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AsiaSweep 2017 questions only


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The Arun Veembur Memorial Quiz

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AsiaSweep 2017 questions only

  1. 1. ASIASWEEP 2017 The Arun Veembur Memorial Quiz Researched by Sujata Sharma Nagarathna ‘Partikal’ Patil Dibyendu Das Arul Mani ASIASWEEP 2017
  2. 2. ASIASWEEP 2017 The Arun Veembur Memorial Quiz Section I: 20 questions Section II: 25 questions Section III: 35 questions Section IV: 05 questions Section V: 30 questions ASIASWEEP 2017
  3. 3. ASIASWEEP 2017 Section I 20 questions X 1 point each Bonuses as per range of score 1-5: +2 6-10: +3 11-15:+4 16-20: +5
  4. 4. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 1. The Greater Noida Sports Complex Ground (Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex), conforms to the various norms and specifications prescribed by International Cricket Council (ICC) . It is thus a home ground for which country’s cricket team?
  5. 5. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 2. People with _____are prohibited from entering Japanese hot springs and public bathhouses. This is because ____ are normally associated with the Yakuza, the Japanese organized crime syndicates. Fill the blank.
  6. 6. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 3. Among Koreans taking photographs, what word replaces ‘cheese’ while reminding people to smile?
  7. 7. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 4. Sapporo (1972) and Nagano (1998) were the first two Asian cities to achieve this distinction. Which city is going to be the third (in 2018) ?
  8. 8. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 5. What modern convenience gets its name by a logical extension of purpose from the local name for existing structures such as this one—in countries like Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan?
  9. 9. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 6. With a population of 135 million, it is the most populous island in the world. Name this island?
  10. 10. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 7. Its habitat once extended from eastern reaches of India to the coast of Senegal. Their numbers have stabilized in parts of southern Africa but they have practically disappeared in Asia. The Asian subspecies Acinonyx jubatus venaticus is critically endangered and Iran is the last Asian country to have about 50 of them largely due to their National Protection Project. Which animal ?
  11. 11. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 8. Gotsu Totsu Kotsu is a death metal band from Saitama, Japan. But they prefer to call the music they play as “ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Metal”. Provide the missing word.
  12. 12. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 9. Ruth Katherina Martha Pfau moved from Germany to Pakistan and spent more than 50 years of her life fighting leprosy. She is more famous by her nickname. What is this name ?
  13. 13. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 10. Which world champion in a different mood ?
  14. 14. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 11. Xenophon, was an ancient Greek soldier and mercenary who went on to become a philosopher and historian. As a soldier, he spent some time in the Persian army. In his works, he recorded a word X which he had come across during his time in the army. X originally meant, “a wall enclosing a garden or orchard", but Xenophon used it not to refer to the wall itself but to the huge parks that Persian nobles loved to build and hunt in. X evolved into which English word?
  15. 15. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 12. Kabosu is a female Shiba Inu living with 51- year-old Atsuko Sato, a kindergarten teacher in Japan. What resulted from a 2010 blog post by Sato featuring Kabosu?
  16. 16. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 13. The exploits of X, whose name means magnolia, were originally described in a poem known as The Ballad of X. While the original work no longer exists the text of this poem can be found in an 11th or 12th century anthology known as the Music Bureau Collection. It was recently announced that Chinese actress Liu Yifei will portray the role of X in a film remake that is scheduled to be released in 2019. Name X?
  17. 17. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 14. X, the youngest of the four, is often heard shouting words such as "Fi dit!", “mun” and "yāt, yih, sàam!". Though viewers may - based on context - mistake them for gibberish/baby talk, they’re actually Cantonese for “faster!”, “slow” and “one, two, three!”. Who is X?
  18. 18. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 15. X is a series written and illustrated by Machiko Hasegawa between April 22, 1946 February 21, 1974. An anime television adaptation by TCJ, and later Eiken, began airing in Japan in October 1969 and holds the Guinness World Record for the longest running animated television series. Identify X.
  19. 19. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 16. It has been continuously in use since 1844, and is often referred to as Ay Yildiz or Moon Star. Which country’s flag are we talking about?
  20. 20. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 17. This famous American novel from 1960 is usually available in Japanese translation under the title Arabama Monogatari. If Monogatari means ‘story’, which book are we talking about?
  21. 21. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 18. Which ancient ruin is also known by the name Chel Minar, or Chilminar, meaning “Having many columns”?
  22. 22. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 19. Apart from the more well-known 8000 or so, there are 130 chariots X4=520 horses and 150 cavalry horses that we shouldn’t forget about. What do these numbers refer to?
  23. 23. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 20. O’ akash, mor logorik tumi jano dekhisa?/Teonr jainsem- khani bijulire bowa/Ronga onth-juri mou-re bolowa/Tumi jano mon korisa?” These lines by Bhupen Hazarika translate to “O Sky, have you ever seen my girlfriend?/ Her jainsem is woven of lightning/ (Her) red lips smeared with honey/ Have you really noticed that? With which ethnicity would you associate the Jainsem?
  24. 24. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 20.
  25. 25. ASIASWEEP 2017 Section II Capital, Capital 25 questions carrying a minimum of 1 point each about Asian capital cities Stake +1 if you are sure of the answer : get the staked answer right and you get 1+1 No negatives; but you can use the stake option on a maximum of 10 questions only There may be sundry bonuses to each question, outside of the stake, carrying 1 point
  26. 26. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 21. These places of worship are termed Mashriq-u’l-adhkar, meaning “Dawning-place of the remembrances of God”. The first such anywhere in the world was built in 1908 in a Central Asian city. It was turned into a museum and an art gallery after the Soviet came to power, and was demolished after damage due to an earthquake. Which Asian capital? And for bonuses, tell us what religion such houses were built for.
  27. 27. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 21.
  28. 28. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 22. These paintings by Liza Hirst reflect her fascination with the narrow alleyways characteristic of a certain capital city, often enhanced by their distinctive sloping roofs. Which city? What are such passages/lanes called?
  29. 29. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 22.
  30. 30. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 23. This fancy building houses the National University of the Arts in a Central Asian capital, built in the 1990s after the country became independent. The name of the city means capital in the local language, and might be closer than we know to similar Indian words. Identify the capital. Which city did it replace, for extra bonuses?
  31. 31. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 24. This Roman ruin is called the _ _ _ _ _, after the Latin word for a place of public performance, especially of formal poetry. This term is now a default name for theatres, whether given to drama or film. Give this name, and identify the West Asian capital for extra bonuses.
  32. 32. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 24.
  33. 33. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 25. The structure from which this photograph was taken was completed in 1982, in time for the Great Leader’s 70th Birthday. Identify the capital. For extra bonuses, name the structure from which this photograph was taken OR explain why is the building constructed out of precisely 25,550 granite blocks?
  34. 34. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 25.
  35. 35. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 26. Which Asian capital derives its name from this hilltop shrine?
  36. 36. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 26.
  37. 37. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 27. Two photographs of a 2005 upsurge of public indignation. In the streets of which city? By what name was it called, for extra bonuses?
  38. 38. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 27.
  39. 39. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 28. Chief mode of public transport in a Central Asian capital. Name the capital. For extra bonuses, what 10-letter word is used for this mode of public transport?
  40. 40. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 29. This capital city, created in 2006, has a name meaning Abode of the King. The term has a long history of being used as a title preceding the names of other cities that have served as royal capital. Identify.
  41. 41. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 29.
  42. 42. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 30. Betawi is a creole that originated among immigrants brought in to a particular city by colonisers as labour. In which Asian capital? Bonus if you can explain how you worked it out.
  43. 43. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 31. In this representation, X is pointing to the Khentii Mountains where he was born. Some would have it that the gesture acknowledges that this place is where he found the whip that would define his career. Outside which capital? Who is X, for bonuses?
  44. 44. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 31.
  45. 45. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 32. On his tomb are found these words: “The tomb was erected for the light-garden of the God- forgiven angel king whose rest is in the garden of Heaven.” In the vicinity of which capital? Who is buried here, for bonuses
  46. 46. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 32.
  47. 47. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 33. The location seen in this painting was used by Dutch colonisers to house slaves brought in for sale, and is still called Slave Island. Malays brought here called it Kampong Kertel, kertel being a corruption of the Portuguese for quarters or barracks. Now a suburb of which city?
  48. 48. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 33.
  49. 49. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 34. You’d need to check if you’ve spelt this city’s name correctly. This is the old city which is a protected heritage site. Which capital city?
  50. 50. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 34.
  51. 51. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 35. Two views of the Hukuru Miskiye, the oldest of its kind in that country. In which capital city? What is this structure, for bonuses?
  52. 52. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 35.
  53. 53. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 36. A generic term from geography is applied, quite rightly, to the location visible in this photograph from an Asian capital. Name the city, For bonuses, what is the term?
  54. 54. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 36.
  55. 55. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 37. This associate of Lenin’s died young, and so the city where he was born was named after him. It then went through a name-change,. What is the capital city called now? Name him, for bonuses.
  56. 56. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 37.
  57. 57. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 38. This is the logo of the Intramuros, a historic section with an Asian capital. Which capital city? For bonuses, tell us what the intramuros is?
  58. 58. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 39. Known to the locals as Pasar Puthi, it has acquired the name Jesus Backside beach since the mid-1990s. Off which capital? Explain the beach’s new name for bonuses.
  59. 59. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 40. Its days as a commercial capital are evident in locality names such as in Farashganj and Postogola. This is from an area called Armanitola. Which city? For bonuses, after which ethnic group is Armanitola named?
  60. 60. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 24.
  61. 61. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 41. Fa Ngum, seen here, was a military genius whose conquests were instrumental in setting up the Lan Xang empire in the 1350s. In which capital city would you find this statue? For bonuses. which country derives its identity from this empire?
  62. 62. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 42. Aerial view of which capital city? Bonus if you can explain how you worked it out.
  63. 63. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 42.
  64. 64. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 43. This is the entrance to Zhoukoudian, the site of a major discovery that is today a heritage site. In the vicinity of which capital would you find this site? What was the discovery popularly called?
  65. 65. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 43.
  66. 66. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 44. The city in question is often considered the oldest continuously occupied capital in the world. Identify the city. Also name the event that this statue acknowledges—one that happened not far from here, for bonuses
  67. 67. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 44.
  68. 68. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 45. This is probably the only time that the city has been visited by an in-office US President. Which capital city? If the president is Dwight Eisenhower. then name the gent seated beside him.
  69. 69. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 45.
  70. 70. ASIASWEEP 2017 Section III 35 questions carrying 1 point each No negative marking—feel free to guess
  71. 71. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 46. The object in his hands may lead you to the title of one of his books. Identify the best- selling writer.
  72. 72. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 47. When Maryam Al Subaley, a Qatari woman, took part in an event on Feb 24, 2017 with of Comedy Night and stood 11th among 14 competitors she became the first Qatari woman _ _ _ _ _ _. FITB.
  73. 73. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 48. This 4000-year old clay tablet found in Turkey at Kultepe-Kanesh deals with a man named Laqipum and his bride Hatala. It states that if Hatala is unable to have a child, she would buy a slave woman for her husband. Should Laqipum choose to divorce her, he must pay Hatala five minas of silver and should Hatala choose to divorce him, she must pay the same amount. This tablet is now thought to be the oldest known what ?
  74. 74. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 49. This graphic novel by Sonny Liew, a Eisner award winner, is a fictional and allegorical account of which place ?
  75. 75. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 50. The crowd began stoning her first, but finding her exoskeleton more durable than thought, they then tied a chain around her neck and the other end to a trailer hitch, driving her through the streets until her head separated from the body. “She went strutting around the city without a male escort, fluttering her plastic eyelashes at married men while expressing opinions of her own. What did she expect would happen?” Which incident being described – which later turned out to be a piece of fake news created by Duffel Blog?
  76. 76. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 51. One of the first vividly recorded battle in history in 15th century BC has Egyptian sources – primarily the hieroglyphs in the Hall of Annals in the Temple of Amun-Re at Karnak, Luxor. The battle was fought between Pharaoh Thatmose III and the King of Kadesh in a place close to the Sea of Galilee. According to Christian myth, this is the location of the final battle. Name the place—and use only the seven-letter form.
  77. 77. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 52. The nine day Liwa-Moreeb festival attracts the region’s most powerful four wheel drives and bikers. The highlight of the festival is the adventurous race to the top of one of the world’s highest sand hills – the Moreeb Dune, which means ‘Terrifying Mountain’. At over 300m high and with a 50° angle, the dune is contested over various categories for different car and bike types. Name the desert where Moreeb is located.
  78. 78. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 53. Started by Adina Tal and Eran Gur at Jaffa it’s the first theatre company of its kind where the actors possess certain characteristics. The first production was titled ‘Light is Heard in Zig Zag’. The second production ‘Not By Bread alone’ (see pic) has been performed world- wide. What’s special about the actors ?
  79. 79. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 53.
  80. 80. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 54. A condiment used in the Philippines, X’s natural color is brownish-yellow, but it is often dyed red to resemble tomato ketchup. A shortage of tomato ketchup during World War II, due to lack of tomatoes and a comparatively high production of Xs led to its creation. Today, this condiment is used on many assorted dishes - omelettes, hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, fish, charcoal- grilled pork barbecue and chicken skewers, and other meats. It’s even used in the Filipino-style bolognese sauce, which is known for being sweeter than the traditional Italian bolognese sauce. What is X?
  81. 81. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 55. First published in 1964, the title of X’s autobiography translates to "The First Half of My Life". The English version had a more melodramatic title. The autobiography was ghostwritten by Li Wenda, an editor at the People's Publishing Bureau. Name X, or give the English title.
  82. 82. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 56. Hoping to give the people something to rally and shout about besides his regime, and keeping in line with his 3S (Sex, Screens and Sports) policy, X brought professional baseball to the country. The images, show X throwing the first pitch at the inaugural game on March 27, 1982. Who is X?
  83. 83. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 56.
  84. 84. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 56.
  85. 85. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 57. One story is that in 326 BC, Alexander the Great was making his way across Pakistan and when his army reached the Jhelum and Mianwali region, his horses began licking the stones. This drew the attention of the soldiers and led to the discovery of what is the second largest of its kind in the world today. What was discovered thus?
  86. 86. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 58. Since 1994, Bhutan has prohibited a particular activity because the locals believe that they are the dwelling places of spirits who don't wish to be disturbed. Due to this, Gangkhar Puensum, which lies on the border between Bhutan and Tibet is generally believed to be the _______ __________ ____ in the world. What distinction does Gangkhar Puensum hold?
  87. 87. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 59. The Black Coat is a 2013 novel by Neamat Imam set in the country when it was under X. Who is X?
  88. 88. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 59.
  89. 89. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 60. The rise in popularity of the name ‘Aoyun’ among Chinese babies could be seen as a sign of support for the X. The first surge in Aoyuns came in 1992. About 680 Aoyuns were registered at the time. In 2001 another 553 babies were named Aoyun, and in 2008, a total of 4783 babies were named the same. What does the name mean?
  90. 90. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 61. This area has had many names throughout history, including Al- Jazira, which means “the island”, as this region was formed in between two rivers. What was it called in Greek?
  91. 91. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 62. Khitans were nomadic people from the Northeast parts of China. They founded the Liao dynasty, which ruled much of Northern China from 907AD to 1125AD. After successive defeats in wars, they migrated to the west. What familiar term is derived from their name?
  92. 92. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 63. Asanee–Wasan is a Thai rock band founded by the brothers Asanee "Pom" and Wasan "Toe" Chotikul. Their 1989 number "Krung Thep Mahanakhon“ was a big hit. What was this song about?
  93. 93. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 64. The Qanats of Gonabad, a UN heritage site, consist of 427 water wells with a total length of 33,113 meters. These Qanats ( or Kariz, which is a small Qanat) were used for irrigation in olden times. Objects called Fenjaan were an integral part of this system. What is a Fenjaan?
  94. 94. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 64.
  95. 95. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 65. An eye shaped atrium space, floor-to-ceiling terraced bookshelves, with a capacity of 1.2 million books, and a large, luminous sphere in the center that serves as an auditorium with a capacity of 110 people are some of the features of a recently opened library called The Eye. Where?
  96. 96. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 65.
  97. 97. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 66. Two different passports issued by UAE. What has been blanked out in the picture on the right?
  98. 98. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 67. Some residents were told to wait for 2 extra minutes, while others had to wait a minute longer before breaking their fast during the holy month of Ramadan in 2011 because they were able to see the sun longer than those below or on the ground. To whom was this advice given by religious clerics?
  99. 99. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 68. There were only two countries which boycotted both the Moscow Olympics (1980) and the LA Olympics (1984). One country was Albania. The other gave different reasons as shown: 1980 Moscow Games: Soviet invasion of Afghanistan 1984: United States interference in the Middle East, its support for the regime occupying Jerusalem, and the crimes being committed by the U.S.A. in Latin America, especially in El Salvador. Which was this country ?
  100. 100. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 69. Wonder Woman was banned in Lebanon for reasons that had nothing to do with the storyline or the content of the film. What very specific reason did they give for the ban?
  101. 101. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 70. A series of events which took place in 7th century, Arabia, are described in the 12th century book Panj Ganj (five treasures). A man named Qays was given the epithet ‘X’, which means possessed by a genie. What is this name X?
  102. 102. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 70.
  103. 103. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 71. Which man of science (and voluntary exile from his native land) does this bust pay tribute to?
  104. 104. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 71.
  105. 105. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 72. This viewing platform at the Ishiyamadera temple in Japan commemorates a moment of inspiration under the full moon in 1004 AD. What are they paying tribute to/what came of the inspiration?
  106. 106. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 72.
  107. 107. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 73. The Alaya Rengin, or colourful flag, contains a 21-point Sun known as the Roj, a symbol of rebirth that goes back to the Yezdan tradition. Similar versions have been used by short-lived attempts at setting up similar ethnic states such as the Republic of Ararat (1927-30) and the Republic of Mahabad (1946). Which about-to-be state/disputed territory uses this flag?
  108. 108. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 73.
  109. 109. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 74. On whose grave would you have found this grim litany? “Turan, Iran, Rum, Magrib, Shom, Misr, Iraq, Mizandaran, Gilon, Shirbon, Azerbaijan, Fars, Khorson, Jete, Dashti, Khorezm, Khotan, Kabulistan, Bakhtarzamin and Hindustan”.
  110. 110. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 75. This country was somehow able to fend off British expansionism. After a brief period of hostilities, they signed a treaty with the British on terms such as a tribute of Tangun Ponies, five a year, and assuring the British rights to extract timber. They escaped colonisation thus. Which country?
  111. 111. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 76. Connect the author of the book to this music festival in Ukhrul.
  112. 112. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 77. 相撲 The meaning of these characters in Japanese is literally “strike against each other”. What would you get if you tried writing them in English?
  113. 113. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 78. When Shailendra Maharjan was asked to design a now familiar logo, one of the elements he embedded in it was a reference to the Buddha’s eyes—a symbol of peace and compassion. What logo are we talking about?
  114. 114. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 79. The use of this generic term connecting several systems through a patriarch is traced back to several such references in the Quran. It is a category that includes Bahaism, Sabaeanism, Mandeanism and perhaps even Ras Tafarianism. What term?
  115. 115. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 80. Which empire's vicissitudes does this changing image capture?
  116. 116. ASIASWEEP 2017 Section IV 5 questions carrying 1 point each No negative marking—feel free to guess
  117. 117. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 81. Infernal Affairs is a 2002 Hong Kong crime-thriller film directed by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak. A story between a mole in the police department and an undercover cop. Their objectives are the same: to find out who is the mole, and who is the cop. Which 2006 Hollywood movie is a remake?
  118. 118. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 82. Yojimbo by Akira Kurusowa (1961) A crafty ronin comes to a town divided by two criminal gangs and decides to play them against each other to free the town. The unofficial remake is an international co-production between Italians, West Germans, and Spaniards, in 1964. Which film?
  119. 119. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 83. Under what title was this film remade in an English-language version via Sri Lanka?
  120. 120. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 84. Satoshi Kon's colourful 2006 fantasia Paprika was a source of inspiration for which 2010 film?
  121. 121. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 85. Akira and Otomo's manga work Domu inspired which 2012 movie?
  122. 122. ASIASWEEP 2017 Section V 30 questions carrying 2 points each No negative marking—feel free to guess
  123. 123. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 86. Though close to the Impressionists he was known for painting fashionable women and spent the last part of his life creating watercolours depicting the life of Christ. He travelled to the Middle East in 1886, 1889 and 1896 to study the landscape and people. ID the painter and name the painting below.
  124. 124. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 86.
  125. 125. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 87. Which famous computer scientist is being buried in the Alley of Honor in Baku, Azerbaijan? For which contribution is he most well-known ?
  126. 126. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 87.
  127. 127. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 88. Termed as a ‘magical vision of refugee crisis’ the novel deals with secret doors via which the protagonists Nadia and Saeed turn up at places like Mykonos, London and Marin County, California. Shortlisted for the 2017 Booker. Identify the novel and the author.
  128. 128. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 89. “Arnold Palmer and I were playing in Japan on a new course and the greens were bumpy and I needed some loft. So we got into a store in Tokyo and there’s a dram of putters. I picked one I liked and it had a $5 tag on it. We looked some more but finally I went back for the earlier one. Now it had a six in front of 5. Smart salesman. Best $65 I ever spent. I won over 100 tournaments worldwide and the Grand Slam with my _____ _____blade putter.” Name the player and FITB with the player’s nickname.
  129. 129. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 90. The last two Presidents have chosen not to stay at the official residence (shown on the left) but used the one shown on the right across the river. People believe that the house on the left is haunted. Identify the country and the name the haunted residence.
  130. 130. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 90.
  131. 131. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 91. This new primate species has been discovered in south-west China, adding to the two existing ones. Though the species has a scientific name which means ‘Heaven’s movement’, its more common name derives from the scientists’ interest in a famous film franchise. Identify a) primates species and b) the popular name
  132. 132. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 91.
  133. 133. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 92. Inside which piece of architecture ? Name the Pritzker-winning architect.
  134. 134. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 92.
  135. 135. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 93. Name the lady who recently got a divorce after becoming a mother at the age of 50. Which famous conglomerate does her former husbandco-own with his brothers ?
  136. 136. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 93.
  137. 137. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 94. Born in Lebanon, X apparently made his fortune from building projects across the Gulf while working as a civil engineer based in Riyadh.He moved to England in 1975, buying Wimbledon FC in 1981 as they began their ascent from non-league football to the First Division, then the top flight of the game. They reached it in 1986 and won the FA Cup in 1988. After selling the team to two Norwegian businessmen, he bought Y in August 2000 for £3.1m. Notorious for his unusual antics at matches and strange contract stipulations, X left Y after six crazy years. Despite attempts to remove him from the position, he remains Y’s life president. X and Y?
  138. 138. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 95. Xs began to be used in the early 2000s but were cumbersome and weighed as much as 30 pounds. They were eventually replaced by smaller, lighter and lowerpriced models that could be produced locally (the ones seen in the images on the next slide). What is X? For what are they used?
  139. 139. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 95.
  140. 140. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 95.
  141. 141. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 96. The death of X’s father in a 1939 car crash sent X to the throne at age three.From childhood until death, X’s life was chronicled in photos and articles in big-name US magazines like Time, Life and National Geographic. A 1941 National Geographic story with a picture of X at the age of six, inspired Y to create a character based on X. He drew on the anecdotes published about X to fashion his character Prince Abdullah of the imaginary kingdom of Khemed. X and Y?
  142. 142. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 96.
  143. 143. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 97. X coffins can be found in various locations including China, Indonesia and the Philippines.One belief is that the practice would allow the deceased to be brought closer to heaven/their ancestral spirits. Other likely reasons include keeping the bodies safe from wild animals and head hunters. In addition to this, members of the Igorot tribe in northern Philippines also bury the corpses in a certain position because of their belief that a person should depart the same way he entered the world. X? What position?
  144. 144. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 98. X, who is half Y and half Dutch was on the first cover of Vogue Arabia, which was released in March, 2017. X’s modeling career began at the age of two, when she modeled for Baby Guess. She made her New York Fashion Week debut in February 2014, and walked for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in December 2015. X and Y?
  145. 145. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 98.
  146. 146. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 99. The _________ horse is the national animal of Azerbaijan. _______ is the name of a geographic region, generally believed to originate from Turkic ("Black") and Iranian ("Garden"), literally meaning "black garden“. The Armenian population of the region speaks the ______dialect Give us an 8-letter name.
  147. 147. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 100. It is the most worn pendant among the women folk of this country and it has become a sort of national symbol. What is this symbol? Which country?
  148. 148. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 101. The meaning of this word in Arabic (and a very similar word in Persian) is an administrative division, usually translated as "state“ or "province“. For example USA is al-______ al-Muttaḥidah al-Amrīkīyah In many African and Asian countries, this term denotes an administrative region. In Urdu, the word (X) was used to denote anything foreign in general. Its variant in Bengali was used to denote anything British. So this way, this word became a slang term in English (Y) to mean homeland for the English, specially as a term of endearment by the expatriate British community . Give X and Y.
  149. 149. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 102. These creatures have been an essential ingredient of French cuisine, the most popular dish being ________ de Bourgogne. The two most popular varieties are the Helix pomatia and the petit gris (Helix aspersa Müller). A new beauty treatment which originated and became popular in Thailand involves Helix aspera muller glycoconjugates or the mucus or the fluid excreted by the creatures under stress. As these creatures walk on your face, the skin gets replenished and rejuvenated by the antioxidants present in the mucus. This treatment is called _____ facial, named after the creatures. Fill both blanks (9, 5).
  150. 150. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 103. A new town called Sanweng is being planned near the city of Fuzhou. Sanweng literally means three masters. This town is dedicated to three people who died in 1616. One of them is the Chinese writer Tang Xianzu. A replica of the structure shown in this picture is being built to honour the second master. There will also be a “Little Alcala” to honour the third master. Name the two masters.
  151. 151. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 103.
  152. 152. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 104. These are the most popular and the cheapest mode of transport in Philippines. What are they called? How did they originate?
  153. 153. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 104.
  154. 154. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 105. The first Israeli passports bore the limitation: "Valid to any country except _____". In 1952, the limitation was withdrawn and passports became "valid to all countries". Which country and what happened in 1952?
  155. 155. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 106. The ‘door to hell’ natural gas crater has been burning since 1971. In which country? What simple but evocative name does it have in the local language?
  156. 156. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 106.
  157. 157. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 107. This pickled salad called Lahpet Thohk originated in an Asian country. Here is an often quoted local expression : “Of all the fruits, the mango’s the best; of all the meat, the pork’s the best; and of all the leaves, lahpet‘s the best.” Which country? What leaves are these?
  158. 158. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 107.
  159. 159. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 108. The two books referred to coin this word are the Shiji and Shangshu. Shiji is also known as the Records of the Grand Historian and contains the history of ancient China. Shangshu is known as the Book of Documents or Classic of History and is one of the five classics of literature. By combining the meanings of two particular sentences from these two classics, a new word X , meaning “peace everywhere” was announced on 7 January 1989. This word will cease to be operative on 30 April 2018. What word? Why?
  160. 160. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 109. Manuel Antonio Vassalo e Silva, seen right, was disgraced because he refused to follow two direct orders on the grounds that they went against this conscience. What were these orders?
  161. 161. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 110. The Asian Games, since inception, were held in capital cities till 1994. When the choice of host city seemed to be an emotional one, aimed at an anniversary. The next time this happened was in 2002, at a city in South Korea. Name the 1994 and 2002 hosts.
  162. 162. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 111. This is an Asian community called the Balamon Cham. Their name should point you in two historical directions, if their practices haven’t already done so. What do the two parts of their name refer to?
  163. 163. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 111.
  164. 164. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 111.
  165. 165. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 112. She now works outside her country, but is remembered in India for having played party pooper in 1982. Who? How?
  166. 166. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 113. A certain World Heritage site features paintings of these beauties. The space immediately below has inspired much graffiti thus, over many centuries, and is an invaluable record of the written language. Name the site, and the language.
  167. 167. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 113.
  168. 168. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 114. This 1967 film by Patrick Lung Kong, titled The Story of a Discharged Prisoner (in English), inspired an entire generation of film-makers. Two of them came together to produce and direct a 1986 film that made a star out of a Hong Kong actor. Its intentions as tribute begin with the fact that it has the same Chinese title meaning True Colours of a Hero. By what title is the 1986 film known in the English-speaking world? Identify either the producer, famous also for directing Once upon a Time in China, OR the director of the 1986 film..
  169. 169. ASIASWEEP 2017 Qn 115. In the 1820s, Britain and a number of local rulers signed a treaty to combat piracy along a sensitive coast, giving rise to a plural name that was replaced only in 1972. By another plural name. What are these two names?
  170. 170. ASIASWEEP 2017 The End Thank you!