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Digital Signage for Hospitality business


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All sorts of Digital Signage application throughout hospitality vertical market. Hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes all are covered. Product approach allows to structure the chaos of Digital Signage and provide solution for every case: Wayfinding, Concierge service, Digital menu, Private channel, Employee TV, Conference business automation, Emergency and many others.

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Digital Signage for Hospitality business

  2. 2. 2 Digital Signage - Introduction
  3. 3. 3 From customer’s point Every screen is a Digital Signage
  4. 4. 44 Delivering messages to your customers has never been so Easy and Convenient. Complexity of technical hardly depends on you business requirements Innovative communication channel
  5. 5. 55 Content update is quick and cheap – high information capacity – dynamic and eye-catching – interactivity and increase involvement – highly automated – different content formats for capturing attention – verifiable and accountable – unthinkable flexibility – easy integration Benefits are obvious and straightforward
  6. 6. 66 But according to Invidis research you can see above total project price will naturally decrease making projects affordable. OPEX in Digital Signage are much less then in printed media which advocates high entrance CAPEX Main drawback is high entrance barrier
  7. 7. 77 Most Hotel networks have corporate standards for Digital Signage Still standards only specify what to deploy not mentioning HOW! Success is actually hidden behind the question WHY and the REASON! Digital Signage in corporate guidelines
  8. 8. 88 - Consider your hotel or restaurant general concept in the first place - Clearly define messages you’re going to deliver (you have it, right?) - Merge it by visualizing on the highly professional level (content) Only 3 things to mind to do it RIGHT
  9. 9. 99 Is the only way to control the CHAOS Product approach to Digital Signage
  10. 10. 1010  Similar to hotel TV system but employs Push marketing instead of Pull  Serves as a basis for turn key Digital Signage solution and other products  The industry started from this approach and it became classic Private media channel – classic solution
  11. 11. 11 Zones: ALL Audience: customers and employees Efficiency: from average to high depending on approach Communication model: entertainment, marketing, atmospheric, informing, call to action Monetization: adds, branding, marketing and cross marketing, loyalty, automation and integration Success criteria: involving content, versatile rotation, optimal contact timing, location on traffic ways Measurement: ABC - Paretto, statistics and correlation Private media channel summary
  12. 12. 1212 Extraordinary tool to enhance comfort for hotel residents and guests Help to release your staff and enhance awareness Supports both self-service and assisted model Virtual concierge
  13. 13. 1313 Assisted concierge system is mostly deployed in hotels oriented only to human supported service but leads to incredible improvement of presentation level and makes all the operations flash quick and opportunities unlimited Premium customer experience
  14. 14. 14 Zones: Lobby, Lift halls, corridors, traffic ways Audience: guests and residents Efficiency: high automation, enhanced comfort Communication model: involving, interactive, gamification, helpful Monetization: marketing, extra sales, branding, loyalty Success criteria: seamless GUI, helpful services Measurement: indirect via sales and awareness Virtual concierge summary
  15. 15. 1515  Makes your dining offering unforgettably impressive  Upgrading your menu has never been so easy  Quickest up to market time and instant results Digital Menu – make your food offering crystal clear
  16. 16. 1616  Substantial reduce of operation costs  Templates and automation  High targeting and instant analitics QSR benefits most from Digital Menu concept
  17. 17. 17 Zones: restaurant, bar, lobby, elevators, etc. Audience: guests and residents Efficiency: increase sales, automation, creating demand Communication model: emotional, guiding, promoting special and new offerings Monetization: boost conversion, form demand Success criteria: capturing content, convenient templates, contemporary design, easy reading Measurement: difference in conversion and sales Digital Menu summary
  18. 18. 1818  Finding POIs and utility location is unbelievably simple  Quick orientation and observation of the whole facility  Instantly find your route and helpful information Wayfinder – forget about getting lost
  19. 19. 1919  Get comprehensive information about any location  Search for additional products and services and instantly navigate  Quickly navigate to utility location of your choice (Toilet, ATM, Elevator) Applicable for any type of venues and facilities
  20. 20. 2020 All the screens in you venue can server as emergency and evacuation system and instantly inform visitors in case of DANGER! Keep Safe;) Helpful notification system. Emergency and evacuation facility.
  21. 21. 2121  Instantaneous change of scenery and schedule  Preliminary planning and process automation  Make your audience surrounded with the even Automation of conference business
  22. 22. 2222  Contemporary multimedia equipment can be seamlessly and esthetically integrated in any interior and design concept  Stylish content will provide additional charm and complement the atmosphere Emphasize identity with unique style concept
  23. 23. 2323  Introducing brand new design in established interior is all the way possible  Changing look and feel you boost atmosphere and perception Facelift your style easily with Digital Signage
  24. 24. 2424  Get emotions to a new horizon  Make it worth spreading immediately  Yes it’s expensive but still worth every cent spent Get your WoW and become viral
  25. 25. 2525  WoW is not long lasting emotion you have to feed the monster to stay recognized  Individuality is an Idea and Content, not a hardware Adopt, change, move or die
  26. 26. 2626  Digital Signage is a versatile tool to automate business processes by deep integration with other venue facilities  Instant Check-In with digital signature, queue management, context based adds are just few to mention Integrate with PMS get immediate progress
  27. 27. 2727  Digital Signage decreases perception of waiting time by up to 40%  Capture visitor’s attention by perfect content strategy (30/40/30)  Make regular rotations to avoid habituation, alternate minor and global Minimize criticality by entertaining content
  28. 28. 2828  Let your staff be recognized and aware of leader’s attention  Facilitate communication and increase team cooperation  Boost employee awareness, competence and responsibility Employee TV – let staff be a super star
  29. 29. 29 Digital Signage architecture, available technologies and toolchains Display vendors IP platform providers System Integrators/ Consultants Large media/ Managed Services Creative - Ad & marketing agencies Content providers Network operators Project design Management platform providers Bandwidth providers Display manufacturers Software and custom solutions
  30. 30. 3030 Generic roles of DS system operators are: SysAdmin or PR/Marketing manager. Usually they both lack each other’s background and DS system managed as a residual. The only variant is well trained person or a team. Outsourcing – YEP! Human factor or who does all the magic?
  31. 31. 3131 • And now SENSATION – most DS systems are not dedicated for direct recoupment • Not all the DS products assume monetization or sponsorship ROI is important and must be deeply considerer
  32. 32. 32 ROI is the one but not the ONLY Consider ROO and KPI Recognition 10% Branding 10% Loyalty 20% ROI 60% DS investment mode analyse
  33. 33. 3333 At the end of the day Content is the only thing important
  34. 34. 3434 Don’t hesitate - ASK! Have a question?