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Crystaltek Green Products


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Crystaltek Green Products

  1. 1. Vinyl-Off Adhesive-Off Ghost-Off brought to you by SYTECH Leading supplier of signage and graphics solutions
  2. 2. VINYL - OFF LIQUID ADHESIVE VINYL REMOVER! Save up to 90% of your time and labour costs Would you like to strip vinyl What does this mean for you? and adhesive safely and easily It means you'll get the job from almost any surface in done faster. You can do twice 5 to 15 minutes? This new the work in less than half the revolutionary spray-on time. Add some heat to make liquid vinyl remover, it go even faster! Vinyl-Off , is the answer. It's possible to take up to 90% This product is less time than ever before! So environmentally friendly you can save up to 90% on and completely safe. It your labour costs! won't damage paint on factory vehicle What's more - it paint finishes or doesn't take a lot to do any other painted a big job. Strip up to s u r f a c e s . 750 square metres (However you with one litre! have to test first.) A gallon lets you Just spray on and remove up to 3000 peel off! square metres! The adhesive comes off, too! It It's so safe you could takes all the bathe in it, but why struggle out of waste it for that? removing vinyl Purchase this amazing graphics. product now to make your life easier, and In the past, once increase your you had the vinyl company’s productivity. off, you still had to remove the Need more info? We're adhesive. With as close as your email or Vinyl-Off, you telephone. We’d love to simply spray it or help you. Our heart is wipe it on (distribute with your business. For one evenly), and wait a few stop service, we'll answer all minutes. The Vinyl-Off your questions, and you can penetrates the vinyl to place your order over the deactivate the adhesive, so it phone at the same time. all comes off in one step! Within 5 to 15 minutes you can CALL US NOW. pull off even years old graphics - no scraping!
  3. 3. How To Use Vinyl-Off LIQUID ADHESIVE VINYL REMOVER Step by Step 1. Wipe Vinyl- onto ONLY the vinyl you want to Off remove. - A little goes a long way. “Less is More” - Test. Some planning can save you a lot of effort! - We also recommend starting with a small area and thereby determining the best method of dwell time, amount of heat, and angle of pull. 2. Allow at least 1 minute of dwell time. Don’t be surprised when you see no visible evidence. Vinyl-Off penetrates the vinyl and attacks the adhesive behind it. You won’t see a visible change in the vinyl. - Dwell time will vary based on vinyl thickness and age. Thin, unlaminated vinyl - pull immediately. 3. For best results, warm surface (80°F+) immediately before removal. Warm to the touch. Sun warmed on a warm day is perfect! Non-Flammable and no toxic fumes! So you can use a heat gun or propane to warm the surface even indoors! 4. Lift an edge and pull. The vinyl will come off in larger pieces because it has been rejuvenated. Most of the adhesive should come off with the vinyl. If it leaves the adhesive behind, Vinyl- is being too Off aggressive! Use less heat or shorten the dwell time if this occurs. 5. Remove any remaining adhesive by applying Adhesive –Off.
  4. 4. ADHESIVE - OFF LIQUID VINYL GLUE REMOVER! Get your surfaces squeaky clean ADHESIVE-OFF is designed to quickly remove adhesive, grease, tar, paint overspray and printing inks from glass, metal, glass, canvas, chromadeck and fiberglass. It even removes bug juice and chewing gum! It is a powerful blend of biodegradable solvents and surfactants designed to quickly dissolve adhesives. It contains no caustics, acids or known carcinogens. We do not recommended use on fabrics or soaking in carpets because it has over 90% active ingredients. It comes in the new VANILLA SMASH scent, that is very popular. Spray it onto the adhesive, watch the adhesive swell, then wipe off with a paper towel, scrape off, or even pressure wash for big jobs. It's a powerful solvent and it smells great!
  5. 5. How To Use Adhesive-Off LIQUID ADHESIVE REMOVER! Step by Step 1. Thoroughly drench dry adhesive: - Spraying preferred, but a product soaked cloth works fine. 2. Allow about 1 minute dwell time. You wil see the adhesive swell. May use a stiff brush to agitate, especially around rivets. - Works best over 19 degrees Celsius. - Product may dry off quickly if used in hot- weather. Resoak as needed. dry 3. Pressure wash, scrape, or wipe off. - Depending on the size of the job, different removal methods can be used. For BIG jobs, a pressure washer or power hose works well. For medium jobs, scrape from bottom to top. For small jobs, wipe off with a paper towel or other clean cloth. A scrub brush works great around rivets, etc. 4. Re- apply as needed. Thick layers of adhesive may require multiple applications for full removal. 5. Use caution! This product will dry skin. - Use skin lotion to re-moisturize after thoroughly washing any exposed skin. 6. Prepare surface in traditional manner for new application. - Ghost-Off is great if the surface is oxidized - ½ rubbing alcohol, ½ water works well for prepping a regular surface
  6. 6. GHOST - OFF LIQUID OXIDATION REMOVER! MAKE THOSE GHOST IMAGES DISAPPEAR With cut vinyl signs on especially vehicle surfaces, you will find that after the vinyl has been removed from the surface, oxidation has set in and has left the shape of the cut vinyl sign on your vehicle permanently. PERMANENTLY? Well not exactly. GHOST-OFF will quickly restore your weather- exposed signage surfaces by removing all surface oxidation. The product is a heavily concentrated mix of new surfactants. This makes using the product a simple 1-2-3 step process with the most amazing visual results. It fades “ghost” images of completely removed vinyl so vehicles are no longer haunted by the past. It’s also a great surface prep. GHOST-OFF easily gets rid of ghost sign images from vehicle surfaces. Simply spray onto a dry oxidized surface, wait for one minute and then agitate with a soft truck brush. Follow that with a cool water rinse from top to bottom and watch the white oxidation rinse away! Ghost images disappear before your eyes.
  7. 7. How To Use Ghost-Off LIQUID OXIDATION REMOVER! Step by Step 1. Thoroughly drench dry surface. Spraying preferred, pre-rinsing is optional. 2. Allow up to 1 minute dwell time. Agitate with a soft brush, sponge, etc. Product may dry quickly when used in hot, dry weather. 3. Wash off. Rinse thoroughly! Ghost- rinses free Off even in cold water. Watch for the oxidation running off. 4. Re-apply if needed. Not intended as a weekly wash! Even heavily oxidized surfaces rarely require a second round. 5. Use with caution! This product may dry your skin. Use skin lotion to remoisturize after thoroughly washing any exposed skin. 6. May also be used as a surface prep before applying graphics or re-painting.
  8. 8. SY SYTECH Suppliers to the Signage and Graphics Industry 2 Livingstone Road, Pinetown, Durban, South Africa, 3610 Tel: 031701 4500 Fax: 031 701 4516 Email: