Go ogle 2011 part four


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Go ogle 2011 part four

  1. 1. Go Ogle 2011 PART FOUR
  2. 2. ABCD (1point each) What sequence? (4) What’s missing? (2)
  3. 3. A The critters in the foreground are the stag and its mate and a pair of male and female gazelles, in direct symmetry with the subject. These particular beasts are also often symbolic of lust and desire The boar, also present here, often corresponds with gluttony or desire. And there are vines rather than the customary fig-leaf. Identify A.
  4. 4. B Object from where? Who does it make visible?
  5. 5. C Lends itself to half of which famous name?
  6. 6. D Why is she?
  7. 7. E. What sequence?
  8. 8. F What’s missing?