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  1. 1. Techserv Product Development Framework Executive Brief Product Development Framework Improve probability of Project’s success Our Approach Effective . Efficient . Practical “Promoting Systems Integrity”
  2. 2. Software Product development methodology has been developed based on proven processes and best practices. "If you don't know where This standard methodology has been designed to ensure that, this can be applied to any organization with minimum you are going, any road changes, which can be as low as 10 – 30% of effort to will do." "If you don not develop the methodology from scratch. know where you are, a map Techserv methodology has six phases viz. Concept won't help." Definition, Concept Elaboration, Design & Development, Verification & Validation, Product Release, Project Closure, Product Maintenance. Across these phase the defined processes and process artifacts were grouped “Any process can be under various categories such as Project Management, improved; continuous Software Engineering, Verification & Validation, Management Oversight, Project Support and Process improvement is necessary Management to remain competitive.” The methodology has been benchmarked against the CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001 quality model requirements. “The quality of a software The methodology comprise of about 67 Procedures, 75 product is largely governed Templates, 8 Checklists, 24 Guidelines, 9 Training Material by the quality of the It is a proven fact that proactively managing the product software process used to development using processes can help organization to… develop and maintain it.” o Eliminate flaws o Reduce the time spent on a specific task o Decrease costs “A mature organization o Decrease resources associated with any task o Improve efficiency does not abandon its o Improve overall quality process in a crisis.” o Increase customer and employee satisfaction PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PHASES AND PROCESS CATEGORIES
  3. 3. Techserv have developed customizable product development framework (Processes, Guidelines, Templates, Checklist, standards) to address product development risks. These framework of processes and controls can be applied during all the phases of Product development, Product maintenance, This standard methodology can be applied with minimum changes, which can be as low as 5 – 15% of effort to develop the new IT outsourcing governance framework from scratch. These processes were mapped using Control 2007 product to provide effective implementation. Nimbus Control is an Enterprise Business Process Improvement solution that allows you to capture, manage and deploy your operational processes. Nimbus Control is unique in its ability to involve the whole workforce in business process excellence, so that you can more easily improve performance, efficiency and compliance. Control 2007 is owned by Nimbus Partners PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT GOVERNANCE SYSTEM
  4. 4. TECHSERV’S APPROACH TO TAILORING …. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENTGOVERNANCE SYSTEM Arul nambi Cell +91 9892504538 Tel. 91 – 22 – 28573170 E-MAIL : “Promoting Systems Integrity”