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A proposal to AECID for the Spanish Presidency of the European Union 2010 on a new eInfrastructure for Arts and Culture between Europe and Latinamerica.

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Anilla Cultural Eurolat English

  1. 1. Anilla Cultural, Anella Cultural Anel de Cultura Cultural Ring Euro-Latinoamericana (2009-2010).
  2. 2. A project of AECI (Agencia Española de Cooperacion Internacional) in colaboration with SEACEX.
  3. 3. The Future Internet and the Arts and Cultures eArts, eCultures Media: HD/3DVideo/Visualization/Telepresence eScience Computation: Supercomputació/GRIDs/Clouds Research Networking: Lambda Networking,4G...
  4. 4. Previous project: Catalan Anella Cultural (2006)
  5. 5. 1. Connecting cultural centers in Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia cities Gran Teatre del Liceu Teatre Bartrina - Reus Teatre Principal - Olot Anella Cientifica (RedIris), Al-pi, Abertis telecom Aj.BCN. Teatre Monumental - Mataró Teatre de l’Escorxador - Lleida IP network between 5mbps and 1Gbps symetrics
  6. 6. 2. Converting theaters in digital networked media platos • 2 portable Pcs • 1 Audio card • 1 HD projector 榓 Amplified system of audio • Audio mixer. • Sony Anycast station • DVTS software
  7. 7. 3. Sharing cultural events Fes tiva ls of poetry G uided vis its M a s ter C la s s es S em ina rs C onferenc es P erform a nc es G a m es
  8. 8. “Difussion is where technology offers the best opportunities for the opera in the XXI century” J. Matabosch. Artistic Director El Liceu. A live opera reception from Reus, 100km from Barcelona.
  9. 9. Metamembrana, Antunez, first project of network artistic creation, 2008
  10. 10. From project to experimental service July 2009, The Department of Cultura and Media of the of Catalonia Gov., the CCCB and Transversal agreeded in transforming the project as an eInfrastructure for the cultural sector.
  11. 11. La Anilla Cultural, The Cultural Ring Next step in cooperation between Europe and Latinamerica.
  12. 12. Opera Oberta, Since 2002
  13. 13. Art Futura 2007
  14. 14. Electronic Learning Singing Amsterdam-Sabadell 2008.
  15. 15. Bahia-Citilab Oct 2009 ePormundos Afeto Dança Telematica
  16. 16. Cultural Ring: General Goals To develop an advanced Internet service leaded by the artistic community itself(user driven experimental service): • To facilitate the colaboration between cultural institutions that knows each other, i.e CCCB-Centro Cultural Sao Paulo • To discover what are doing other institutions and sharing events with them, ie. Centros de Cultura AECID. • To allow cultural creators to start new productions because of the Cultural Ring , i.e. Metamebrana latinoamerica-europa • To promote the creation of national cultural rings in each country or region, as experimental services connecting the arts community from and outside the universities. • To engage the Research Networks and private companies in each country to facilitate cultural rings as a virtual services based in public-private partnerships over such infrastructures. i.e. Anella Cientifica/RedIris, Abertis, Barcelona City Hall,...
  17. 17. Technical Requirements • An heterogeneous platform. – From 10Gbps to 10 mbps to 10 kpbs – From 8K images to 8kbit sensors • A symetric communication model – Beyond the broadcast model. – Sharing live and on-demand productions • An inclusive platform for – Big pipe countries (Spain, Brasil,...) but also small pipes ones ( Colombia,...) – Big cultural institutions (Liceu,...) but also small municipal ones. • An experimental platform based in – Open equipment and – Open software. • A sustainable service – Beyond the demo phase. – Sharing cultural agenda annually. – Acceptable Policy of Use in accordance with Rns and all the participants.
  18. 18. Opening up GEANT3 and RedClara to Arts and Cultures.
  19. 19. Initial participants • Institutions: – Latin America • Centro Cultural Sao Paulo, Brasil, • Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico • Museu Antioquia, Colombia, • Centros Culturales de AECID (Peru, Guatemala, Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador,Mexico, Sao Paulo...) – Europe, • CCCB, El Liceu, Mercat Flors,Xarxa Transversal, Citilab ,Centro Arte Reina Sofia, Sabadell Ciutat de la Musica,... (Spain), Centre Pompidou (France), Manchester Digital Development Agency (UK) • Academic networks: – RedClara y las redes academicas nacionales latinoamericanas (RNP,RENATA, Reuna, – (GEANT,RedIris, RENATER,...) • Research Groups: – i2cat, GTMDA-Universidad de Bahia, Konic Thr, Hangar, Antunez,...SAT (Montreal)
  20. 20. Contact persons: Artur Serra, Belen Simon,