Exotic sports


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Exotic sports

  1. 1. 1.The point to the naghol ritual is that it it is aimedat a bountiful yam harvest, and so your hair musttouch the earth, fertilising it thus with yourmaleness. What is the common term for naghol?The ritual is practised on which tract discovered byLouis de Bougainville 50 days after Easter in 1768?
  2. 2. ANSWERLand-jumping, Pentecost Island
  3. 3. 2.It was a short lived event at the 1932 Games, heldalong a 2” wide 60’ long horsehair strip doing flipsand twists. The only Olympic Champion wasRowland "Flip" Wolfe of the United States. Wolfeskey move was the backflip with a double twist,which helped him to become the Olympicchampion . It is now incorporated into a modernevent.
  4. 4. ANSWER Tumbling.Now a routine that is part of floor-exercises in gymnastics
  5. 5. 3.Its origins can be traced to eastern Canada and the New England states,particularly the state of Maine, during the boom in a particular business in the19th century.The rules were soon standardized, and camp championship contests wereheld, followed by inter-camp and eventually intersectional contests, finallyculminating in national championship tournaments, called rodeos.Contestants wore their work clothes—shortened overalls or jeans, woollenshirts, and high-topped calked boots.What trade/business? What sport?
  6. 6. ANSWER Birling or Log-rolling,Which originated among lumber-jacks.
  7. 7. 4.The Vailima Six-shooters Championship isone of the major tournaments in this sport,and was begun in 1998.Sides typically comprise 5 forwards, 5 backs,and 5 ‘onballers’ who can move in anunrestricted manner across the field. Whichsport?
  8. 8. ANSWERSamoan Football
  9. 9. 5.“The traditional, and still most popular technique is to stick a garden fork inthe ground, and hit it with a stick. The consequent vibrations bring targets tothe surface where they are collected by an assistant, known in competitivecircles as a ghillie.But the sport is rapidly evolving, with new methods emerging all the time."Youve always got to be thinking ahead," says Helen Forster, 32, who tapdances on a plank to the theme from Star Wars. "Everyones looking for abreakthrough."Elaine West and Gloria Bebbington, teachers at the school where thechampionships began 30 years ago, use cricket stumps, which they clobberwith a bat.Rod Trott, 68, from Cheshire was bent over a xylophone played with bottles forextra effect. Some techniques, while strictly legal, have proved controversial.One involved sticking knitting needles into the ground, which critics claimedwas dangerous.”Account in The Telegraph of what?
  10. 10. ANSWERWorm-charming, or worm-calling
  11. 11. 6.Charles Lecour is identified as the creator of this martial art which combinesEnglish boxing rules with sundry kicking styles from around the Marseilles area.The name for this sport comes from the French for ‘shoe’ and sharessomething with a word meaning ‘to do damage willfully’. What sport, wheremost contestants play wearing their shoes?
  12. 12. ANSWERSavate, closely related to ‘sabotage’.
  13. 13. 7.“We had 30 teams of four playing on the Dorchester Bridge followed by 547players in the individual games on both the Dorchester and Little WittenhamBridges.” From a website devoted to which sport that travelled into real-life?
  14. 14. ANSWER Pooh-sticks,Created in tribute to Winnie-the-Pooh’s pastime.
  15. 15. 8. Karnataka has an Association for this sport, and their logo helpfullytranslates the name into English as ‘Stick-Fencing’. Which sport?
  16. 16. ANSWERSilambam
  17. 17. 9. The sport is called Fjerleppen, and involves the skilful use of a longaluminum pole. It takes its English name from a distinctive feature associatedwith which country? What is this name?
  18. 18. ANSWERCanal-jumping, Holland
  19. 19. 10.They are typically built out of the wood ofone of the Artocarpus (Jackfruit) species tospecifications that were apparently laid outin a mysterious volume titled theSthapathya Veda. More modern versionsare built of steel.The local name for them comes from thelocal word for snout or beak while outsidersuse somewhat more reptilian names . Whatare we talking about?
  20. 20. ANSWERChundan Vallam or Snake-boats
  21. 21. 11.Civil servants tried importing rubberballs in large quantities into the villagesof Pandhurna and Savargaon in 2001and 2002, to no avail. When they triedstricter measures, in later years, therewas rioting. What are we talkingabout?
  22. 22. ANSWERThe two villages have a stone-throwing match every year titled Gotmaar.
  23. 23. 12.Ningthou Kangba was ruler of thiskingdom from 1459 to 1305 BC,often described as the first king of_____, and is said to have inventedsomething which still bears hisname. Which kingdom? What didhe invent
  24. 24. ANSWER“It was expressed that Sagol-Kangjei was inventedby Ningthou Kangba for the first time in Manipur. So, the term Kaang-Chei or Kang-Jei (a hockey or stick made of cane), Kang-droom (a ball made ofbamboo root) was taken after the name Kangba.”
  25. 25. 13. This event takes its name from the fact that contestants look rather likethese animals, miscalled _____ by Australians. What sport, a version of tug-of-war played with a leather belt/band?
  26. 26. ANSWERGoanna-pulling
  27. 27. 14.The Kirkpinar is a tournament that has been heldcontinuously since the 1300s in a sport knownlocally as Yagh-Gures.The distinctive elements are a leather garmentcalled a kisbet, and the use of olive-oil. The winneris usually the contestant who first puts his handthrough the other’s kisbet!!What sport?
  28. 28. ANSWERTurkish oil-wrestling
  29. 29. 15.The sport of Volata (‘to fly’, literally, but ‘tosprint’ officially) was developed in 1929 andbecame popular in Italy and Spain. It wasapparently closer to ancient games such asHarpastum and was kept alive bygovernment support till 1937. What causedthe rise of this sport?
  30. 30. ANSWER Created by the Fascists in Italy to distancesportsmen from ‘English’ games like Association Football and Rugby/
  31. 31. 16.Thoda-ka-khel, a ritual combining archeryand dancing, is staged in Bakhoj village,Himachal Pradesh, and in several otherlocations such as Theog, Narkanda, Chopal,Sirmaur and Solan. It is a two-dayobservance, usually held around Baisakhi.Two teams feature—the Saatha and thePaasha. Respectively the Sixty, and the Five,what ancient rivalry do their matches re-enact?
  32. 32. ANSWER Pandavas and the Kauravas. They believe that thelatter were sixty in number, and even re-enact the Ckahravyuha.
  33. 33. 17.Hurling and Rounders are two of a setof four that are known by a commonname. What are the other two sports?What common name is used for all ofthem?
  34. 34. ANSWERGaelic Football and Gaelic Handball. Collectively called Gaelic Games.
  35. 35. 18. The Egremont Fair is devoted to the appreciation of a certain fruit, andperhaps by extension, to a rather unusual contest. What contest?
  36. 36. ANSWERCrab Apples and Gurning, a face-pulling contest.
  37. 37. 19. What sport, played using the fruit of the horse-chestnut tree in England?
  38. 38. ANSWERConkers
  39. 39. 20.The term was first applied to rubber erasersby British schoolboys in the 19th century andis thought to be a blend of spongy andbouncy. It was later applied to elastic ropesand then evolved to its present meaning.What term?
  40. 40. ANSWERBungee