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Future of Google Search and how to prepare for it


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Google will not be a Search company in the future. Google are a data platform company that wants to know everything about use to help you (sell to you).

Read more about the 'Future of Google Search' on my blog where I talk about this deck in detail:

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Future of Google Search and how to prepare for it

  1. 1. Future of Google Search
  2. 2. Google Search will be all about relevancy and context (not keywords and links)
  3. 3. The Past/
  4. 4. On the surface Google hasn’t really changed that much Google 1998 Yahoo 1996
  5. 5. How Google works technically hasn’t changed much either
  6. 6. In the old days you just needed more keywords on the page Why this couldn’t last?
  7. 7. Was it really that clever?
  8. 8. G. W. Bush bombed
  9. 9. Then the user generated content and social exploded
  10. 10. Google Search (and G’s other properties) needs G+ to know you better and serve you better results (and ads?) G+ personalised Not personalised
  11. 11. 2011: Google unleashes Panda, then Penguin
  12. 12. White vs. Black Hat SEO White: adhere to Google quality guidelines and add value. Black: trying to trick search engines to artificially boost results.
  13. 13. The rise and fall of
  14. 14. Few more recent casualties
  15. 15. The Present/
  16. 16. Market Share in 2012
  17. 17. Users find information they need quicker in Google Search than other search engine results
  18. 18. However, they are facing many challenges Revenue diversity issues Declining desktop searches and ever declining CPCs (cost per click) High expectations from investors Facebook Search in the next five years SEO - the arch enemy of Google’s search revenue More on that here: facing-google-in-the-coming-years
  19. 19. The Future/
  20. 20. Google’s vision “My vision when we started Google 15 years ago was that eventually you wouldn’t have a search query at all. You’d just have information come to you as you need it” Sergei Brin, Google “search is for users, not websites” Eric Schmidt, Google
  21. 21. Search engine of the future? Think again
  22. 22. To achieve that they need data… a lot of data …hmm how could they possibly get it?
  23. 23. But what about the future of Google Search?
  24. 24. What information can a machine see
  25. 25. What information can a machine see
  26. 26. Maybe if we wrap it in some specific tags the machine can understand the meaning?
  27. 27. Still machine only sees…
  28. 28. What is it?
  29. 29. You need a standard system (an ontology) with real world entities and relationships between them.
  30. 30. Semantic Search
  31. 31. What data source they could possibly use?
  32. 32. Google introduces What is it? – It’s not an update, it’s a complete algo rewrite … which no one noticed for 3 months! Why? – process longer, conversational, natural language search queries – marry them up with personalisation and their synonyms / entities from the semantic search – focus on the context and meaning behind the words …but seriously why?
  33. 33.
  34. 34. Google Now Anticipatory search app, i.e. “show me what I want without asking” Personal assistant, i.e. “when I do ask a question tell me, don’t show me” Imagine hands free interaction with Google Search
  35. 35. Still long way from perfection
  36. 36. … by some distance actually
  37. 37. Google’s vision of the future:
  38. 38. Are they invincible?
  39. 39. What you need to know Coding client sites with appropriate schema, e.g. recipes, organisation, business, article – Benefit: More attractive search listings and making google understand the meaning of the content Brand pages in Wikipedia, Freebase and YouTube – Benefit: Establishing the brand as semantic search entity and displaying brand info in top right hand corner in Google search results Google+ brand pages and Google+ authorship for individuals – Benefit: More attractive search listings and increasing brand presence in search results We can audit the site and find the gaps… for £0