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Models: 11 new models for digital marketing


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Marketing changes entirely because of new media and digital technology. In this presentation, 11 new models are presented for digital marketing. Models like Fombrun, Birkigt & Stadler, et cetera are reviewed and new models are proposed.

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Models: 11 new models for digital marketing

  1. models 11 new models for digital marketing© TOTAL IDENTITY 2010 Total Active Media Total Identity 1 Martijn Arts
  2. ‘broadcasting’ ‘long tail’Poluratity classic approach niches are targeted Poluratity too expensive to target Products Products
  3. ‘classic decision process’ ‘complex influences in decisions’ statistical deduction peer reviews, recommendations, etc.Eyeballs Buyers Eyeballs The New Marketing Funnel (Adam). See
  4. ‘classic segmentation’ classic advertising approach‘multi level marketing’ (MLM) ƒ usie your fans, ambassadors, influencers, etc.
  5. ‘possibility to see*’ ‘certainty to see*’classic advertising approach use the viral or network effect * quote from Steven van Belleghem): “don’t invest in possibility so see, invest in certainty to see!”
  6. ‘brand activation’ ‘conversation management’ top down approach bottom up approach Brand Brand Activation Activation Conversation Conversation The Conversation Manager (Steven van Belleghem)
  7. ‘external vs internal’ ‘social spiral’identity versus image (Birkigt & Stadler) learning organisisation behavior image ion personality cat sym ni bo mu ls com identity Social Spiral (Martijn Arts). See
  8. ‘profit optimization’ ‘business model canvas’models based on selling products or time merging models and creatively finding new ones Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers zie ook
  9. ‘several hierarchical approaches’ ‘el hexagon’ maslow, AIDA, etc. integrated and holistic approach DM action long tail desire target interest public attention vision DM mission long tail strateggy target tactics public action vision desire mission interest strateggy attention tactics el hexagon (Martijn Arts). See
  10. ‘separate models’ ‘merged models’models for human behavior, physical world, business. the three mentioned models interact and merge human behavioral human behavioral models models web of things models of business the physical models of the models business models world physical world IBM Global Technology Outlook 2010 (John Post)
  12. ‘reputation management’ ‘marketing 2.0’ model Harris-Fombrun beta-version of this new model* es enc flu a in ern ext vision & financial leadership performance vision & leadership time ce an mworkplace products & r fo reputation er lpenvironment services cia an fin workplace environment products & services emotional social social responsibility appeal responsibility l ea pp la na io ot em three axes, co-ordinate displays reputation-quotient time added to show dynamic routing external influences create tension in reputation * co-creation of Stijn van Diemen en Lisette Bakker (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) and Martijn Arts
  13. @arts118© TOTAL IDENTITY 2010 Total Active Media Total Identity 13 Martijn Arts