Automatic B Day Remainder Program


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Automatic B Day Remainder Program

  1. 1. Automatic Birthday Remainder Program Hi , This Program runs works as Birthday Remainder in our local system . Just try this ! It will display our friends name and photo in desktop like notifier whenever u switch on ur system on. It will remaind u on, 1) Today's B Day 2) Tomorrow's B Day Installation : --------------- To Notify : $ sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin To Ruby : $ sudo apt-get install ruby $ sudo apt-get install rubygems $ sudo gem install activesupport Datebase : ---------- In this “database" file which having friends name, dob , image_path. You can edit and add new line in order of name , dob , image_path with separated by comma. database file: Arulalan,01-01,~/birthday_remainder/Arulalan.jpg Dhastha,31-12,default Conditions: 1) first field must have name 2) second filed have dob. It is date and month order only. date ( from 01 to 31 ) & month ( from 01 to 12 ). The date and month are separeted by minus symbol(-). eg: 09-05 ( 9th day , May month ) 3) third field have the image location path. This image will be displayed on monitor ( notify )
  2. 2. create ond directory “ birthday_remainder” in ur home folder. U can set path like this. eg : ~/birthday_remainder/Arulalan.jpg ( If u stored the image in this folder ) or u can set any image path If u dont have image then set the third field as "default" eg: Dhastha,31-12,default This "default" option will invoke inbuild image path. this inbuild image is stored in "birthday_remainder" folder itself. path is : ~/birthday_remainder/cake.jpeg you may add any no of lines in this database file. bday.rb: #!/usr/bin/env ruby require "rubygems" require "active_support" sleep(10)"database","r") file.each do |bday| bday=bday.chomp! bday=bday.split(/,/) name=bday[0].to_s dob=bday[1].to_s image_path=bday[2].to_s if image_path=="default" then image_path="~/birthday_remainder/cake.jpeg" end dob=dob.split(/-/) month=current_time.month.to_s if month.to_i <10 then month="0"+month end tomorrow=tomorrow.split(/ /) p tomorrow
  3. 3. if dob[1]==month then if dob[0]==day then system("notify-send 'BirthDay Remainder' 'Today #{name} Birthday' -i #{image_path} -t 3000") sleep(10) system("notify-send 'BirthDay Remainder' 'Did U wished #{name} Birthday ?' -t 0") end if dob[0]==(tomorrow[2]) then system("notify-send 'BirthDay Remainder' 'Tomorrow #{name} Birthday' -i #{image_path} -t 3000") sleep(10) system("notify-send 'BirthDay Remainder' 'Did U Purchased Gift For #{name} Birthday ?' -t 0") end end mon=["Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","Jun","Jul","Aug","Sep","Oct","Nov","Dec"] today=today.split(/ /) today[1].to_s x=mon.index(today[1]).to_i y=mon.index(tomorrow[1]).to_i if (x+1==y or tomorrow[1]=="Jan" ) and dob[0]=="01" then system("notify-send 'BirthDay Remainder' 'Tomorrow #{name} Birthday' -i #{image_path} -t 3000") sleep(10) system("notify-send 'BirthDay Remainder' 'Did U Purchased Gift For #{name} Birthday ?' -t 0") end end Change Permission : ------------------- here , you must make "birthday_remainder" folder in ur home folder and paste this bday.rb and database file and corresponding images .
  4. 4. $ sudo chmod -R 777 ~/ birthday_remainder/ Adding into Start Up Application : ---------------------------------- In ubuntu 9.10 version : 1) Go to "System" -> "Preferences" -> "Startup Applications" 2) Click "Add" button 3) Now click "Browse" button and comes to home folder-> birthday_remainder folder-> bday.rb ( select bday.rb ) 4) In Name field , type as " Birthday Remainder" 5) Then click "Add" button * u can enable (check box )or edit or remove whatever u add in startup application Logout or Restart : ------------------- Now u can see the bday remainder in ur desktop. How to check : -------------- If u wanna to check this program , then u change the dob of database file into curent date. this prog will remaind u today's and tomorrow's b day.... * It will remaind u in all calender days like 28,29,30,31 & leap year. Have a fun !
  5. 5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Regads , Arulalan.T Enjoy with Ruby !