prevention and health customers are accustomed to management. eimbursement and paying for health while in the The joint venture’s two platforms offered in China are the smartphone-based Hospital R regulation emerged as key issues from yesterday’s conference session on how to get developed world it is governments and the private sector such as insurance companies that generally Information System (HIS), which mobile health integrated into large- pay, said Gaur. This set-up in the enables doctors to check patients’ scale health systems. developed world means the information and view their Pramod Gaur, Vice President reimbursement model for mhealth prescription records, and its Health Telehealth with the UnitedHealth is more complex to establish. existing mobile payment service. during the Q&A part of the session. Information Exchange (HIE). Group, a leading US health insurer, George Held, Director of Products “We need a sustainable business One model is an open market SK Telecom is demonstrating outlined who are the four & Services, Etisalat Group gave the which means everyone is making where the strongest apps survive. Health Connect’s services at stakeholders in mobile health: example of the operator’s Mobile money,” said Held. The other one involves the Mobile World Congress this week. patients, health professionals, payers Baby service which is offered across On the subject of regulation, government taking responsibility The operator will also show off its (government or insurance company) its African footprint as a working Richard Moore, Commercial for regulation. He said the US is newly-launched mPrescription app and caregivers (the patient’s family mobile health service. It is focused Syndication and Partnership more advanced than the UK in that enables patients to carry and and friends). He also mentioned the on reducing mother and child Manager, NHS Choices, Capita thinking about regulation and that store electronic prescriptions in role that mobile health has in mortality by seeing more at-risk Health, explained the need for the forthcoming announcement their smartphones, so removing promoting wellness which is under- pregnant women reach hospital. The regulation when it comes to mobile from the US Food and Drug the need for them to carry paper- used compared with the monitoring business model involves midwives, apps. “It’s what we are trying to Administration (FDA) on apps based prescriptions. of patients with chronic conditions. taxi drivers as well as the operator’s figure out at the moment, “ he said would influence the UK. PAGE 8 Tuesday 28th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  9. 9. ADVERTORIALMWC12 Daily DAY2_DAY2 23/02/2012 14:23 Page 9 1.6Gbps Downlink Throughput: The ARU features the world’s highest single-unit throughput. Other features include: • Broadband support—one ARU can simultaneously support three different bands, including 1.8GHz, 2.1GHz, and 2.6GHz. • Wider IBW (Instant Bandwidth)—each module utilizes IBW at 40 MHz to support higher throughput. • A high-degree of integration—each module is very small, so one slim ARU enables the assembly of up to three modules. • Split-cell functionality—capacity is effectively doubled by splitting existing single sectors ARU and in two; even with interference considered, capacity can be increased by up to 80%. • User-targeting beamforming—boosts downlink throughput. Giga-Level Uplink Throughput: The ARU’s uplink and downlink throughput operate on a giga level. In a connected world with endless possibilities, uplink traffic is certain to increase AtomCell, due to the increased ease of posting video and other high-bandwidth content online. Uplink capability will thus become more and more important for mobile networks. The ARU is specifically designed to meet such challenges with its 4-way receiver technology, which is capable of boosting gain by up to 40% to help uplink throughput reach 850Mbps. Creating a Adaptable Configurations: As an operator’s business grows, the need to increase network capacity becomes more important. An SDR (Software Defined Radio)-based ARU enables easy network upgrade for greater capacity. After acquiring new spectrum, operators can add more modules in different bands, or split single sectors into two for network expansion, ATOMCELL, THE WORLD’S MOST INTEGRATED BASE STATION with no new site space needed. Connected Due to increased traffic and coverage requirements, small cells are playing more and more of an important role in the industry. In addition to macro cells, operators need small cells to cover blind spots or offload to macro cells. Small cells help improve network World performance and provide better service to end users in a connected world. Finding site locations for small cells is difficult since their coverage area is limited. Accommodating their backhaul is also a challenge. The AtomCell, Huawei’s small cell solution, is designed to address these problems. • Over the past 10 years, the number of mobile subscribers has increased from 800 million to 5.8 billion. • Over the past 5 years, hundreds of thousands mobile applications have been made available for download. • Over the last 2 years, more and more smartphones have been sold, replacing feature phones. We live in a world where our lives and behavior have been changed by mobile communications. We are living in a connected world. The Atom constitutes the basic component of Huawei’s AtomCell solution. Utilizing advanced technologies, the Atom integrates baseband, radio frequency, and power Traditional mobile networks are not able to meet increasing demands on amplifier functionality into one small box. Using this component and a suitable antenna traffic. To achieve success in this new world, we need new solutions. module, many different kinds of products can be assembled (RRU, base station etc.). Supporting 4T4R, two Atom units can be used to assemble a device that supports 8T8R and even 16T16R, to support higher-order MIMO for better performance. The AtomCell is ARU (Adaptive Radio Unit), Supports 12 times Capacity Expansion also the world’s first micro base station to support user-targeting beamforming. (Maximum Configuration) It has become increasingly difficult for operators to find space to build sites, even as the Among all the challenges facing small-cell solutions, backhaul issues are the most need to support huge volumes of traffic continues to grow. significant, as small cells need to be installed where traditional backhaul cannot be reached. Huawei’s ARU (Adaptive Radio Unit) is ideal for deployment in cases where space is limited The AtomCell integrates different transmission functionalities (ADSL, Optical, FE) to meet but the need for capacity is great. The total size of its integrated antenna and radio unit is different application scenarios. Customized microwave solutions have also been developed comparable to a standalone antenna, and its modular design can be easily configured. for our small-cell solutions. The ARU can simultaneously support three separate bands over three different modes, The AtomCell is designed according to the concepts of site optimization and ease of and supports cell splitting to improve overall cell capacity by up to 80%. deployment—One Site, One Box. Atom Atom Cell MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Tuesday 28th February PAGE 9
  10. 10. MONEY NEWS Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) By Richard Handford has been selected by Intel to deliver lifecycle management of the embedded secure By Paul Rasmussen elements within Intel’s smartphone reference device. G&D will manage the partitioning and keyMWC12 Daily DAY2_DAY2 27/02/2012 19:45 Page 10 management of the embedded secure elements over-the-air. Embedded secure elements provide an additional protected area for security-sensitive applications such as payments and ticketing using NFC. NEWS IN BRIEF... Mobile money MTN first Commenting on the agreement, Ericsson President and CEO, Hans Gemalto’s UpTeq NFC SIM Vestberg, said that 2012 would be a service flourishes in to adopt vault offers mobile operators year of partnership across the higher return on investment emerging mCommerce eco-system. earthquake’s wake Ericsson’s from their NFC roll-outs, and “MTN has long been an early security for protecting mobile adopter in mobile money, and this transactions. The new SIM new partnership builds on our mWallet enables mobile operators to Viola has attracted 364,000 ongoing relationship of Intel selects G&D install and manage new NFC registered users, an October 2011 collaboration. Driving accelerated services even after issuing it aitian mobile operator Viola figure that Liautaud says has grown time to market for operators and H to end users. UpTeq NFC is last month passed US$4 subsequently by about 15,000- linking wallet accounts to purchases designed as a high-end million of payroll transactions 20,000 additional users. The take-up across multiple payment systems is security device to handle the carried over its T-Cash mobile money means T-Cash has achieved 30 TN is to be the first a clear next step in next generation M processing, storage and service, an indication of the service’s percent penetration of its 1.2 million operator to deploy mobile financial services." verification of sensitive data. popularity and its role in the country base in just over one year since Ericsson’s Converged This move follows a period of following a devastating earthquake launch. Leading rival Digicel offers Wallet service across its operations close co-operation between MTN two years ago, according to a Mobile an alternative mobile money service in Africa and the Middle East. and Ericsson on the Converged World Daily interview with the which is called TchoTcho Mobile. Ericsson said that its technology Wallet technology, with MTN By Richard Handford Sybase 365’s mobile operator’s acting CEO Pierre Liautaud. Viola’s T-Cash service is based would enable MTN to fast-track the being one of the first operators to commerce platform is Many NGOs that came to the on the USSD data channel and the deployment of mWallet services by deploy Ericssons pre-paid designed to address mobile country in the wake of the January mobile money platform is supplied integrating its Converged Wallet software back in 1998. The banking, mobile payments 2010 earthquake use T-Cash’s payroll by vendor MoreMagic. T-Cash has service into MTN’s pre-paid company said it would deploy the and mobile money services service to distribute aid payments so been nominated for a Global charging system. Converged Wallet service as a pilot for developed and emerging boosting its take-up. Viola originally Mobile Award at this year’s Mobile "Optimising the mobile money in a number of its operations this markets. The platform planned for money transfers between World Congress. consumer experience directly impacts year, with a view to a wide enables banks to extend their individuals to be the mainstay of its As well as paying their own staff, consumer stickiness,” said Christian de deployment across all its operations NFC SIM vault relationship to both the retail service but the earthquake NGOs have used T-Cash in other Faria, MTN’s Group Chief in Africa and the Middle East. and business customer dramatically changed the operator’s ways. For instance Mercy Corps Commercial Officer. “With Ericsson Ericsson added that it would be through the mobile channel, thinking. Instead, payroll came to the uses the service to distribute Converged Wallet we can now address the prime integration contractor for and to create new services fore after the service’s launch in vouchers as part of its development our strategic priorities by enabling the MTN mWallet project which and improve customer December 2010. programme for small businesses. rapid response to our consumers would include providing software loyalty. It supports mobile Haiti is a good candidate for The same NGO piloted the service preferences and expectations." and managed services. payments services that mobile money anyway because it is before T-Cash’s wider launch. By Richard Handford enable consumers to use a cash economy where relatively few In addition to payroll services, their mobile devices to pay of the population hold a bank T-Cash can be used for P2P Isis signs up cards for real-world goods and account. For instance, the country transfers, purchasing goods in retail services. This latest release has approximately 25,000 credit outlets and paying bills. adds mobile money capability cards and 50,000 debit cards out of a Liautaud has not been surprised for its mobile wallet to the platform for total population of 9-10 million by the service’s take-up. “No branchless banking. giving an opportunity for mobile because I used to work in a bank in money services. “The earthquake the early nineties. I left because they provided a window to realise the did not understand the future was Mobile commerce value of such services compared to electronic payments. I knew that platform other countries,” says Liautaud. Haiti had a need for such payments.” sis, the joint venture between The mobile wallet service, which I three leading US mobile operators, has reached agreement with Chase, Capital One Vodafone will be offered across the operator’s footprint, will be based on Visa’s pre- and Barclaycard so that their credit, debit and prepaid cards will be and Visa paid account and offered to consumers in partnership with the placed in the venture’s mobile wallet, it has announced at Mobile in mPay card company’s issuers. Initial launch of the service will be World Congress. Consumers who hold accounts partnership in Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and the US in the current with the three banks will be able to put their cards into an Isis mobile financial year. Other countries within wallet and shop at participating the mobile operator’s footprint will retailers when the venture’s service follow over time. launches in mid-2012, starting in Salt odafone and Visa have Other financial institutions as well Lake City, Utah and Austin, Texas. V announced a worldwide partnership that will enable consumers to pay for goods and as retailers, transport and utility companies are welcome to of fer their services within Vodafone’s wallet. The announcement with the three financial institutions follows the announcement by Isis in July any major payment card and put it inside the mobile wallet. services using their mobile phones. In developed markets in Europe, 2011 that it would work with the top The Isis mobile wallet will offer The two companies will develop a North American and Australia, users four US payment networks: Visa, the ability to pay, redeem coupons Vodafone-branded service supported of the new service will be able to make MasterCard, Discover and and accrue loyalty points. Chase, by Visa’s payment system. They say purchases using NFC-enabled American Express. Isis’s Capital One and Barclaycard will the link-up is “the world’s largest smartphones equipped with Visa relationship with the four payments tailor their card services for the new mobile payments partnership”. payWave mobile payment technology. networks means banks can enable mobile wallet. PAGE 10 Tuesday 28th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |