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My first story which I wrote for the Spastic Society

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  1. 1. LOSTSUMMARY:Hi! I am Jennifer and my best friend is Leah. We both wereprogressing on and on and our life was moving ahead smoothlyenough. Suddenly, a twist came in our life. Now, anotherobstacle has knocked the door of our life. My friend is verysuperstitious. She has lost her lucky bracelet, her LUCKYCHARM which was not only lucky for her, but also very specialand close to her heart. Now, do you think she will be able tofind her lucky charm or will she find something even better or itcan even be nothing. Will both of us be able to maintain thesame kind of friendship or will it increase or it’ll just befinished? Am really scared. Every journey of ours has a happyending but this time am very doubtful because I wonder howwill we come to a happy ending?..INTRODUCTION:I am Jennifer, nick named as Jen. I live in New Jersey, UnitedStates. I have a younger brother named Jason. He is reallydiminutive for he is just two months old. So, he can neveradvise in any of the issues I face in my daily life. This is thereason, I always wish that I had an elder brother who couldhelp me but my mom says that it’s alright to have a youngerbrother for when he grows up, then I can help him but I don’t
  2. 2. think that it’s alright. Anyways, I still have to accept it for I cannever change the reality. Besides all this, I am a seventh graderwho loves going to school as I’ve a number of friends but mybest of all friends is Leah. I love hanging out & spending timewith her. I don’t like superstitious people as they do quite sillythings. Leah is superstitious as well as a bit silly but she isunique, so, I still like her. Sometimes, I get too tired andfrustrated when she tells me silly stories and facts like keepinga rabbit’s leg with you is lucky or keeping right foot in the roomfirst is good and many more. She can tell 100 of facts like these.She blindly believes in luck, fate, destiny and all stuff like that.This is a big reason for our fights and arguments. Sometimes,we even fight because of miscommunication but when at theend we get to know the real thing, we both burst into laughter.Sometimes, she is humorous but many a times, she is ferocious.I don’t like the ferocious part of her because when we fight,then, she really gets mad at me and I don’t like it at all. Well,sometimes, I think that fights and arguments are good forincreasing the bonding and friendship between friends but it’snot good always as it can lead to even another way round.Ha!ha! Apart from this, most imperatively, 25th of January isLeah’s birthday and as always I am very excited for herbirthday. She always decides something memorable about herbirthday gift that feels is the best. She does that when sheunwraps and looks at the gifts. The decision made by her is like
  3. 3. “My best birthday gift” or something like that. I know that isquite strange and unique but this always attracts everyone tocome to her birthday party. I am invited at her birthday partyfor obvious reasons but only I am the one who is invited theday before her birthday party as a helping hand for thedecorations and arrangements for the party. Moreover, thistime I can even sense that something special rather, call itawful or awkward is going to take place. I guess that some twistor some obstacle is going to knock the door of our life.THE STORY BEGINS:“TRRRRING!”. “I think the bell rang, Jen. I am doing animportant work, Could you, please go and open the door andsee who it is?” said my mother.“Sure mom”, I replied her. As I opened the door, I saw Leah.“Hey! Come in”, I said. “Look Jen, I am not coming anywhere.Don’t you remember that you had to come to place at 5 pmand now it is 5:30. I am waiting for you since half an hour. Justinform your mom and rush with me” Leah anxiously said.“I am sorry! I forgot that it was 5:30 and I had to come at yourplace. I’ll just inform mom in two minutes”, I replied, trying tomake excuses.“You should eat almonds to sharpen your memory”, Leah saidhumorously.
  4. 4. “Ha!ha!” I chuckled. “Stop that now, you silly girl” I told her.“Mom, I am leaving with Leah. I need to go with her for helpingher out for her birthday arrangements”, I quickly informedmom.“Bye kids!” mom said.As we were walking down the road to Leah’s home, I asked her,“Leah, is there something different that is going to take place atyour birthday party this time regarding your gift?” Leah wasflabbergasted and was looking at me with her mouth open.“How do you know, Jen?” she asked me.“I don’t know but I just sensed it. Well, what is it?” I asked.“Actually, my dad had gone on a business trip and it was next toimpossible for him to return before my birthday, so, I was reallyupset because this was happening for the first time. But today,when I got the good news that my father’s work is over and heis returning a day before my birthday, so, whatever gift myfather gets for me will be the best gift and I’ll always use it asmy LUCKY CHARM”, Leah told me.“Oh! I see. That’s nice” I replied. As we reached Leah’s home,she rang the bell, “Trrrrrrrring!!” “Hello girls!” said her mother.“Hello Mrs. Willsom”, I greeted her mother too.
  5. 5. “Mom, we are immediately getting started with ourarrangements”, Leah told her mother. “Alright, dear”, repliedher mom. “I’ll help you too”.We started with our arrangements. Everyone was busy withtheir assigned duties. When we were almost through with ourwork, just then Leah said, “Mom, I told you about my LUCKYCHARM which is going to be dad’s gift. Right? Do youremember?”.“Oh Yes! I do remember but I told you that all these stuff arenot real, but it is just about your attitude that matters but tillthe time your attitude is good, I would never force you to stopbelieving in all this, but yes, you never have to be dependent onall these things. Do I make my point clear to you?” replied hermother.“Yes mom”, Leah said. Our arrangements were then completed.“One day to go”, said Leah.“Yes! I am as always so excited for your birthday”, I said. “Well,now I need to leave for I have to complete my homework. Seeyou tomorrow at your birthday party. Bye!”“Bye!” replied Leah excitedly. Atlast, Leah’s birthday for which Ihad been waiting since so long was here. It was the 25th ofJanuary morning. I rushed up and got ready for the party. I
  6. 6. wrapped the gift I was gifting her and left. As I reached herhome I rang the bell, “Trrrring!”.Leah opened the door. “A very happy birthday, Leah!” I shoutedhanding over the gift to her.“Thank you, Jen!” Leah replied broadly smiling. “You are thefirst one to come, Jen!” she continued. We chatted for a littlewhile and all her friends came in one by one. The party startedand everyone was busy enjoying in games, dance and muchmore. After the cake was cut, Leah announced the decision shehad taken about the gift and told the whole story about it toeveryone as she had already told me. The party came to an endand everyone moved to their houses. I reached home and slept.Next morning I got up and went to school. When I reached theschool, Leah showed me the gift that her dad had gifted her. Itwas a beautiful blue bracelet. I was glad to see such a beautifulthing my best friend had got.Leah said, “This birthday of mine was showered with gifts. Dadhis brought many but I found this one the prettiest. I wouldnow carry this gift everywhere I go and at night, I would safelykeep it in my wardrobe”. I didn’t react much on this statementof hers. This was now a part of her daily routine-carrying thebracelet, then coming back and keeping it in her wardrobe. Thenext day were the tryouts of a singing competition and eachseventh-grade girl was trying out for it and all of them were
  7. 7. really excited. Leah really had a marvelous voice and used tosing tremendously well but I was just trying out to accompanyher. At the end, she was the only one who got selected to go tothe competition at last. After this event, her belief in her luckycharm had become even stronger. The same evening, wedecided to go for shopping as it was a weekend. On the way, Ifelt like something fell. I told Leah but she said that it wasnothing but just a stone that my foot felt the touch of. I agreedto her and walked further. When we were done, I dropped Leahand reached home. I was quite tired but I just showed Momwhatever we bought. Then I jumped into my bed and slowlyclosed my eyes and went into my dream world. Next morning Igot up thinking, it was literally a good morning but I was totallywrong about this fact because the same evening I got to knowthat Leah wasn’t out of her room since night because aftercoming back she got to know that she had lost her luckybracelet. She wasn’t eating anything and she didn’t even have asingle drop of water in her room to drink. Finally, when I wentand begged her number of times to open the room, then onlyshe opened it and only let Me come in. I went in and saw thather eyes were bloodshot red. I first told her to wash her face.Then, she came and sat. I sat with her, keeping my hand calmlyon her shoulder.“Leah, look, this was just a small little thing which is separatedfrom you. You should not be dependent on things always. It
  8. 8. might be possible that this event happened to indicate that itwas time you stopped believing in values like luck and all. You,for sure, have to loose things some or the other way but youshouldn’t be so upset because you have to use things not lovethem. It’s time you changed your attitude towards thesethings.” I said, indeed thinking that I was quite good atcounseling.“I will try Jen”, Leah said in a low voice, with a plastic smile.“Thank you Jen!” I smiled at her. The next two days, I noticedher in school with a changed attitude but a NEGATIVE change.She had lost her optimism. I thought she needed a counselingclass again and as a friend, in fact best friend, I had to help herout. I called her at my home in the evening. She was there ontime.“Where have you lost your smile and optimism, Leah?” I saidseriously.“I am trying Jen” Leah said rudely.I replied “I know it is very difficult but you have to try your levelbest”. After a silence of two minutes I thoughtfully said, “LookLeah, please don’t be mad at me. I don’t want to fight with youbut just want to give you a tip. Just replace your lucky thingwith your lucky attitude, you carried your lucky charmeverywhere with you and in this case, you have no options asyou have to carry your attitude everywhere and it can never be
  9. 9. lost. So, the lucky attitude is better. The optimism will be back.This way is easy for you. This is all I wanted to say; now it is allyour choice. You want to take my advice or not. And even youmight agree to what I say.” I thought that I ended my advice insuch a way that I was selling something to her but all that Leahdid was banged the door and went. She didn’t react to anythingthat I said. I didn’t understand that was she still mad at me ornot. Next day we met in school and she wasn’t mad at me. Icould see five percent of the real ‘Leah’. I thought she wasapplying what I had sold her. Ha! Ha! ha! The next few days Inoticed her and I was really happy because she had a positivechange in her. She was working really hard and wasprogressing. And in a few more days, seventy five percent ofthe real ‘Leah’ was back. The same day Leah replied, “Jen, youremember that I was selected when I gave try outs for singingcompetition, the inter-school competition is being held after 2more days and I am very excited.”“Wow, that’s great, but who told this to you?”“Miss Bela, music teacher” she replied.I was very happy for her. On the day of her competition, thehall was all filled and I sat in the first row. Leah had the fifthperformance in the order. She was awesome, flawless and whatnot. Everyone loved her performance and she got a standingovation. She was the winner in the star of the show as expected
  10. 10. but it was a big thing to win a competition out of 22 schools.After the competition, she came running and hugged metightly, saying “All credit goes to you for this, you were the onewho changed my attitude and your magic words meant somuch to me.” No, they were all your efforts and if she weren’tdetermined, my magic words could also never change you. Weboth had tears in our eyes and looking at this we both laughedout loudly together. I had got hundred percent of Leah back.And I was on the top of the world. I realized that our bondinghad increased even more. Anyway, “all is well that ends well.”Everything happens for good. Leah’s lucky charm was also lostbut for good. Or it changed her in such a new and better ‘Leah’.It finally is a happy ending.