Artromick Pintrax Pc Program for Hospital Computing Solutions


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Artromick Pintrax Pc Program for Hospital Computing Solutions

  1. 1. PINTRAX PC Access Manual © 2000 Artromick International. All Rights Reserved. Artromick and Pintrax are registered trademarks of Artromick International. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Rev. 2
  2. 2. Software2 Overview The PINTRAX PC program is used to read information from and program the PINTRAX cart. Users can be added, edited, and deleted from the cart using the program. The events (almost 3000) can be loaded into the PC and searched by User ID, date of occurrence, or type of event. The cart’s settings can be viewed and the program can be used to print reports. Access to cart information via the PINTRAX program is controlled by the user’s type. Each user has a type and each type has associated abilities that are set up by the factory on a cart-by-cart basis. When a user enters their Access Code into the cart, the cart looks up that users type and their abilities. Three of those abilities PC-Events, PC-Users, and PC-Cart Settings are important with regard to the PINTRAX program. Minimum Requirements Windows 95, 98 & NT • 80386 or higher microprocessor. • VGA or higher resolution screen supported by Microsoft Windows. • 8 MB of RAM. • Open serial port. COM1 to COM4 are supported. • A mouse or other pointing devise is not necessary but is preferred.
  3. 3. Software3 Program Installation 1. Start Windows. 2. Make sure that no other programs are running in the background. 3. Insert the CD into the CD drive of your computer. 4. Using Windows 95 or 98 use the Win95 98 Start Button, Select the Run option. In the resulting dialog box type the following: D:setup (substitute the letter of your CD drive if different than D) and press the Enter key. 5. Follow the directions. Please Note: Depending on the current version of the operating system, you may be prompted to upgrade your software. Select Yes and Pintrax PC program will perform this operation. Once the upgrade is performed, you will need to restart your computer and then install Pintrax PC program.
  4. 4. Software4 Running the Pintrax PC Program Setting up the Pintrax PC Access Program 1. Plug into the computers COM Port. Plug the 9 pin or 25 adapter and phone cable into a free COM port on your computer. COM1 to COM4 are supported by the program. Record which COM port you plugged into. You will need to select it when the program is first run and each time you change it thereafter. 2. Start the PINTRAX program. Select Start then Programs then select the PINTRAX program. Note: If this is the first time use, you will see the window below, select OK. 3. Choose the type of connection. Select the type of connection needed. By selecting “Comm Port” you can connect to the med cart via a comm port on your PC and a direct link cable connection. Selecting “Modem” allows you to connect via your computer’s modem standard telephone connection and a special modem* at the other end of telephone connection. Selecting “Off Line” allows you to manage or work with files away from or disconnected from your med cart. These features will be explored in detail in the pages to follow. * This modem is available only through Artromick International. Please contact Tech Support @ 800-848-6462 for more information.
  5. 5. Software5 Comm Port 1. Be sure the “comm port” has been selected and click continue. 2. You will now be prompted to select a comm port (this is specific to your computer, if you are unsure, contact your IS personnel or computer specialist)* and baud rate (to start with select a baud rate of 9600. If you have communication problems you can reduce the baud rate later.) * If you are still unsure you can click on the radio button “Test Comm Port” This . may assist you but is not a guarantee that you have selected the correct comm port. 3. Select “Continue” and you will see the following window.
  6. 6. Software6 Comm Port 4. You will now need to prepare your cart for connecting. Please follow the instructions for setting up the cart. Setting up the Cart 1. Press Wake-Up. HELLO Temporary display 2 seconds ENTER CODE 2. Press Recall. ENTER CODE FOR RECALLING 3. Enter 4-digit code. Use Clear key if a mistake is made. *** LINK TO PC? This screen will only show if the user has the ability to connect to a computer.
  7. 7. Software7 4. Press Yes. CONNECT PC CABLE PRESS ENTER Open the area of the cart where the COM port is located and plug the cable in. 5. Press Enter. LINKING TO PC. 9600 BAUD END The cart is connecting to the PC. When it does connect the screen changes from “Linking” to “Linked.” LINKED TO PC. 9600 BAUD END If the cart does not link with PC, make sure that the cart baud rate is the same as the PC’s baud rate. Use the up/down keys on the cart to change it’s baud rate, and use the “Comm” pull down menu then choose “Select Again” to change the PC’s baud rate. Signing In 1. Click on the “Sign In” Button. When the PC detects that a cart is connected it enables the “Sign-In” button, and changes the Connection Status display to “Please Sign In.” The spinning cursor indicates that the PC is reading information from the cart. When the PC is finished the Connection Status display will change to “Connected @ 9600 Baud” and the Settings, Users, or Events buttons may become enabled.
  8. 8. Software8 General Use of the PC Program Settings 1. Click on the Settings Button. If you’ve signed in and the Settings button is not enabled (it’s grayed out), then your user type does not have the ability to read the cart settings using the PC. The spinning cursor indicates that the PC is reading information from the cart. All of the settings “grayed out” cannot be changed. All other settings can be changed here. This form is useful for troubleshooting with Tech Support. Please Note: In this instance the PC user cannot add, delete or change user types. When logging in as a matter the “Abilities” can be changed.
  9. 9. Software9 Settings definitions Cart Number: Each cart has an individual number. Auto Sec Delay: The auto secure delay is the number of minutes that the cart can be left unattended before it attempts to auto secure. Configuration: This is a physical description of the cart. From the top down it shows the “type,”“orientation,” “size,”“number of cabinets” and “height.” Personal Editing: Personal editing is either enabled (“Yes”), or disabled (“No”). If enabled any user can change their Access Code (not their ID) by entering the Program Mode and following the directions. Time: Two times and dates are shown, one for the cart and one for the PC. Areas Utilized: The areas in use are indicated by a check in the box.“N1” stands for Narc Drawer #1,“Z8” stands for Zone #8. Perimeter Alarm: The perimeter alarm is active in the areas checked. Pcb Rev/Max Users: The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) revision level of the cart is shown in this window. If your cart needs servicing-this value may be needed. The number of users that may be added is shown in the Max Users box. BeepF/Comm is in: The beeper frequency may be high, medium, or low. The “Comm is in” box shows the location of the comm port. For example, a “Z8” in this window indicates that the comm port is located in Zone #8. Open Time: Indicates the time that a particular zone or narc drawer will be held open. Narc Type: The narc type may be “general” or “specific.” Abilities: The different user types are abbreviated along the top row. “M”=Master,“T”=Technician,“S”=Special,“PC”=PC user,“KS”=Key Switch, “N”=Nurse. The abilities are shown vertically on the right hand side of the screen. A checked box indicates that the user type shown in that column has the ability shown in that row.
  10. 10. Software10 Users 1. Click on the Users Button. If you’ve signed in and the Users button is not enabled (it’s grayed out), then your user type does not have the ability to read the Users using the PC. The spinning cursor indicates that the PC is reading information from the cart. The users can be viewed, edited, and added to using the PC. By clicking this button, this assures you that the information you are vewing is what is programmed in the cart. The File Menu allows you to open previous edited or managed files for viewing of downloading. When opening files, you are forced to the Batch mode. This also allows you to save current user information. You can also print the entire list here or a “snap shot” with “print form” . Adding a user: Click on an empty line, or use the “Add” pull down. Fill in the form and click on “Apply.”
  11. 11. Software11 Editing a user: Click on the user to be edited, or use the “Edit” pull down and enter the user’s number. Change as desired and choose “Apply.” Deleting a user: Click on the user to be deleted, or use the “Edit” pull down and enter the user’s number. Choose the “Delete” button. Sorting users: When this box is checked the users are displayed by type and then ID number. If unchecked they are displayed in the order they occur in memory, which is roughly the order they were added in. Update mode: “Immediate” will work quicker with one or two changes.“Batch” operates better for large changes or file downloads. Events 1. Click on the events button. You will see the following window after clicking on the Events button. Click on cart, then read and the following window will appear.
  12. 12. Software12 Events The PINTRAX cart stores almost 3000 events. Depending on how many events are generated each day the cart may contain events from several weeks back. If you want to read all of the events in the cart select the “All Events” button. If you only want to read the events back to a certain date select the “Events Back To” button, and fill in the date and time. Then click the Proceed button. The spinning curser indicates the events are being read. Depending on how many events there are, the time may vary. The most recent event is shown at the top of the form. Use the scroll bar to go down and back in time. Searching by User: Click on the Enable box under the User ID Search Parameter box. The form rewrites to display only those events that have ID’s matching the value shown in the parameter box. Use the scroll bar next to the box to find the desired ID. Searching by Date: Click on the Enable box under the Time and Date Search Parameter box. The form rewrites to display only those events that have dates between the from/to values in the parameter box. Searching by Type of Event: Click on the Enable box under the Event Type Search Parameter box. The form rewrites to display only those events of the type shown in the parameter box. Use the scroll bar next to the box to find the desired type. The above searches may be combined in any order.
  13. 13. Software13 Modem The modem connection allows you to connect to a med cart via a standard modem on your PC to a special modem at the med cart. The special modem is available only through Artromick International. This modem is a standard US Robotics specially modified for this purpose. This modem can also be used by Factory Personnel to diagnose and manage your med cart. 1. Select the modem settings and click Continue. Select the modem Port and Band Rate. Enter the phone number including any necessary numbers or ____________ as needed. Once connected, the software operates as though you were connected via a “Comm” port. Because of external conditions this type of connection will operate much slower. You may also experience difficulty with interruption of phone service similar with any phone connection.
  14. 14. Software14 Offline “Offline Connection” is not a true connection. This mode allows you to print, edit or manage cart files while away or disconnected from your med cart. Select “offline” and click “continue. Note the “Com Not Open” below the mouse pointer as indicated below. You can manage your files, open, save or change in this mode as you would with any windows application.
  15. 15. Medication Systems Worldwide