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After schoolp&i midyearrpt


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After schoolp&i midyearrpt

  1. 1. Alameda County Office of Education Alliance for Arts Learning Leadership Planning and Implementation Groups MidYear Report 2011-12Name of Planning and Implementation Group: Arts Integrated After School ProgramsPurpose of P & I: To support ACOE After School regional coordinators in providinghigh quality after school programs that support meaningful student engagement, connectto in-school learning and help students attach to schoolDate Submitted: January 26, 2012Time Period this form covers:From September 2011 To January 2012Members of Group (please include email addresses):Jackie Shonerd, Region 4 After School coordinator at ACOE, jshonerd@acoe.orgKelly Doyle, MOCHA, Kelly@mocha.orgSusannah Wood, Opera Piccola and Sweet Theatre, Hsu Leavy, Napa County Office of Education, miki.otm@gmail.comSarah Crowell, Destiny Arts, sarah@destinyarts.orgTara Dorabji, Streetside Stories, tara@streetside.orgKarena Salmond, Performing Arts Workshop, karena@performingartsworkshop.orgLead Alliance Team Member: Carolyn CarrCommittee Chair: Jackie ShonerdWhat this group plans to accomplish (anticipated outcomes):1. Each of the partners will disseminate the shared principles for quality after schoolprograms through their own communication networks, as developed through theircollaboration in 2010-11.2. Each partner will identify good examples of high quality arts integration andshare through their respective communication networks and with one another.Region 4 Afterschool Programs will collect and disseminate these examplesthroughout the region.3. Region 4 will continue to share the benefits of high quality arts integrationprogramming in its work with grantees throughout the region, and will promote theuse of the strategies, trainings, and resources developed by the partners in 2010-11.This is how (activities):
  2. 2. • • Disseminate the Arts Integration Afterschool brochure: ongoing • • Develop a powerpoint highlighting the content and results of the Arts Integration Workshop Series presented in Spring 2011 done • • Develop and feature an Arts Integration workshop at the annual Region 4 Afterschool Kick-off Conference on August 8. 2011 done • • Submit a proposal on strategies for Using Arts Integration to Improve the Quality of Afterschool Programs to the Beyond School Hours National Conference sponsored by Foundations Inc, to be held in February 2012 in Burlingame, CA Proposal not accepted • • Invite partners and Region 4 staff to present Afterschool Arts Integration workshops at the Region 4 Bridging the Bay Conference in January, 2012 There are 4 different sessions planned involving Arts Integration in afterschool. • • Convene the partners for a spring reflection and planning meeting in March, 2012 Date TBDAny planned documentation or products that will result:0. - Increased website information1. - Powerpoint presentation2. - Workshop agendas3. - Photo documentation of workshops and afterschool programs using ArtsIntegration4.