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Tourism Accommodation


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Tourism Accommodation

  1. 1. Accommodation©Ramakrishna Kongalla
  2. 2. ACCOMMODATION TYPESBed & Breakfastis a private home in which guests can be accommodatedat night in private bedrooms (which may or may nothave private bathrooms).The owner or manager lives in the house or on theproperty. The public areas of the house, such askitchen and lounge have either limited access forguests, or are shared with the host family to somedegree.The business may be run as a secondary occupation.Breakfast is included in the price (generally eithercontinental or full-English). Other meals may beavailable by arrangement.Backpacker HostelA hostel (or backpacker) establishment is aimed at thebudget traveller and generally attracts a youngerclientele.Bedrooms are in a dormitory style (shared) andbathrooms are shared, although private bedroomsmay be available.Light meals may be available in addition to the room rate.Boutique HotelA boutique hotel is a 5 star establishmentproviding all the features and facilitiesof a normal hotel, in a unique andexclusive style.These properties are generallysmall, feature top class service and aremarketed to the affluent.Guest HouseA guesthouse is generally a private homewhich has been converted for thededicated and exclusive use of guestaccommodation.The public areas of the establishment arefor the exclusive use of the guests. Theowner or manager either lives off-site, or in an entirely separate areawithin the property.A Guesthouse offers a wider range ofservices than a B&B, and usually catersfor all meals.2
  3. 3. HotelA hotel is generally the largest of all accommodationtypes.There is typically a common reception area, androoms generally open directly onto a hallway.The on-site restaurant and other facilities are moreaccessible to the public than the otheraccommodation types.A wide range of guest services is available, such asroom service.Hotels are often members of larger hotel groups, anda similar accommodation experience may beavailable in different establishments within thegroup.LodgeA lodge is an accommodation facility which is locatedand designed to optimize the feeling of beingclosely in touch with nature.The building style should feature natural materialsand colouring such as wood, stone and thatch.An outdoor experience should be offered at thelodge, such as guided walks, game drives etc.Private HomeA private home not dedicated for full time occupation ofguests, but is a private house or apartment which istemporarily available for rental, often during peaktourism seasons.ResortA spread out collection of single or double storyaccommodation units.Similar to a hotel in that it offers a wide range of facilities.Units may be rented and available on time-share.A camping area may be included in the resort.Self-CateringA self catering establishment may be primarily one of theother accommodation types, but also offers dedicatedself catering facilities.The unit should feature a fully equipped kitchen to cater forthe maximum people to be accommodated (includingfridge, stove, cutlery, crockery, cookingutensils, cleaning equipment).The kitchen should be for the exclusive use of theguests, and not shared.3
  4. 4. KINDS OF ACCOMMODATIONHotels - Can be classified into star system (1-7). A structure thatprovides sleeping accommodation to travelers and that usuallyfeatures dining facilities and daily housekeeping serviceResorts - Cater primarily to leisure travelers. Generally found in fourenvironments: at the beach, near ski areas, in the desert andnear (or even in) theme parks and attractions.Usually have facilities for recreational activities such as a swimmingpool, tennis courts, golf course and one or two dinningfacilities. When a resort is especially large, with many facilitiesand activities covering acres of land, it is called a mega-resortDifferent Kinds of resorts:1. A spa resort- Provides extensive facilities formassages, facials, fitness activities and healthy dining.2. A ski resort-provides a site and facilities to serve the needs ofwinter sports enthusiasts.3. A themed resort- One that has a strong identity. Often tied tosome other place and time, Examples include the Taj Mahal inAtlantic City and Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge. An allinclusive resort, charges one price that includes most or all ofthe costs of staying there.Business Hotels are targeted at the needs of business travelers.Tend to be located in city centres and at airports. Guestroomsare equipped with spacious desks, and internet connection.All-Suite Hotels - all accommodation are suites instead ofconventional roomsMay be either leisure or business-oriented or a mix of two.Motel is a type of hotel in which parking is provided at or near roomand the room door gives out onto the parking lot. Usually donot have full dining facilities or provide luggage assistanceLimited-service Lodging - Modestly sized and economically pricedproperties. Have rooms that open onto an interior hallway.Rooms are simple with continental breakfast included. Tend tobe situated near popularly prices restaurants, fast-food outletsand/or shopping centres. Rarely have pools or exercise facilitiesExtended-stay lodging Appeal to those who need lodging for a weekor moreTend to be spacious and often resemble small apartments withkitchenettes. Attract business people on lengthy business trips.Condominiums (Condo) - Individuals own each unit and also pay feesfor upkeep, security, landscaping and maintenance. Can berented out when owners are not in residenceTimeshares - Similar to condominiums, owners do not purchaseindividual units but they own a certain amount of yearlytime at the property.Bed-and-Breakfast (B&B) - There home-like properties charge gueststo stay in a bedroom (sometimes with shared bath facilities)and often full breakfast in a common dinning room area or inthe guestroomLodges are usually rural, nature-dominated settings (e.g. nationalparks) or exotic places (e.g. the African wilderness)4
  5. 5. Campgrounds a place where you can pitch tents andenjoy the natural sceneryHostel - An inexpensive alternative for students andbudget travelers. Offer low-costinglodging, Common toilets, kitchen and bathingfacilities are shared by all rooms on the floor.Dude ranches - A unique form of lodging, Convey atheme of American West.Usually located in the resort areas featuringhorseback riding, cattle roundups, outdoorbarbeques and other cow-boy type activities.Chalet - A wooden dwelling with a slopingroof, common in Switzerland and other Alpineregions.Capsule Hotels - Very popular in Japan, They are alittle bigger than a coffin. They are commonlyfound around they city, near train stations, menwho miss the last train home or just arentsober enough to go home !Ice Hotel - It is like a big igloo built from enormousblocks of ice, very popular in Canada, Swedenand Finland. The hotel is a constant -6C insideand the outside temperatures can drop to morethen -50C. The rooms are decorated with lovelycarvings in the ice.Train cabin - Accommodation in the train, normallyfor long journey travel. Also know as a "berth"Caravan - A vehicle that consists of beds, toilets andkitchen. Good for long distance travel, verypopular in Europe & USARyokan - It is a traditional Japanese-style hotel withhigh quality service, and often furnished withJapanese-style hot spring baths called "Onsen".High standard Japanese-style breakfast anddinner are often included in the relativelyexpensive accommodation feeMinshuku - It is cozier and small type of Japaneseinn which is usually more affordable thanRyokan. Often family-run, have a chance tomingle with other guests and the owner,enabling to get a close glimpse into Japanesedaily lives. A homely breakfast and dinner areserved and may also have a choice of justpaying for the bed, and not including themeals.Boutique Hotel - They are of intimate size, Idyllicsettings, highly personalized service, individualstyle and outstanding attributes.Cave Hotel - Accommodation in a cave. Commonlyfound in Greece, Turkey, Spain & AustraliaUndersea Lodge - Accommodation in the seawhere you can view marine life, found inFlorida.Tree Lodge - Accommodation built on a tree,commonly found in Africa or near a nationalpark.5
  6. 6. Emerging dimensions
  7. 7. Heritage Hotels in India• left a royal legacy• residences still holding onto the glory• live king size• serve as luxury andboutique hotels presently• great ambience, royalfood, huge rooms, oldfurniture, yet modernfacilities• concept from theRajputana state ofRajasthan, Marwar rulers• chance of reliving historyHeritage Hotels in Tamil Nadu– Sterling SwamimalaiKumbakonam,– Taj Garden Retreat Madurai,– Taj Savoy Hotel Ooty,– The Bangala Karaikudi,– Bungalow on the BeachTranquebar ,– Wallwood Garden Coonoor7
  8. 8. Heritage Hotels in Bikaner– Hotel Basant Vihar Palace– Hotel Lalgarh Palace– Hotel Bhanwar Niwas– Karni Bhawan Palace– Mann Bilas– Gajner PalaceHeritage Hotels in Jodhpur– Ajit Bhawan– Balsamand Lake Palace– Hotel Jhalamand Garh– Hotel Karni Bhawan– Hotel Krishna PrakashHeritage HaveliHeritage Hotels in Jaisalmer– Narayan Niwas Palace– Jawahar Niwas Palace– Fort Rajwada– Taj RawalkotHeritage Hotels in Udaipur– Lake Palace Hotel– Fateh Prakash Palace– Shiv Niwas Palace Hotel– ShikarbadiHeritage Hotels in Jaipur– Rambagh Palace– Diggi Palace– Jai Mahal Palace– Narain Niwas Palace Hotel– Raj Mahal Palace8
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. RESORT• is a place usedfor relaxation or recreation, attracting visitorsfor holidays or vacations. Resorts areplaces, towns orsometimes commercialestablishment operatedby a single company.Motel• (also known as motorinn, motor court, motorhotel, motor lodge, oreven a auto court) isa hotel designedfor motorists, andusually has a parkingarea for motor vehicles10
  11. 11. TIMESHARE COMPANIES• own certain units in various resort hotels and makethese units available to their customers, who aretypically called "timeshare owners." Those owners paya purchase price that buys an annual allotment of timeat the hotel usually in weekly periods. For example, aperson in snowy, cold Vermont could purchase anannual three weeks allotment in a time share hotel inthe HIMALAYAS that can be used every January.11
  12. 12. Categorization in India• Heritage HotelsReflecting the old glory andgrandeur of India, most of thehavelis and mansions of ancienttimes have been turned intoHeritage Hotels, that provide thetourists with an opportunity toexperience royal pleasure intraditional ambiance. Most of theHeritage Hotels in India areconcentrated in the princely statesof Rajasthan, Delhi, and MadhyaPradesh• Luxury HotelsEquipped with world classinfrastructural amenities, the LuxuryHotels in India offer the tourists witha fine lodging and dinningexperience. Catering primarily to theupper class executives, the luxuryhotels extend a warm welcome to allthe customers• Budget HotelsA home away from home, thebudget hotels accommodatecustomers from upper middle andmiddle class. Also referred to asEconomy Class Hotel, BusinessHotels and Discount Hotels, theBudget Hotels support all themodern infrastructural facilities fora comfortable and pleasant stay• ResortsResorts are mostly found in hillstations and sea side touristdestinations of India. Locatedamidst natural scenic beauty, theResorts are the ideal place to enjoysome valuable time with family andfriends or in solitude12
  13. 13. Important Hotel Groups in India• Hotel Industry is a boomingbusiness sector of India thathas given a boast to tourismin the country. Taj Group ofHotels, Park Group ofHotels, Radisson Hotels Indiaand ITC Hotels are some ofthe luminaries in the field ofhotel industry that arefamous for unique amenitiesand superb accommodationarrangements. Some of theimportant Luxury Hotels thatcome under the importanthotel groups of India include:• ITC Maurya Delhi• ITC Maratha Mumbai• Fort Radisson of RadissonGroup in Kolkata• Radisson Jass Hotel Shimla• The Taj Westend, Bangalore• Taj Coromandel, Chennai13
  14. 14. REGISTRATION OF HOTELFHRAI Hotel membership• Must be a functioning establishment inoperation.• Must have minimum 10 rooms or the qualifyingcriterion of the Regional Association.• If the hotel is under construction, only associatemembership can be approved. This can beconverted to hotel membership once it startsoperations.• Must have a restaurant in the hotel.• Must have all the relevant Municipal/Police orany other required licenses with current validity.• A restaurant in a hotel can also become aseparate restaurant member (One restaurant canbecome member for hotel with 25-100 roomsand two restaurants can become members forhotel above 101 rooms)FHRAI Restaurant membership• Must be a restaurant under operation.• Must have minimum 25 covers.• Must have all the relevant Municipal/Police or anyother required licenses with current validity.• A Restaurant within the hotel (who is FHRAImember) can also apply for separate membership.One restaurant can be a member for a hotel with25-100 rooms and two restaurants can bemembers for hotels with more than 101 rooms.Such restaurant members are also entitled to twoFHRAI discount cards like any other member.FHRAI Associate membership1. Must be a member of one of its RegionalAssociations.2. Must be associated with the hospitality industryin some way.3. Only Companies, firms and such entities canbecome a member, not individuals4. Hotels under construction should apply forassociate membership. This can be converted tohotel membership instantly after the hotel startsoperations.5. Our associate members are not entitled toFHRAI membership discount cards.14
  15. 15. Criteria for grading of hotelsONE STARGENARAL INSRTUCTIONS– General construction of buildingshould be good– Location and environs includingimmediate approach should besuitable– Should have at least 10 lettablebed rooms– 25% should have attachedbathrooms– At least 25% bath rooms shouldhave WCs– All bathrooms should havemodern sanitation, running coldwater, adequate supply of hotwater, soap and toilet paper– Rooms should be properlyventilated and should haveclear and comfortable bed andfurnitureFacilities– Reception counter with a telephone– A telephone for the use of guests andvisitors– Clean and moderately well occupieddining room/restaurant– There should be well occupied, cleankitchenServices– Experienced, courteous and efficientstaff in smart and clean uniforms– The senior staff coming in contactwith guests should possess a workingknowledge of English– House keeping should be of goodstandard, clean and good qualitylinen, blankets towels etc. should besupplied– Crockery, cutlery and glass-wareshould be of good quality15
  16. 16. TWO STARGENERAL FEATURES• Building should be well constructed• Location and environs includingimmediate approach should besuitable for a good hotel• Should have at least 10 lettable bedrooms• 75% should have attachedbathrooms with showers• 25% rooms should be airconditioned (hill stations-heatingfacility)• All bathrooms should have modernsanitation, running coldwater, adequate supply of hotwater, soap and toilet paper• clean and comfortable withfurniture and there should be wellfurnished loungeFacilities• Reception counter with a telephone• There should be a telephone or callbell in each room• There should be a telephone in oneach floor• Clean and well maintained andequipped dining room/restaurant• There should be well equipped, cleankitchenServices• Experienced, courteous and efficientstaff in smart and clean uniforms• The supervisory staff coming incontact with guests should understandEnglish• There should be a provision for laundryand dry cleaning services• House keeping should be of goodstandard, clean and good quality linen,blankets towels etc. should be supplied• Crockery, cutlery and glass-ware shouldbe of good quality16
  17. 17. THREE STARGENERAL FEATURES• Architectural features and generalconstruction of the building should beof very good standard• Location and environs includingimmediate approach should be suitablefor a very good hotel• Should have at least 20 lettable bedrooms all with attached bathrooms withbath tubes and or showers• Should be modern in design andequipped with fittings of good standard• 50% rooms should be air conditioned(hill stations-heating facility)• There should be adequate number oflifts in buildings with more than twostorey including the ground floor• There should be well appointed loungeand separate ladies and gentleman’scloak rooms with fittingsFacilities• Reception and information centre, bookstall, travel agency, money changing andsafe deposit facilities• There should be a telephone in eachroom• There should be a telephone in on eachfloor• Well equipped, well maintained A/Cdining room/restaurant, and bar permit• kitchen, Pantry and cold storageshould be clean and organized fororderliness and efficiencyServices• Experienced, courteous and efficientstaff• The staff coming in contact with guestsshould understand English• The senior staff should possess a goodknowledge of English• There should be a provision for laundryand dry cleaning services• House keeping should be of very goodstandard, clean and good qualitylinen, blankets towels etc. should besupplied• Crockery, cutlery and glass-ware shouldbe of good quality• Hotel should provide orchestra and ballroom facilities17
  18. 18. FOUR STARGENERAL FEATURES• Architectural features and generalconstruction of the building should bedistinctive• Location and environs includingimmediate approach should be suitablefor the hotel of this category• There should be adequate parkingfacilities for cars• Should have at least 25 lettable bedrooms all with attached bathrooms withbath tubes and most modern showerchambers• 24 hours service of hot and coldrunning water• Should be modern in design andequipped with fittings of good standard• All rooms should be air conditioned(hill stations-heating facility)• Should be well furnished withcarpets, curtains, furniture, fittings etc.• There should be well appointed loungeand separate ladies and gentleman’scloak rooms with fittingsFacilities• Reception, cash and information counterattended by trained and experienced personnel• Special room for conference/ banquet facilities• Book stall, travel agency, money changing andsafe deposit facilities, left luggage room• There should be a telephone in each room• Well equipped, well furnished, well maintainedA/C dining room/restaurant, and bar permit• kitchen, Pantry and cold storage should beprofessionally designed to ensure efficiency ofoperationServices• Hotel should offer both Indian and continentalcuisine• Professionally qualified, highly trained, efficientstaff• The staff coming in contact with guests shouldunderstand English• The senior staff should possess a goodknowledge of English• Desirable to know foreign language by few staff• 24 service for reception , information andtelephones• There should be a provision for laundry and drycleaning services• House keeping should be higheststandard, clean and highest qualitylinen, blankets towels etc. should be supplied• Crockery, cutlery and glass-ware should be ofgood quality• Separate restaurant to provide orchestra andball room facilities18
  19. 19. FIVE STARGENERAL FEATURES• Architectural features and generalconstruction of the building should havedistinctive qualities of a luxury hotel• Location and environs including immediateapproach should be suitable for a luxuryhotel of this category• There should be adequate parking facilitiesfor cars• Should have enough lettable bed rooms allwith attached bathrooms with bath tubesand most modern shower chambers• 24 hours service of hot and cold runningwater• Should be modern in design and equippedwith fittings of superior quality• All rooms should be air conditioned (hillstations-heating facility)• Should be well designed swimming pool• Should be well furnished withcarpets, curtains, furniture, fittings ofmaximum standard• There should be well appointed lounge andseparate ladies and gentleman’s cloak roomswith fittings of high standardFacilities• Reception, cash and information counterattended by highly trained and experiencedpersonnel• More conference/ banquet facilities• Book stall, travel agency, money changing andsafe deposit facilities, beauty parlor, florist, leftluggage room• There should be a telephone in each room• Well equipped, well furnished, well maintainedA/C dining room/restaurant, and bar permit• kitchen, Pantry and cold storage should beprofessionally designed to ensure efficiency ofoperationServices• Hotel should offer both Indian and continentalcuisine of highest standard• Professionally qualified, highly trained, efficientstaff with a high knowledge of professionalgrooming• Maximum staff should know at least one foreignlanguage other than English• 24 service for front office, room service andrestaurant• There should be a provision for laundry and drycleaning services• House keeping should be highest standard, cleanand highest quality linen, blankets towels etc.should be supplied• Good service at all the time should be the aim ofall the staff19
  20. 20. Classification committee• Classification of hotels are done bya committee (HRACC)• Valid for one year• Members are Member from FHRAI Member from central and stateTourism Department Member from leading,prominent, private star hotel Principal of catering institute ofthat city Member from the Central AuditDepartment Member from EngineeringDepartment at chief engineerlevelGrading• Placing the hotel according tothe standard and quality ofservices provided by the hotel• Done by many bodies like• HCIMA- Hotel, catering InstituteManagement Association• Govt. of India (TourismDepartment)• Hotel Federation of India• Guide booksScore• ***** 5 star 64% and above• **** 4 star 54% to 64%• *** 3 star 44% to 54%• ** 2 star 34% to 44%• * 1 star less than 34%20
  21. 21. Departments of a Hotel21
  22. 22. 22
  23. 23. Other catering outlets• Bars• Restaurants• Fast food centers• In flight catering23
  24. 24. Restaurant and Catering Services in India• Food and beverage retail constitutes about 6 percent of theUSD 270 billion Indian Retail Market• Home grown as well as international restaurant chain presentin both high street location as well in malls represent orgainsedF& B sector.• Most of the leading multinational food service chain like PizzaHut, McDonald, Dominos, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)followed the franchising model whereas local chains likeNerulas are setting mostly company owned units. There was a70 percent increase in the total number of outlets• This is indicative of the fact that Indian consumers are seekingvariations and are willing to experiment with new cuisines.• The home delivery segment is also fast growing during lastcouple of years.24
  25. 25. Major PlayersCAFÉ COFFEE DAY• The Bangalore based Amalmagated Bean CoffeeTrading Co. Ltd is the parent company The companytoday has 500 outlets spread across 80 cities ascompared to 300 outlets equivalent to 500000 sqftof retail space in 64 cities in 2005-06. Each outletsattract about 400-800 customers every day.BARISTA• Barista Coffee Company started the coffeerevolution in Indian market way back in 2000 first innorthern India and then extended to other regions.Today Barista have 225 outlets in over 35 citieswhereas in 2005-06 they had 129 outlets in 25cities. It also has franchisee stores for settingExpresso Bars and Coffee Kiosks in smaller towns.Average outlet size is 1000 sqft and by year 2007they plan to have 300 outlets and projecting 1000outlets by 2010BASKIN ROBBINS• It is world’s largest chain of ice cream specialtyshops with presence in 40 countries and more than5600 outlets. Currently they have about 200 outletsin 30 cities in India offering many options of icecream flavours registering an increase from 120outlets in 2004-05 to 160 outlets in 2005-06 in 25cities.McDONALD’S• McDonald opened its first outlet in October 1996. Indian operationis a joint venture between (50:50) McDonald’s corporationof USA and two Indian businessmen. Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt.Ltd owns and operates its western India operation and ConnaughtPlaza Restaurant Pvt. Ltd operates the northern operations. Thereare 100 outlets in 22 cities with a total retail space of 275000 sqft.McDonald also developed specific vegetarian menu to suit Indianfood habits. McDonald do not offer any beef or pork items in India.It plans to have 200 outlets in 45 cities by year 2010 that will maketotal retail space of 700000 sqft.DOMINOS• Dominos Pizza India Ltd was incorporated in March 1995 as themaster franchisee of Dominos International Inc USA for India,Srilanka and Nepal. The first outlet was opened in 1996 in NewDelhi. Now they have 140 outlets in 32 cities and 154000 sqft ofretail space and is a leader in its segment. It plans to add 45-50more outlets by 2007-08PIZZA CORNER• It was first started operation in India in 1996 by Global FranchiseArchitects India Pvt. Ltd (GFAI:PL). Currently it has a chain of 92outlets in 24 cities with total retail space of 79543 sqft. Theemphasis of the operation is in northern and western regionsGFAIPL is a Geneva based company which plans to invest USD 1.1million this year towards expansion plan to add 30 more outlets ofPizza Corner and 10 outlets of Coffee World.PIZZA HUT• Pizza Hut the flagship brand of the Yum Brands Inc launched ‘GreatIndian Treat’ its first Indian menu offered in International format.Pizza Hut also entered India in 1996 and presently has 163 outletsin 25 cities. Expansion plan is through mainly franchising route25
  26. 26. PULSE FOODS• Belongs To Podder Heritage group servingIndian food through its chain. Currently it has60 outlets across India. This chain follows quickservice format. This chain now has opened itsinternational outlet in LondonJUMBO KING VADA PAV• Jumbo King opened its first outlet in 2001 inMumbai. Presently has 50 outlets covering 3cities in western India covering retail space of11000 sqft. In 2004-05 it had only 9 outlets inone city. They now plans to have 500 outlets in39 cities by year 2010 covering 200000 sqft.COMESUM• It focuses on railway catering . The conceptcame up when Indian Railways Catering andTourism Corporation signed up the company foropening restaurants at various railway stationacross India. The chain has three retailmodels: Comesum Food Plaza. ComesumRestaurants and Comesum Takeaway. Currentlyit has 10 outlets across 7 cities. Two moreoutlets are coming up in Gaziabad and Gurgaonin north.Regional sector– Arambag Hatcheries hasrecently opened ArambagAdda Bites, 700 sqft coffeeshop in Kolkata. Three moreoutlets are being added inthe same city.– Kamat is another chainoperating in Westernand Southern India.– Sukh Sagar and New ShantiSagar dominate the marketin southern cities in India.– In north India we have SagarRatna of Delhi which also isa major player in thecatering retailing area.26
  27. 27. Multinational Hotel chains in India• Shangri-La• Hilton• JW Marriott,• Kempinski,• Radisson,• Grand Hyatt,• Intercontinental,• Sheraton• SupplyWe have a shortage of 100,000guest rooms short in the country.• DemandLargely depends on businesstravelers but tourist traffic is also on therise. Demand normally spurts in thepeak season between November andMarch.• Barriers to entryHigh capital costs, poorinfrastructure facilities and scarcity ofland especially in the metros.• Bargaining power of suppliersLimiteddue to higher competition, especially inthe metros.• Bargaining power of customersHigherin metro cities due to increasing roomsupply.• CompetitionIntense in metrocities, slowly picking up in secondarycities. Competition has picked up due tothe entry of foreign hotel chains.27
  28. 28. contribution• contribution to theEconomy• Global opportunitiesare growing• Hyatt Regency withAHL,• Leela having tied upwith Kempinski• ITCH having afranchisee agreementwith ITT Sheraton• reservation networkworldwide• role in image building• FEE & FEI• Foreign currency due tosingle tariff structure28
  29. 29. Public sector (public ownership) in Hotels and rolestate sector• After policy of free market reforms• Image building for India• production, delivery and allocation of goods andservices by and for the government or its citizens.• social security,• administering urban planning and• Organizing national defense.• funded through taxation• meet commercial success criteria• production decisions are determined by government.• The role of ITDC - Hotel Ashoka (chanakyapuri)29
  30. 30. HRD perspectives in Indian Hotels• training,• organization,• career development• improve individual, group• organizationaleffectiveness.• enable individuals inorganizations to performcurrent and future jobsthrough planned learningactivities.• Groups withinorganizations use HRD toinitiate and managechange.• HRD ensures a matchbetween individual andorganizational needs30
  31. 31. Fiscal incentives– Income Tax Holiday– Exemption From Taxes AndDuties On Imported SpareParts– Exemption From WharfageDues And Export Tax, Duty,Impost And Fees– Tax Exemption OnBreedingStocks And GeneticMaterials– Tax Credits– Additional Deductions fromTaxable Income.– Zero on Imported CapitalEquipment– Exemption from Payment ofLocal Business Tax• Non-Fiscal Incentives– Assistance in securingpermits and licenses– Assistance in identifyingbusiness location and factorysite– Joint venture match-making– Facilitating access to financialand technical assistanceprograms of the government– Facilitating serviceconnections with localutilities31
  32. 32. Legal issues• consumer protection• duty of care• equal employmentopportunity• anti-discrimination• workplace relations.• child sex tourism.Ethical issuesRegularoty issues32
  33. 33. The role of hotels in tourism promotion• role in popularizing anytourist destination• Available for all sects• Good service• Pull factor• Good accessibility• Near by bus or railstations or airports• Information providers• Types of rooms• Catering services• Picks and drops• Brochures• Destination publicity• Hospitality33
  34. 34. Role of ITDC• 1996 – 316 crore sales• 1999 – Hotel Kanishka red figures for first time• Did not contribute to larger mission of development• But created good image for India in early days• Later it ran in losses34
  35. 35. 35
  36. 36. Thank you36