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  1. 1. TECHSERV ISO 9001 CONSULTING Executive Brief QUALITY SYSTEMS Our Approach Practical . Collaborative . Effective “Promoting Systems Integrity”
  2. 2. The ISO 9001 standard represents an international consensus on good quality management practices. It consists of standards and guidelines relating to quality management systems. “Quality management has just become too important to leave to chance.” ISO 9001:2008 is the standard that provides a set of standardized requirements for a quality management Philip Crosby system, regardless of what the user organization does, its size, or whether it is in the private, or public sector. It is the only standard in the family against which “Do it right the first time.” organizations can be certified – although certification is not a compulsory requirement of the standard. Philip Crosby The requirements for a quality system have been “Why spend all this time finding, fixing standardized - but many organizations like to think of and fighting when you could have themselves as unique. The answer is that ISO 9001:2008 prevented the problem in the first place?” lays down what requirements your quality system must meet, but does not dictate how they should be met in any Philip Crosby particular organization. This leaves great scope and flexibility for implementation in different business sectors and business cultures, as well as in different national “Good things only happen when planned; cultures. bad things happen on their own.” The standard requires the organization itself to audit its Philip Crosby ISO 9001:2008-based quality system to verify that it is managing its processes effectively - or, to put it another way, to check that it is fully in control of its activities Benefits of ISO 9001 1. Improve the ability to identify weaknesses in the system on systematic basis 2. Participation of employees would help to enhance the systems capability 3. Improved communication between and among employees 4. Improved consistency in quality and deliveries 5. Continual improvement culture 6. Improved customer trust 7. Establish the expectations of employees
  3. 3. Techserv is absolutely committed to helping people and organizations grow and succeed. Guided by our fundamental belief of integrity and professionalism, we promise a best client experience. By applying our rich expertise and our focused methodologies, we will provide honest advice to help you reach your business objectives and transform challenges into new possibilities. ISO 9001 - SYSTEM APPROACH
  4. 4. TECHSERV’S ISO 9001 APPROACH …. Approach – Phase 1 Approach – Phase 2 Phase CUSTOMER TECHSERV CONSULTING Phase CUSTOMER TECHSERV CONSULTING Management Meeting Project Initiation Project Initiation Develop Strategy Process Study Process Study Team Formation Process Architecture design Process Analysis Process Analysis Responsibility Definition Measurement design Process Design Process Design Organization wide Communication QMS Design QMS Design Project Planning Process Review Process Review Plan Reviews Detail Planning Process Approval Process Approval Plan Approvals ISO 9001 Orientation QMS Implementation QMS Implementation Project Kick-off Certification Certification Outcome Contract Signed Outcome Process Documents Basic Understanding arrived at Quality Objectives QMS Architecture finalized Quality Policy Project Kick-off Scope Statement Approach – Phase 3 Approach – Phase 4 Phase CUSTOMER TECHSERV CONSULTING Phase CUSTOMER TECHSERV CONSULTING Implement the processes Project Initiation Project Initiation Select a Certification Agency Internal Audits QMS Training Document Review Identify Certification Agency Improve the process Internal Audit of QMS Process Improvement Co-ordinate Audits Corrective Actions Internal Auditors Training Design QMS Design Implementation Audit Advise on Audit Findings Closure Preventive actions Process Improvements Process Improvements Advise on way forward Management Review Gap Analysis Certification Establish Internal Audit team Implementation QMS Implementation Certification Certification Outcome QMS Implemented Outcome Process Improved ISO 9001 : 2008 Certification Certification Readiness verified Arul nambi Cell +91 9892504538 Tel. 91 – 22 – 28573170 E-MAIL : “Promoting Systems Integrity”