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Body found on Twitter:


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Research paper presentation for the 2012 International Communication Association Conference.

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Body found on Twitter:

  1. 1. Body found on Twitter:The role of alternative sources in social media agenda setting Claudette G. Artwick, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Washington and Lee University ICA 2012 Conference, 5/26/12 On Twitter @artwickc
  2. 2. Morgan Harrington disappears From:
  3. 3. Harrington case in the public agenda Website screen shots & AP photo
  4. 4. Harrington body found
  5. 5. Testing agenda setting on social media Examined 48 hours of tweets
  6. 6. Literature• McCombs & Shaw (1972)• Coleman, McCombs, Shaw, & Weaver (2009)• Leavitt, Burchard, Fisher, & Gilbert (2009)• Sayre, Bode, Shah, Wilcox, & Shah (2010)• Kwak, Lee, Park, & Moon (2010)• Meraz (2009)
  7. 7. Social media concepts• ‘Networked audience’ Marwick & boyd (2010)• Links as ‘external marker of source influence’ Meraz (2009)• Retweets and potential reach Kwak et al. (2010)
  8. 8. H1A significantly higher number of tweets aboutthe Morgan Harrington case will link toalternative content than to mainstream newsmedia content.
  9. 9. H2A significantly higher number of retweetedmessages about the Morgan Harrington casewill come from alternative sources than frommainstream news sources.
  10. 10. H3A significantly higher number of retweetedmessages about the Morgan Harrington casewill contain links to alternative content thanto mainstream news content.
  11. 11. Measuring agenda settingTraditional media TwitterAnalyze media content Analyze tweetsSurvey public to determine Tweets indicate issue saliencesalient issuesDetermine relationship Links & retweets as indicatorsbetween media coverage and of influencepublic agenda
  12. 12. Collecting & coding tweets• Twitter search for ‘Morgan Harrington’• January 26-28, 2010• Hand-coded 1,385 tweets• Yielded 1,261 valid tweets
  13. 13. Variables: Link toMainstream news Alternative source
  14. 14. Variables• Retweets• Twitter member type• Tweet focus
  15. 15. Findings• Support for alternative source agenda setting in the Morgan Harrington case
  16. 16. H1: Links to external content
  17. 17. H2: Retweets
  18. 18. H3: RT with links to external content
  19. 19. Conclusions• Support for alternative-source agenda setting
  20. 20. • “We are profoundly saddened by the news of the discovery of Morgan Dana Harrington’s body.” Metallica Death Magnetic (2010)