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Complex enzyme plus


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Complex Of Enzymes Plus is recommended as a dietary supplement, an additional source of rutin, zinc and digestive enzymes like bromeline-papain-tripsin-amylase-lipase-protease etc. which have a favorable effect on the digestion process and promote complete breakdown of food and its uptake as well; thereby improving general health and well-being

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Complex enzyme plus

  1. 1. Proven clinically COMLEX ENZYME PLUS
  2. 2. COMLEX ENZYME PLUS ROLE OF ENZYMES IN THE ORGANISM In every living cell, continuously taking place hundreds of biochemical reactions, in which food substances break down into tiny fragments that the body uses to build or repair their own cells and tissues. The wide variety of chemical transformations in the body is regulated by special substances - enzymes. Enzyme - a complex and fairly large molecules. Almost all the enzymes are proteins. Some of them are in the structure of non-protein part (sugars, vitamins, trace elements), which plays the role of the activator of the enzyme. Appointment of enzymes - is accelerating and the regulation of biochemical reactions.
  3. 3. COMLEX ENZYME PLUS Mechanical action of enzymes Example 1: If the conditions of the human body can not be the reaction of A with a substance B. The enzyme reacting with the substance A can help you achieve the reaction between it and the substance B, and himself while out of the chemical reaction constant.
  4. 4. COMLEX ENZYME PLUS Mechanical action of enzymes substrates Example 2: Digestion of nutrients from food takes place by means of enzymes. This lipase breaks down fats, without affecting the proteins and carbohydrates, which have their own group of enzymes - protease and amylase, respectively.
  5. 5. COMLEX ENZYME PLUS Insufficient synthesis or decrease in enzyme activity seen in: Violation of the functions of digestion and absorption of food (in violation of digestive enzymes) General fatigue (in violation of the respiratory enzymes) Reduced ability to fight (in violation of the structure and / or functions of antioxidant enzymes or enzymes of the immune system)
  6. 6. COMLEX ENZYME PLUS Biologically active enzyme complex plus, the company Art life - a combination of active enzymes of plant and animal origin.
  7. 7. COMLEX ENZYME PLUS components of the complex: ENZYMES: pancreatin (enzyme complex), bromelain (plant enzyme), papain (plant enzyme), protease, pepsin, chymotrypsin, rennin (or chymosin), trypsin, maltose, sukraza, lactase, amylase, bile, lipase, ribonuclease, desoxyribonuclease, catalase ( 53 units.) Super-oksiddismutaza Unferment INGREDIENTS: zinc oxide, licorice (root), echinacea, rutin
  8. 8. COMLEX ENZYME PLUS COMPLEX FEATURES: The combination of enzymes from plants and animals provides a more complete splits the action of enzymes The presence of enzymes of plant origin, reception complex does not have negative effects on the body's own enzyme systems The optimal dosage of soft animal enzymes will provide the necessary support and unloading, if the "enzyme complex plus" was adopted as a means of complex treatment of various inflammatory diseases
  9. 9. COMLEX ENZYME PLUS Components of the Complex: Those present in the complex did not ferment ingredients with antiinflammatory activity as possible to solve the problem of difficult digestion, excess food and combat digestive problems more serious nature. Zinc oxide contributes to the regulation of respiratory enzymes, biosynthesis of proteins, is a member of more than 300 enzymes of the organism Licorice (root) reducing inflammation, optimizing the balance of enzymes (through the system of endocrine regulation) Echinacea helps strengthen the immunity Rutin strengthens the capillary walls
  10. 10. COMLEX ENZYME PLUS components of the Complex: In the complex therapy of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract up to 25% shortened their treatment Increased effectiveness of specific therapy of inflammatory diseases of different localization Reduced risk of chronicity of acute inflammatory processes Quickly eliminated dysfunction digestion
  11. 11. COMLEX ENZYME PLUS components of the Complex: Reduce the load on the pancreas in conditions of inflammatory diseases and intoxications The quality of the understanding of basic macro-and micronutrients Optimize metabolism, accelerating the burning of glucose and fat Prevents the accumulation of excess calories as fat
  12. 12. COMLEX ENZYME PLUS INDICATIONS FOR USE COMPLEX: Acute and chronic inflammatory processes of different localization Rheumatic and autoimmune diseases Digestive Dysfunction Increased blood viscosity and the propensity to vascular disease Surgery
  13. 13. COMLEX ENZYME PLUS Efficacy is proved by clinical* Volunteers who participated in the testing "of the enzyme plus, had chronic pancreatitis or chronic gastritis with secretory insufficiency in the stage of moderate deterioration. All volunteers (30 men) were randomly divided into basic and control groups. In the study group on basic therapy used "of the enzyme plus a control group received only conventional treatment, does not include named complex. * According to a study conducted by the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition, Almaty (2004)
  14. 14. COMLEX ENZYME PLUS Docking symptoms of gastrointestinal tract in the intake of complex and in its absence (control) 6 5 4 5,2 5,1 4,3 3 4,8 3,9 3,5 2 p<0,05 1 p<0,05 Control Complex Enzyme Plus 0 Reduction of pain syndrome Docking dyspepsia The emergence of appetite
  15. 15. COMLEX ENZYME PLUS The level of fasting glucose on intake of the complex and in its absence (control) 7,0 6,0 5,0 5,5 6,1 5,0 5,0 4,0 3,0 Control 2,0 Complex Enzyme Plus 1,0 0,0 Before treatment After treatment
  16. 16. COMLEX ENZYME PLUS Change the value of thymol against the reception of the complex and in its absence (control) 7,0 6,0 5,0 6,1 5,7 4,0 3,9 3,0 3,3 2,0 Комплекс ферментов плюс 1,0 0,0 Контроль Before treatment After treatment
  17. 17. COMLEX ENZYME PLUS Reducing the frequency of detection of nausea intake of complex and in his absence 100 90 93,0 80 70 80,0 60 50 40 30 Control 33,3 20 Complex Enzymes Plus p<0,05 10 12,5 0 Before treatment After treatment
  18. 18. COMLEX ENZYME PLUS Reducing the frequency of detection steatorrei (undigested fat) intake of complex and in its absence (control) 100 90 100,0 100, 0 80 70 60 67,7 50 40 30 Control p<0,01 20 25,0 10 0 Before treatment After treatment Complex Enzyme Plus
  19. 19. COMLEX ENZYME PLUS Reducing the frequency of detection of undigested muscle fiber intake of complex and in its absence (control) 100 90 80 70 60 80,0 70,0 50 40 30 20 Control 33,3 p<0,05 10 0 Complex Enzyme Plus 12,5 Before treatment After treatment
  20. 20. COMLEX ENZYME PLUS Displayed in a clinical setting a positive effect of the enzyme plus digestion in acute diseases of the digestive tract indicates a high prophylactic potential of this complex. Use it to provide effective prevention of digestive disorders, and anti-inflammatory activity within the complex of enzymes and unfermented ingredients can reduce the risk of development and / or acute inflammatory process not only in the digestive tract, but in a different location. Routine acceptance of the enzyme plus - a way to make a meal truly correct, increase the rate the usefulness of macro-and micronutrients of food, and thus avoid a breach of diet and the development of alimentarydependent diseases
  21. 21. Thank you for your attention!