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SEO PR Integration - Artur Jach 2014


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How to integrate your SEO efforts with PR activity to benefit the performance of both channels... and don't get in each other's way.

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SEO PR Integration - Artur Jach 2014

  1. 1. SEO PR Integration April 2014 @arthurjach
  2. 2. (Old school) SEO is dead… In the past you could cheat the system …and get away with it!
  3. 3. It has evolved in recent years These days it’s more dynamic, fluid and content driven Google release new algorithm update every few days
  4. 4. White vs. Black Hat SEO White: adhere to Google quality guidelines and add value. Black: trying to trick search engines to artificially boost results.
  5. 5. So... are you adding value to my life?
  6. 6. White hat offsite SEO techniques Quality Outreach “Link bait”, e.g. Infographics Working with PR Existing business partnerships Content Syndication Optimising existing links Social Media profile links Turn brand mentions into links Leverage Media relationships Reputation management
  7. 7. There are many different ways and models to work together in order to benefit both PR exposure and SEO links/rankings. • PR team writes the release and sends it to SEO to optimise Writing press release • SEO team optimises the release with tracked changes and sends it back Optimising press release • PR team issues the release, publishes and distributes it Publishing press release • SEO team reuses the release and re- distributes it once PR team has completed their distribution. How quickly? Re-distributing press release WS3: High quality links from PR activity WS2: Reusing press releases for SEO WS1: Teams sharing the learnings. Cross-over mitigation. Easy, but low impact More complicated, noticeable impact Difficult, high impact • PR team let SEO team know about upcoming features to be published online Proactive info sharing • SEO team to advise on the ideal links and pages to link to, taking into consideration UX as well as SEO Optimising • PR team to carry out the activity and share the results and coverage PR activity • SEO team to monitor brand mentions and identify further opportunities Monitoring