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uberinfographic: an overview of over 365 beautiful infographics


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This presentation shows "the making of" the uberinfographic. The uberinfograhic is an overview of over 365 beautiful infographics and visualizations. The core of this overview is an infographic in itself, a schematic that structures all infographics and visualizations.

Published in: Design, Education, Technology

uberinfographic: an overview of over 365 beautiful infographics

  1. 1. überinfographic the making of...© TOTAL IDENTITY 2011 Total Active Media 1 Martijn Arts
  2. 2. This next slide shows the überinfographic
  3. 3. And now I show how this was made
  4. 4. image art visual blend compound photofractal info art illustrative cartoon data visuele data visual illustration visual translation emergent composition ? design design virtual pattern metaphor circles beautiful classic icons structure recognition knowledge geographic icons abstract pattern contents rebus real structure beta data graphs (infographic) alfa information combinationgrafiek / statistiek graphs schematics overview mapping bubbly insight big picture mapping subway interesting modern glossary schema translation schematische weergave chronilogical overview elements process gamma informatie weergave schematics tagclouds text connections roadmap timelines tagcloud concept textual structure strategy proces story mindmap text
  5. 5. visual composition illustration pattern designstructure icons recognition knowledge pattern contents rebusgraphs combination schematics overview insight big picture mapping schema glossary chronilogical process overview roadmap connections
  6. 6. I hope you liked it
  7. 7. offline© TOTAL IDENTITY 2011 Total Active Media 33 Martijn Arts