Issue 10 january 2014


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Radians New Letter Issue # 10

Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Issue 10 january 2014

  1. 1. January,  2014  Issue  10 A  Virtues-Based  Community Help Your Child Build Healthy Relationships "Play   nicely."   "Please   share   with   Johnny/Suzie."   These   phrases   or   similar   versions   of   them   are     familiar   to   many   of   us.  We   heard   them  as  children   and  probably   repeat   them   to   our  own  children.  It's  in  the  early  years  when  we  begin  to  help   our  children  make  friends  and  build  relationships. As  individuals  we  may  be  unique,  but  some  experiences  and   needs   are   common   to   all   of   our   lives.   Having   healthy                   relationships   with   our   peers   is   one   common   need.                           Adolescent  children  especially  need  healthy  friendships.   It's  important  to  this  age  group  to  have  someone  who  shares   the  same  likes  and  dislikes  in  music  or  clothing,  or  someone   own   relationships,   especially   those   that   are   longwho  can  offer  mutual  support  in  navigating  this  difficult  growth   standing—from   junior   high   or   your   college   days.   Talk   stage.   Parental   guidance   at   this   time   is   key   to   helping   form   about   your   friendships   openly—the   good   times   and   the   healthy  friendships. not-so-good   times,   the   ups   and   the   downs.   Your   child   Here   are   some   ways   you   can   help   your   child   build   healthy  relationships:   should   know   that   putting   effort   into   relationships  is   what   contributes  to  their  value  and  longevity. Our   Build   respect   for   other   people's   feelings   and                 children   spend   many   unsupervised   hours   away   from   home,  and  inevitably  they  leave  the  family.  Learning   how   to   property.   Compliment   your   child's   knowledge   and             choose  good  friends  and  how  to  nurture  friendships  is  an   abilities,   pay   attention   and   listen   to   her,   and   ask                   permission   to   use   things   that   belong   to   her.   Your   child   important  part  of  growing  up.  These  skills  can  make  coping   will   display   the   same   behaviors   to   you   and   to   others     with  life's  hardships  a  lot  easier  when  they  occur.                                                                                       outside  the  home.  Respect  is  a  two-way  street  that  builds   Put  It  Into  Practice trust,  encouraging  good  relationships. Talk  to  your  child  about  her  friendships.  Ask  her  whether  she   Provide   a   safe   and   loving   home   environment.   Your   and   her   friends   treat   each   other   with   respect.   Talk   to   her   child  should  feel  comfortable  bringing  friends  home,  and   about   how   she   can   approach   a   friend   when   things   aren't         her  friends  should  feel  welcome  in  your  home.  This  gives   going  well  but  she  wants  to  keep  the  friendship. you   an   ideal   opportunity   to   observe   your   child's   friends   and  spot  troublesome  relationships.  Teach   responsibility.   Give   appropriate   amounts   of       independence   and   freedom.   Do   not   instantly   demand   that   your   child   end   a   relationship   with   which   you   are     uncomfortable.  Instead,  choose  a  time  to  calmly  express   your   concerns   and   gently   remind   your   child   about   the   boundaries   and   standards   you   have   set   for   your   family.   Most   children   will   respect   these   boundaries   and               eventually  make  them  part  of  their  lives.  A  child  is  more   likely   to   give   up   an   inappropriate   friendship   because   it   could   cause   embarrassment   than   because   he   feels         compelled  to.  Resolve   conflict.   Teach   your   child   to   respect   other   points   of   view.   No   relationship   is   without   discord,   and   sometimes   we   have   to   lose   the   fight   to   win   the                       relationship.   Compromise   is   a   key   ingredient   in                 maintaining   good,   healthy   relationships.   Where   good   relations  are    concerned,  winning  isn't  everything.  Be   a   good   role   model.   You   are   the   most     powerful               example   in   your   child's   life.   Let   your   child   observe   your  
  2. 2. Page 2 RADIANS SCHOOL Track and Field Teams Wins COPSAA Championship      Yet   another   COPSAA   Championship   for   Radians   School.   The   Track   and   Field   Team   has   won   First   Place.   This   year   has   been   a   successful   year   with   our   teams             winning   championships   in   Futsal,   Volleyball,   Softball,   and,   now,   Track   &   Field.                                                                     We   congratulate   our   student   athletes   who   demonstrate   the   virtues   of   dedication   and   commitment   in   sports   and   in  their   academic   work.   Many   of   these   athletes   are   “A”           students  and  manage  their  time  to  successfully  fulfill  their  academic  responsibili-­ ties,  as  well  as  their  athletic  ones.  Gooooooo  SHARKS!   Visit our New Facebook Page! “To catch the reader's attention, Radians   School   is   happy   to   announce   its   new   Official                 Facebook  Page.  A  long  time   in  the  making,  the  new  page   provides  a  new    outreach  for   information  about  our  school   and   the   extensive   activities   that   it   undertakes   every   the  page  and  therefore  get  constant  updates  on  their   year.  While  the  newsletter  is   Facebook  Page.    It   is   THE   best   way   to   showcase   a   wonderful   forum   for   the   the   great   things   that   are   happening   at   our   dissemination   of     all   school   school. news,   Facebook   allows   for   So   we   recommend   that   each   and   every   member   immediate   communication   of   our   academic   and   virtues-based   community   with   our   school   community,   connect   with   our   Facebook   to   be   “in   the   loop”.           current  students,  and  alumni.        Our  link  is:       While   establishing   strong   lines   of   communication   within   the   schoolhouse   has   always   been   essential   h ps://   maintaining   focus   and   for   building   momentum   School/1382577338659900   toward   shared   objectives,   communication   beyond   the   schoolhouse   has   become   more   important   than   ever.     Faced   with   shrinking   budgets   and   constant   scrutiny   in   today’s   accountability   culture,   public         relations   has   quickly   become   a   new   priority   for           academic   institutions.     After   all,   the   fact   is   that           informed  communities  tend  to  care  more  about  their   schools.   place an interesting sentence or quote from the story here.” ...informed   communities   tend  to  care   more  about   their   schools... Things  have  gone  extremely  well  with  our  Facebook   Page   –   parents   love   it.   We   have   grandparents   and   other   relatives,   former   students,   and   community   members   (businesses,   reporters,   etc.)   that   “LIKE”  
  3. 3. ISSUE 10 Page 3 High School Students Video Chat with EV Nautilus Prof.   Burgos’   Science   Class   was   able   to   have   a   question  and  answer  session  live  online  with  the  crew   of   the   Nautilus.   From   June   through   November   of   2013,   Exploration   Vessel   Nautilus   explored   the   Gulf   of  Mexico  and  the  Caribbean  Sea.  The  rotating  Corps   of   Exploration   aboard   EV   Nautilus   mapped   the             geological,   biological,     archaeological,   and   chemical   aspects   of   these   regions   to   depths   of   approximately   2000  meters.  During  the  expedition,  they  shared  their   discoveries   live   on   the   web   via   tele-presence                 technology,   putting   the   unexplored   ocean   directly   in   our   hands   via   our   new   interactive   initiative,                         Exploration  Now. Ms.  Burgos’  class  asked  questions  which  the  crew  of   the   Nautilus   answered,   A   great   experience   for   our   students   to   directly   communicate   with   professional   Above,  High  School  Science  class  in  communication  with           researchers  and  to  expand  their  view  of  the  world  of   researchers  onboard  the  EV  Nautilus.  Students  asked  questions   and  received  answers  form    the  scientists  on  board.   science.     Volunteer Parents Join in Reading Marathon Students always enjoy the wonderful experience of their having their parents come and participate... Every   year   Radians   School   Elementary   promotes   student   enjoyment   of   reading   by   inviting   members   of   our   school     community   to   visit   the   classrooms   and   read  a  virtues-based  story  to  the  students.  Afterwards,   they  lead  the  class  in  guided  discussion.   We  had  many  parents  involved  in  this  activity  and  the               students   always   enjoy   the   wonderful   experience   of   having   their   parents   come   and   participate   in   this   school  event.  
  4. 4. The Right School for Your Child’s Future Success!! New  School  Webpage   On   January   14th,   Radians   School   unveiled   an   exciting   project   months  in  the  making:   a   refreshed,   refurbished,   and   redesigned     website.   The   new   look   included   substantial   input   from   students,       faculty,  and  staff—all  culminating  in  a  unique,  eye-catching  and  easyto-use  design. The  new  site  is  dynamic,  colorful,  and  most  importantly,  self  directed.   You   can   move,   expand   and   shrink   the   homepage’s   gridded   boxes   highlighting   news,   photos,   and   facts.   Interested   in   our   newsletters?   There’s  a  box  for  that.  What’s  the  latest  news  on  activities?  There’s   one  for  that,  as  well. Carr.  735  Km  0.4 Cayey,  Puerto  Rico  00736 (787)  738-4822 This   sleek   and   eye   catching   redesign   for   the   homepage   and                 information  areas,  as  well  as  mobile  optimization  and  an  impressive   Radians  School    timeline,  are  just  the  beginnings  of  a  larger  project   aimed  at  transitioning  every  page  of  the  school  website  into  a  similar   look   and   feel.   Be   sure   to   share   your   impressions   and   suggestions   with  the  website  team  by  using  the  link  to  the  email  form  on  the  home   page—and  stay  tuned  for  more  updates! The Importance of a Well-Planned Curriculum The   curriculum   of   a   school   is,   in   essence,   the   academic     Even   with   any   change   of   teachers,   the   school’s   curriculum   offering  it  will  give  to  your  child.  It  is  the  roadmap,  the  course   serves  as  the  guide.  What  a  teacher  brings  to  the  course  he/ that  your  child  will  follow  to  achieve  his/her  future  goals.  The   she   teaches   is   the   creativity   and   personality   they   possess.   curriculum  at  Radians  School  was  carefully  and  meticulously   We   are   blessed   to   have   a   staff   of   educators   who   are   truly   prepared  not  to  fulfill,  but  rather  to  surpass  the  educational   committed  to  the  ultimate  success  of  their  students.   requirements   and   standards   established   by   the   Puerto   Rican   Department   of   Education.  As  an  example,  Radians   As   a   college-bound   prep   school,   our   students   are   being     School’s  English  Curriculum,  is  one  of  the  most  competitive   prepared   to   be   able   to   select   where   they   wish   to   study,   in   the  entire   United   States.   It   is   important   to   understand   whether  in  Puerto  Rico  or  abroad  (United  States,  Europe,  or   Latin   America).   The   success   of   our   curriculum   has   been   the   difference   between   meeting   the   standard   and           validated  by  the  many  awards  we  have  obtained  both  locally,   SURPASSING  the  standard.   nationally,  and  internationally.  Our  school  is  recognized  as   As   our   curriculum   experts   worked   on   the   curriculum   for      one  of  the  best  in  the  nation,  and  we  are  proud  of  this.   Radians   School,   they   were   searching   for   several   points   in   particular.     After   a   thorough   and   exhaustive   process,   we   Our   students   have   the   capacity   and   skills   to   successfully   selected  the  most  challenging  and  age  appropriate  academic   compete   with   the   best   students   the   nation   has   to   offer.  We   have   sent     students   to   outstanding   universities   such   as:     standards  for  our  students.  Among  these  were: Cornell,  Johns  Hopkins,   A. A  curriculum  that  surpassed  the  standards  established   Penn   State,   Georgia   in    Puerto  Rico Tech,   Purdue,   Tulane,   and   more.   Many   have   B. A  curriculum  that  would  provide  our  students  the               won   scholarships   and     necessary  skills  set  to  compete  successfully  in  an  ever   go   on   to   become   competitive      academic  and  real-life  environment. Dean’s   List   members,   C. A  curriculum  that  aligned  completely  with  the  school’s         Honor   students   and       leaders   at   these           educational  philosophy  of  the  development  of  an               institutions   of   higher   integral  individual learning.            There  are  three  important  and  key  elements  in  the               success  of  any  academic  institution.  These  are: You can be certain when you chose  The  strength  of  its  curriculum  The  capacity  of  its  personnel  to  transmit  the  content  of   this  curriculum  in  a  way  that  is  comprehensible  and       You are giving your child the best enjoyable  to  its  students educational experience available!  The  capacity  of  the  students  to  absorb,  comprehend,   and    apply  this  content.   RADIANS  SCHOOL