Go Ogle Section Five


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20 dry questions

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Go Ogle Section Five

  1. 1. Section Five 20 questions One point for each correct answer
  2. 2. 49. If a strumpet went East, you'd find a novelist. His mother went to America and found that the common form of her name caused much sniggering. She wrote that Americans were obsessed with cows. Name the literary pair .
  3. 3. 50. Begin on a Chinese hairstyle, follow it up with a bit of a turn. Then smash the ego of a retired Pakistani bowler. This is how we get to a not-so-fictional country.
  4. 4. 51. Make a sortey and return to town with six weights!
  5. 5. 52. Legit or not, legs are all her camera got: Jacko’s gay neighbour is thus a word I wot. I can hear the sound of approaching relatives too.
  6. 6. 53. What Yank unit is 31 gees to drink, and 42 to burn?
  7. 7. 54. What the girdle, the roof and the unforgettable singer have in common?
  8. 8. 55. Which four-legged little thief is also a verb meaning to bring to light?
  9. 9. 56. CV: hosted a Cold War counterpart to CERN. Identify .
  10. 10. 57. The quiet one’s message to God could have read Yu Staff Lover!
  11. 11. 58. Goodfellow has a sporting audience, in short.
  12. 12. 59. Who pings the lads for a good sport and great company?
  13. 13. 60. Never short of things to do when you form a line, eschew moss, throw a top, or smash something. What are we looking at here?
  14. 14. 61. Sounds like two French months, but is actually one place, with a river on both sides.
  15. 15. 62. A 1726 reason for six inches never amounting to very much.
  16. 16. 63. O harm UK Tram for something the Italians banned. Four words.
  17. 17. 64. An escaping sibilant turns French novelist into gas-lover from another field.
  18. 18. 65. Bilingually, you could say he is a father. After his wife died, he became a unit.
  19. 19. 66. When Kael’s acolytes learn to use the Internet, the best reward is something to wear over the shoulder.
  20. 20. 67. Ailment that’s given several districts in Uganda a bad name.
  21. 21. 68. Whack a fraudulent Tibetan mystic or an Indian number-cruncher and find a cheesy city.