The law of universal variant, volume 2.


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The law of universal variant prevents sciences exist, the only exact science are mathematics and these only in themselves.

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The law of universal variant, volume 2.

  1. 1. La ley de la variante universal, tomo 2. AnálisisSolo existe una ley exacta y precisa en el universo, y solo existe una cienciaexacta, herramienta útil de invención humana. Las matemáticas.There is only one law accurately and precisely in the universe, and there is only an exactscience of human invention useful tool. Math.Es gibt nur ein Gesetz genau und präzise im Universum, und es gibt nur eine exakteWissenschaft der menschlichen Erfindung nützliches Werkzeug. Math.Il ny a quune seule loi avec exactitude et précision dans lunivers, et il ya seulement unescience exacte de loutil de linvention humaine utile. Math.Det er bare én lov nøyaktig og presist i universet, og det er bare en eksakt vitenskap avmenneskelig oppfinnelse nyttig verktøy. Matematikk.Υπάρτει μόνο ένας νόμος με ακρίβεια και με ακρίβεια στο σύμπαν, και σπάρτει μόνο μιαακριβής επιστήμη της ανθρώπινης ευεύρεση τρήσιμο εργαλείο. Μαθηματικά.Существует только один закон точно и аккуратно во Вселенной, и есть только точныенауки о человеческом изобретении полезный инструмент. МатематикаПостоји само један закон тачно и прецизно у универзуму, а само је егзактна наукаљудског проналаска корисних алата. Математика.Det finns bara en lag noggrant och precist i universum, och det finns bara en exaktvetenskap av mänsklig uppfinning användbart verktyg. Math.Існуе толькі адзін закон дакладна і акуратна ў Сусвеце, і ёсьць толькі дакладныя навукіаб чалавечым вынаходстве карысны інструмент. МатэматыкаExistă doar o singură lege cu acurateț e ș i precizie în univers, ș i nu există decât o ș tiinț ăexactă de instrument util invenț iei umane. Math.
  2. 2. Index1. Introduction.2. The law of physics governing universal variant.3. The law governing the universal variant chemistry.4. The law governing the macroscopic universal variant.5. The law governing the microscopic universal variant.6. The law governing the matter universal variant.7. The law governing the universal variant energy.8. The universal law governing the time variation.9. The law of gravity applies universal variant.10. The law governing the universal variant thoughts.11. The law governing the universal variant space.12. The law governing the universal variant mathematics.13. The law of universal variant rules the universe.14. Summary.15. The law of universal variant is a magnitude.16. The law of universal variant is a constant.17. The law of universal variant dictates the cosmos can not be two equal times in theuniverse.18. The law of universal variant is the only accurate and precise law in the universe, andmathematics is the only exact science.19. - The law of universal variant is eternal.20. - The law of universal variant predates the creation predated the singularity, the law ofuniversal variant is Gods thoughts.1. - Introduction.During the study of matter in physics, from the origins of the universe, we have tried to givean explanation, the cosmos, our efforts have not been very precise, we can say today is thatwe are very far from being able to give a coherent explanation for our observations of natureand the cosmos, this is mainly due to humans, we as humans, have among the sciencesthat are studied, medical science, that science is admirable, those who have a career in themedical field, are admired by all, as their work is very noble, the doctors are the subject ofrespect, as almost everyone on the planet, have come to be viewed at one time, and hiswisdom, bring relief , honesty and simplicity with which we serve are of gratitude, when wehad an accident, they heal us, and thanks to these attentions many people have saved ourlives.I have very fond memories of the doctors, was quite young when my doctor told me thatmedicine was not an exact science, but within that doctors were always updating theirknowledge in order to provide better service, and thus may be more efficient health care. It isimportant that the truth will prevail against any human performance, with any career you arestudying or have studied in the past, this line of thought, disappeared from the field ofphysical science academies around the world to show their refinement, with arrogantlydisplayed in their institutions, they have exact sciences such presumption betrays theimmaturity of those who direct and manage these institutions are part of this presumptionbecause it must be said that this attitude is only a presumption, excessive ego Product of thespecies.The law of universal variant exhibits precision and accuracy with all human behavior, the
  3. 3. only thing that shows is just unethical and inconsistent with the truth.This became simulation where everyone knows this, but nobody dares to say, this claim wasmade collectively, and it is more than evident in the lost found.The enactment of a corresponding physical law make to anyone who can prove it, but thereis a condition that is absolutely essential for the enactment of a law is real, it must beendorsed by the nature around, as it is a physical law itself as the foundation of law is thetruth and if the truth could not be physically demonstrated through nature, then the law is notlaw, is a vague idea, and a vague idea is the result of the error, and the error does not stayfor long, but a physical law is perfect in every sense of the word.This discussion paper provides physical evidence that the only universal physical law, exactand perfect is the law of universal variant, and the only exact science is mathematics, this isthe only statement that can be awarded to physical and exact sciences .The credit of the study of some branch of science, not shown in words and math facts isdemonstrated, as in the case of medical science, doctors are our heroes par excellence,since without seeking accuracy in what they studied earn our respect by their actions,without ego, without presumption, and always in the service of their noble cause, forexample, I do not see that they are less than astronomers, no less than any scientific career,and we honor you for your honesty and professional ethics.When a doctor sees a patient, use the treatments available and known in advance that notreatment guarantee recovery from illness, and when a treatment does not work, applyanother of his knowledge, to bring health to their patients, but Total position is always thetruth, is effectively a tool ethics. The fact that nature have shown not exact sciences, is by nomeans reason to be less, because nature is not our enemy, nature is our ally, and acoherent study it should please us even knowing it have grounds to accurately andcompletely describe it accurately.This is a review article, showing aspects of the law.2. - The law of physics governing universal variant.A law is inviolable, if there is a place where the law is not enforced, the conclusion is that thelaw, not law.We have the idea that under certain circumstances the physical laws can be evaded, aresome ideas to give more clarity to bring confusion studied, and further to this confusion, lookfor ways to explain why what we think is a law under x circumstances not applicable, this isquite simply because the human mind is predisposed to default and exact solutions withinthis thinking we have the idea of creating technologies that consistently make the samefunction repeatedly, for example an engine, rifle, an ax, a pen, a computer, or a phone, ourmind leads us to create and invent technologies that are under our control, as accurate aspossible, this is the basis of our ideas, if we invented airplanes We want them to beaccurate, do tests and more tests, in order to perfect our invention, if you discover somethingnew we immediately know exactly happens, and strive to control, for example in the case ofnuclear energy, are manufactured pumps, and we want to describe exactly what size will bea blast with a certain amount, when beforehand the best we can do in all cases is tocalculate with any degree of accuracy what will happen, but it is somewhat naive to predictanything in certain circumstances, since circumstances vary from anything at any time.3. - The law of universal variant governs chemistry.Under certain circumstances there are chemical reactions, more or less calculable andpredictable, with some degree of accuracy, but that some degree can never be 100 percentaccurate, this is the only truth this is no reason to discredit the study of chemistry, of courseno, we know the formula for making soap, know how to get it into a nuclear reaction, a chain
  4. 4. reaction, but do not know anything with absolute accuracy, such claim may be considered asone who comes from a vulgar nonsense.4. - The law of universal variant governs the macroscopic.Palpable is the law of universal variant in the macroscopic, as we can observe in thecosmos, galaxies are different, so are planetary systems, stars, planets, for example we canput the human race, we can see that all beings from every continent belong to the samespecies, but we can also see that we are all different, we can see the grains of sand in thedesert or the sea and can not find one like another, we can also see the roses in a gardennever find one like another, because all are pink but not the same, we can see thetechnology of human invention and not find two identical items, we can produce 100 millionhammer and not find two exactly alike, as the law of the universal variant prevents it, weprint flyers printing propaganda 100.000 and if we look with a magnifying glass to find wecould not print a couple of them accurately, there will always be a difference however small itmay be, because if the print on sheets role will never equal two sheets, if the print oncardboard flyers prune realize that no two prints alike, because as I described earlier in thisarticle, a physical law is inviolable, both naturally as it is the species human, such as artificialas it is printing propaganda leaflets, a car factory can produce 1,000,000 of these and willnever be two alike.5. - The law of universal variant governs the microscopic.Under a microscope observation, we can analyze bacterial cultures, we find no two alike,much less two cultures together may be the same, the closest thing we can do about that isthat all bacteria of x are equal, but like observation that humans can say that everyone isequal, but in reality they are not, the same way we can say that the microscopic x type ofbacteria are the same, but the only truth is that they belong to a group but all in the individualis different.6. - The law of universal variant governs the matter.In a block of granite we can see that we will not find two pieces alike, in a bucket of water willnot find two identical molecules, and if we could observe the particles with a hundred percentaccuracy can say that no two identical particles, not atoms find equal, just as not find twoidentical virus, therefore we can conclude that the law governing the matter universal variant.7. - The law of universal variant governs energy.If we analyze evidence and find that the law is manifested in energy as we know energy isan aspect of the subject, for example we can make a series of short circuits with a batteryand find that there is variation in every of them, we can make a series of explosions with theinternal combustion engine and find that they are all within a range but always with a twist, orwe can analyze a gasoline generator, and find that what occurs is always a variant, since itis impossible to generate exactly the same in every revolution, we find that solar flares arealways changing, always have a different intensity, as the law also governs energy.8. - The law of universal variant governs the time.The law of universal variant transcends time, since changes in the field in a path are notequal, we see snowflakes that form in a storm, and find that even those who aresimultaneously formed are totally different in appearance, in the same way we can say thatthe law governing the universal variant artificial time product of human invention, and we cando two machines marbles, equal, and manufacture while simultaneously two marbles andthese will different nature can form two raindrops while and raindrops are different, cansimultaneously two children born at the same time and will be different, since the law ofuniversal variant can not avoid the simultaneous formation of two things of the same
  5. 5. composition but the law prevents two things are equal, so the law states that no twomoments equal in the universe, this means that the law governing the time, and as we sawnot only the time and training natural things, but even governed the formation time andeventually both artificial human invention, and man-made artificial things.9. - The law of gravity applies universal variant.The governing law of gravity, and that naturally we can observe that there is no universalstandard in the cosmos a repetition of facts, this is observable on a large scale as it is thesystematic changes of galaxies, which are irreversible, since this determines the law isirreversible, we can not find a point in eternity like the position of the stars across the board,but the law is not only irreversible general level and at the individual level can never be arepetition of an action Like, for example, a rotation around the Earth will never be the sameas another, there will never be a translational movement of our planet alike, there will neverbe an exact repetition of anything in the universe, because the law prevents in artificially candemonstrate this with some tests in a controlled, laboratory, two marbles do lead and markthem, drop them from the same height at the same time, ie simultaneously, and there willnever be a time like another, since different brands fall into place and if we look with greatprecision will always be a difference in nanoseconds and position even as we attempt toviolate the law with simultaneous tests but always find a variant, as well is made universally.10. The law governing the universal variant thoughts.The law of universal variant goes beyond chemical and physical things, as it governs humanthoughts, as this source is determined and can logically conclude, because of the variation inthe human genome and conclusion in the long walk in life we find that the law prevents sametwo thoughts exist in time and form, as the complexity of the universe prevents this action.11. The law governing the universal variant space.We can see two events while traveling in space, but the law prevents such events are thesame, since the variety is planted in the universe, and there will never be two momentsequal vastness of space, this test has not been performed but can be performed and theresult is the same, there will be a difference, the test may be to send two satellites to Marswith the same drive simultaneously, with the same path, and at the same time never arrivedat their destination, there will always be some although this difference is small innanoseconds, but there will always be some, since the law can not be violated, the lawprevents this from happening, the reasons can be found using logic.12. - The law of universal variant applies mathematics.The law governing the universal variant mathematics bordering these to be an exact sciencein itself, but we can see that this is only exact science itself as it prevents naturally can beaccurate due to all of the above in all paragraphs of this research document, because thelaw prevents having two equal moments in nature and even in the artificial and also asincredible as if in thought, therefore the law prevents sciences exist and precise, this is dueand therefore from the beginning of creation.13. - The law of universal variant rules the universe.The universe how it is made and its singularity source, means that this variant is prior tocreation, this can be deduced by logic and analysis, this kind of perpetual uniqueness rulesthe universe and everything in it is , since from the fundamentals such as particles, throughthe microscopic to the macroscopic, there is one law exact and perfect.
  6. 6. 20. - Summary.In summary we can say that what this law goes beyond what we can understand with ourcurrent human knowledge and tools, as the law of universal variant is unique, accurate andperfect, which governs all aspects not only material but also intangible, it is the thoughts, thislaw gives explanation to everything observable, and even what we can not see, because ifthis law did not exist throughout the universe would be different, this law is a kind ofingredient special in the universe, because without it, maybe the rain would fall on ourplanet, in one stroke, the snow would not be as it is, and that would not fall winter storms icesnow or rain, but from giant blocks We crush the clouds, this law is the regulator and catalystof what we know and all creation, were it not for this law may be all matter in one form andplace, there would be no diversity of stars or galaxies, perhaps living species, would beclones of clones, or the thoughts of all would be the same, we could not distinguish theappearance of peoples faces as they all would be equal, there would be no diversity ofcolors, yet these seem that do not exist, we can see and distinguish.This law prevents exist exact sciences, in physics and chemistry, because the law preventsit, that we can see in galaxies, with our mathematical calculations of current and known lawof universal gravitation Newton, who has variants, it seems, and this is observable, that thetemperature of galaxies interfere in gravity, as it is observable, that where there are morecluster of stars there is less variation of the law, that if we see it in concrete form, we can saywith absolute certainty that this law is not a universal law, we can classify it as a law subjectto certain special circumstances, as when they are not present the law does not apply, it isright to say that under certain circumstances the law Newtons gravity, is a regional law, notto mention the laws of thermodynamics, that under study and analysis, they are not a law,since the conservation of force does not apply at the level of particles and atomic level,electromagnetism does not obey these laws, which as a summary I can say with absolutecertainty that it is not universal in magnitude can not be a law, because the law only exactand perfect, which is invariably variant and universal, is the law universal variant.19. Summary.20. The law of universal variant is a magnitude.21. The law of universal variant is a constant.22. The law of universal variant dictates the cosmos can not be two equal times in theuniverse.23. The law of universal variant is the only accurate and precise law in the universe, andmathematics is the only exact science.19. - The law of universal variant is eternal.20. - The law of universal variant predates the creation predated the singularity, the law ofuniversal variant, is one of Gods thoughts. Author Arturo Raúl Cortés All rights reserved.