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2 BHK Multistorey Residential Apartment for Sale in Dwarka New Delhi


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Published in: Real Estate
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2 BHK Multistorey Residential Apartment for Sale in Dwarka New Delhi

  1. 1. FLAT available for sale in Dwarka - Sub city Why invest" in DWARKA RENT&PURCHASE 8287 494393WHY INVEST ??Residential sectorEach of the residential sectors has been envisaged to beself-contained communities and has been designed for apopulation of about 30,000 each.Area of each sector is about 81 ha. (900 m x 900 m)Each sector is bounded on all sides by arterial roads of 45 mand 60 m.wideFrom arterial roads only 4 entries have been taken into thesector at a minimum distance of 450 m.A network of cycle tracks and pedestrian pathways hasbeen proposed within each sector which link the housingclusters and their facilities within each sector.
  2. 2. Sector 16b and 17a are the new booming areas within thesub city as the areas has seen various universities beingestablished in recent times.Dwarka Forum (Regd) a forum which connects a largenumber of residents, RWA representatives and CGHSRepresentatives play very crucial roles. Issues are discussedthreadbare and find solution through representation andRTI.Dwarka Subcity has Expendable DDA Independent Housesin PKT-III Bindapur Dwarka.HotelsMehra Residency, Sector 19Lebua Hotel, Sector 10Hotel Sai International Dwarka, Sector 12Golden Palm Suites, Sector 12Shalum Bed and BreakfastHotel Royal Star, Sector 10Social infrastructureThe sub-city has been planned for an environment ofconvenience which contains essential facilities and services
  3. 3. at different levels namely health, education, hotel, safetyand security, cultural, and communication etc.MallsPinnacle Mall, behind Lebua hotel,sec-10, DwarkaVardhaman Star City Shopping MallVardhman Crown Shopping Mall, Sector 19, DwarkaEros Metro Mall (Planned), Sector 14Vardhman City Mall Sector- 7, DwarkaVardhman Plus City Mall sector-23, DwarkaHealthcareBensups Hospital, Sector 12 - Only multi speciality hospitalin Dwarka.Aarogya Medical Center, Sector 12 - Multi Specialty Clinicfor Diabetes, Thyroid, Kidney, Heart and Cholesterolproblems.Ayushman Hospital, Sector 12Rockland Hospital, Sector 12Dada Dev Mother and Child Hospital, Nasirpur on DabriPalam Road is 64 bedded hospital providing mother andchild care.
  4. 4. Bhagat HospitalTransportThe Dwarka Metro Airport Express line which has been builtat a cost of 4,000 crore cuts travel time between Dwarkaand the Airport to about 3 minutes traveling at a speed of135 KM/hr.Metro based system is the major mover of the peoplewithin core area.10 Metro stations in the Dwarka sub-city namely DwarkaMor, Dwarka, Dwarka Sector 14, Dwarka Sector 13, DwarkaSector 12, Dwarka Sector 11, Dwarka Sector 10, DwarkaSector 9, Dwarka Sector 8 and Dwarka Sector 21 .Inter-state-bus terminal(I.S.B.T) is operating near Sector 23.Thebasic road network has been planned both to supplementand compliment the metro based system.Cycle tracks and pedestrian pathways passing throughgreen areas have been proposed to add to the alreadyexisting infrastructure.Major DTC Bus Routes operating in and out of Dwarka are578, 764, 718, 721, 724E, 727, 737, 752, 761, 778, 801, 887,
  5. 5. RL-75, RL-77A,RL-77E, RL-79,etc. In addition to this there areother DTC Buses operating with lower frequencies.Two new DTC Bus Depot in Sector 2 and Sector 8 are nowopen and fully operational.Delhi Metro Train will pass from Dabri and Palam in Dwarkato reach Noida as per plan by 2020.Sports recreation andAIFF (All India Football Federation) has its headquarters inDwarkaDwarka is home to Dwarka FC, a football club at Sector-25.Planned Eco-friendly amusement park