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Ball animation-Expressionblend-Silverlight


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I am very new to Silver light, to be very frank .. m big fan of Flash. When i started exploring this new hero of internet world, it was like moving forward without any target.

yes, i can that is one of the way of learning new paths in life... initially i thought this one is only for programmers.. finally i got the way how to play with this newborn Microsoft's kid...

Here i m submitting PDF, how to make very simple ball animtaion.. please try out its very simple and effective..
m not good in writing... so uploading all the screens step by step... if any of u face problem to get output.. bug me.. at

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Ball animation-Expressionblend-Silverlight

  1. 1. Microsoft  Expression Blend for Silverlight
  2. 2. Thank you NOTE: This wallpaper i have taken from