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About Us
Artnet Pro sells, installs, maintains and repairs a wide range of PCB equipment from leadin...
Paragon 8000M
This machine has a Dual resolution system, millimeter units, offers Smooth lines at any angle ...
AOI operating system that enables any operator
to successfully achieve high performance without
prior experience.
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Artnet pro july newsletter


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ArtNet Pro sells, installs, maintains and repairs a wide range of PCB equipment from leading
manufacturers such as Orbotech and Camtek. The company offers a variety of equipment including direct
imaging systems, laser photo plotters, AOI systems and CAM/CAD stations as well as PCB design,
scanning, reverse engineering and other related services.

The AOI Advantage Laser is a replacement for obsoleted LiCONiX lasers, it includes direct diode laser,
beam shaping optics, control electronics, automatic power control, TE cooling, system enclosure and
mounting hardware. This laser is powered by a long lifetime Coherent direct diode laser, and is proven to
improve image quality as well as bring reliability to your machine. With this laser you will have no need to
replace your AOI system in order to achieve high resolution imaging as well as not needing to
continuously replace your laser, significantly lowering service costs.

Published in: Technology
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Artnet pro july newsletter

  1. 1. ArtNet Pro Newsletter About Us Artnet Pro sells, installs, maintains and repairs a wide range of PCB equipment from leading manufacturers such as Orbotech and Camtek. The company offers a variety of equipment including direct imaging systems, laser photo plotters, AOI systems and CAM/CAD stations as well as PCB design, scanning, reverse engineering and other related services. The AOI Advantage Laser is a replacement for obsoleted Liconix lasers, it includes direct diode laser, beam shaping optics, control electronics, automatic power control, TE cooling, system enclosure and mounting hardware. This laser is powered by a long lifetime Coherent direct diode laser, and is proven to improve image quality as well as bring reliability to your machine. With this laser, you will have no need to replace your AOI system in order to achieve high resolution imaging, as well as not needing to continuously replace your laser, significantly lowering service costs.
  2. 2. Paragon 8000M ONLY ONE LEFT This machine has a Dual resolution system, millimeter units, offers Smooth lines at any angle (±2.5μm edge roughness) and is ideal for packaging, rigidflex, sequential build­up and high layer count. Paragon delivers high quality and accuracy using the Large Scan Optics (LSO) technology, with LDI throughput of up to 160 prints per hour. DP100SL ONLY ONE LEFT With imaging speeds of up to 120 sides per hour, the DP100SL produces accurate dynamic scaling and alignment. It has an UV diode pump solid state laser (DPSS), offers exposure on all UV, dry or liquid materials, and imaging on inner and outer layers, SBU, flex PCBs and solder mask. This machine delivers exceptional quality imaging at a high speed to help meet today’s production yield challenges with tomorrow’s technology. Camtek Dragon 3G­LT SOLD The Dragon 3G­LT has a committed scanning table that can scan panels up to 30” by 42” making it an ideal tool for Backplanes and large Antennae Circuits. It is equipped with enhanced optics that ensures optimized images combined with new firmware that enables accurate detection of defects at a fast speed. This machine is powered by EyeQ which is a new approach to the
  3. 3. AOI operating system that enables any operator to successfully achieve high performance without prior experience. Orbotech Discovery 8HR The Discovery 8 HR delivers a high throughput and is an ideal machine for high­volume production. It uses SIP technology, is easy to use, with a “no setup” process, and produces high AOI results with minimal effort. This machine is visually intelligent and offers you options to detect what you want and what you don’t, saving you time on non­critical defects. Camtek Orion 828 This ergonomically designed machine has a valve­based vacuum table as well as the original Orion illumination block. With market proven capabilities, it offers a user friendly operation system that has flexible verification options and quick and easy settings for new jobs. Some of its optional features include low contrast materials­ DTSF, detectable laser drill defects, laser drill inspection, and photo resistant inspection (PRI). Visit Website