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Asia sweep 2016 answer key for web


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AsiaSweep 2016--The Arun Veembur Memorial Quiz
Set by Nagaratna Patil, Dibyendu Das and Arul Mani

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Asia sweep 2016 answer key for web

  1. 1. ASIASWEEP 2016
  2. 2. ASIASWEEP 2016 ASIASWEEP 2016 The Arun Veembur Memorial Quiz Researched by Nagarathna ‘Partikal’ Patil Dibyendu Das Arul Mani
  3. 3. ASIASWEEP 2016 In partnership with Quiz Clubs and Associations Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Mysore, Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Kolkata, New Delhi, and Mohali
  4. 4. ASIASWEEP 2016 Rules: 1. Section I: 10 X 1-pointers with stakes=10+ points 2. Section II: 25 X 1-pointers=25 points 3. Section III: 25x2-pointers=50 points 4. Section IV: 3 bonus sets =22 points 107 points + bonuses+ stakes No halves anywhere
  5. 5. ASIASWEEP 2016 Section I 10 questions carrying 1 point each Stake +1 if you are sure of the answer on any question Get the staked answer right and you get 1+1 Get it wrong and you score a negative of -1 Answers will appear after Qn. 10
  6. 6. ASIASWEEP 2016 Japanese comedian Pikotaro recently set a Guinness record for the ‘Shortest song to enter the Bill Board Hot 100’ with his 45- second viral hit PPAP in which he mimics stabbing two fruits with an object. Name the song. Qn 1.
  7. 7. ASIASWEEP 2016 A Qn 2. Considered one of the largest peace-time gatherings every year of more than 20 million people, Arba’een is a Shia Muslim pilgrimage held 40 days after the Day of the Ashura (which falls on the 10th day of the month of the Muharram). Which city is the object of this pilgrimage ?
  8. 8. ASIASWEEP 2016 a Qn 3. Such wedding photos popular among the Chinese and shot on actual locations are a result of fondness for which period drama ?
  9. 9. ASIASWEEP 2016
  10. 10. ASIASWEEP 2016
  11. 11. ASIASWEEP 2016
  12. 12. ASIASWEEP 2016 Edward Joseph Sullivan defined a certain work for all time with his 1913 illustrations. Which work? Qn 4.
  13. 13. ASIASWEEP 2016
  14. 14. ASIASWEEP 2016 What does this news photograph capture? Qn 5.
  15. 15. ASIASWEEP 2016 These chorizo sausages from Goa are often called _______ Sausages on account of their resemblance to a familiar object. Fill the blank. Qn 6.
  16. 16. ASIASWEEP 2016 George Lucas was a big fan of X’s work and initially approached him to play the role of Obi Wan Kenobi. X turned it down as he was concerned about how the film would look and whether it would cheapen the image of the warriors on which Lucas had based a lot of the character and fighting style. Still keen on including him in the project, Lucas offered him the role of Darth Vader as the character’s face would remain covered throughout the film, but in the end he turned that down too. Name the legendary actor. Qn 7.
  17. 17. ASIASWEEP 2016 Often referred to as “China’s first supermodel” she is the first model of East Asian descent to walk the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Identify her. Qn 8.
  18. 18. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 9. A Bad Spell in ___ is a fantasy novel by C. Dale Brittain first published in 1991. It takes place in the fictional kingdom of ____ where Daimbert, a wizard who has just graduated from the wizards' school, takes up his post as the new Royal Wizard. ____ is also the Turkic name for a portable, round tent covered with skins or felt and used as a dwelling by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia. What is this name?
  19. 19. ASIASWEEP 2016
  20. 20. ASIASWEEP 2016 ______ was originally known as Dhakai named after the city of Dhaka, one of many ancient textile weaving centres in Bengal region. The term is Persian and comes from two words that mean ‘flower’ and ‘vase’/ ‘container’ respectively. The traditional art of weaving _______ has been declared by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Fill the blank. Qn 10.
  21. 21. ASIASWEEP 2016
  22. 22. ASIASWEEP 2016 1.Pen Pineapple Apple Pen .2 Karbala 3. Downton Abbey 4. Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam 5. Death of the Thai King Bhumibol 6. Rosary Sausages 7. Toshiro Mifune 8. Liu Wen 9. Yurt 10. Jamdani ANSWERS ANSWER
  23. 23. ASIASWEEP 2016 Section II 25 questions carrying 1 point each No negative marking—feel free to guess
  24. 24. ASIASWEEP 2016 What is the product shown below used to achieve? Qn 1.
  25. 25. ASIASWEEP 2016 Double eyelids or Creased eyelids ANSWER
  26. 26. ASIASWEEP 2016 X is an imaginary childhood disease, used in the United States and Canada as a rejection term and an infection tag game. A child is said to "catch" X through close contact with an "infected" person or from an opposite-sex child of a similar age. The word is thought to originate from the Malay/ Maori word for louse. X? Qn 2.
  27. 27. ASIASWEEP 2016 Cootie(s) from kutu ANSWER
  28. 28. ASIASWEEP 2016 The surname _______ originates from Persian and means "watchmaker”. It figures in the names of two agencies. What is this surname? Qn 3.
  29. 29. ASIASWEEP 2016 Saatchi (and Saatchi/ M&C Saatchi) ANSWER
  30. 30. ASIASWEEP 2016 The upper stretch of the river Mae Klong in western Thailand was renamed in the 1960’s in order to better match what was written in a 1952 French novel that was later translated into English. What was the English title? Qn 4.
  31. 31. ASIASWEEP 2016 The Bridge over the River Kwai by French novelist Pierre Boulle ANSWER
  32. 32. ASIASWEEP 2016 ‘Kurash’ refers to a number of folk wrestling styles practiced in Central Asia. The rules require the wrestlers to hold their opponents with a particular item and attempt to throw them off their feet. What item? Qn 5.
  33. 33. ASIASWEEP 2016 A towel ANSWER
  34. 34. ASIASWEEP 2016 “____or Bust!” is a book by Ralph Leighton about the author and his friend Richard Feynman's attempt to travel to ____. On one occasion Feynman brought up the topic of ____. Since Feynman had a reputation as a prankster and had proven himself entirely capable of inventing a fictional country name to confound friends, Leighton assumed it was made up. But the place existed, and the pair became fascinated with this hard-to-reach destination, at the geographic centre of Asia, which had become a republic in the Soviet Union. Fill the blank. FITB. Qn 6.
  35. 35. ASIASWEEP 2016 Tuva ANSWER
  36. 36. ASIASWEEP 2016 In which country would you find the Pan-Blue coalition and the Pan-Green coalition ? These are loose coalitions of political parties with the former supporting closer ties with its neigbour while the latter supports independence. Just name this country. Qn 7.
  38. 38. ASIASWEEP 2016 a Qn 8. The Cascade at Yeravan is an open-air staircase housing several sculptures and an art museum. But the most interesting part of this staircase is the amazing view from the top - of a famous mountain. Which mountain ?
  39. 39. ASIASWEEP 2016
  40. 40. ASIASWEEP 2016 Mt. Ararat ANSWER
  41. 41. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 9. It is considered to have the most valuable collection of Western modern art outside Europe and the United States, largely assembled under the patronage of the country’s Empress. Pollock’s ‘Mural on Indian Red Ground’ valued at around $250 million is the most expensive Pollock painting held by this art museum. After an upheaval in 1979, the Western art was stored away in the museum’s vault until 1999 when an exhibition was held. Now pieces of the Western art collection are shown for a few weeks every year but due to conservative nature of the government, most pieces will never be shown. Which museum ?
  42. 42. ASIASWEEP 2016 Teheran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMOCA) ANSWER
  43. 43. ASIASWEEP 2016 Skeet shooter Abdullah Al-Rashidi raised eyebrows at Rio 2016 after opting to wear an Arsenal shirt while competing for gold. Though participants are supposed to wear the uniform of the country, what exception allowed him to do this ? Qn 10.
  44. 44. ASIASWEEP 2016 Since he is a Kuwaiti and Kuwait was suspended from competing, he was still allowed to appear in his event, but without the restriction of a specific uniform of his country. He was officially an ‘Independent Olympic athlete’. ANSWER
  45. 45. ASIASWEEP 2016 Fans of K-pop buy bags of this item and donate them to their favorite artists. They often inscribe special or personal messages or attach photos to these. What two- word term is used to describe this item ? Qn 11.
  46. 46. ASIASWEEP 2016 Fan Rice. ANSWER
  47. 47. ASIASWEEP 2016 a Qn 12. Tsuta is the only Michelin starred ____ restaurant in the world located at Toshima, Tokyo. Fill the blank.
  48. 48. ASIASWEEP 2016 Ramen. (accept Noodles or variations) ANSWER
  49. 49. ASIASWEEP 2016 Afghan cricket star Gulbadin Naib is seen chasing a boy who is refusing to do something. What ? Qn 13. Afghan cricket star Gulbadin Naib is seen chasing a boy who is refusing to do something. What ?
  50. 50. ASIASWEEP 2016 To take polio drops. Afghanistani cricketers have been involved in a polio eradication program in the country and are working in collaboration with the UNICEF. ANSWER
  51. 51. ASIASWEEP 2016 Besieged for more than a year by the Assad regime, the Syrian town of ____ has existed without journalists been unable to get in, residents been unable to get out and only sporadic aid reaching the people. ABC News used their sources to find a woman in the city to chronicle the harsh conditions. But wanting to add a visual element to her story, they decided to create a comic book with Marvel – resulting in the free comic titled _____ ____ - taking its name from the town. Fill the blanks. Qn 14.
  52. 52. ASIASWEEP 2016
  53. 53. ASIASWEEP 2016
  54. 54. ASIASWEEP 2016 Madaya Mom. ANSWER
  55. 55. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 15. The Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport’s Terminal 3 has been designed to resemble which marine animal ?
  56. 56. ASIASWEEP 2016 Manta Ray. ANSWER
  57. 57. ASIASWEEP 2016 Nabi Habeel mosque is located on the west mountains of Damascus, near the Zabadani Valley. According to some believers, who is buried here ? Qn 16.
  58. 58. ASIASWEEP 2016 Abel (Habeel in Arabic ) ANSWER
  59. 59. ASIASWEEP 2016 The jewellers Van Cleef and Arpel created this object in 1931 and cited something known as the Douli as their primary inspiration. What is the Douli? Qn 17.
  60. 60. ASIASWEEP 2016 The Chinese Straw Hat OR Farmer’s Hat ANSWER
  61. 61. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 18. The man on the right is a tragic/heroic figure from 20th Century politics on account of his attempts at thinking independently for the country he led. This is his last public photograph, from 2 August 1953, in a meeting with Soviet ambassador Lavrentyiev. Who is this?
  62. 62. ASIASWEEP 2016
  63. 63. ASIASWEEP 2016 Mohammad Mossadegh of Iran ANSWER
  64. 64. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 19. This genre of art featuring a particular species was very popular among the scholars who entered the Chinese Civil Services during the heyday of that establishment. The genre was seen as extending from calligraphy, and was referred to as Wen Ren. The species chosen was chosen for its ability to stand upright while adapting to the strongest winds. What did these scholar-artists choose to obsessively render under the name Wen Ren?
  65. 65. ASIASWEEP 2016 Bamboo ANSWER
  66. 66. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 20. This is a representation of a 121-km long network that was active about fifty years ago and is now a tourist attraction with bits and bobs to make the experience more authentic. What are we looking at here?
  67. 67. ASIASWEEP 2016 Cu Chi Tunnels/Viet Cong Tunnels ANSWER
  68. 68. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 21. On the right is the _____-toothed whale found near Timor. On the left is the logo of Tokyo University. What connects these far-removed things?
  69. 69. ASIASWEEP 2016 The Gingko Leaf The logo is a stylised version of the leaf, while the whale is still called the Gingko- toothed Whale. ANSWER
  70. 70. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 22. Philip Beale conceived of a journey from Indonesia to Seychelles, Madagascar, South Africa and Ghana, and found the money to build the Samudra Raksha and embark on the journey in 2003. The project is often identified in reference to the source of his inspiration. What is this name/inspiration?
  71. 71. ASIASWEEP 2016 The Borobudur Ship ANSWER
  72. 72. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 23. This Sanskrit word is familiar to Indians for at least five different reasons. It means region, but has travelled to several other Asian countries. There it means’ nation’. Thus, the Lao word pathet, and the Thai word prathet are all derived from the Sanskrit word. What is this word?
  73. 73. ASIASWEEP 2016 Pradesh ANSWER
  74. 74. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 24. When Benigno ‘NoyNoy’Aquino took charge as President of the Philippines some years ago, many people noted with approval that he didn’t seem too tempted by the charms of something called the ‘wang- wang’. What caused all this approval? OR What is the wang-wang?
  75. 75. ASIASWEEP 2016 Official Car Siren ANSWER
  76. 76. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 25. It consisted of corncobs, corn silk, rice and wheat husks all ground together and, apart from becoming a byword for building character, took its name from a 1958 event. What three-word name are we looking for?
  77. 77. ASIASWEEP 2016 Leap Forward Flour Accept Great Leap etc. ANSWER
  78. 78. ASIASWEEP 2016 Section III 25 questions carrying 2 points each
  79. 79. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 1. What and what?
  80. 80. ASIASWEEP 2016 Sarong and Saree ANSWER
  81. 81. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 2. Name this person and his famous subject who re- surfaced in 2016.?
  82. 82. ASIASWEEP 2016 “ Steve McCurry and Sharbat Gula ANSWER
  83. 83. ASIASWEEP 2016 Tsagaan Khas is a Mongolian neo-Nazi organization with strong nationalist views. A three-word codename is used by its leader Ariunbold Altankhuum. He took this name by combining the title of a work and the name of a notable character from the book. Give us this title and the character which form the three- word name?? Qn 3.
  84. 84. ASIASWEEP 2016 “1984 Big Brother”. ANSWER
  85. 85. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 4. Which sports-couple ?
  86. 86. ASIASWEEP 2016 Badminton power-couple - Lin Dan & Xie Xingfang ANSWER
  87. 87. ASIASWEEP 2016 This master director’s 2016 film is named after a famous Pulitzer- winning play. In the film a young couple, Emad and Rana, play the lead roles in a local rendition of the play. One day Emad is attacked in the shower by an unknown man; a possible client who thought the house was still inhabited by the previous tenant, ‘a woman of many male acquaintances’. This leads to a rift in their personal relationship. Name the director and the film. Qn 5.
  88. 88. ASIASWEEP 2016
  89. 89. ASIASWEEP 2016 Asghar Farhadi. The Salesman. ANSWER
  90. 90. ASIASWEEP 2016 a Qn 6. ? The Pakistan government issued a permit allowing a Qatari prince, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al- Thani, to hunt an endangered bird in the country (pic below), leading to a major controversy. It was alleged that the government was returning a favor due to the prince as he bailed out Nawaz Sharief in a certain scandal. Name the bird and scandal.
  91. 91. ASIASWEEP 2016 Houbara Bustard. Panama Papers. The prince has been in the news following his letter to the Supreme Court in connection with the Panama Papers case describing his father's business relations with Sharif's family and his involvement in the London apartments that are at the centre of the controversy.. ANSWER
  92. 92. ASIASWEEP 2016 a Qn 7. In this book by a Bangaldeshi-born author, Zubaidah Haque experiences a liberated life at Harvard where she becomes a paleontologist and participates in a dig at Baluchistan, to search for the ’walking ____ that swims’, Ambulocetus natans. Fill up the blank and name the author.
  93. 93. ASIASWEEP 2016 Whale. Ambulocetus Natans – walking whale that swims. Thought to be a predecessor to today’s whales. Author – Tahmima Anam ANSWER
  94. 94. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 8. a Name this young painter who grew up to become a famous author and did this drawing for the first edition of one of his books. Also identify the book.
  95. 95. ASIASWEEP 2016 Orhan Pamuk. Snow. ANSWER
  96. 96. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 9. Two classic shots by the Chinese photographer Fan Ho. The right one shares its title with a David Lean film released in 1945. The left one is also a Somerset Maugham novel considered largely autobiographical. Name both.
  97. 97. ASIASWEEP 2016 Brief Encounter. Of Human Bondage ANSWER
  98. 98. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 10. Which political figure wrote this ‘offensive’ limerick targeting somebody from another country? Incidentally, it even won a prize. There was a young fellow from Ankara Who was a terrific wankerer Till he sowed his wild oats With the help of a goat But he didn’t even stop to thankera Name poet and target.
  99. 99. ASIASWEEP 2016 Boris Johnson. President Erdogan. ANSWER
  100. 100. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 11. Manga creator Masamune Shirow chose a particular title as an homage to a 1967 book by Arthur Koestler from which he had drawn inspiration. For his title, Koestler used a phrase that was coined by the Oxford philosopher Gilbert Ryle to describe the Cartesian dualist account of the mind–body relationship. What was the title that Shirow selected? And what was Koestler’s original title?
  101. 101. ASIASWEEP 2016 “Ghost in the Shell” based on “The Ghost in the Machine ANSWER
  102. 102. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 12. Known locally as Gyalam, this 1400-mile trade route seems to have takes its name from the two most precious commodities transacted between the interested parties—one had to keep warm presumably while the other needed a certain kind of mobility to protect their borders. What were these two commodities/or name the route.
  103. 103. ASIASWEEP 2016 Tea Horse Road ANSWER
  104. 104. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 13. These are different stages in the mnufacture of something known as Nam Pla in Thailand, and Nước chấm in Vietnam. It calls for salt and enough representation from species of the Engraulidae family, and time. What are we talking about? What is the common name for Engraulidae?
  105. 105. ASIASWEEP 2016 Fish Sauce and Anchovies ANSWER
  106. 106. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 14. The smaller formation in white takes its name from its position relative to the larger formation in white. The latter is not known to be excessively given to nationalism, or vice-versa in those parts. Identify both.
  107. 107. ASIASWEEP 2016
  108. 108. ASIASWEEP 2016 Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon mountain ranges ANSWER
  109. 109. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 15. It was X’s last major commission, in his 90s. It houses manuscripts, textiles, ceramics sourced from a broad area spanning Spain to Egypt to Iran, Iraq, Turkey, India and Central Asia. Who is X? Identify the structure.
  110. 110. ASIASWEEP 2016
  111. 111. ASIASWEEP 2016 IM Pei Museum of Islamic Art, Doha ANSWER
  112. 112. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 16. The Jesuit priest Alexandre de Rhodes is one of the few Europeans to have a road named after him in Vietnam. Take a look at the tribute and figure out why. When the Jesuits were short-handed, his efforts resulted in the founding of another order. What order was this?
  113. 113. ASIASWEEP 2016
  114. 114. ASIASWEEP 2016 He created the Vietnamese Roman script. Also instrumental in founding the Mission Etrangeres Paris—erroneously referred to as the French Foreign Mission. ANSWER
  115. 115. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 17. The use of brands like the Toyota Dolphin for an unusual purpose has led to a descriptive phrase becoming a verb in a certain Asian country. What is this verb? —you might need to explain a little. In which country?
  116. 116. ASIASWEEP 2016 White-vanning Disappearances of political opponents by van-borne agents in Sri Lanka. ANSWER
  117. 117. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 18. On the left is the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Kestrel. On the right is the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Night-Heron. The name comes from the colouring, reminiscent of a certain fabric. What name? Also, how does the fabric get its name?
  118. 118. ASIASWEEP 2016 “ANSWER ANSWER Nankeen, from Nanjing/Nanking
  119. 119. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 19. This agricultural product has a name given erroneously. But some people call it X Sanani, which is a far more accurate name. What is X? Why is the latter name more accurate?
  120. 120. ASIASWEEP 2016 Mocha. More accurate because it was sourced from around Sana’a ANSWER
  121. 121. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 20. In 2008 an attempt was made to rechristen this memorial in the name of democracy rather than a dictator, but the move wasn’t very popular. Whose name does it continue to bear? It has 89 steps leading up to the entrance. Why?
  122. 122. ASIASWEEP 2016 “ANSWER ANSWER Chiang Kai Shek Memorial He died at the age of 89.
  123. 123. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 21. This tongue-shaped territory came into existence for reasons that may make no sense now. Identify the country or the reasons, and name the territory or the great Asian river that originates here
  124. 124. ASIASWEEP 2016 Afghanistan/ The Great Game Wakhan Corridor or Amu Darya ANSWER
  125. 125. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 22. Identify the artist/literary work for which this illustration was produced. And name the Asian species that seems to have inspired the work.
  126. 126. ASIASWEEP 2016 Poison Tree by Blake The Upas Tree ANSWER
  127. 127. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 23. The flag of the House of Mohammad was always green in colour. Dynasty X always favoured Colour 1 while Dynasty Y favoured Colour 2. This is probably why most countries in West Asia have flags that use these colours in various permutations and combinations. Name either the dynasties or the colours.
  128. 128. ASIASWEEP 2016 ANSWER Abbasid and Umayyad OR Black and White
  129. 129. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 24. Guiseppe X, seen here, was not as famous as his younger brother Gaetano who took it upon himself to read Walter Scott, and follow the lives of Anne Boleyn and Lucrezia Borgia. Their shared talent however caused him to receive a lucrative commission from an unlikely foreign country. What was their shared surname? What was this commission?
  130. 130. ASIASWEEP 2016 Donizetti The Ottomans hired him to write music for parades and a national anthem ANSWER
  131. 131. ASIASWEEP 2016 Qn 25. This is an example of an art form called Tsian Tsui or ‘dotting with X’. It required the use of a material that never lost its iridescent blue, and the demand essentially allowed a neighbouring kingdom to make a lot of money and commit it to architectural splendour. What was this commodity X ? Name the other country?
  132. 132. ASIASWEEP 2016
  133. 133. ASIASWEEP 2016 Kingfisher Feathers and Cambodia ANSWER
  134. 134. ASIASWEEP 2016 Section IV - Bonuses Three sets of four/five questions Each answer carries one point Bonus of +1 if you get all correct in any set.
  135. 135. ASIASWEEP 2016 Set I Anagram Pairs Five clues Each answer carries one point Bonus of +1 if you get all correct in any set.
  136. 136. ASIASWEEP 2016 Set 1. Set I 1 Take a logo featuring an animal paw, and set aside a persistent search to go to a posh city (5,5) 2 Turn the capital of a central Asian country into an evil female character from the Marvel universe. (6, 6) 3 Turn Potala location into a notion of prayer in another religion. (5, 5) 4 Spin the top-half of a hyphenated trouble-spot in the Caucasus to yield the capital city of one of India's neighbours. (7, 7) 5 Monkey around with a feminine Lithuanian name to get a whiff of Paris in Asia. (6,6)
  137. 137. ASIASWEEP 2016 ANSWERS 1. Baidu/Dubai 2. Astana/Satana 3. Lhasa/Salah 4. Nagorno/Rangoon 5.Birute/Beirut
  138. 138. ASIASWEEP 2016 Set II Thank You Vary Much Four clues Each clue leads to two answers that differ from each other by one letter
  139. 139. ASIASWEEP 2016 Set 2 Set II A Take an Asian country and find out about an avatar of Vishnu. (5, 5) B Flip an Asian capital into the smallest emirate. (5,5) C Shake a capital city till it yields silk cotton. (5, 5) D Bash dried coconut till you've driven out a reptile. (5,5) Bonus of +1 if you get all 4 right.
  140. 140. ASIASWEEP 2016 ANSWERS 1. Burma/Kurma 2. Amman/Ajman 3. Seoul/Semul 4. Copra/Cobra 5.+1 if all 4 are right
  141. 141. ASIASWEEP 2016 Set III More Four clues Bonus available
  142. 142. ASIASWEEP 2016 Set 3 3A Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon revealed which genre of narrative/film to the rest of the world? 3B Which 20th century faith founded by a colonial-era bureaucrat counts Victor Hugo and Sun Yat Sen amongst its saints? 3C The Indonesian part of the island of New Guinea--now Western New Guinea-- was known by a slogan-like name from 1973 to 2001. What was this name?
  143. 143. ASIASWEEP 2016
  144. 144. ASIASWEEP 2016 Set 3 3D Which underperforming scion of a political family do we see here in conversation with Manmohan Singh? 3E And now show that you've figured out how this set works with the name of an Asian capital city, and an explanation.
  145. 145. ASIASWEEP 2016 ANSWERS 1. Wu Xia 2. Cao Dai 3. Irian Jaya 4. Anura Bandaranaike 5.Kuala Lumpur Answers that begin with adjacent letters in the alphabet