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What To Do With Your Old Photos

What To Do With Your Old Photos

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What To Do With Your Old Photos

  1. 1. Here are some ideas to showcase and preserve those older photos that are just collecting dust. CREATE THEMED ALBUMS Organizing old photos into themed albums is a great way to ensure they aren’t lost or forgotten. Create themes such as your kids’ birthday parties, family vacations or the old family home. SCAN YOUR PHOTOS INTO YOUR COMPUTER Using a scanner, you can make digital copies of the family photos you want to save forever, then back them up onto a flash drive or CD. You can also use a photo scanner app, which makes it easy to share those photos on social media. The vast majority of photos on Facebook or Instagram were taken with those apps, so sharing old photos can be a great conversation- starter and help your profile stand out. DECORATE A TRAVEL MAP Many people hang maps on their walls to keep track of all the places they’ve visited. If you have photos of your trips, you can cut them to fit the shape of the state or country you visited and stick them to your travel map. It’s a great way to re-purpose those old photos as well as remember your travels. TAKE CARE WHEN STORING THEM Old photos can be damaged easily by moisture and extreme temperatures. If you want to preserve the hard copies for future generations, store them carefully in areas where they will be kept cool and dry at all times. Basements and attics are poor places to store old photos. MATCH PHOTOS TO FAMILY HEIRLOOMS Many families have cherished items that are passed from generation to generation. If you have any family photos that feature these items, keep them together. That way, when the time comes for you to pass those items to the next generation, they will have a ready-made chronicle of just how important those items are. SHARE WITH YOUR LOCAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY You may be too modest to believe that your family’s old photos are worth anything to anyone else, but many local historical societies are interested in photos that depict what life was like in the past. If you can’t think of anything else to do with your old photos, see if your local history buffs would like them. WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR OLD FAMILY PHOTOS

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What To Do With Your Old Photos


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