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Smart Watches - A Proposal


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How feasible are Smart Watches? Will we soon be wearing them?

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Smart Watches - A Proposal

  1. 1. Throughout history, right from the first watches, to the Memex and Sony Walkmans and even the HP-01 WatchCalculator, we have tried miniaturizing computers to make computing mobile and convenient. THE PAST, THE PRESENT AND FUTURE TRENDS IN WEARABLE COMPUTING Megatrends Augmented Reality Headsets WEARABLES Miniaturisation Sleep Sensors Hand-held Terminals Rechargeable Suits Military Uses Gaming Some latest products Nintendo WiiMote I’m Watch Philips GoGear/iPod Nano Playstation Move Xbox Kinect Google Goggles
  2. 2. Objective Shortcomings TRAI regulatory rules for Data Services • Indicator of time. • Static. •Operator have to activate mobile internet • Ornamental. • Not intelligent. service within three hours of request from customers •TRAI will monitor quality of mobile internet service on nine parameters including minimum NEED-GAP ANALYSIS download speed, successful data transmission AND REGULATIONS download and upload attempts etc. Identified Gap Area Priority to Close Gap Description Benefits of Closing Gap• A bridge device• A new solution Mobility 1 Mobiles are good, but they are getting Ease of use, and • More mobile chunkier and more of bricks than increasing consumer • More getting miniaturized. convenience. interactive • More powerful Static Nature 2 Watches are mostly static, wasted Make everything more• Battery life better than piece of real estate. Mobiles with accessible. Decrease a mobile smartphone capability are hard to the Therbligs of using• Easy to interact. use. information while using• Non-invasive mobile.• Must use a common Better use of VAS, 3 GPS, pedometer, Geotagging, heart Increase revenue and platform, open source GPS and apps beat monitor, Use of Twitter and make new channels of• Smaller the better Facebook, To do list. Alarm Clock. revenue. Objective Shortcomings •With stringent rules in place use of internet • Make/Receive Calls. • Chunky. services over mobile handsets is gaining more • Messaging. • Can’t be kept in users • Audio/Video. hand. •Such services can be availed more easily on • Personal Organising. • Not Mobile enough. devices like smart watches • Internet • Inefficient use of • GPS VAS, GPS etc.
  3. 3. PORTER’S ANALYIS OF SMART WATCHES Bargaining power of suppliers - high • Currently not many products in this category exist in India • Good demand for the product exists Entry Barrier - Low Threat of substitute - Low Sony is the only competitor• No regulatory restrictions at present in Indian market • This product is a new sub from TRAI or DoT category in field of Many large players may• Less number of major players communication devices in this field enter the market and Philips • No substitutes in near future for• No plans for launching similar must make rapid moves to this product products in India by other capture early adaptors players Bargaining power of customer - low • Product comes with great features that enhance the capabilities of a handset • Ease of usage and absence of competitors in current market are factors that suppress the bargaining power of customer
  4. 4. Market Potential • 14 million wearable devices (2011). • By 2016, minimum revenue opportunity of 2016. Dominant wearable products here include continuous glucose monitors – such as from Abbott and Medtronic, activity monitors – such as Fitbit, Addidas miCoach and Nike Fuelband, and fitness and heart-rate monitors – such as from Garmin, Polar and Suunto. MARKET POTENTIAL AND ANALYSISWorld Market for Wearable Technology – A Quantitative Market Assessment – 2012, IMS Research
  5. 5. INDIA • 56 per cent of smartphone users in India access the Internet multiple times a day • Nearly 40 per cent surf the Net at least once a day • Only 6 per cent never use their phone for connecting to the Web. • About 76 per cent of smartphone users in India access social networking sites on their devices USA • 11 per cent of smartphone users in the US never use their device to access the Net • 53 per cent use it to surf multiple times a day. • 54 per cent of smartphone users in India access social networking sites on their devices • 77 per cent of smartphone owners listen to music • 33 per cent use it for playing games • 32 per cent read newspapers or magazine.There is a definite opportunity to exploit here, the market demand for more portability and convenience. It would be a sort of disruptiveinnovation if the product can reach the market at comparable prices to current smart mobile phones. Market space for the product • Currently Sony is only player in India Market trends • Sony launched its Android Smartwatch in India in June 2012 • Craze for hand held smart phone devices is ceasing to for Rs.6299 exist • No other players in queue to launch this product • People are definitely looking for a more comfortable, • No entry barriers for a brand like Philips smaller and sleeker device than a smart phone that performs all functions a smartphone does Market share • Bluetooth headset market which is similar to Smartwatch • Smartwatch will go as an accessory for the mobile phone market is growing at CAGR of 21% in next five years • Mobilephone market can be considered as a market for smartwatches • Indian mobile phone market is seen as 50 million units sale in Jan – March quarter 2012
  6. 6. Solution A wrist-worn smart device, a take on wearable technology, that aims to better disseminate information through a wrist worn form factor. Hardware Compensated Compass Map Rotation OLED Curved Display. E-Ink or M3D Display. Detachable body. Changeable straps. PRODUCT CONCEPT Backlight. Vibration Motor. 3-Axis Accelerometer. Magnetometer. Position Detection Anti-scratch, Anti-shatter glass crystal. Micro-USB port. Rechargeable Battery. Directional Personal Speaker. Noise Cancellation Mic. Bluetooth 4.0 chip. Sim Card facility. Motion Functions Software Android 2.1 or higher/iOS 4 or higher. SDK for Development. All Social Media Apps, Facebook and Twitter Free Fall Detection Vibration Monitoring Impact Recognition PedometerI’M Watch
  7. 7. cycling messaging VISION OF FUNCTIONS jogging • Detachable body from strap. calls • Premium to low-cost customers, depending on material used. • Water Resistant. • Scratch, shatter resistant. • Anti-glare optical coating. • Wireless Leash Notification, in case you forget your phone somewhere, it vibrates. to/do lists • Shake wrist to cancel calls. • Hands-free conversation. • Works seamlessly with Siri, S-Voice and Google Voice.MetaWatch Strata, Pebble.
  8. 8. Philips Strengths and What we should do. • Innovation and green focused. • Already uses Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. • Strong distribution channels. • Strong R&D for driving new versions. • Can form part of a Philips Entertainment Life, touching all Touch Time points of a person’s life through a Cloud-based platform. Appear • Strong player in OLEDs and Batteries. World Sport • Already strong line of music-players and wearable computing, e.g. Go Gear. • Sim Card facility will offer direct competition to Mobile Manufacturers. DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION. Pebble Watch STRENGTHS AND REASONS TO ENTER Pebble I’m Watch Sony SmartWatch Fossil Metal WatchCompetitors and why we should enter InPulse Blackberry• Almost all mobile dependent. Watch• Limited features.• Not Open Source.• Battery and Display Issues• Most makers lack distribution channels. All watch brands mentioned are copyrights of the companies mentioned.
  9. 9. 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Smart Watch, E-Ink to reduce energy Better battery, Watches replace mobile dependent, consumption, M3D should last as long phones totally. Holographic and Bluetooth 4. Technology as a month at least. projector Multiple Colours and Styles. capability. Smart Watches CLOUD UNIFIER DEVICE Flexible Screens Philips’ Vision of the Televisions Future and Lifestyle Entertainment Other electrical appliances The entire houseSTRATEGIC ROADWAYSustainability of the product Scalability of the product• Smart watch is an accessory for mobile phone that facilitates se • More models, based on customer’s affordability, premium to of a smartphone in a better way low-cost user.• Considering the trends in smartphone markets the future looks • Hacks available for SDK developers. Encourage Open Source very bright for this smartwatch • Can be manufactured in China and shipped all over the world.• Explosive growth of Indian telecommunications industry along • Since this is a blue ocean, there is much potential. with the rapid convergence of telecommunication and • If this catches on like mobiles, growth will be phenomenal. entertainment industry on handsets gives ample opportunities • For different use, make different model, one for golfing, one for for the product swimming, etc. Huge opportunity for brand extension. • Make bigger family of Philips LE, more products all connected by a Cloud Unifier Device.