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Katie H


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My Book of Thanks

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Katie H

  1. 1. My Book of Thanks By Katie H.
  2. 2. I am thankful for my friends because they are funny and they like me for who I am.
  3. 3. I am thankful for the pilgrims because they started our country, we wouldn’t be alive without them.
  4. 4. I am thankful for having legs and arms because without them we would be helpless.
  5. 5. I am thankful for my cats Cody and Barcley because they love me and keep me warm at night.
  6. 6. I am thankful for my dog Lacey because she makes me happy every day when I come home from school.
  7. 7. I am thankful for school because it helps me learn new and challenging things.
  8. 8. I am thankful for teachers because they are always encouraging, even when you get bad grades.
  9. 9. I am thankful for gymnastics because it’s thrilling to learn new stunts.
  10. 10. I am thankful for Christmas because if I am mad Christmas’s jolly spirit makes me cheery.