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  1. 1. MOBILE WORLD DAILY EXPLORES ANNE BOUVEROT’S VISION FOR THE ASSOCIATION, REVEALING ITS MAJOR AREAS OF FOCUS TODAY AS WELL AS HER PLANS FOR HOW THE GSMA WILL EVOLVE PAGE 30 CHINA APPROACHES 1 BILLION MOBILE CONNECTIONS AS 3G SERVICES GAIN TRACTION PAGE 49 RADICAL NEW PRICING STRATEGIES REQUIRED TO SUPPORT FUTURE MOBILE GROWTH IN AFRICA PAGE 51MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 26/02/2012 19:28 Page 1 BROUGHT TO YOU BY: OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2012 IN THIS ISSUE FEATURE INTERVIEW – GSMA DIRECTOR GENERAL ANALYSIS: CHINA DAILY By Steve Costello ANALYSIS: AFRICA By Steve Costello DAY ONE • MONDAY 27TH FEBRUARY HTC looks to regain momentum Telefónica and Mozilla unveil device Cont. on P6 f with Android trio platform alliance Tagged Open Web Devices forward to a more advanced stage. By reducing the costs (OWD), the intention is to create a “We didn’t want to move with an associated with the device, it will phone architecture that relies entirely operator consortium as a starting be possible to target the mass- on web technology, with all of the point, because the whole point of market feature phone segment, device capabilities including calling, how we have managed to do this which is currently underserved by messaging, browsing and games really powerfully in such a short smartphone platforms. developed using HTML5 and time is by being implementation- While it is early days for the By Matt Ablott executed via the Firefox web browser. driven,” he said. platform in terms of commercial TC announced its One The partners are also planning to It was reported last week that launches, Domingo said that “we are H smartphone portfolio last night, refreshing its premium line with a trio of elefónica Digital and Mozilla evolve the HTML5 standard to add new interfaces which will enable them to access the full range of Deutsche Telekom is working with Mozilla on the related Boot to Gecko project, with an hoping to have something in 2012.” Telefónica’s research development team started work on and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) powered devices. The smartphone vendor is T will today announce an “ambitious strategy” to create a new platform for HTML5- device features, with the intention of standardising this through W3C. Carlos Domingo, director of announcement likely this week. A prototype device using technology from Mozilla, Telefónica an OWD concept at the start of 2011, developing a prototype for negotiations with potential partners. looking to regain some based devices, with the intention of product development & innovation at and third partner Qualcomm is set to When Mozilla announced its momentum after a tough fourth positioning HTML5 as “the next Telefónica Digital, told Mobile World be demonstrated today. While price Boot to Gecko project to create an quarter, as its current handset major ecosystem for smartphones” Daily that, while it has talked to other points have not been disclosed, open web platform based on its portfolio shows signs of age. and enabling the delivery of operators about the effort, and it has Domingo said that “it’s way cheaper Firefox browser, the companies smartphone-features to devices at been “well received,” the intention to than what is out there – but the embarked on a collaboration that low price points. date has been driving the platform performance is really good.” led to today’s announcement. RCS launches to consumers as ‘joyn’ over-the-top players. It enables services such as enhanced he GSMA this morning made messaging and voice, video calling T several announcements around Rich Communication Services (RCS) – including the and content sharing directly from the phone’s contact book, regardless of the network or device used. were also announced, providing support for “both existing and all-IP LTE networks” in areas such as IP-based creation of a consumer-facing The Spanish arms of Orange, voice and video calling, geo-location brand, joyn. Telefónica and Vodafone have services and cloud storage. The industry body said the new started rolling out RCS and are due “These services will be delivered brand would be used by operators to launch services this summer – to consumers in a seamless way to give a global ‘face’ to RCS and the GSMA said today that and with the level of innovation, services. “joyn will act as a mark of operators in France, Germany, Italy quality of service and attention to assurance to customers that they and South Korea have also privacy that they have come to will have simple and direct access committed to commercial launches expect from their mobile operator,” to enriched voice and messaging in 2012. As well as support from added Bouverot. Learn More: services wherever they are and most of the world’s major Downloadable joyn apps for Visit us at Hall 8, Stand A111 whatever network they are using,” operators, the initiative is also Android 2.3 devices will be said the GSMA’s director general supported by a range of device and available as part of live trials for Anne Bouverot. equipment vendors, including HTC, visitors to Congress this week. The Rich Communications is a major Huawei, LG, Nokia, RIM, Samsung, apps are available for Vodafone play by the operator community to Sony and ZTE. Spain customers via the operator’s BUILT FOR THE HUMAN NETWORK compete more effectively with the The latest RCS specs – version 5.0 – Android store. MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 1
  2. 2. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:13 Page 2
  3. 3. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:13 Page 3 With Travel & Surf take all your friends on holiday! e Worry-frecross surfing a Europe. Enjoy worry-free internet across Europe for the price of a café con leche. Remember to enable your smartphone and buy your Travel & Surf pass so you can share all your best holiday moments straightaway. Send e-mails. Connect with Facebook. Send photos.
  4. 4. NEWS @ShowDaily Justin Springham Matt Ablott MANAGING EDITOR: Steve Costello DEPUTY EDITOR: Tim Ferguson Richard HandfordMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 26/02/2012 17:27 Page 4 CONTENT EDITORS: Ian Channing Anne Morris Paul Rasmussen Tweet REPORTERS: Ian Volans Ken Wieland By Tim Ferguson Rick Costello Ford B-MAX brings ALL ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES TO: By Matt Ablott Samantha Burke PUBLISHER: mobile connected Russell Smith, IntuitiveDesign UK Ltd., PRODUCTION MANAGER: 13 North St, Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Maldon, Essex CM9 8TF, UK, car tech to Europe ART DIRECTION & PRODUCTION: email: Servicios Gráficas Giesa, Barcelona PRINTED BY: New look Sony unveils Number Association executive director Gary Machado. smartphones ar maker Ford is to launch its “We think [the B-MAX] will be will initially run Android 2.3 C SYNC voice-activated in-car mobile connectivity system among the most technologically advanced small cars you can buy at ony took the wraps off two (Gingerbread) with an upgrade to Android 4.0 (ICS) available next in Europe with its new B-MAX any price,” said Ford of Europe S new Android smartphones in quarter. The higher-spec Xperia P By Tim Ferguson small family car (pictured), unveiled chairman and CEO Stephen Odell. Barcelona last night – the first sports a 4-inch display, 8MP Whilst care has been taken to ensure that the data in exclusively at this week’s Mobile SYNC is already available in the major devices from the vendor since camera, HDMI/DLNA connectivity this publication is accurate, the publisher cannot World Congress. US but the launch of the B-MAX it bought out Ericsson and took full and NFC. Both devices will launch accept and hereby disclaims any liability to any party to loss or damage caused by errors or omissions SYNC can connect to mobile marks the first time the system has control of the handset business. globally in Q2. Meanwhile, Sony resulting from negligence, accident or any other devices through Bluetooth, features been available in Europe. Unlike Now simply branded as ‘Sony,’ the said that Xperia S – described as the cause. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system or an iPod and flash drive compatible some similar systems SYNC doesn’t Xperia P, Xperia U and the “ultimate HD smartphone” – is now transmitted in any form electronic, mechanical, USB connection and brings a require a subscription or previously-announced Xperia S shipping to markets across the photocopying or otherwise without the prior permission of the publisher. potentially lifesaving feature in registration. form part of the firm’s Xperia NXT globe with the first sales set to take Emergency Assistance, the only As the B-MAX will be one of the series geared towards “connected place in Sony’s flagship Barcelona feature of its kind which is designed more affordable cars in the Ford entertainment experiences” – store this week to coincide with to respond to a crash by using the range, the company hopes it will allowing content to be shared across Congress. A GSM Media Publication customer’s connected mobile help achieve its target of 13 million smartphones, tablets and TVs. All three devices offer access to All content © GSM Media LLC 2007-2012. All rights reserved. phone to call the emergency customers using the SYNC Sony will be hoping the new the Sony Entertainment Network, services directly, in their local technology by 2015, with 3.5 flagship line will help it regain some while films and music are available language, with the location of the million in Europe. There are already smartphone momentum in the face from the Video Unlimited and scene of the accident. four million cars fitted with the of strong competition from rival Music Unlimited stores, “We are confident that solutions technology in the US. Asian Android vendors, which has respectively. In an effort to minimise the environmental impact of enabling vehicles to be connected The B-MAX won’t make its debut seen Sony’s market share in decline Sony completed its EUR1.05 our events, the GSMA created the MWC Green Initiatives programme to promote reduced material to emergency call centres will at a motoring event until the in recent years. billion purchase of Ericsson’s 50 usage and waste at Mobile World Congress. contribute to saving lives in Geneva Motor Show in March and The two new devices both boast percent stake in their former This item is printed on recycled paper. Europe,” said European Emergency will go on sale later this year. a 1GHz dual-core processor and handsets joint venture last week. okia Siemens Networks NSN aims to become N (NSN) CEO Rajeev Suri (pictured) outlined his plans “world’s mobile broadband specialist” for the infrastructure vendor to become the industry’s specialist in mobile broadband. Speaking on the eve of Mobile encompassing NFC, mass gaming, times those we have now,” he said. World Congress, Suri said the mobile money and location services Suri added that operators need to company is quickly changing its over the next five years. He predicted balance their continued network approach to bring together the the “era of sensors” would follow investment with the need to remain resources, expertise and investment with the rise of artificial intelligence, efficient – which has impacted needed to lead customers into “the M2M and intelligent applications. infrastructure companies like NSN. gigabyte revolution.” “These society-defining trends are “These dramatic changes, and the The company also announced it transfers and HD video streaming. Suri said the pace of change in the fuelling the gigabyte revolution that new economic reality demand fast had achieved a record 1.4Gb/s mobile In November, NSN announced mobile industry will accelerate as it we believe will take us to one and fundamental change for vendors session using LTE-Advanced plans to cut 17,000 jobs in a move moves from ubiquitous mobile gigabyte per user per day by 2020, like NSN and we are transforming to technology on 100MHz of aggregated that Suri said was “to improve our broadband to a new economic model downloaded at speeds more than ten meet that challenge,” Suri said. spectrum. The call included large file profitability and cash generation.” PAGE 4 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  5. 5. ADVERTORIALMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:13 Page 5 Redefining Mobile – Marcelo Claure, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Brightstar A Deliberate Pursuit The concept of “redefining” entails changing definitions and setting new expectations. As our industry matures there is a need to sharpen our offerings. This also means broadening our boundaries in the midst of a rapidly shifting environment. I believe the act of redefining our industry is a deliberate pursuit. I know this because I have had the opportunity to see Brightstar transform from a local cell phone distribution company to the worlds largest wireless distributor and a leader in global wireless services Insights from the Wireless Frontier in our industry. This transformation can be attributed to the continuous “redefinition” of our ultimate goal: to stay ahead of industry trends and drive value to our customers despite the unpredictability and volatility of our industry. How have we been able to accomplish this? By fostering and applying four key principles we have discovered through our journey: 1. Exploring new territory – By that I mean moving outside the current boundaries of wireless to include new, and perhaps unexplored concepts. Banking, commerce, and healthcare are just a few of the latest industries merging with mobile. Together they are creating the possibility of mobile x-rays, telemedicine for patients, the idea of a mobile wallet and much more that will present new markets and opportunities. For example, 4. Anticipating the effect – A significant part of our industry focuses on the introduction of new Juniper Research predicts the market for all types of mobile payments will reach $600 products and their capabilities. While this is always exciting, the true “redefining” of our billion by 2013. By broadening our vision and redrawing the “border lines” we are able to industry takes place when we understand the relationship between cause and effect and how explore these new possibilities and redefine the mobile industry landscape. we can respond strategically to our customer’s demands. When we identify the game-changing trends, we look first within our team of experts for a solution. If we don’t own that expertise, we 2. Sharing what we know – We know that the interconnectivity between players in the find the right partner – through acquisition or strategic alliance – to deliver the best solution. industry is more complex than ever before. In order to stay one step ahead of industry Brightstar’s own evolution has come naturally from our ability to anticipate trends and create Each year at Mobile World Congress, we herald the arrival of trends that trends we must endeavor to form alliances and engage in knowledge sharing. innovative solutions that help our customers increase their performance and profitability. hold the promise of transformation. We champion change. We honor Strategically positioned at the center of the wireless ecosystem, Brightstar has certainly modernization. Indeed, this year’s MWC campaign is no different - we are benefited from knowledge sharing with more than 12,000 retailers, 200 manufacturers, The ability to redefine is integral to the success of any participant in the wireless industry. Today, “Redefining Mobile.” 210 operators and 6,400 value-added resellers. These relationships allow us to better manufacturers are required to adapt to a new consumer, providing services that were unheard of understand each environment within the ecosystem and provide the seamless experience several years ago. Retailers are discovering new complexities in mobile sales. Operators are our customers need and deserve. expanding and enhancing their networks for the next generation of 4G customers, while governments and enterprises are seeking simplified solutions for their complex structures. 3. Engaging local expertise – No matter how much or how widely knowledge is shared, we As the industry continues to evolve, where does your company fit within the ever-changing must engage local expertise to effectively drive value across the industry. Wireless will world of mobility and how is it adapting to provide solutions for new challenges while always mean something different to people in different parts of the world, and maintaining those already offered? understanding these differences is vital to applying what we learn from each other. While Brightstar is taking a proactive role in the evolution of the industry and today’s redefinition of we bring some of the most advanced technology to the farthest corners of the globe, it is mobile. We are leveraging our foundation as the world’s largest specialized wireless distributor local knowledge and expertise that makes it meaningful and effective there. To ensure to provide global intelligence and local expertise as markets develop and others emerge. We are we are in touch with the unique challenges of each market and customer, Brightstar has helping key participants overcome obstacles and seize opportunities as they change and develop. grown its workforce to 3,400 employees operating in more than 50 countries and And we are evolving our own services portfolio to address the new and changing challenges our territories. It’s the eyes and ears of these local experts that help our customers navigate customers are facing. Key players in the wireless industry are trusting Brightstar to guide them individual tax codes and regulatory issues, break through trade barriers, and really through their own evolution. We are exploring new territory, sharing our knowledge, engaging understand what drives success in each market. the locals and anticipating the effect. Find out how at MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 5
  6. 6. NEWS @ShowDaily Ixia has introduced a new test application to its IxLoad solution to measure VoLTE voice quality end-to-end, from the cell tower through the core network. Operators can easily compare and @ benwood contrast the voice quality of the over-the-top service to @TruTower operator-provided voice services. Special algorithms enable operators to measure the mean opinionMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 26/02/2012 19:15 Page 6 @alexbowker score of voice quality before By Steve Costello going live. The new application also tests the functionality, scalability and Tweet resiliency of LTE @bob hitching infrastructure components and new IMS networks that support VoLTE-based Huawei stakes services. NEWS IN BRIEF... YOUR TWEETS... r j HTC – Cont. from P1 @TelcoGeek VoLTE testing demoed claim on Capgemini is partnering with MATRIXX Software to deliver smartphone And so it begins... My 15th a solution that offers consecutive year at Mobile operators instant visibility, World Congress #MWC12 intelligence, and control of speed crown data services across their Excitement is in the air for mobile networks. MATRIXX #MWC12! Software’s smart charging technology provides a 50-to Wow, heads up, the queues for 100-times efficiency gain At the company’s launch event, previously built its position with cash and registration at the enabling operators to Richard Yu, chairman of Huawei low-cost devices, Huawei sees airport are massive. #mwc12 transform raw usage data Device, said its quadcore technology leadership as important into actionable information smartphones significantly for the future. “We want the best traffic congestion in Barcelona in real-time. This increase in outperformed a quadcore tablet performance in the industry, is nothing compared to the challenges of mobile data real-time scalability enables uawei yesterday unveiled that is already available, which is because our brand is not that H traffic congestion #MWC12 the joint solution to process its Ascend D series significant because it is powered by famous,” he said. usage on a large scale basis smartphones, its new the same Nvidia processor which is Yu said the company is already in The sun is shining, the across all pre and postpaid premium handset line designed to now making its way into the talks with tier-one operators about D coffee is good & the retail consumers, secure it top spot in the speed race, smartphone space. quad availability, and that pricing will restaurant service is enterprises, channels and as it set aggressive sales targets for Yu revealed that the company is be “competitive” when compared to indifferent. It can only be ecosystem partners and the 2012 calendar year. looking to ship 60 million similar products from rivals. Global #MWC12! drive more revenue from 3G The company announced two smartphones in 2012, up from 20 availability is scheduled in the By Matt Ablott and LTE network devices with quad-core processors, million in 2011. Much of the volume second quarter of 2012. investments. the Ascend D quad and D quad XL, (30 percent – 40 percent) will come Yu closed the event by revealing Data information which include 1.2GHz and 1.5GHz from the Chinese market, where that Huawei is readying a tablet device Fabian Nappenbach, director of in real-time chips. They are powered by a customers are shifting to smartphones with full HD resolution and quad-core Product Marketing, EMEA, for the Huawei-made application processor, from feature phones, aided by processor, which will be “not lower company, told Mobile World Daily By implementing 2048 which also includes advanced aggressive operator subsidies. than the iPad 3.” This device will also that the One range is intended to Quadrature Amplitude graphics processing capabilities. The executive said that having include LTE connectivity. be “the one phone you need, but in Modulation (2048QAM) in its three different sizes.” microwave transmission The largest device is the One X, product family NEC claims which has a 4.7-inch screen, and is Ruckus it will be able to deliver up investing in new spectrum. powered by a 1.5GHz quad-core to 40 per cent per-channel “Operators have been historically Nvidia processor. In the middle of capacity increase to its reluctant to adopt Wi-Fi because of the range is the One S, which has a CEO: customers, relative to the its inherent instability within the 4.3-inch screen and is powered by a systems commonly in shared unlicensed spectrum, 1.2GHz dual-core processor. Operators operation today which preferring to focus on their own, The smallest device is the One V, employ up to 256QAM. very expensive and exclusive which has a 3.7-inch screen, with a NEC’s design also supports licensed spectrum,” Lo told Mobile 1GHz processor. warming a full sequence of Adaptive World Daily. “But current, and even Across the board, the devices Modulation in all steps from future, cellular macro architectures feature cameras with F2.0 aperture, to Wi-Fi 2048QAM down to QPSK. simply don’t have the capacity to which is larger than that used in This feature allows scalable support [rising mobile data usage].” competitive devices. This enables By Ian Channing addition of capacity without She added that operators now see more light to reach the sensor – compromising the reach Wi-Fi as “a key component of an speeding reaction times and and availability of integrated mobile data network,” improving low-light performance. transmission links deployed obile operator attitudes combining smarter Wi-Fi, cellular and This is supplemented by an HTC- M in the network. towards Wi-Fi have backhaul technology into a single unit developed imaging chip, which “changed completely” in – managed by a new class of edge enables the manipulation of images recent times, as they look to closely platform called small cell gateways. before they are saved to common Breaking the integrate the technology into their This allows operators to offer Wi-Fi as largest ‘instant-on’ Wi-Fi access file formats. speed barrier networks to alleviate data congestion. a standard radio access technology and mobile data offload service.” The One X and One S both have That’s the opinion of Selina Lo into their existing mobile networks Wi-Fi offloading strategies are set 8MP cameras, while the One V has (pictured), CEO of California-based without any changes to the core. to be a key theme at Congress this a 5MP camera. Wi-Fi vendor Ruckus Wireless, who Last year, Ruckus was the vendor year. Last week, Ericsson The range also includes further claims that data offloading onto Wi- that helped Japanese operator strengthened its standing in the integration of technology from Fi is now being seen as a cheaper – KDDI build what was described at space by acquiring Canadian Wi-Fi HTC’s strategic partner Beats Audio. and no less secure – alternative to the time as “the world’s first and vendor BelAir Networks. The One portfolio offers “Beats Audio tuning throughout the device,” whether using the native music player or a third-party app such as Spotify – Telefónica touts ‘LTE simultaneous users with average speeds of 30Mb/s. The network “whenever it comes out of the audio jack, it will be Beats tuned, whether first’ in 2.6GHz band claims to offer a speed gain of up to that’s for a Beats headset or other ten times that being delivered by headsets as well,” Graham Wheeler, the 3G network with theoretical director of Commercialisation 2.6GHz band. The trial network was peak download speeds of 100Mb/s Product Management for the built by Alcatel-Lucent in their first and upload speeds of 40-60Mb/s. company told Mobile World Daily. outed as the first live test of European LTE win. The trial utilises Telefónica would not be drawn on HTC trumpeted integration with T the world’s ‘smartest 4G network’, Telefónica’s new LTE trial network covers the Fira the first LTE handsets made for the 2.6GHz band: Samsung Galaxy S II smartphones and Galaxy 8.9 tablets. its future Spanish LTE plans but rumours have been rife for some weeks that the company intends to roll cloud content services, for example with Dropbox support integrated across the device. and a five square kilometre area of According to Telefónica, the most out a nationwide network. This would The company has not confirmed central Barcelona. outstanding feature of the network involve expenditure in excess of availability details as yet, but is looking The Spanish operator says this is is the increased capacity it offers, US$394 million to provide coverage to a multi-territory rollout within 60 the first LTE deployment in the with each cell able to support 30 for 65 percent of the population. days of Mobile World Congress. PAGE 6 Monday 27th February MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 |
  7. 7. NEWS By Ken WielandMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 26/02/2012 17:27 Page 7 Orange unveils performance of this product will be on a par with high-end smartphones.” Santa Clara specifications include Intel-powered eight hours of 3G voice calls and up to 14 days of standby time. Up to By Steve Costello five hours of 3G browsing are also smartphone promised. Other features include high-definition voice, a four-inch screen with a relatively high with Intel to develop the product,” resolution (600x1024 pixels), and a says Patrick Remy, Vice President camera capable of taking ten By Matt Ablott range, owned by France of Devices at Orange. “And though pictures in under a second. O Telecom, will launch an Intel-powered smartphone in France and the UK this summer. the smartphone will join our range of affordable, Orange-branded handsets, it has all the Smartphone penetration across Orange operations in Europe is 50 percent. Remy sees high- The device, says Orange, will be the specifications you would expect performance and Orange-branded first smartphone in Europe to use from a high-performance device.” devices (at lower price points than By Anne Morris the Intel Atom Z2460 chipset. Co- Intel, seeing falling demand from manufacturer brands) as a good branded Orange and Intel Inside, its traditional PC market, is trying to way of getting more customers to AT&T chief: the smartphone goes under the codename of ‘Orange Santa Clara’ muscle into the fast-growing smartphone business. The US giant use mobile Internet services and buy data plans. At the end of 2011, “Our mobile until the commercial name is revealed at time of launch. The goes up against ARM, a relatively small UK-based company, whose where battery performance is less critical than processing power, energy Orange-branded devices accounted for 15 percent of the total number future is ODM (original device manufacturer) is Gigabyte, a Taiwanese company. low-power chipset designs dominate the smartphone market. consumption is an important question surrounding Intel,” says Remy. “We’re of devices sold by the operator in Europe, up from 7 percent the year “We have worked for 18 months “Coming from a PC background, confident, however, that the battery previously. limitless” alph de la Vega, President Data-hungry International Telecommunication Union for next-generation mobile Pakistan to auction 3G R and CEO of Mobility for AT&T, is taking a bullish approach to the state of the mobile devices a hot MWC technologies, while the same figure also cited small cells. Meanwhile, 32 percent claimed hybrid TDD/FDD spectrum next month nation, arguing that “although there LTE networks will be the talk of the are sceptics that question our industry’s future—citing market topic for town this week. Around 20 percent of the survey respondents believe that akistan is to hold 3G auctions saturation or slowing customer growth—I know better.” In an interview with Mobile operators Wi-Fi offload will also feature heavily. The surv ey respondents included senior decision makers from 33 P next month and is aiming to attract 15 million mobile broadband users within the first World Daily ahead of his opening operators in North America, Europe year, the country’s regulator has keynote presentation at Congress and Asia, of which 19 are tier-1 told Mobile World Daily in an today, the executive said: “I know ew data-hungry mobile operators. However, there were exclusive interview. that our mobile future is limitless. But I also know what’s required is a continued investment in the mobile N devices are set to be a dominant theme at this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, substantial differences among responses from different regions. In North America, new devices and Dr Mohammad Yaseen, chairman of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), said that three ecosystem—spectrum, network, according to a recent survey among VoLTE came joint top with 63 blocks of spectrum in the devices, applications, consumer operators across the globe. percent of responses. Machine-to- 1900/2100MHz band and another at consumption—by fostering New research from Radisys and machine (M2M) also made the top 800MHz are to be sold off, with “Keeping in view the situation for innovation and taking advantage of Senza Fili Consulting indicated that 48 six, and was voted for by 25 percent licences expected to be awarded to at fixed line broadband in the country emerging technologies and percent of mobile operators believe of operators surveyed. least three operators. Both new and [under 1 percent], we expect that capabilities.” such devices will be one of the hottest Data-hungry new devices also existing market players are invited to during the first year of its De la Vega said that as data traffic topics at the show, while 44 percent came in at the top from European bid and Yaseen said the country’s introduction 3G mobile broadband continues to grow, and demand for cited voice-over-LTE (VoLTE). operators surveyed, with LTE regulatory framework was geared up services will attract approximately video services is on the up, the US “The increasing volume and Advanced, VoLTE and small cells as to facilitate foreign investment. 15 million subscribers with a steady giant will continue its “relentless variety of data-hungry devices is the runners up. Service monetisation is Bids will start at US$210 million for growth afterwards,” said Dr Yaseen. pursuit” of more spectrum. “In the main driver of change in the mobile rated highest in Europe, with 18 the 1900/2100MHz spectrum and He added that the Pakistan meantime, we will continue industry,” said Radisys CTO Manish percent of operators viewing it as a US$155 million for the 800MHz government was looking at the exploring ways to use what we have Singh. “So the fundamental hot topic for Barcelona. licence. In the first rollout phase, mobile sector as a “major more efficiently,” he said. challenge is not demand, it’s the Interestingly, Asia Pacific operators existing operators will need to launch contributor” to the country’s AT&T’s rollout of LTE is business model: how operators surveyed were much more concerned services in four provincial capitals economy. “The telecom sector expected to be “largely complete by monetise their networks. Data plan about the future of networks: 50 and the federal capital within six contributes about 1.5 percent to the the end of 2013,” with customers revenues alone are not enough, so percent think we’ll be discussing months after being allocated, while national GDP on an annual basis already able to access this network the focus needs to shift toward new hybrid FDD/TDD LTE networks, and new players will be given a year. [and] is providing direct and indirect in 26 markets. “We’re thrilled with services that directly increase ARPU, 25 percent are focused on urban small Pakistan is the world’s tenth employment opportunities to more the progress we’ve made with our such as conversational video.” cells and Wi-Fi offload. Only 13 largest mobile market with around than 1.5 million individuals. [The] LTE expansion and the mobile More than a third (36 percent) percent of Asia Pacific operators 113 mobile subscribers at year-end government is putting all emphasis broadband speeds we are realising,” identified LTE Advanced, one of the surveyed believed we’d all be talking 2011 – but has a market penetration on cellular broadband proliferation de la Vega concluded. specifications selected by the about data-hungry handsets. of just 66.5 percent. for further economic growth.” MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 7
  8. 8. MWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:13 Page 8 # " ! " ! ! " " ! ! # " ! " ! ! " ! " ! " ! ! ! " ! " ! ! For more information, please contact us at
  9. 9. SYMPHONY TELECA | NFC Andrew Till CTO, SVP and Head of CE and Mobile Linux Business Units, Symphony TelecaMWC12 Daily DAY1_DAY1 23/02/2012 14:13 Page 9 MASSIVE NFC BOOST SET FOR 2012 “Touch-and-Go” Wherever You Go: Is 2012 the Year NFC Takes Off? EXPONENTIAL GROWTH PREDICTED Imagine optimising your in-car controls by tapping your smartphone to the Following are a set of best practices for dash of your car: GPS and Bluetooth capabilities engage, Google navigator NFC will benefit from global exposure during companies considering the integration of NFC: launches, and the mirrors, seat controls, and steering wheel adjust to fit your the London 2012 Olympics. Two of the Partner with NFC experts long before body perfectly. event’s official sponsors, Visa and Lloyds deployment. The functionality must be well TSB, will be offering a special NFC-enabled conceived, carefully coordinated, and expertly hroughout the day, a single touch of your For example, NFC is currently being “Olympics phone” that will allow attendees to deployed. NFC involves different execution T mobile device lets you purchase your piloted as a way to control an organization’s make one-tap payments throughout the site. environments, with components residing in ENHANCING YOUR VERTICAL morning latte, enter the secured parking security access, with an NFC chip embedded Technology experts will be watching closely the back end, on the handset software, and on NFC SYSTEMS REACH VERTICAL OFFERINGS WITH NFC area, and unlock your office door. Once at your in each employee’s smartphone providing a to gauge the success of the world’s first the secure element. This kind of sophisticated MARKETS workstation, one touch aligns your computer specific level of access to a facility. This type “touchless Olympics.” technology requires a development team with environment for maximum productivity. of wireless security could allow a company to In addition to this high-profile boost, big a suitable breadth of knowledge and When you’re ready to turn in for the night, see significant savings over the installation brands such as Barclaycard and McDonald’s experience and a holistic understanding of all you touch a discreet tag next to your pillow to and maintenance of a hard-wired system. are launching awareness campaigns in 2012 execution environments. automatically set your home alarm, mute In the retail industry, Google’s recent to educate consumers about the benefits of Take contiguous technologies into consideration. your phone and turn off Wi-Fi to save battery announcement that Google Checkout is being the technology. NFC deployments must be designed with a clear life, plus set the radio to wake you at 7 a.m. replaced by NFC-enabled Google Wallet has And in addition to the impact of Google Wallet understanding of the payment instruments, the next morning. many retailers looking more closely at this on the consumer population, AT&T, T-Mobile, business models and value chains they’re built This level of ease and control is a reality: technology. As well as offering a fast, secure and Verizon will be launching Isis, an NFC-based on, along with an understanding of the complex these one-touch technologies are all in the pilot transaction process, NFC systems have the virtual wallet and payment system, later in 2012. relationships between these elements. stages or already available on the market. potential to offer retailers powerful marketing Find the right balance between safety and ease Within a few years, Near Field Communications capabilities. Eventually, NFC technology of use. NFC must be designed with a strategic (NFC) has evolved from a promising concept to could enable retailers to anticipate shoppers’ A lack of NFC-enabled handsets on the balance between security and usability in a fully realised technology. needs as they enter the store to offer them a market has held NFC adoption back in recent mind. Veer too far into locked-down security, NFC allows electronic devices to securely more rewarding, customized experience, as years, but according to analyst predictions, and the user experience becomes communicate across short distances. These well as allowing them to push after-purchase this trend is about to reverse. cumbersome. At the same time, users won’t communications can take the form of support and promotional opportunities to Deloitte predicts the number of devices embrace functions unless they know their data, commands, data exchange, authentication buyers. with embedded near-field communications privacy, and financial assets are protected. protocols, and even financial transactions. Interest in the potential for contactless (NFC) will reach 200 million by the end of Aim for “invisible elegance”. Above all, NFC Today, NFC capabilities are cropping up in payment for the transit industry has grown 2012, and that by 2013, 300 million NFC functions must be designed to be unobtrusive. everything from mobile devices to tiny Xperia since the successful rollout of London’s smartphones, tablets, and e-readers will be in The best NFC deployments will be virtually Smart Tags that can be placed anywhere in Oyster, a plastic smartcard travellers can use consumers’ hands. Gartner extends its unnoticeable, weaving themselves undetectably the physical environment to trigger a on the Tube, National Rail, tram, and bus predictions to 2015, when they estimate that into the functionality of the device, reducing customised series of wireless commands. instead of paper tickets. The original Oyster a full 50 percent of smartphones will be NFC- user interaction into a single “magic touch”. For the consumer, NFC offers a new level system was based on RFID but is now being enabled, and NFC semiconductor revenue “NFC offers a level of ease, mobility, and of convenience and ease when conducting a upgraded to support NFC devices as NFC will reach more than US$1 billion. customisation that’s very attractive to consumers wide range of day-to-day activities. proves that it is capable of powering one of and business markets alike,” says Andrew Till, the world’s most complex transportation CTO at Symphony Teleca. “But that simplified networks with a simple tap-and-go system. user experience is supported by incredibly Most recently, Scandinavian Airlines and If your organization is beginning to explore complex back-end functionality.” Andrew points But NFC does more than enhance the Japan Airlines began using NFC technology NFC’s potential for the products and services out that NFC must offer a seamless connection responsiveness of consumer technology. NFC to enable “smart” boarding passes that you deliver to consumer or B2B markets, it’s between several different platforms and capabilities are now rolling out across a wide function as a mobile payment system, important to understand the possibilities and technologies. “To ensure a successful deployment, range of industries, including security, commerce, wayfinder, and booking system for hotels and limitations of the technology and keep the focus you want to make sure you’re placing your NFC retail, automotive, transportation, and logistics. transportation. on delivering exceptional user experiences. development in very experienced hands.” MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS DAILY 2012 | Monday 27th February PAGE 9