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  1. 1. QUIZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. 2. A game was played in Europe named „jeu de volant‟. Some British officers stationed in Poona (now Pune) played the game by adding a net thus the game was named „Poona game‟. Retired officers took the game to England. At a party hosted by Duke of Beaufort in his country place „X House‟, Gloucestershire, the game was played and was liked so much. It was called „The X game‟. In 1877, the Bath X Club was formed and developed the official set of rules. Identify X
  3. 3. Answer BADMINTON
  4. 4. Name this vehicle:  Is known to have broken 6 speed records for a vehicle weighing less than 1000 kg.  1/8 mile (8.89sec), 1/4 mile (14.4s), 500m (16.81s), 1/2 mile (23.85s), 1000m (28.16s), and 1 mile (41.09s).  And it runs purely on electricity.
  5. 5.  Ans- peugeot EX1
  6. 6. Along with English, Malay, Mandarin, which Indian language is one of four official language of Singapore?
  7. 7. Answer TAMIL
  8. 8.  In the movie ”man of steel 2013”, where was the codex hidden?
  9. 9.  Within superman‟s own body- it was integrated into his cells.
  10. 10. Where is the largest pyramid located?
  11. 11. BOSNIA:  Samples of concrete were obtained from these pyramids. It was found that it‟s composition was similar to the modern day concrete used.
  12. 12. Which cricketer had played all Cricket World Cups from 1975-1996 and was coach just till before the 1999 World Cup?
  13. 13. Answer: JAVED MIANDAD
  14. 14.  Name the fictitious character who is responsible for the fall of “OLYMPUS” by defeating the almighty “Zeus”  This fictitious character was created and portrayed in a very popular game trilogy.
  15. 15. Kratos
  16. 16. Who was the only son of Dhritrashtra to have survived the Mahabharata war?
  17. 17. Answer: Yuyutsu, son of Dhritrashtra and a maidservant named Sauvali. He is younger to Duryodhan but elder than rest of Kauravas
  18. 18.  What is myocardial infarction commonly referred to as?
  19. 19. Heart Attack
  20. 20. Who was the last English striker to have won the Golden Boot in the English Premier League?
  21. 21. Answer: Kevin Philips, in 1999/00 season while playing for Sunderland, scored 30 goals. Till date, the only Englishman to win European Golden Shoe
  22. 22.  What disease is Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson affected with?
  23. 23. Dyslexia  Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson- founder of the Virgin Group constantly managed to maintain a poor academic performance as a student due to his disability.  The prime reason for his success was his exceptional ability to connect with others.
  24. 24. Name the politician
  25. 25. Answer: GEORGE FERNANDES, The photo was taken was he was tried in Baroda dynamite case
  26. 26.  Name the famous director of “Alien” trilogy
  27. 27.  Ridley scott  He won an oscar for best picture- Gladiator(2000)  his best-known works include : sci-fi classic- Black Hawk Down (2001), Prometheus (2012). Blade Runner (1982)
  28. 28. What is meant by „Phoney War‟ in the context of World War II?
  29. 29. Answer: A phase early in World War II that was marked by a lack of major military operations by the Western Allies (theUnited Kingdom and France) against the German Reich. The phase covered the months following Britain and France's declaration of war on Germany (shortly after the invasion of Poland) in September 1939 and preceding the Battle of France in May 1940.
  30. 30. “I don‟t believe it that is why you fail” This conversation happened between which 2 famous characters?
  31. 31.  Luke and yoda  Taken from “Marketing Management”-By Kotler
  32. 32. Name the only Indian state to have given official language status to Sanskrit
  33. 33. Answer: Uttarakhand
  34. 34.  What is the birth place of Ingvar Kamprad( where in Sweden)?
  35. 35.  Ans-  Pjätteryd, Sweden
  36. 36. Name the animal
  37. 37. Answer: Indian wild dog or Dhole
  38. 38. Which was the first Indian Institute of Management to be have been established?
  39. 39. Answer: IIM Calcutta, 13 Nov 1961 IIM Ahmedabad, 16 Dec 1961
  40. 40. How do we know Anjeze Gonxhe Bjaxhiu better as?
  41. 41. Answer: Mother Teresa
  42. 42. What controversy occurred in the India vs Pakistan match in the inagural Asian Test Championship?
  43. 43.  ANSWER Sachin Tendulkar‟s controversial run out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUGTDk9hvN g
  44. 44. Name the species of alien shown in the movie” kingdom of the crystal skull”- what are they most popularly referred to as?
  45. 45.  The greys  A composite description derived from overlap in claims would have Greys as small-bodied sexless beings with smooth grey-colored skin, enlarged head and large black eyes.  This term was coined from the famous Betty and Barney Hill abduction claim.
  46. 46.  Which famous magazine was started by Richard Branson?
  47. 47.  “The Student”  Branson advertised popular records in “The Student” which became an overnight success.  This marked the beginning of his career as a businessman.
  48. 48. What is the surname of Amitabh Bachchan?
  49. 49. Answer: Srivastava
  50. 50. After whom is Bluetooth named?
  51. 51. Answer: The word "Bluetooth" is an anglicized version of the Scandinavian Blåtand/Blåtann, the epithet of the tenth-century king Harald I of Denmark and parts ofNorway who united dissonant Danish tribes into a single kingdom. The idea of this name was proposed in 1997 by Jim Kardach who developed a system that would allow mobile phones to communicate with computers
  52. 52. At which stadium did Anil Kumble take his historic 10 wickets in a Test innings?
  53. 53. Answer: Ferozeshah Kotla, New Delhi
  54. 54. Which planet was believed to have a cataclysmic collision with earth in the early 21st century?
  55. 55.  Planet Nibiru  This idea was first put forward in 1995 by Nancy Lieder, who describes herself as a contactee with the ability to receive messages from extra- terrestrials through an implant in her brain. She states that she was chosen to warn mankind that the object would sweep through the inner Solar System causing Earth to undergo a pole shift that would destroy most of humanity. The prediction has subsequently spread beyond Lieder's website and has been embraced by numerous Internet doomsday groups.
  56. 56. THANK YOU