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Presentación1 matxalen


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Presentación1 matxalen

  1. 1. Name: John Alan Lasseter Born: He´s born January, 12 1957(age 53) in Hollywood, California. Occupation: Animator, film director, chief creative officer, pixar, Wwalt Disney animation studios, Walt Disney imagineering.  John Alan Lasseter in 2009
  2. 2. He’s directed these films: Knick Knack Cars Mater and the Ghostlight Cars Toons Bichos And more ……………………… ………. Fore example : Toy Story, Toy Story 2, WALL- E……  TOY STORY 2 ONE OF LASSETER’S FILM
  3. 3. Nominations: Best animated film: cars and monster, inc Best original screenplay:To y Story Best animated short: Luxo Jr.  MONSTER, INC
  4. 4. Special achievement award: Toy Story 2 Best animated short: Tin Toy Annie award: Outstanding Individual achievement for Directing in an animated production: Toy Story 2
  5. 5. Is an animator and creative director of Pixar animation Studios.  Disney Pixar Studios