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Smart kwizz Webcafe 3


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SmartKwizz is the powerful combination of a self-service platform hosted in Windows Azure and a mobile application for Windows Phone 7 and other smartphones.

With SmartKwizz, you can rely on the cloud computing to :

Create your own quizzes in a rich and intuitive web and mapping application (leveraging on ASP.NET/Silverlight and Bing Maps).
Discover places/products/businesses with fun while playing to localized quizzes with your smartphone (WP7 and others).
Highlight your products/places/business with a powerful cloud quizzes platform.
Monetize your best quizzes with the SmartKwizz marketplace.

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Smart kwizz Webcafe 3

  2. 2. Who/what are kwizzes for?
  3. 3. SmartKwizz - ArchitecturePresentation Web Role ASP.NET Membership + Authorization W CF Business Entities WP7 Data Access Business Service Layer Layer Layer ASP.NET ASP.NET Silverlight
  4. 4. SmartKwizz – Live Demo
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