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2014 Continuous Improvement Forum Slides


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September 2014, JumpShift invited me to speak at the 2014 Continuous Improvement Forum in Auckland . I shared my insights on designing corporate training of Continuous Improvement Tools.

The presentation that I gave has a simple-yet-powerful approach to the development of training around Continuous Improvement Tools -and any type of training for that matter.

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2014 Continuous Improvement Forum Slides

  1. 1. Arturo Pelayo Disruptive Innovation Consultant @mexiwi
  2. 2. 1. I am not representing ASB. 2. Information provided is for educational purposes only. 3.The terminology shared can be easily found online.
  3. 3. We will cover how we used a user-centered design process to save a significant amount of money in providing the workforce with basic knowledge of Continuous Improvement tools.
  4. 4. Attributes from our Voice Of Customer in Designing the program: Short bursts of attention. No binge learning. Easy recall. Build a behavior.
  5. 5. moments of learning need acquisition of knowledge (training) learn for the first time (new) expand upon what was learned (more) remember or act upon what was learned (apply) solve problems or fix things that break (solve) application of knowledge (performance support)
  6. 6. I know my customer GOALS I know how to I know how I contribute I know my process & value streams implement solutions
  7. 7. (I) Understanding the Customer training program structure (III) Learning & Applying Continuous Improvement Tools (IV) Building Habits (II) Defining Value Stream
  8. 8. Process PDCA 5S’s Proofing 5Why’s briefs SOPs Map V/NVA 8 wastes SIPOC VOC CTQ VMBs training program structure Habits Customer Value Stream C.I. Tools
  9. 9. Arturo Pelayo Disruptive Innovation Consultant @mexiwi +64 022-303-1593