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Rundeck: The missing tool


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Brief introduction about Rundeck.

Present in Devops Dublin Meetup.

Published in: Technology
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Rundeck: The missing tool

  1. 1. The missing tool Artur Martins
 (@arturmartins) Devops Dublin Meetup III
 8th July 2015
  2. 2. WHO AM I? • Name:Artur Martins (@arturmartins on twitter) • Senior Systems Engineer at • Using rundeck since April 2014 • I
  3. 3. WHAT IS RUNDECK • Operations Web Dashboard (and a REST API as well) • fine-grain access controls • builtin-job scheduler • jobs can have multiple sequence steps and corresponde error handling • ability to define workflows (coordinated sequences commands and scripts or jobs)
  4. 4. FEATURES • Import Node info from chef, puppet, amazon ec2, salt or make your own CMDB/node list. • Run multiple jobs or workflows in parallel • Follow job executions running (distributed tail -f) • Trigger 3rd parties using email or webhook • Plugins available: 
 JIRA, PagerDuty, Slack, HipChat, Redmine, Puppet, salt, nexus, jenkins, chef, Nexus,AWS EC2 Nodes, Kerberos, IRC, Jabber,AWS S3
  5. 5. BENEFITS • Formalisation of your IT Ops procedures • Safely enable Self-service dashboard • Visibility,Accountability, Logging
  6. 6. INFRASTRUCTURE source:
  7. 7. DEV / OPS source:
  8. 8. source:
  9. 9. OK, I GET IT…
  10. 10. TAXONOMY • Job - sequence of one or more commands or scripts • Workflow - sequence of one of more jobs • Node - a resource accessible through SSH
  11. 11. INSTALL / UPGRADE • Requirements:
 Java 1.7+ (Both Open JDK and Sun/Oracle)
 JAVA_HOME env var defined • Debian/Ubuntu scenario: version='2.5.2' wget$ {version}-1-GA.deb sudo dpkg -i rundeck-${version}-1-GA.deb
  12. 12. INSTALL ADVICE • Install webserver (apache/nginx) and set a reverse proxy • Authentication should always be under HTTPS, right?
  13. 13. REMOTE NODES SETUP • Create (at least) one SSH account (depends on context) • Add ssh pub key • Add whitelist sudo permissions /etc/sudoers.d/$ {user} if administration are needed

  14. 14. POST INSTALL CONFIG • (add a rundeck user)
 user:password,user,role1,role2,role3 •
 project.organization = “Your company" •
 general framework configs. •
 dataSource.url=jdbc:(set your database jdbc connection string here)
  15. 15. NODE DEFINITION Rundeck also supports resources definition inYML <node name="app1"> <!-- Rundeck node attributes --> <attribute name="hostname" value=""/> <attribute name="username" value="rundeckops"/> <attribute name="tags" value="demo,testing"/> <attribute name="description" value="Ubuntu server"/> <attribute name="osName" value="Ubuntu"/> <attribute name="osVersion" value=“14.04 LTS 64bit"/> <attribute name="osFamily" value="unix"/> <!-- Rundeck SSH related attributes --> <attribute name="ssh-key-storage-path" value="path/to/id_rsa"/> <!-- Custom attributes --> <attribute name="group" value="other"/> <attribute name="datacenter" value="CA,USA"/> <attribute name="osCodename" value="trusty"/> <attribute name="rdnsName" value=""/> <attribute name="provider" value="digitalocean"/> </node>
  16. 16. DEMO Demos always work if you useVAGRANT … or maybe not :)
  17. 17. CAVEATS • Some characters in password field might cause authentication to fail (/ etc/rundeck/realm.proprieties) • Assure no spaces a the end of a value in any /etc/rundeck/* config files • Node filter is tricky if you want to select different nodes by multiple parameters.Workaround: regex all the way. • Be aware of rundeck rules for quotes escaping for commands:
  18. 18. FURTHER READING • • • • • • • Mailing-list:!forum/rundeck-discuss • IRC: #rundeck at freenode.
  19. 19. QUESTIONS? myself=‘arturmartins’ @{myself} {myself}{myself}{myself}1