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Look to the Sky -- Dong Yoon Park


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Look to the Sky -- Dong Yoon Park

  1. 1. Dong Yoon Park!!Major: MFA Design and Technology! Look To The Sky! 2011.5!DESMA 9 - Art Science & Technology - Prof.Victoria Vesna
  2. 2. ABSTRACT!LookToTheSky is a project initiated from myinterests in data visualization, mobile service andcolor. As a designer and developer who is alwaysworking with computer, it is important to take abreak and focus your eyes on a long distance. !However, if you are living in the city it is difficult tosee the sky, especially in this skyscrapers ofManhattan. Additionally, with increasing airpollutions it is becoming more difficult to see clearblue sky.!
  3. 3. ABSTRACT!LookToTheSky promotes people taking a shortbreak in busy daily life by looking up the sky andreminds people to appreciate our environment andnature. !It leverages mobile devices camera and GPSlocation information to share color of the sky aroundthe world. People can see the diverse colorspectrum of the sky throughout the world. !
  4. 4. CONCEPT!Have you ever imagined the color spectrum of the sky?!Letʼs look at the sky at least once a day!!Share current color of the sky 
with the people around the world.!Visualize the color in various andintriguing methods.!
  5. 5. PRECEDENTS : Sky, Weather!Atmospherics/Weather Works by Andrea Polli!
  6. 6. PRECEDENTS : Sky, Weather!NASA Weather/Cloud Video!
  7. 7. PRECEDENTS : Data Visualization!FedEx – Business trends!
  8. 8. PRECEDENTS : Data Visualization! Kuler!Color Spectrum - DNA!
  9. 9. PRECEDENTS : Data Visualization!
  10. 10. Application Flow!
  11. 11. Prototype Design!
  12. 12. Prototype Design!
  13. 13. Color of the World!
  14. 14. Intention!-  Remind people that we are part of larger ecological system !-  Improving peopleʼs mental health! Future Expansion!-  Integration with Weather APIs!-  Visualizing the relationship with other environmental data!-  Exploration of visualization methods including 3D earth mapping!-  Dynamic scaling, animation!