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Isa News Spring08 Jimmy Smith Article


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Isagenix Newsletter, Spring 2008

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Isa News Spring08 Jimmy Smith Article

  1. 1. Meet Our twO New MilliONaires: FOllOw their Path tO success IS NEWS spring 2008 Top Income earner JImmy SmITh TurnS 80 Find out how he’s Living and Sharing the Dream ImpaCTIng WoRld HealTH Isagenix® expands to Taiwan aLSo >> 20 Tips to Carefree Cleansing Red, Yellow...Greens! three recipes to mix up our new and improved Greens! Success Stories • Marathoner named nationwide “Picture of health” finalist • Ice skater returns to the rink • Associate switches from fad cleanse to nutritional cleanse 1
  2. 2. in this issue Features 6 Jimmy Smith Turns 80 There’s no slowing down Top Income Earner Jimmy Smith. In fact, in his words, he’s only just begun. Find out what keeps him motivated and his best business-building tips. 10 Meet Our New Millionaires Sean and Crystal Escobar are the youngest World Headquarters Tours in Isagenix® millionaires, but their journey Chandler, Ariz. are Fridays at Jimmy Smith celebrates his 80th birthday to success has been a long one. Joyce 11:30 a.m. • For reservations Patrick has spent half of her life in network call: 480-889-5747, ext. 0 marketing, but found her niche with Isagenix. Learn how these new millionaires reached their ultimate pinnacle of success. 18 Go Greens! Check out our new and improved Isagenix 15 20 Carefree Cleansing Tips Greens!™ packed with powerful green Learn 20 tips to carefree Cleanse Days and nutrients for increased health benefits. Also, how you can make the most of them. learn three recipes to mix things up with the new Greens!. 16 Marathoner Named “Picture of Health” New Isagenix® MaryKay Mullally was voted among 19 Impacting World Health Millionaires Sean and thousands as a finalist for Prevention Crystal Escobar Isagenix® expands its reach across the globe Magazine and ABC News Now’s annual with our recent opening of Taiwan. Find out “Picture of Health” Contest. how we’re accomplishing our mission to impact world health. 17 Ice Skater Returns to the Rink Samantha Marchant was burnt out from professional skating at the young age of 24, in every issue but returned to the rink healthier than ever with Isagenix®. 4 Events Calendar 5 Isagenix® Insider 20 David Wood Professional Skater 21 Recognition Samantha Marchant Toll-Free order line International offices contacts 1-877-877-8111 Hong Kong (011) 852 2779 0222 Doctor Questions Hours: M-F 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. Australia (011) 61 2 8705 8900 Sat. 6 a.m. - 2 p.m. Taiwan (886) 2 8758 2860 Success Stories (U.S. Pacific Time) e-mail addresses Customer Service Customer Service For a full list of contacts, visit English 480-889-5777 the “Business Training” section Chinese 480-889-5755 Event Inquiries of your Back office library. French 480-889-5766 Spanish 480-889-5788 Product Questions Editorial Board • Jim and Kathy Coover, Jim Pierce, Rick Despain, Liz Harvey, Joel Bikman Managing Editor • Julie Meyer Copy Editor • Jennifer Pinner Creative Manager • Michael Dorval Graphic Design • Kelly Christiansen, Magdalena Weinkein, Kirsten Peterson Contributing Writers • Jim and Kathy Coover, Andrea Henkart, Mary Barry, David Wood, Jack Frantz, Victoria Olson, Lori Works, Carol Tragash, Alexi Estepa photography credit • Cover photo by David Tevis Send comments to: IsaNews is published quarterly by Isagenix® for Associates and Preferred Customers. ©2008 Isagenix. All rights reserved. The statements in this publication have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Earning levels for Isagenix® Associates that appear in this publication should not be construed as representative of fixed or typical income earned with an Isagenix business, nor are they intended to represent that other Associates will eventually achieve the same level of income. Income level achievements are dependent upon individual business skills, personal ambition, timing, commitment, activity and demographic factors. 2
  3. 3. isagenix celebrates Six Years ® IT wAS MOrE than six constantly to share our excitement. We began testing the years ago when John An- system on 300 people. Our phones started ringing off the derson first approached hook. That was the moment we realized we had created us about creating a no- something magical. The “magic” is in the more than 200 compromise company nutrients in the system that cleanse the body of impurities complete with top-of- while also helping to achieve optimal health. the-line nutritional We never could have imagined that our mission to products that would spread health and wealth throughout the world would truly change lives happen so quickly. We’ve reached remarkable milestones, across the globe. accomplished incredible success and experienced At first, we were phenomenal growth along the way. We have nearly reluctant to come 200,000 Associates and Preferred Customers worldwide out of retirement, sharing in our vision and have reached over a half a but John’s heartfelt billion dollars in cumulative sales. Each of these dollars vision and persistence intrigued us. represents a life changed from our amazing products and Even though John had also retired, he never stopped business opportunity. searching for the newest and greatest nutritional botanicals All of this wouldn’t be possible without your dedica- from around the world. Traveling to places like India and tion and enthusiasm. We’re already one of the fastest- the Himalayas, he returned to the U.S. with cutting-edge growing, most successful companies in North America and ingredients that would eventually become some of the key are beginning to establish our footprint in the Asia-Pacific nutrients for our Isagenix® products. region. With your support, we’re going to make a huge We discussed our vision, which was to impact world difference worldwide — we’re just getting started. health and free people from physical and financial pain We look forward to another exciting and record- and in the process create the largest health-and-wellness breaking year and are truly honored to have you with company in the world. We knew we needed to create a us on this journey. complete nutritional system with a cleansing element, a natural metabolism accelerator, meal replacement option With much love and excitement, and a blood sugar-stabilizing supplement. From this, the Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System was born. Three days later, John presented the system to us and we were the first ones to experience it. We felt and saw the results in a matter of days and were calling each other For more information on the history of isagenix® from Master Formulator and Founder John anderson and co-Founders Jim and Kathy Coover, visit your Back Office Library “conference call schedule and archive” section to listen to the sixth anniversary call. Jim Coover, John Anderson and Kathy Coover joined forces in 2002 to introduce Nutritional Cleansing to the world. 3
  4. 4. caleNDar | eVeNts 2008 “Commitment to greatness” Celebration • las Vegas, NV august 3–5 See the back cover for details. june 25–26 mastering the Stage • Phoenix, AZ If you dream of standing in the spotlight, your first step toward suc- cess is learning the tools to master the stage. Join Isagenix® Executive Training Consultant David Wood for a powerful two-day event that will empower you with techniques to take your stage presence and training skills to a new level. june 26 Business Briefing • 7-10 p.m. • Phoenix, AZ Invite your prospects to join our top leaders and learn about the health and financial opportunities that Isagenix® offers. $10 per Associate, FREE for guests and those attending Isagenix University. june 27–29 Isagenix® university • Phoenix, AZ Everything you need to know about our products, compensation plan and sales tools, you’ll learn at an Isagenix® University. This three-day event is both educational and inspiring and is a “must attend” for new Associates to help kickstart your business. The event is hosted by Co-Founders Jim and Kathy Coover along with a team of trainers and top income earners. $199 per Associate. register for these events today in your Back office 4
  5. 5. isaGeNiX® insider Autoship Rewards Program IsaDelight™ Summer Shipping Isagenix® has launched one of our most exciting During the summer months of May through incentives ever! If you’re currently on Autoship September, separate packaging and expe- (with a minimum of 100 BV), you can earn $10 dited shipping for IsaDelight™ orders are re- every month for each of your personally enrolled quired. IsaDelight™ will continue shipping Associates or Preferred Customers who does in a special insulated foil bag with cool packs the same. to keep the product at a lower temperature. A surcharge of $15 for each increment of up to a Prices & Shipping Rates Change 120-count of IsaDelight™ applies during the The wholesale prices of most products have been summer months. IsaDelight™ will also only ship adjusted by approximately 5 percent to offset the on weekdays. escalating costs of goods driven by raw materials. To adjust for rising fuel costs, standard shipping IsaLean® Bars Available for Summer rates have increased by $1 or 1 percent ($10.95 or For the first time ever, we’re now offering 7 percent, whichever is greater, and orders under our coated IsaLean® Bars during the summer. $50 will be reduced to a $8.95 shipping fee). The bars will be shipped on weekdays only in special packaging to keep the product cool. A Celebration Cash Contest $15 surcharge will be added for every two boxes Win your share of $15,000 in cash and other great of bars. prizes including an invitation to the Founders’ Gala during the Celebration Cash Contest. You’ll Isagenix® Becomes a DSA Member earn points each time one of your personally en- Isagenix® is now a proud member of the Direct rolled Associates advances in rank or purchases Selling Association (DSA), the national trade a qualifying product pak or system. The contest association of the leading firms that manufacture runs through July 6. and distribute goods and services sold directly to consumers. Three New Paks New Associates can get a jump start on reach- Take the Crystal Challenge ing their health and business-building goals by The coveted ranking of Crystal Executive can choosing from two new Paks: the Cleansing Pres- only be reached within your first six months of ident’s Pak or IsaDelight™ President’s Pak. The enrollment or once a year during the Crystal Paks include the $49 membership fee, $80 Prod- Challenge. Qualify by July 6 in order to be recog- uct Introduction Bonus and certificate(s) for $50 nized on stage at Celebration. off an upcoming Isagenix® event. Members of our existing Isagenix family can boost their business New Lower Magazine Pack Price with the new IsaDelight™ Mega Pak, which in- Get the ultimate sales tool at the lowest price: cludes a 120-count Value Pak and eight 30-count Success from Home – $20 per 10 pack and Your boxes. The IsaDelight™ President’s Pak and Mega Business at Home – $10 per 10 pack. Pak ship for only $45, offering you even greater savings. New eNews Launched Isagenix® has launched a new and improved Take a Fresh Look at IsaFruits® eNews full of company and product information, Check out the new IsaFruits® with fresher, faster- event details, conference call schedules and other acting and higher-grade ingredients including great features. If you’re not receiving our weekly more antioxidants, flavanoids and carotenoids eNews, visit your Back Office Library to view the to boost your health benefits. IsaFruits® con- archive and learn how you can subscribe. tains natural flavors and only one gram of sugar per serving. 5
  6. 6. cover story JImmY SmITH: LIvIng And SharIng THe Dream YOu’D THINK TurNING 80 in March would have caused Isagenix® Top Income Earner Jimmy Smith to pause and take some time off to enjoy his success. But rather than lying on a secluded beach somewhere or traveling the country in his 40-foot luxury motor home, Jimmy is on the same mission as always — to change lives and help others fulfill their dreams. “I’m just getting started. You haven’t seen anything yet,” says Jimmy. “When you have this knowledge in your head and have worked as hard as I have for so little (money) for so long, I want to share this with everybody I can. I can’t sit home and watch television or take a nap with this in my head.” Jimmy is passionate about sharing what he has learned about network marketing over the past 20 years and he’ll talk to anyone who will listen. Jimmy is a 9-Star Golden Circle, multi-million dollar earner* who has more than 150,000 people in his team with an average of 300 to 400 additional Associates joining each day. He earns more than $2 million each year* from his Is- agenix business and is working on maxing out his second re-entry position. But don’t let all of his success intimi- date you. He started his business just like many others: a man who left a stable, full-time job to take a leap of faith and try network marketing. “If my creator asked me to write this script down when I was in my 20’s, 30’s or 40’s, I couldn’t have writ- ten this,” says Jimmy of his life. “It’s just beyond my wildest dreams.” So what could a man who has everything possibly want for his birthday? Even though he celebrated the milestone occasion with family, friends and his Isagenix team, there’s still one thing he wants — the chance to share with others what he has learned. In person, he’s a soft-spoken, humble man who doesn’t brag about his earnings, but wants others to see the potential of Isagenix and make their own dreams a reality. * Earning levels for Isagenix® Independent Associates that appear in this publication should not be construed as representative of fixed or typical income earned with an Isagenix business, nor are they intended to represent that other Associates will eventually achieve the same level of income. Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual Associate’s business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity and demographic factors. 6
  7. 7. a Butcher reborn THErE ArE TwO “I started working as a butcher at the age of 15 and facts most people learned a strong work ethic from my father, who was very already know about dynamic and great with people,” explains Jimmy. “I’ve Jimmy Smith. One, he been waiting on the public all of my life. When you wait on used to be a butcher. people for their meat for 40 years, you learn patience.” Two, he’s a millionaire His ability to connect with people led him to earn a very from his Isagenix busi- comfortable six-figure income with his first network market- ness. But often, what ing company. Yet, he felt something was still missing. When people tend to miss are he heard about Isagenix and its leadership he decided to try how the two facts the products. He lost 21 pounds* and four inches* and knew are related and Isagenix was his calling. Leaving behind the other network inseparable. marketing company and the income was a risk, especially at After 40 years the age of 74, but he was convinced it was the right decision as a butcher, the to make. physical nature of the “Isagenix was the company I was looking for. I knew job had taken a toll on where I was going and I wanted to get there,” says Jimmy. his body. Jimmy was “I was determined to go from being the ‘best butcher on the Jimmy followed in his father’s (inset) footsteps forced to either retire block’ to the ‘best network marketer on the block.’” by becoming a butcher. He or find another career The transition to Isagenix was not an easy one since recommends the filet mignon as path. His entrepreneurial he had cut himself off from his earlier network marketing the best cut of meat. spirit and lifelong desire to income. He borrowed money to assure his solvency while have a family business led him to discover another indus- he got his new business going and committed to working try called network marketing. He learned all that he could harder than he ever had before. Jimmy frequently says, “I’m about the business and recruited friends and family, includ- doing today what others won’t, so I can do tomorrow what ing his daughters Kathy and Grace who now head up each others can’t.” It’s a statement he lives by and often made of his Isagenix legs. His years as a butcher taught him how others laugh when he first began his quest. But he stuck by to work with people, become more outgoing and how to his word and as he has pounded the pavement and worked serve others. his way to success, it’s clear that no one is laughing at him now. Jimmy’s Business-Building Tips • Know you’re in the right place at the right • The greatest tool is the three- time with Isagenix. Timing is everything. ® way call. Use it to stay in Recognize you’re there and get into massive touch with team members action. The more people you talk to, the more and prospects. I learned long successful you’ll be. ago that I can cover more ground with my cell phone • Three ways to kill your business are pride, than by plane or car. greed and impatience. Make sure to ask for help when you need it. • To turn “pro” in network marketing, read as many • Network marketing is all about leveraging books as you can about the yourself through people. For a small investment industry. Listen to audio CDs, you can be on your way to building a successful watch DVDs, etc. business. You can’t do that in other industries. * Weight-loss results may vary 7
  8. 8. cover story continued wealth and Misconceptions QuITE POSSIBLY THE most misunderstood fact about ates and has never charged a fee for his help. He’s always Jimmy is his personal relationship with money. His success available for three-way calls with team members and loves has afforded him a 10,000-square-foot home, a luxury motor to “close” deals for them. He shares products with his team home, a Mercedes and many other perks, but he says none and never expects a dime in return. He’s the first guy to pick of it matters to him. up the check at dinner. He even wants to pay for the wed- “The material things I have are not important to me. I dings of all 32, soon to be 33, of his grandchildren. share them with others,” says Jimmy. “My wife said ‘Jimmy “I thank God every day for the life I have,” Jimmy says. why are you building this big house?’ It was about fulfill- “I feel like I am the most blessed man on earth. I don’t know ing my dreams. I had a picture of a beautiful home, a motor why God gave me all of this, but I am grateful.” home and a Mercedes above my desk and I got them. I set “None of this would have been possible without the ef- my goals and I go after them.” forts of so many others,” Jimmy points out. The motor home hasn’t had much of a chance to hit the He’s grateful for his sponsor, Carole Taylor, a long-time open road lately because he’s been too busy building his friend who took the initiative to introduce him to Isagenix. business and helping others to do the same. And the Mer- He continually “gives thanks to the many thousands of am- cedes he purchased to fulfill his dream was later traded in bitious men and women who listened to me and followed for a Honda. He, in many ways, is a paradox: a simple man me into successful careers of their own” and says a person is who freely shares his success with family, friends and chari- only as good as the people they work with. table organizations rather than keeping his trade secrets to As a daily reminder of what he’s grateful for and how himself and reveling in the fortune he has accumulated. he should lead his life, Jimmy always carries two note cards “I’m sure a lot of people think that I’m all about money, in his front suit pocket. One is his “code of ethics,” which he but I’m really not. I don’t want to be remembered when reads every day for inspiration. The other is a breakdown I leave this earth for the house that I lived in or the car I of the income he earns every year, month, week and day drove,” says Jimmy. “I’d like to be remembered for the posi- all the way down to the second. He’s clear to state that he tive impact I have made on everybody I’ve met.” didn’t create the income card to make himself sound great, Part of how he makes his impact begins with his travel but rather to make a point about the potential for success schedule. For several weeks of the year, Jimmy travels all available in network marketing if you commit to making it over North America to offer his personal support not only happen and never quit. to his own team, but to any of the members of the Isagenix “I’d have to work over 200 years as a butcher to make family who need assistance — and he insists on absorbing what I make with Isagenix,” says Jimmy. all of the costs himself. He’s quick to share the tools he cre- Jimmy and his son-in-law Tom and daughters Kathy and Grace have experienced phenomenal success with Isagenix® not only financially, but also in boosting their health and wellness by using products including the IsaLean® Shakes faithfully over the last six years. 8
  9. 9. Jimmy says he’s extremely thankful that Founder and Master Formulator John Anderson and Co-Founders Jim and Kathy Coover followed their vision and dreams, which have enabled him to achieve his own. Building a legacy JIMMY SuMS uP his personal characteristics in a handful for Jimmy. He doesn’t foresee slowing down anytime soon of words: sincere, passionate, giving and caring. He easily either—he wants to live to 120 years old. He attributes his captures that in his colorful yet genuine catch phrases. youthful energy and health to taking care of his body with “When your vocation becomes a vacation there’s no Isagenix products and still doing what he’s always done: such thing as work in life. I do what I love and I love what I dreaming of the future. do. And I do it with passion,” shares Jimmy with a smile. “I “The day you stop dreaming in this life, it’s over,” he have a vision for myself and for a lot of other people.” says. “You have to keep dreaming. Dream as far as you can That vision is what Jimmy is out sharing in order to and when you get there, dream further.” build what he hopes will be his legacy for his family, friends and Isagenix. “Ghandi said ‘every man wants to live, every man wants to love, every man wants to learn, every man wants Jimmy’s code of ethics to leave a legacy,’” explains Jimmy. “I’ve done a lot of the Share your love, your joy, your happiness, first three and am working on the legacy right now.” your time, your food, your money gladly He in part also credits his success to a lesson he learned early on called the “law of reciprocity,” what goes around with all. Give out all the love you can with a comes around. glad free heart and hand. Do all you can for “I believe if you help enough other people to get what others, and back will come countless doors they want, then you’ll have whatever you want. What you of blessings. Sharing draws others to you. put out there is what you get back,” says Jimmy. “I had a Take all who come and are sent by God dream, a vision, a goal, and I worked hard and never quit. and give them a royal welcome. You may Quitting was never an option for me. I just kept going and I never see the results of your sharing: today got there. I try to inspire people to do the same thing.” Jimmy’s mission is to continue to help as many people they may not need you, but tomorrow may as he can to reach their goals and dreams starting with his bring results for the sharing you did today. children, grandchildren and his friends. He’s already helped to create several millionaires in Isagenix, including his two daughters, and helped thousands of others in his team to in- crease their income. The year ahead looks brighter than ever 9
  10. 10. mIllIonaIRe$ lifetime network marketer Finds millionaire Success With Isagenix® JOYCE PATrICK OF California Joyce recently attended an Isagenix Business Briefing knows a thing or two about network and was amazed to witness the enthusiasm of new Associ- marketing. At age 72, she has spent ates and the testimonials they had of success with the prod- nearly half of her life in the industry ucts. She shares the story of a mortgage consultant who and didn’t hesitate to give Isagenix® stood up and said she now depends on her Isagenix income a try when she heard that John Anderson and Jim Coover to keep her afloat during these difficult times. were behind it. “That’s the ultimate example of why it’s so important “I knew that John Anderson was known as the ‘min- to have residual income, because you never know when eral man’ and that Jim Coover was one of the best business you’ll have to depend on it,” says Joyce. “We have the leaders in the industry,” says Joyce. amazing opportunity to start a business for only $36 and Joining the Isagenix family turned out to be her best a small monthly commitment. It’s the most duplicatable career decision as she celebrates becoming a new million- thing out there.” aire, the friendships she has developed and the “superstar” Joyce credits her success to the generous Isagenix team she has built. compensation plan, company leadership, her devoted team In 2002, on the heels of the launch of Isagenix, Joyce and the effectiveness of the products. She lost 30 pounds* attended a financial conference that featured guest speaker with Isagenix and loves the energy it has given her. Her Les Brown. She thought to herself, “someday he’ll be talk- millionaire success hasn’t changed her lifestyle too much ing about Isagenix.” Sure enough, almost six years later except that she hopes to spend a little more time in her at 2008 Top Achievers, Les was the keynote speaker and garden, sleeping in late and hiring a house cleaning service. shared his love of Isagenix products. She already envisions her retirement home out on a lake “At that time I was lucky to be making enough income where she’ll be able to spend her time fishing and says, “I to cover my hotel costs for the conference,” explains Joyce. don’t even know where it is at, but it will find me.” It’s that “I’ve come a long way since then, but was shocked to learn special spirit, support and belief that has earned her the that I was the newest Isagenix millionaire.” nickname of “team mom.” • the best people are those you have success tips not met yet. Your superstars are still out there. • everyone’s speed of success is going to be different. the important thing is that you commit to a path and stick with it. • You’re not alone in your business. You have the support of a team and isagenix® corporate. • Dream big and realize that dreams don’t have deadlines. • all you need is a flat rate phone Joyce Patrick with team member and friend 7-Star Golden Circle service, computer and the enthusiasm renata Lee enjoyed the day at the Santa Anita race Track near Los and desire to succeed to make it in Angeles after 2007 Top Achievers. this business. *Weight-loss results may vary 10
  11. 11. $ Surrendering to the learning Curve is Key for Young millionaires SEAN AND CrYSTAL Escobar of Utah may be the young- est Isagenix® millionaires, but their journey to success has been a long one full of lessons learned, self discovery and Sean and Crystal Escobar with their lots of hard work. two-year-old daughter Lily. As the son of Top Income Earners Tony and Randi Esco- bar, Sean knew what was possible in Isagenix. He had been With renewed enthusiasm, Sean began to treat the taught from an early age to never work for anyone else. At business like a bonafide profession. Soon he grasped the age 16, his father loaned him money to start a business sell- core fundamentals of permission-based sharing, utilizing a ing Ginsu knife sets door to door. Pretty soon, Sean started higher authority, engaging a living, breathing third-party to get it; trading time for money would not create freedom validation, and most importantly, following through. and wealth. Through repetition, emotional involvement, and teamwork, Sean’s Isagenix journey began in April 2002 at the age success was born. of 21. As a self-proclaimed “know-it-all” unwilling to heed “We’re a product results-driven company and nurtur- the advice of his parents, all that he learned about network ing and supporting the cleanser is crucial,” explains marketing came from books he read. Sean. “They will not become lifelong cleansers or refer “The books claimed the key to success was simply to their friends unless they have a good experience with call everyone you know and promise them that they’re our products.” going to be rich,” says Sean. “It sounded easy enough so I Sean focused on developing leadership from the jumped in with both feet and started making calls.” ground up, one person at a time. He recruited up, rather Discouragement set in a few months later when Sean than taking the path of least resistance and enrolling every- realized that his success was short lived. He wasn’t retain- one that looked up to him. This was especially true in the ing loyal customers or creating leadership. Humbled by his case of his most prized recruit, Crystal, who was pursuing a lack of results, he went to his parents for guidance. They career with another network marketing company. Crystal’s put him in touch with their partner, Peter Greenlaw, who results with cleansing eventually proved to be the deciding mentored Sean for several months focusing on experiential factor in her joining Isagenix. She dropped from a size ten learning with the underlying theme, “the work will teach to a size five.* Not only did she become his business part- you how.” Peter always stressed that, “first you learn, then ner, but his life partner, as well. you earn!” “Joyfully overwhelmed is the only way to describe how we feel about our Isagenix success,” says Crystal. “Building financial security for our posterity is what network market- • even though you desperately want ing stands for.” success tips it, be patient. It takes time to build Sean adds, “It’s a team effort, we owe all of our suc- your business. surrender to the cess to our mentors, but more importantly, to the beautiful learning curve. people within our organization, our team!” • Enroll in “Network Marketing School,” so to speak. Make a three to five-year commitment, dig your heels in and don’t look at the scoreboard. 24 • Work the numbers. You may have to talk to 10 people to generate just one isaGeNiX ® or two customers. those are actually MilliONaires pretty good odds in business. Just remember, all it takes is five good tO Date. leaders on the left and five on the are you nexT? right, and suddenly you’re the expert! *Weight-loss results may vary 11
  12. 12. Creating a IsaBody Challenge™ ‘After’ Stellar YOu’vE BEEN wOrKING hard, faithfully using your IsaBody Challenge™ dates* Isagenix® products and creating a healthy lifestyle. Now June 15 that you’re in the home stretch of the IsaBody Challenge™ challenge ends there are only two things left to do: take a fabulous “after” shot and write a winning essay. We’ve got the tips to help you edge out the competition. June 27 Deadline to submit essay THe “aFTeR” pICTuRe and photos. • Follow the Challenge rules. Photos should be high quality, 4" x 6" in size and with a white, light colored or mID–JuLy solid background. Your three “before” and three “after” top three finalists in each category pictures must be front, back and profile and include a will be notified by phone or e-mail. copy of the appropriate newspaper to verify the date. (See rules for details). auguST 3–5 • Make sure to clearly label all of your pictures and the winners and finalists will be rest of your submissions. Mail them in clear sandwich announced at celebration. bags in between two pieces of cardboard so they don’t get damaged. *For the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico Challenge • Take a second “after” shot doing something you didn’t do before. The judges want to see a picture of you in action! Show your body transformation in creative ways THe WInnIng eSSaY such as posing in your backyard, doing a fitness activity • It’s all in the first sentence and paragraph. Lead with or showing your daily routine. your best stuff to intrigue the judges. Use true statements • Include a “before” picture demonstrating your and be bold and direct. previous lifestyle. • Be real. Talk about how you felt throughout the Challenge and the obstacles you overcame. • Focus on the impact the Challenge has had on your life both physically and emotionally. If you kept a diary through the process, share some of your entries. • Be descriptive. Give examples of the changes you made so that the judges can visualize your story. Remember it’s not just about numbers on the scale; it’s about a total lifestyle change. • Keep it simple; don’t be too lengthy. You’ve got 500 words or less to tell your story. • Follow the essay rules and include your name, before and after weight, height and other supporting materials. • For the family category, only one essay is necessary. Provide short paragraphs on each person’s progress, but link it to a bigger theme of how you’ve helped one another achieve success. • Get creative with your presentation. Include a video, poster board or anything else you believe demonstrates Carole Epstein – Shawna Johnston – the changes in your life. 2007 winner 2007 winner 12 For more information visit
  13. 13. 17 7 16 14 5 1 12 success Poun d 1 10 9 C l u b 8 7 6 5 isagenix® is 4 3 2 1 answer to associate’s prayers KrISTA FErrELL OF Texas finally 32 31 30 hit her personal breaking point 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 while at a church retreat a few years 17 7 16 14 5 ago. At 403 pounds, she struggled 12 1 Po u n d to find the energy she needed to do 1 10 9 C l u b 8 7 everyday things and was tired of 6 5 4 3 2 1 trying fad diets. “That weekend I told God that I was sick and tired of being fat and that I needed something to change in my life,” says 34-year-old Krista. Luckily for Krista, her prayer partner knew someone that had recently lost 40 pounds* using Isagenix®. At first, Krista was hesitant to try the products because it seemed like past diet programs she’d tried that encouraged replac- ing meals with shakes. However, after just a week of hav- ing an IsaLean® Shake for breakfast and feeding her body the nutrients it needed, she knew it wasn’t a diet plan, but a lifelong solution. “This is something to keep me healthy for the rest of Krista before (403 lbs) Krista after* (201 lbs) my life,” says Krista. “It was an answer to my prayers.” a family and is especially excited about how her outlook Not only did she begin to lose weight, but her energy on life has changed. level skyrock- eted. Working “It still amazes me... “Everything is so much easier now. I’m much more outgoing and I have energy at the end of the day,” all day as a first It’s something I can explains Krista. “When we do school field trips, walking grade teacher do the rest of my life.” with the kids isn’t nearly as hard anymore. I’m even became less of a leading the pack.” challenge – she could finally keep up with her students. As her waistline and body began to transform while losing 100 pounds*, her colleagues at school awarded her $100 to buy new clothes. Even though she hit her target weight loss, she kept going and was more encouraged with every increment of 25 pounds that she lost. She continued • start exercising even if it’s just a little bit. success tips exercising every morning and following the Isagenix sys- the more exercise you do, the better tem and amazing-ly hit the 200-pounds* lost milestone. you’ll feel so you’ll stick with the system. Now, as the first female member of the Isagenix 200- Pound Club, Krista says she’s honored to be the “first” • Get a support system. tell everyone at something. around you about your goals so that you “It still amazes me that I found something that works can get encouragement on a daily basis, this well and is this easy,” says Krista who’s a Consultant. especially when things get hard. “It’s something I can do for the rest of my life even after I • Do it for you. Make up your mind that reach my goal weight.” you want to change. if you try to change She still wants to lose another 50 pounds to reach a for someone else, your success won’t last. weight she feels is the best for her body and says shopping used to be a chore but now it’s a joy since going from a size 34 pant to a size 16. She’s also looking forward to starting * *Weight-loss results may vary 13
  14. 14. success nutritional Cleansing Purifies Lori’s Outlook on Life FIvE wOrDS CHANGED Isagenix products, she now exercises sensibly and is finally Lori Works’ life forever. “You seeing the results of her hard work with a smaller waistline just need to cleanse.” and a toned physique emerging. But when those words came Currently a Star Consultant building her business, Lori from the lips of her chiropractor encourages others to look within themselves and make a just a few short years ago, all choice between what she calls the “it” and the “ick.” she could do was burst into “Do you want to achieve your ‘it’ or be bogged down tears. After all, the now 55-year- by the ‘ick’ in your life,” explains Lori. “Before Isagenix, old from California thought my life was very deep in the ‘ick.’ The ‘ick’ was feeling like she’d already been “cleansing” I was 90 years old, plagued by discomfort every day. Mine Lori stopped using fad for three weeks using a prod- was not a happy life.” cleansing products and uct that contained everyday She used to avoid having her picture taken, but now now nourishes her body ingredients like lemon juice and inspires others with a postcard featuring photos of her with Cleanse for Life. ™ cayenne pepper. gradual transfor- Her chiropractor explained that what she was doing “I immediately felt the mation. But she wasn’t thorough and didn’t replenish her body with the vitamins and minerals she so desperately needed. Nutri- power of the products remindspictures that her others tional Cleansing with Isagenix® was the real answer. working in my body.” only tell half Five days later, Lori began her journey to health the story. freedom. “I immediately felt the power of the products “People are attracted to the weight loss, but the biggest working in my body,” she says. “By day four, I was finally thing is that I’m a different person now,” says Lori. “It’s sleeping for eight hours solid.” not just about what we’re ingesting — it’s about how we Now 74 pounds* lighter, she nourishes her body with perceive our world. Isagenix gave me my life back. It’s fresh vegetables, lean protein and her Isagenix products. about a balanced life.” While she exercised rigorously before she began using • Be patient with others when success tips they say they’re not interested in cleansing. They may be looking at isagenix® as a diet when it’s not. • When you’re struggling to make it through a cleanse Day, remember: it’s only one day. You can change your choices even just for one day. • To take the edge off Cleanse Days, have an isaDelight™ and vegetables that are as close to natural as possible. *Weight-loss results may vary Lori before (188 lbs) Lori after* (114 lbs) 14
  15. 15. 20 Tips to Carefree Cleansing THIngS To do 1. Stay busy. Find activities to do outside of your home. 2. Enjoy a spa day with a sauna, steam room or even a massage. 3. Get your hair done with non-toxic products. 4. Write in a journal when intense emotions are being released. 5. Enjoy a hot bath with rose petals and relaxing scented oils. 6. Listen to your body. You may want to be very active on some Cleanse Days or lay low, restore, and renew yourself on others. 7. Avoid the grocery store. Do your shopping on non- Cleanse Days to avoid temptation. 8. Find a cleansing partner to help keep each other accountable and provide encouragement and support. 9. If you’re going to exercise, do so gently. Your body needs time to rest and rebuild. Try gentle stretching, short walks in the fresh air or yoga. gReaT SnaCK IdeaS 10. Do something during your cleanse that boosts 15. Drink plenty of purified water to improve your skin, your spirit, such as caring for a loved one or doing boost your immune system and mood as well as aid something kind for a stranger. in weight loss. To determine the minimum amount of water you should drink daily, weigh yourself and 11. Modify your cleansing schedule if needed. Start the divide your number in pounds by two. That’s how evening before so you can eat a light meal later the many ounces you should drink per day. next day. 16. To get over a weight-loss plateau, try one scoop of 12. Understand what’s happening in your body. IsaPro® with your IsaLean® Shake. It increases your Cleanse for Life™ offers gentle cleansing botanicals protein intake and may help boost your metabolism. (not laxatives) that encourage better digestion and absorption of nutrients as well as B vitamins such 17. Try new drinks during a cleanse including warm, as niacin that help to produce a healthy metabolism, spicy tea (caffeine free), low-sodium organic vegetable improve blood flow and eliminate impurities. soup broth or fresh ginger boiled in purified water or peppermint tea. 13. Don’t forget to take IsaFlush!®, Natural Accelerator™ and Ionix® Supreme. These support circulation and 18. Eat light snacks throughout the day to maintain normal harmony of nutrients in the body. blood sugar levels. 14. Take C-Lyte® on pre-Cleanse Days and throughout the , 19. Great snack ideas include Isagenix Snacks!™ system. It helps to create an environment in the body IsaDelight™ raw, unsalted almonds or raw veggies like , that helps enhance the effects of cleansing. broccoli. 20. Try the new Isagenix Greens!™ mixed with 8 ounces of cold water on a Cleanse Day. Tips contributed by: 5-Star Golden Circle and Nutritionist Andrea Frank Henkart, Consultant Victoria Olson, Consultant Lori Works, Consultant Carol Tragash and Consultant Alexi Estepa. 15
  16. 16. success San Diego Marathon runner is THE “pICTuRe oF HealTH” MArYKAY MuLLALLY OF San sponsor, Ariana Muenker, suggested Diego California is 47 years old, in it would be a great complement to her the best shape of her life, and truly training program. MaryKay learned is the “picture of health.” So much about Nutritional Cleansing and be- so, that she was voted among thou- gan incorporating Isagenix products sands of applicants as one of five into her daily routine. finalists for Prevention magazine “When I turned 45, stopped and ABC News Now’s annual competing in marathons and started “Picture of Health” contest. the training program, I gained some “The ‘picture of health’ to me weight and didn’t feel like I had means feeling and looking good, enough energy,” explains MaryKay. being at my ideal weight and body “Isagenix made me feel better than shape, and having a healthy mind, I ever have. I lost 20 pounds*, body and spirit,” says MaryKay. dropped my body fat by seven “It’s knowing that I can accomplish percent* and most importantly, anything, and it’s magnetic.” reclaimed my energy, built greater A sense of accomplishment is endurance and learned to manage nothing new to MaryKay, who turned my food cravings.” to running as a stress-free outlet from She now shares Isagenix with a demanding 20-year career in the people all over the country, including technology industry. At the age MaryKay Mullally was voted among her training program participants, of 40, she felt she was still missing thousands of applicants as one of five to help others to reach their absolute something and began training for finalists for Prevention magazine and best. She’s a 2-Star Golden Circle, ABC News Now’s annual “Picture of and competing in marathons. Health” contest. 3-Star Crystal Executive and has al- Her love of running ultimately ready sponsored nearly 2,000 people inspired her to help others find the more than 600 women the training, in Isagenix. same sense of accomplishment she inspiration and support they needed “By being the picture of health, had from competing in marathons. to cross the finish line and achieve I get to inspire others to take the She developed a beginner’s half greater health and fitness. first step,” shares MaryKay. “That marathon training program called MaryKay was introduced to not only lights me up, it keeps me “Step Up For Life,” which has given Isagenix® in August 2006 when her accountable.” maryKay’s Tips for Becoming Your Own “pIcTure oF heaLTh” • I follow the formula of 80 percent nutrition and 20 percent exercise for weight management. Nutrition is a major focus and because of Isagenix® I feel like I don’t have to pound the pavement running and working out so hard all the time. • Health is a choice. If you visualize the results, work through to remove the barriers, and take actions to make it happen, you can accomplish your goals. • Be the best you can be wherever you are, and be gentle with yourself. Health is a means to change our lives, to fulfill our dreams and talents and be the gift we are to the world. Prevention Magazine © 2008 Rondale, Inc. *Weight-loss results may vary 16 Check out MaryKay’s story in the June issue of Prevention.
  17. 17. success PrOFESSIONAL SKATEr Sets Sail With Isagenix® SAMANTHA “SAMMI” MArCHANT has been figure favorite products skating since she was three years old and has competed at the • Chocolate IsaLean® Shakes with junior, national and international extra ice so it turns out thick like level. However, at the age of 24, ice cream. she was burnt out from competi- • isaDelight™, which she tried for the tive skating. With the toll it had first time in March, and now uses taken on her body, she felt like to replace her coffee cravings. her career could be over. It was at that time that she was intro- • citrus want More energy?® duced to Isagenix® and began her provides extra electrolytes so she’s first cleanse. energized between shows. “After using Isagenix, I felt ten times better than I had • ionix® supreme and cleanse for before,” explains Sammi. “Not only did I lose inches, but I life™ daily. felt more energy, clarity and less fatigue. I thought that if I could feel this great in just a short period of time; just imag- ine what it could do for me every day.” The true “recovery and regeneration” Sammi felt from *Weight-loss results may vary Isagenix helped her return to skating where she has spent the last two years performing in ice shows with Royal Ca- ribbean International Cruise Line. One of the highlights of her cruise career was performing in front of members of her Isagenix family as part of the Adventures in Paradise cruise in March 2008. “It was amazing to feel the support and excitement of Isagenix and to be able to skate for the first time in front of my sponsors, trainers and friends, Brad and TL Bartch,” says Sammi. Now she sails around the world for seven months at a time performing as many as six shows a week, some- times four shows in a 24-hour period. She also hosts public skating sessions, lessons, makes appearances in parades and other cruise shows, and works out six days a week. She relies on IsaLean® Shakes as well as other Isagenix supplements to stay lean, healthy and energized. “Cruise food is limited and not always nutritionally balanced,” explains Sammi. Sammi performs with her partner A week of sun, sand and sea excursions! It was bon “Isagenix is the corner- voyage for more than 100 Isagenix® Associates and Bradley Dalziel in the show “Ice under the Big Top” on royal stone of my diet, espe- Executives who sailed to the Caribbean March 2-9, Caribbean International’s Mariner cially as an athlete.” 2008. Congratulations to all of the Adventures in of the Seas. Paradise cruise winners. 17
  18. 18. HealTHY FamIlY ReCIpeS isagenix® Goes trY these FuN recipes to blend up the new isagenix Greens!.™ for the Greens! ISAGENIx GrEENS!™ IS back with a new and improved formula packed with powerful nutrients for increased health benefits and it has our previous version, well, “green” with envy. Our new Greens! formula helps to support greater overall well-being of the body, improved digestion* and greater cardiovascular health.* It’s full of more condensed green nutrients, antioxidants, prebiotic fiber such as inulin, omega-3 ISaB e rry fatty acids and has significantly lower —Jac k Fra BLaS levels of gluten. Penn ntz, 1 1 yea T sylva rs old “Our new super version of Greens! 8 –10 nia , oz. O is a great source of green nutrients for rganic ½ Ba nana Oran your body and has an amazing new ge Ju 1 cup ice taste,” says Chief Science Officer Dr. Bill Orga (Straw nic Fr Wheeler. “It’s packed with major green b oz Rasp er ries, Blu en Ber r y food sources including alfalfa, barley ber rie eber r Medle 1 sco s) ies, y grass, wheat grass and chlorella.” op Is aFruit ® With less than one gram of sugar 1 sco s op G and only 30 calories, Greens! can also be reens Blend ! taken on Shake or Cleanse Days. Greens! well a nd en joy! contains nutrients that support cleans- eenS ing* such as milk thistle, which supports Fru ITy grk Henkart, liver health and inulin, a fiber that helps an rea Fr —And rnia with cleansing the digestive track. These Califo key nutrients make Greens! the ultimate ater ified W 8 oz. Pur complement to any Isagenix® system. ns! p Gree Enjoy Greens! with 8 ounces of 1 scoo s® IsaFruit purified water or juice or add it to your scoop uper 1 enus S IsaLean® Shake. It can be taken daily p Mars V 1 scoo e™ with IsaFruits® to give your body the Cleans Shamr s oc k Shak greens and fruit nutrients it needs. e Cube —From e Eat to L 8 –10 Ic joy! Healthy ive Isag and en Family R enix® Ble nd well 2 scoop ecipes s Vanilla IsaLean ® 8 oz. Pu Shake order Greens! rified Wa ter ¼ tsp. Is aFruits ® Today 1 scoop Greens! in Your 1 handfu l Ice Back office Blend w ell and e njoy! *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and share your isagenix® recipes at Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 18
  19. 19. international Isagenix® expands Internationally to Impact world Health hOw tO Build Your AS ISAGENIx® CELEBrATED its other markets,” says President of Inter- sixth anniversary, our mission to impact national Operations Warren Te Brugge. Business world health and free people from Isagenix ventured into the Asia Internationally physical and financial pain is more Pacific region over a year ago with the tangible that ever before, especially opening of the Hong Kong office and • First, be sure to pay the annual with our international growth. With the response was tremendous. With a international sponsorship fee of the celebration of our Grand Launch in solid operations framework and foun- US $49, which allows you to do Australia and New Zealand, our first dation in place to support the business business in all markets outside of anniversary in Hong Kong and our model, our growth continues with the North America. current expansion to Taiwan, Isagenix opening of Taiwan. The enthusiasm in • Identify any members of your is poised to bring Nutritional Cleansing Taiwan was high with a series of soft- team that have international and our business opportunity to people launch events held April 12 through 14 connections and an interest across the globe. in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung, to build their business in other respectively. markets. “With over 1,000 people attending the initial events, I can truly feel their • Connect with leaders in your passion, energy and desire to support upline that are doing business the Isagenix vision. It was a perfect internationally and use them for start for the Taiwan market and we are support and guidance. expecting tremendous results in the • Listen to the conference calls coming months,” says Te Brugge. in each market for news, events “Our Taiwan expansion is a natural and leadership updates. next step to bringing our amazing • Contact the local offices in each health and wealth opportunity to meet market for business-building the demands and interest of Associ- resources and support. For a list “This is an exciting time for ates in the Asia Pacific region,” says of contacts visit your Back Office Isagenix as our growth not only gives President and CEO Jim Coover. “This is Library “Business Training” us the ability to build our international an important step in our international section. family, but the opportunity for all of growth as we continue to expand and our Associates to build their business in share the gift of Isagenix worldwide.” International growth Timeline 2009 Where will Isagenix® expand to next? april 2008 Taiwan Opens September 2007 Australia/New Zealand Opens march 2007 Hong Kong Opens January 2005 Canada Opens march 2003 Puerto Rico Opens march 2002 Isagenix® Launched 19
  20. 20. the power OF reLaTIonShIpS IT’S A FuNNY thing. Everywhere I go and speaking “greatness and possibility” into everyone in my extended Isagenix® family those they meet. seems to be saying the same thing. “I am not We spend our time together dancing, just building a business; I’m developing life- laughing, supporting one another, sharing long relationships.” In fact, many Associates these products and this undeniable opportu- say their closest friends are from within the nity, our secrets to success, and picking each By David wood Isagenix family. other up and dusting each other off on the isagenix® executive Any of you who know me can guess that “not so good days.” If it’s true that we are training consultant I have probably spent some time pondering the sum of the five people that we spend the why this is the case. Why do so many of us most time with, then it’s not surprising that spend more social and fun times together? Is we choose to spend more and more time in there some potion hidden in the products that each other’s company. somehow fills our lives with open, wonder- As a person who left home at age 15, ful, passionate and visionary people? Is there backpacked for nearly 11 years, never re- something in the products that leads us to be- turned home and whose children are now come more open, available, curious, passion- growing up in Canada, I feel blessed to have ate and committed to growing ourselves and all of you as part of the fabric of my life. It’s a others? living tapestry that I’m convinced will allow I’m willing to be wrong about this, but my me to discover all of my possibilities and for hunch is that our Isagenix “culture” is to see my children to lead richer, fuller lives. the best in others, recognize greatness and pos- Speaking of children, please join us in sibility and see past the poverty, obesity, fear supporting the less fortunate. As you know, and doubt that mask many people we meet. the Isagenix family has actively supported Where else can someone who is 157 pounds Childhelp® with contributions totaling over overweight, broke, fatigued, sick, or lacking $500,000. Our goal is to double our contribu- self-confidence and belief be welcomed into tions in 2008. We have the ability to impact a family where they can shed the weight, the more than 9 million North American get healthy, discover their voice and shatter children and 40 million kids worldwide who the paradigm of their worth? And where else are in abusive situations. Together we can can they become some of the highest paid do what is impossible alone. We hope you will in our society and stand with confidence and do your part to help the children by support- humility on stages around the world ing Childhelp.® Isagenix® was recognized for its commitment to children by receiving the Childhelp® Corporate Award during the National Day of Hope® Luncheon in April in washington, D.C.. (Photo by Jan Miller) donate to Childhelp® in your Back office today. 20
  21. 21. RECOGNITION APRIL 2008 April Top 25 Income Earners Jimmy Smith, PA #1 Carole Taylor & Peter Tony & Randi Escobar, UT #3 Renata Lee, CA #4 Kathy & Tom Smith, PA #5 Oelmann, QC #2 The RGG Group, CO #6 Grace Smith, PA #7 Kirk Metz, NV #8 Ken & Lisa Seto, FL #9 Susan Sly & Chris Arkeveld, ON #10 George & Adhis Ruiz, UT #11 Don & Laree Nooner, UT #12 Jay Bennett, CA #13 Peter & Sarah Greenlaw, CO #14 Ron Reid, WA #15 Sean & Crystal Escobar, SD #16 John Gray, CA #17 Bill & Kathy Hellwig, CO #18 Bette Laughrun, CO #19 Terry Trecarten, QC #20 Todd & Joni Brewer, WA #21 Ellen Bradley Ganus, CA #22 Mark & Laurel Siena, TX #23 Dr. David Singer, FL #24 Lenny Evans, UT #25 2008 winter windfall April Top 25 States & Provinces Top winners 1. California 11. Arizona 21. Maryland 1st Place ($5,000)—Dr. Darshan Shah, FL 2. Utah 12. Quebec 22. Connecticut 2nd Place ($4,000)—Bev Lessman, IO 3. Ontario 13. Nevada 23. North Carolina 3rd Place ($3,000)—Pamela and 4. Colorado 14. New Jersey 24. Delaware Henry Fahey, OK 5. Pennsylvania 15. Alberta 25. Georgia 4th Place ($2,000)—Rick and 6. Florida 16. Missouri Paris Kinmon, WA 7. New York 17. Alaska 5th Place ($1,000)—Patti Holmvig and 8. Washington 18. Montana Chris Mehas, CA 9. Texas 19. Oklahoma 10. British Columbia 20. Idaho 21