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Articulate Storyline Tips in 140 Characters or Less


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In this SlideShare, Mike Jones shares a series of Articulate Storyline tips in 140 characters or less.

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Articulate Storyline Tips in 140 Characters or Less

  1. 1. #storyline140 BY ARTISAN E-LEARNING
  2. 2. We asked the #elearning community to share their best articulate storyline tips in 140 characters or less with #storyline140. Here are some of our favorites…
  3. 3. @mattguyan If something isn’t working in your project, check your triggers #storyline140
  4. 4. Click off the stage to deselect all objects when creating slide based triggers #storyline140 @stylelearn
  5. 5. Use button sets. Love button sets. Live button sets. #storyline140 @ohthatrachel
  6. 6. Get course duration: publish > click the vertical dots next to the course title. #storyline140 @kim_bourque
  7. 7. Can’t apply states to a grouped object? Ungroup object, cut and paste all elements except base objects into the normal state. #storyline140 @sobiemel
  8. 8. #elearning tip. Auto generate lorem ipsum. Insert text > type =lorem() > tap enter key. There ya go! #storyline140 @melmilloway
  9. 9. The format painter is your friend. Use it to improve efficiency. #storyline140 @dvdlindenberg
  10. 10. Think mobile when creating a ‘hover state’ and add a duplicate ‘down state’. #storyline140 @elearningjeff
  11. 11. I love this one! #storyline140 @tmiket
  12. 12. #storyline140 tip: Quickly link scenes by clicking on the link icon at the bottom of a slide in story view. @Jackie_hall05
  13. 13. Share your articulate storyline tips with us on twitter by using #storyline140!