Internet Of Cultures


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vision about an Internet of cultures

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Internet Of Cultures

  1. 1. The Internet of Cultures Artur Serra Fundacio i2CAT Digital Heritage Exchange, Korea, September 7th,2004
  2. 2. Index, 1. The hypothesis of Internet of Cultures 2. The i2CAT Foundation: Designing an Internet2 for everyone 3. Next steps: Towards a Global Multicultural Party?
  3. 3. 1. The hypothesis of an Internet of Cultures
  4. 4. 1. An Internet for every sapiens  The current Internet is for literated, English readers, middle class people. Around 600 milions worldwide.  Is it possible to build an Internet for 6.000 milions and beyond? How? – There are 5.000 human languages worldwide – What is the minimum requirement to participate in the Information Society? – Every sapiens can speak (almost everyone). – The new Internet will be the Internet of languages, the Internet of voice and video.
  5. 5. Three cultures, three phases of the Internet technology  1st. 1970s-90s The Internet of computer technologists and innovative people, ( email,ftp,telnet,...) (6 M people)  2nd.90s-2010s The Internet of scientists, the mathematical and literated people,( WWW, Grid,...). We are still here. (600 M people)  3rd.2010s-2030s The Internet of arts and cultures, The Internet of vocal and visual people, (VoIP, HD,videoconf,...) (6.000 M people)
  6. 6. 80% of current Internet trafic is already interchange of music and videos
  7. 7. 2. i2CAT Foundation: Designing an Internet for everyone
  8. 8. The i2CAT approach:  1. The new Internet2 can be the Internet for everyone, through the convergence of audio and video technologies into IP networks  2. The ISOC motto: “Internet is for everyone” can become real.  3. The i2CAT is a research foundation for building a model of Internet for every person and every culture, a humane Internet.
  9. 9. European Digital Areas Northern Atlantic Dimension Area Central Area i2CAT Mediterraean Region
  10. 10. Goal of i2CAT: Taking the leadership in the Mediterranean Internet  The Mediterranean : The multicultural frontier of Europe. The Mediterranean Internet a multicultural and diverse Internet  The Catalan Internet, a multilingual and multicultural Internet, – Catalan, Spanish and Latin languages – English and Northern Europe culture – European gateway to Asia (Japan, Korea,...) – Traditional linkages with Arab world and Africa
  11. 11. E-Europe Strategy: “To become in 2010 in the most advanced knowledge economy in the world” Catalunya 2010, a Multicultural Digital Laboratory?
  12. 12. A Catalan public/private foundation for promoting advanced Internet research and development in order to achieved the leadership in the Southern European and the Mediterranean Information Society.
  13. 13. I2CAT Platforms HD/Visual-CAT GRID-CAT 3/4GLambdaCAT
  14. 14. Òpera Oberta Project (2001) CINESA Diagonal LICEU HDSDI (1,5 Gbps) HDSDI MPEG2 SDI IP Multicast Media (10 Mbps) UNIVERSITATS (UPC, UdG, UdL) Gatew a y i2CAT
  15. 15. Òpera Learning Project (2001) •Create an IP channel TV ofering live Opera from Opera House Participants: Liceu, Techno Trends, UOC, UPC i CIRENE. Now in 2004, more than 35 Spanish and Latin American universities follow the course.
  16. 16. eGòtic Project (2001)  Emulation of UMTS using WL – Touristic Application. – Streaming audio and video on real time.
  17. 17. Gaudi Project 2002, High Definition Internet, • 270 mbps first transcontinental HD Internet transmission between Amsterdam and Seattle of a production of Gaudi’s architecture done by Research Channel and UPC
  18. 18. 270 mbps HDSDI between BCN and Brussels (Ipv6 Global Launching, Jan 2004)
  19. 19. Open Forum (May-Sept 2004)
  20. 20. A major architectural symbol: The inauguration day, The Forum‘s Building April 3
  21. 21. 3 Forum at the City 2 Forum Dialogues 1 Foru m 1
  22. 22. What kinf of content?  1. Forum: – Artistic performances of all kind – 4 Big Expositions: Voices,Cities-Corners,Xi’an Warriors,Living in the Planet  2. Forum Dialogues: – 49 dialogues, 1.500 speakers, 11 topics (Cultural diversity and media,The Word,Science and Sustainable Development,Liberty, Security and Peace,Globalization and Development, Spirituality,Other Voices,Education and Culture in Development, The City, New Actors  3. Forum at the City: – Artistic festivals, concerts and performances.
  23. 23. What we accomplished? The MEPG 2 Transport stream multilingual service  Sending – i2CAT has sent direct live streaming of Forum’ dialogues in MPEG2 to its partners of Internet2. – The Forum has streamed more than 2.400 houres in SDI format. I2CAT is now in negotiations for putting all this media content on Geant free of use.  Receiving – ANF from Korea has offered to send HD content on Boudha on the Net
  24. 24. What we accomplished? (2)  The Transformatorium: a VR theater for cultural interchanges in the Forum. – The Interactive Institute of Umea (Sweden) brought to Barcelona this installation allowing a networking experience in Virtual Reality between different parts of the world. – The VR model was based in an old Swedish water mill, designed with the help of a secondary school in Umea.
  25. 25. What's next?
  26. 26. How about a Global Multicultural Party?
  27. 27. Computer Parties seems to be a new form of culture in the digital era
  28. 28. What for? •A) Testing in a big scale the new Internet networks and applications B) Making popular the use of new networks
  29. 29. What kind of services?  Video services – High quality video : DVTS, MPEG2,HDSDI, – H.323 Videoconferencing  Multilingual services: – MPEG 2 transport stream (Forum Dialogues will produce 3 audio channels in three languages: Catalan,Spanish, English) – MAVS, Multilingual Search Engine (Prous)  Exploring Grid Services – Acces Grid, for video distribution – Storage Grid and Distributed Systems
  30. 30. A real multilingual party  For Catalan speaking world  For Spanish speaking world  For English speaking world  ...Aditional languages (French, Korean,Arab,...) as the partners increase.
  31. 31. The universities of the Internet2- Research Channel Global...can take the lead... Surfn Seatt Montre B et le al C ANF N Korea Monter rey Sao Paulo AARN Reun a ET (Megaconference Map)
  32. 32. GMP as forum of cultures  Advances networking and applications allows integration of speech,imaging, sounds, data...allows an Internet of languages and cultures.  The Knowledge Society is a kind of Universal Forum of Cultures  Let’s celebrate the GMP as a first fiesta of the knowledge society. Evaluate the gaming side.
  33. 33. UN. World Summit on Information Society, Nov 2005 The possibility of celebrating the Global Information Society